Brunette from Wall Street winter 2020 eye makeup trends


Already thinking about what makeup will you wear for the work tomorrow? But still, don’t know what eye makeup to do to look fashionable? Good news, you don’t have to look further. Here is the list of all, seriously all eye makeup trends for fall winter 2020. Ps. Grab a mascara, an eyeliner and a mirror. Because you will need them. Oh, and don’t forget the glitter. Glitter eye makeup is fashionable again. Now scroll down to see all the eye makeup trends.

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I know, looking for everyday makeup inspiration is hard. Especially if you are looking for makeup that will last from the morning till night. And be fashionable at the same time. This eye makeup idea quest is even harder than finding a comfortable pair of shoes. Still, knowing eye makeup trends for this season helps.


Don’t worry! Today it’s all about the eye makeup trends for winter 2020. And you will find out what makeup to wear on your eyes this winter to look stylish, shortly.

Only on your eyes this time, since all you need to know for the night out and everyday life right now are winter 2020 eye makeup trends. We all know lipstick won’t last till the next morning anyway. Besides no one can see your lips now. So why spending time on lipstick today?

Let us instead focus on eye makeup trends and check what to wear on the eyelids this winter.

Plus FaceTime date and Zoom party makeup. Yes, I made a special cheat sheet with eye makeup trends for a FaceTime date and  Zoom party as well. You can find it at the end of the post.

Ps. Be sure to save, pin and print all hyperlinked collages with AW2020 eye makeup trends. And better keep them close if you don’t want to miss any video call this week. By the way, you can shop all the products that you need for featured eye makeup looks by clicking inside the pink brackets.



No, I’m not starting the winter 2020 makeup report with the eye makeup trends just because we are getting ready for a video call. But because the eye makeup is in the spotlight this season. In fact, all you need for winter 2020 to make a fashionable makeup is something from the eye makeup department. Good news if you can only afford one thing, right?
So what are the winter 2020 eye makeup trends then?


Let us have a look at the eyeshadows first. If you take a closer look when scrolling down the Insta feed, you will notice there are 5 types of girls out there. The pastel princesses, the 90s girls, disco girls, glitter girls and after shower girls. Read girls who merely love gloss and could wear it anytime.





The number one eyeshadows for winter 2020 come in bright pastel colours. Any colour from the Winter pastels palette and also Neon palette. Check these palettes in my AW20 Colour report over here.

That said, if you can afford only one eyeshadow this season and not the entire palette in pretty bright colours, then get a pink eyeshadow. If you can afford 2 things, then get a light blue eyeshadow and a pink eyeliner. Yes, a pink one. Don’t worry; I’m explaining all this about the pink eyeliner after we check the smokey eye trend for winter 2020.


You will see everyone wearing blue eye shadows come spring 2020. But the most fashion-forward ladies will wear before spring already. Join the blue team and wear blue eyeshadows before the new season too!



Silver eyeshadows are great to wear all winter long. Browse through the widget above to find my favourite silver eye palettes.


Yes, smokey eye is still in fashion for winter 2020. Not to say it’s more fashionable than any season before since we were in high school. And yes, it’s your signature black smokey eye that you wore back in school that is in fashion this season!

Indeed, that dark smokey eye with the smuggled eyeliner under the lower lashes is finally fashionable again. What can I say? The 90s fashion trends are back for the eye makeup as well!

But there are also two other types of smokey eye that are fashionable for winter 2020. The brown smokey eye and the grey smokey eye.

For the brown smokey eye use a brown eyeliner, mauve eyeshadows, and a clear gloss. Ps. Find all the products that you need to make one of the most fashionable winter 2020 smokey eye makeup looks in the widget below.

For the grey smokey eye you will need just some grey eyeshadows (I love this grey palette from Burberry – shop here) and black eyeliner (this black eyeliner from Marc Jacobs is my favourite one at the moment).

Oh, and we don’t blend the shades anymore. Instead, we press the eyeshadow over the smudged pencil with a brush.

To finish the look, we gently buff out the outer edges of the eye makeup. Using small circles. Ps. Don’t try to do this if you don’t have a soft and fluffy makeup brush. It’s this brush that you need for that.


Yes, eye gloss is a thing. Honestly, I have had only one eye gloss so far. A pink one from Chanel. But somehow I wasn’t really a fan of it. Nevertheless, I’m giving this fashion trend a try this season. By the way, do you happen to own any of these eye glosses?




Even though golden eyeshadows seem wearable only for Zoom Friday parties, you can wear them for work too. And no, not when you work from home. I wear golden eyeshadows a lot. Especially these eyeshadows from Dior. I do, however, blend gold eyeshadows with brown shadows from this palette.


Mentioning the brown eyeshadows, brown eye makeup is in style too.

I must admit, this is my favourite eye makeup trend of winter 2020. Well, at least one of winter 2020 eye makeup trends that I wear the most. I simply love my brown Burberry eye makeup palette too much not to wear brown eyeshadows all the time. Besides, brown eyeshadows work the best for me.

Well truth to be told, brown eye makeup suits most of the women.




If none of the brown eye shadows you have tried so far doesn’t look beautiful on you – then try this eye makeup trend next. Get a bronzer and wear it instead of the eyeshadow. You can apply it with the bronzer brush. This winter 2020 eye makeup is great for everyone, really. Especially for those who are always in a hurry. No wonders why my mother was so thrilled about this eye makeup trend when I told her about it.

Ps. A bronzer is a great gift for your mom. Browse through the widget below to find my favourites.




Purple and sapphire blue eyeshadows are very much in style too. No wonders why, right? Wear this winter 2020 eye makeup trend for a Friday night in.

Ps. Sapphire blue eyeshadows will be in fashion for spring summer 2020 also.




Another winter 2020 eye makeup trend that is perfect for a Zoom party is the ombre eyeshadow makeup trend. Well, truth to be told, you can wear ombre eyeshadows all weekend long.

Sure, this eye makeup trend is not easy to do, but with this eye makeup palette, I’m sure you can make it look like in the collage above.

Well, if making an ombre eye makeup sounds too difficult to you, simply get some glitter and put it on your eyelids and go.






If you ask me, this is the easiest date makeup ever. All you need is some glitter. And clean fingers. Put your finger into the glitter jar and apply glitter all over your eyelids. You can even put some on your lips. Done? Now join the Zoom party because you are ready.

As you read, if you want to wear glitter makeup for a Zoom party, this is the way to wear it. You have two options actually.

Option one, wear glitter on your eyelids and lips. And make sure the rest of your face is makeup-free.

Option two, wear glitter just on your eyelids. Again, wear no other makeup with the glitter. Or merely the luminous silk foundation from Armani Beauty (shop here). Luminous silk will make your complexion look flawless without anyone noticing you are wearing a foundation.


I know I keep saying that, but if you can truly afford only one makeup product for winter 2020, get an eyeliner. Extremely use of eyeliner is very fashionable for winter 2020.

Here are 6 eye lining trends that are extremely powerful this season. Apparently the smugged black eye-line, I mean how not when the rock chic from the 90s is back.




The opposite of the smugged eye lining trend is a simple waterline. Ps. this eyeliner is the best for drawing a very thin eye line. Furthermore, you can use this eyeliner to draw a line on the inner rim of the eyes as well.

Next eyeliner trends for winter 2020 are extreme use of purple eyeliner, metallic eyeliner or white eyeliner. The last one will be fashionable for spring summer 2020. Ps. This white eyeliner is actually visible on the eyelids and eye rims.  And this liquid white eyeliner is excellent too. It’s just the matter of your preference; if you like liquid eyeliner more, buy this white eyeliner but if you prefer the hybrid white eyeliner get this white eyeliner here.

Lastly, the classic wing. Yes, the classic cat-eye wing is back in style. Just when I ran out of my favourite black liquid eyeliner. Anyways, I’m getting it right now. By the way, it’s this black liquid eyeliner that I love the most for the classic French wing.

Not to forget, the dotted cat-eye is not fashionable anymore. Again, winter 2020 brought the classic cat-eye flick back in style.


Now, the mascara. The more mascara, the better, especially on the lower lashes. I see you, Zala! You must be thrilled right now. Or maybe not as this means you will have to buy a new mascara every single week. Ps. Get one in neon, too.

Yes, neon mascaras are very fashionable for Zoom parties. And for spring summer 2020 as well.

Here are some of my favourite neon mascaras.



And here are my favourite black mascaras of all time.



By the way, the blue mascara is fashionable again.

Ps. When applying mascara for a date or a party, do it like Twiggy. 60s eyes are back in style too.



Last eye makeup fashion trend of winter 2020 you should know, are unique fluffy lashes. This eye makeup trend is just ideal for you if you aren’t really good with makeup brushes and if you have little time getting ready for a video call.

Furthermore, the false lashes I found for you (browse through the entire gallery) are actually really easy to use. You don’t need to be good with the glue either.




As promised, here are all the winter 2020 eye makeup trends that you can wear for a Zoom party. Ps. tag @veronikalipar on Instagram if you decide to wear the fluffy lashes for a Zoom party. I really want to see how fluffy lashes look on you.

By the way, this is the ultimate 2020 Zoom party eye palette.





By the way, these are my favourite eye makeup products of the season. Luckily, some of them will be in style for spring summer 2020 as well. Ps. Check spring summer 2020 eye makeup trends next.

Oh, and yes, there are other makeup trend reports for winter 2020 joining this AW 2020 eye makeup trend report shortly. So make sure you sign up for the new post alert (click the little bell in the right bottom corner of your desktop). Good news, Complexion fashion trend report is already here. Also, the nail trend report and eyebrow report. And of course the lipstick trend report.

Now that you know all winter 2020 eye makeup trends – please, name your favourite winter eye makeup trend. Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what eye makeup you wear for Zoom meetings too.