Brunette from Wall Street autumn winter 2019 hair accessories pearl hairlip Crystal Ponytail Barrette L. Erickson LELET NY tortoise hairclaw Benoît Missolin Eugenie bow headband Deepa Gurnani Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Shelley Headband Ganni SILK STRETCH SATIN SCRUNCHIE Missoni knitted turban Jennifer Behr pearl bobby pin

All the Winter 2020 Must Have Hair Accessories

Winter 2020 is big for hair accessories. Everyone chic wears some accessory in her hair this season. From pearl hairpins, bobby pins, pearl hairclips, barrettes, big claws, wide headbands, colourful scrunchies to tiaras and bell hats. It truly seems that the Gossip Girl season is back. The rule is only one! The bigger, the better! Just don’t wear every thing at the same time.

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First, two good news for you. There is no “hair accessories out of style” report following this trend report because almost all the fall winter 2019 hair accessories are still in style for winter 2020. Yes, almost all. Hence only two bad news for you. Well, only if you came back home from your summer vacation with a suitcase full of shells and sketches for your new hair accessories. You won’t need them for the new season.

Shell hair accessories are out of style for winter 2020. The other SS19 hair accessory that is also out of style for winter 2020 is the turban. Not that we will actually miss it, right? Especially not now, when there is this new hat in style.

Brunette from Wall Street 2019 hair accessories in style pearl hairlip Crystal Ponytail Barrette L. Erickson LELET NY tortoise hairclaw Benoît Missolin Eugenie bow headband Deepa Gurnani Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Shelley Headband Ganni SILK STRETCH SATIN SCRUNCHIE Missoni knitted turban



Yes, that woman browsing through the hair clips at the children’s department was me. Probably! Well, thinking better it could be your other friend too, since every fashion girl shops for hair accessories for winter 2020.

You simply can’t have enough of hair accessories this season. And if you want to be fashionable for autumn winter 2020, there is no other way but buying all the hair accessories you can find. Correction! Not all. Just those hair accessories that are actually in fashion for autumn winter 2020. And you can find at the women’s department.

After seeing a huge demand for hair accessories store managers will undoubtedly put on sale all sorts of things you could be wearing in your hair. Many of those will be childish, kitschy and not fashionable at all. Like banana clip and mini shaped clips. You can put back those little glitter butterfly clips. I bet they are half broken too.

Anyway, better read through the end of this article to make sure merchants don’t fool you around.

Oh, and better shop hair accessories at the women’s department. Ps. Mona, don’t steal pearly hairpins from your little princess!

Brunette from Wall Street autumn winter 2019 hair accessories pearl hairlip Crystal Ponytail Barrette L. Erickson LELET NY tortoise hairclaw Benoît Missolin Eugenie bow headband Deepa Gurnani Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Shelley Headband Ganni SILK STRETCH SATIN SCRUNCHIE Missoni knitted turban Jennifer Behr pearl bobby pin


As said, hair accessories are fashionable in 2020 autumn winter. And there are many different types of hair accessories that are in fashion for fall winter 2020. Some are copied from the 90s others are not. But at the bottom line, they all look exaggerated and I know for sure we will be denying of falling for this hair trend four seasons from now.

Still, until then, we are shopping and wearing hair accessories like we were little girls. Only in a grownup way, of course.

Anyway, here is the list of all 2020 trending hair accessories you need to know today! And where to shop the most fashionable hair accessories at the best price. I made sure to find hair accessories for as little as a cup of coffee you get in the morning and also as pricy as the champagne your team orders after working week on the Wall Street.

So make sure you click on all the hair accessories you see. Ps. The dopes are really good this time around. Yet Jennifer Behr, Sophie Bille Brahe, Rosantica and Alexandre de Paris are worthy of investment. Especially if you want to pass the hair accessory to your little princess one day.


Brunette from Wall Street 2019 hair accessories pearl trend Croissant Grace 10-karat Gold Pearl Hairclip Sophie Bille Brahe PEARLETTE BOBBY PINS JENNIFER BEHR WYN FLIP-CLIP SET jennifer behr Lelet NY hairclaw Rosantica Set of three gold-tone faux pearl hair pins


Starting with the pearl hair accessories since pearl hair clip trend is the most popular in 2020. Yes, pearl hair clips are still in style. The rule is simple, the more pearls, the better. Nevertheless, bobby pins with a single pearl are also fashionable for fall winter 2020.

Swipe through the galleries to shop the most fashionable pearl hair accessories.

Luckily, I have most of these pearl hairclips and pearl hair barrettes already. I bought them for spring already. So, I’m adding a link to previous articles, where I’m wearing each of these pearl hair accessories. Leaving you with a bunch of suggestions on how to style these hair accessories and wear them in your hair every day.

Ps. Be sure to swipe through the widgets to buy a new pearl hair pin if the one you bought last season is missing a pearl or two.


A pearl hairclip was actually my latest purchase. I got three different types of pearl hairclips. You can see me wearing a triangular pearl snap clip here, a drop pearl clip here, and a snap clip that is entirely covered in pearls here.

The next pearl hairclip on my shopping list is this rectangular pearl hairclip that I found here.





Pearl barrette is a hair accessory you can wear to work without any chance of looking girly.
I already showed you how to style this hair accessory with a black suit over here.




Probably my favourite hair accessory this season, since it’s the most wearable and more sophisticated than any other pearl hair accessory. Plus, most office-appropriate pearl hair accessory.

Go here to see and here to see how to wear pearl bobby pins 9-5 weekday from office to street.



A pearl bobby pin is truly a must-have hair accessory. It’s easy to style, easy to place in your hair, plus has the longest fashion life span.

The only bad side of the pearl bobby pin is that you can lose it easily. I have already lost 3 of them. Luckily you get 7 pearl bobby pins in this set from Jennifer Behr.

Brunette from Wall Street fall winter 2019-20 hair accessories tiara Dolce Gabbana crown



Now something for all of you who made your moms look for your plastic tiara before leaving for the kindergarten every single morning. Your favourite hair accessory happens to be the most stylish hair accessory for autumn winter 2020.



Yes, as you read, tiaras are in style for AW20. Ps. Be sure you get yourself a tiara before December. For sure, all the most beautiful and affordable crowns will be sold by the holiday season. A tiara is truly such a beautiful addition to any party outfit. Rember the tiara I wore with my party dress? You can shop it now too! Browse through the galleries above and below to get it now.



Ps. Another reason to buy a crown now is to practice walking with a crown on your hair. You know, a tiara full of crystals and gems can be quite heavy.

Brunette from Wall Street 2019 hair accessories headband trend Prada wide headband Triple Rosette Silk Faille Headband Jennifer Behr tormalina satin headband Prada Fiona leopard print headband Jennifer Behr wide tie-dye headband NAMJOSH Eugenie bow headband Ophelia knotted printed cotton and silk-blend twill headband Rose Ikat


Mentioning the wide seashell headband, wide headbands are very fashionable for autumn winter 2020. And I couldn’t be happier.



You know I don’t like headbands in general, since I get that awful pain behind my ears every time I wear a standard hairband. Whatsoever, things are different when I wear a wide headband. My head doesn’t hurt, and my hair doesn’t mind it either.






Ps. I already have this leopard print headband (buy here). Although I didn’t buy it merely because it was wide.


Brunette from Wall Street hair accessories 2019 in fashion Triple Crystal Tige Boule L. Erickson WYN FLIP-CLIP SET jennifer behr SLIP SCRUNCHIES - PINK SNOW LEOPARD slip Headband with flowers and stirrups print gucci Andamane leopard print thin scarf Dior bucket hat


Yes, leopard print hair accessories are fashionable too. It seems like leopard print is truly everywhere.


Ha, there is something quite funny when it comes to the leopard print headband. You can get one for as little as $15 or $300.
But they all seem the same at first glance. Wide and with a little knot at the top. Still, your hair will know the difference. Especially in spring when you might experience the hair fallout.

Wait! Before you start to panic, let me calm you down. Your hair won’t start falling out if you wear cheapy headband, but it will appreciate it if you wear a silk headband instead. Ps. you should read this article if you want to know more about hair fallout precautions and remedies.

Anyway, back to the leopard print headband. As said, I already have one. Not the cheapy one, obviously. Go here to see how I wear my silk leopard print headband casually.




This hair accessory is perfect for all of you who are somehow intimidated of the leopard print. Yet know, you, as a fashion girl, should be wearing animal prints in 2020.



I’m sure you will become more fond of the animal prints once you clip this leopard print clip (see/buy here) in your hair. It’s simply chic and stylish. Furthermore, it comes from Alexandre de Paris, and you can get it for less than $30 (22 EUR actually). I told you, this is a must buy. You don’t often get a chance to shop Alexandre de Paris hair accessories for this price.


Honestly, I never wear hair claws. But after founding this leopard print hair claw (see here) I totally changed my mind. Isn’t this claw just worthy of doubting your favourites?


Leopard print scrunchie is fashionable this season too. Swipe through the widget below to find the best leopard print scrunchies. Ps. Everyone chic is buying this Ganni leopard print scrunchie.






Luckily not all 2020 hair accessory trends were copied from the 90s. But scrunchies did. Even so, 2020 scrunchies are more beautiful, plus nicer to our hair than those in the 90s. 2020 scrunchies are made of silk. Well, at least the most fashionable 2020 scrunchies.



Brunette from Wall Street fall winter 2019-20 hair accessories dior bucket hat dior bell hat


If you don’t like wide headbands or a beret, which are by the way also fashionable in 2020, then get yourself a bell hat or a bucket hat. By the way, which Gossip Girl hair accessory you like more: a headband or bell hat? I prefer a bell hat. Especially after seeing this one from Dior.



Ps. More Autumn winter 2020 fashionable hats are coming up to Brunette from Wall Street in a special trend report so be sure to subscribe to the new post alert (click on the bell in the right bottom corner on your desktop).


Nevertheless, the wedding hat can’t wait. This season French brides and grooms wear wedding hats. Ps. Be sure to check my favourite bridal hats in the widget below. In case I get married, I will wear that beautiful bridal hat with a veil. Do you like it?



Brunette from Wall Street hair accessories bow trend Benoît Missolin Eugenie bow headband

#7 BOW

You can wear bows in three different ways this season. On top of your hairband, attached to your favourite scrunchie or hair tie. Or you can simply take a scarf, tie it around your hair and make a bow.














No, it’s not just the tortoise sunglasses that we are wearing this summer again, but tortoise hair accessories as well. This 90s hair accessory trend is especially popular with chic girls.



Brunette from Wall Street hair accessories crystal gemstone trend ROSANTICA, Incantesimo stone & crystal headband, Lelet NY Spectrum Bobbi crystal-embellished hair clips, Triple Crystal Tige Boule L. Erickson, ROSANTICA Deepa Gurnani headband


If pearls are a bit too classy for you, then you might prefer glass gemstones.


I have two glass gemstone bobby pins, but to be honest, I keep forgetting about them. Perhaps because glass gemstones trend is one of those fashion trends that no one seems to care about yet.




Nevertheless, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t forget about this beautiful gemstone hairband if I had it. For this hairband (shop here), I would be able to suck it up and forget about the pain behind my ears.



Brunette from Wall Street hair accessories pastel accessories Rosantica pastel gems hairband bow Benoît Missolin Eugenie bow headband Prada headband Alexandre de Paris hairclip


Last but perhaps not the least in 2020, are the pastel hair accessories. These hair accessories are just perfect for mini-me styles.







And this is it, the list of all must have hair accessories in 2020. You can find more fall winter 2020 trends over here.

Indeed the pearl hair clip trend is big in 2020. But all the other hair accessories don’t fall far behind. By the way, what is your favourite autumn winter 2020 hair accessory? Ps. Show me what you bought and how you style it. Tag @veronikalipar on Instagram so I can check it out. Thanks!