Brunette from Wall Street shoes out of style fall winter 2019 2020

Wait what? These winter shoes aren’t fashionable anymore?


Wondering what shoes are out of fashion in 2020? Here is the list of 2019/20 fall winter shoes that are out of style. And yes it includes spring and summer shoes too. Even though winter shoes dominate the out of style winter 2020 shoe list, there are last season’s summer shoes on the list too. Yes, your favourite pumps. But not the strappy sandals you loved wearing so much last summer. Ps. Strappy sandals are still in style. Unlike all these cold season shoes from the list below.

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Surprisingly, the list of shoes that are no longer in fashion for 2020 is very short. Perhaps not that surprising. After all, we happen to wear summer shoes in autumn too. Nevertheless, 4 of our favorite fall winter shoes are out of style this season.

Brunette from Wall Street shoes out of fashion autumn winter 2019 2020

Still, you can’t merely compare the list of last year’s shoes with the list of autumn winter 2019/20 shoes and say that all that is out of the new year’s list is out of style. It sure is, but there are also the spring summer shoes you need to take into consideration.

Anyway, don’t worry. I did all these comparisons for you and here is the list of all shoe styles that aren’t in fashion for winter 2020. Or spring summer 2020 – no I didn’t forget of all of you who come from the bottom part of our planet either. So, Aussies, Kiwis, Latin Americans, and subequatorial Africans, this is for you too.


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Now to the list of shoes out of style for 2020. Starting with the list of winter 2020 shoes that are out of fashion first since it’s fall winter season in the USA and Europe. Ps. White shoes are not out of style. Unless they are …


First, on the list are the round toe shoes. All round toe shoes as a matter of fact. Round toe pumps, round toe sandals, round toe boots, round toe … Well, you can leave round toe sneakers – but the rest of the round toe shoes is out of style for winter 2020.



I know, you didn’t expect this. But I added a * because pointy toe pumps are not entirely out of fashion, yet not really in fashion. Instead of the pointy pumps we wear almond toe pumps now. Nevertheless, if you have pointy pumps in a fashionable colour they are still in style.



Yes, sock boots and sock booties are not really fashionable in 2020. Not saying sock boots are entirely out of style, yet everyone chic wears combat boots now.

It seems that sock boots might not turn into classic shoes so quickly. Nevertheless, I still have hopes for the sock booties. So you might rather just put them aside than tossing them for good. Ps. Now is the best time to shop these Fendi sock boots. If there is one pair of sock boots that will become iconic, like Bobby sneakers who are iconic wedge sneakers, it’s this pair.



Surprisingly western boots are out of style for winter 2020 too. Yes, cowboy boots are officially out of style for winter 2020. But you know what? Regardless of this updated status, not every fashion girl is tossing her favourite pair of cowboy boots and swapping them with the lug sole boots. Nor lace-up boots. No, we are keeping our favourite beige and white cowboy boots for a little while. At least I am. Even Veronica Ferraro wore western boots not so long ago.




While shoes in bold colours are still in style, neon shoes are not stylish anymore.

Yes, that is the reason why there were no neon shoes on my fall winter 2019/20 shopping list.



That much about thef winter shoes. Now forward to the spring summer shoes you should toss or at least put at the bottom of your shoe closet because they are not in fashion in 2020. Ps. The list of shoes that are out of style for spring summer 2020 is not complete yet. But it will get an update soon. So make sure you subscribe for the post updates (click the bell in the bottom right corner of your desktop to get notified once I add new outdated summer shoes on the list).


Sorry, this time for real, but luxe pool slides are not fashionable anymore. No, our favourite pool slides are no longer in fashion. I repeat luxe pool slides are not in style for spring summer 2020. This year we match our bikinis with other slides. Not as luxe as the pool slides we wore seasons ago if you ask me.

Honestly, I really hate the 2020 spring summer substitute for luxe pool slides. Yes, they are on my Never going to wear list too. And yes, clogs are on that list too. By the way, clogs are no longer out of style. But more about that in a few months.


No, chunky sneakers are not in style anymore in 2020. There are other sneakers we wear now. Ps. I’m pretty sure you have them already.



And the list of shoes out of style for fall winter 2020 and also the list of footwear out of fashion for spring summer 2020 ends here. Not that many shoes on the out of style list this time, right? And yes, what is not on the list is still in fashion. Or back in style.

Brunette from Wall Street 2020 winter shoes white mock croc Tibi boots square toe Balenciaga boots lug sole boots winter shoe trends

By the way, which shoe trend will you miss the most? Are you sorry to see western boots and sock boots on the out of style list? Well if you are, be sure to check this list now. I’m sure you will forget about all your favourite shoes that aren’t fashionable anymore as soon as you see these. Ps. To see the list of clothes that are out of style this season go here! If you want to see the list of bags that also aren’t fashionable anymore – go here. Oh, and don’t forget to tag @veronikalipar when you share your “in style or not” answers on Instagram.

Ps. Just to make it clear – FAQ about shoes out of style.

Are UGGs out of style in 2020?

While UGGs might not be as common winter boots as they were years ago, they are not out of style. But not in fashion either. They are simply UGGs. A classic casual winter boots you can wear when you feel cold and running errands on the weekends.

Are tall boots out of style in 2020?

No! Tall boots are not out of style in 2020. As a matter of fact, tight high over the knee boots are one of the most fashionable winter boots in 2020.

Are western boots still in style in 2020?

The trend of western boots is in decline, and cowboy boots are not one of the most fashionable winter boots anymore. However, there a few styling tricks that can make your old white cowboy boots look fashionable in 2020 as well. Check to see how to style white western boots in 2020

Are Espadrilles out of style in 2020?

No, espadrilles are still in style for 2020. Both flat and wedge espadrilles are fashionable in 2020. Furthermore, flat espadrilles are one of the most fashionable 2020 summer shoes.