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The Most Fashionable and Stylish T-shirts for Summer 2024

T-shirt trends for spring summer 2024 here! Are you looking for a fashionable white T-shirt to wear with your favourite blue jeans? Then better scroll down! Here’s the spring summer 2024 T-shirt trend report – T-shirt trends 2024 – list of all T-shirts in style for spring summer 2024. From the updated simple white T-shirt to the pretty tee you could never find on the stand and the loud luxury T-shirt everyone is talking about, here’s a list of all, but seriously all T-shirts in fashion for spring summer 2024. And no, it’s unlikely you will find the most fashionable T-shirt on the stand. But I know where to find it!

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Do you have plenty of white T-shirts and basic tees, yet none of them feels fashionable anymore? I feel you. I really do. Even though a simple white T-shirt never goes out of style, and we can wear it in one and a million different ways, it can feel a bit outdated from time to time.

All in all, T-shirts are some items we reach for on a daily.

Luckily, fashion designers always find a way to update the basic tee and make it look new for the new season. Just like they did for spring summer 2024.

Yes, the white T-shirt got an update for spring summer 2024. And if you are not stealing tees from your boyfriend, you probably don’t have the trendiest T-shirt yet.

Worry not, I did find the most fashionable tees you can purchase online. And added them to the product galleries to make sure you can buy them all as you go through the spring summer 2024 T-shirt trend report.

So scroll down now to see the list of all T-shirts in style for spring summer 2024. POV Basically, there are just three T-shirt trends that are trending in 2024 – but they are big. Well, at least the one that is the most fashionable is extremely oversized.

And here it is – the list of all T-shirts in style for spring summer 2024. All T-shirt trends 2025 you need to know for spring summer 2024.


Sexy silhouettes may be the key fashion trend for spring summer 2024, but the biggest T-shirt trend 2024 allows you to embrace throwback sensuality with modern practicality.

The most fashionable 2024 T-shirts come loose and oversized with no luscious draping to frame the body, but in shades that range from white and light pastels to muted hues and intense black.

Try an oversized T-shirt for a total revamp (I bought this oversized T-shirt from Ami Paris). You will be wearing it from city to beach, day and night.

Btw I have stopped shopping for H&M organic cotton T-shirt (my once favourites) after the rainforest affair and shifted to Ami Paris T-shirts. Unfortunately, Ami Paris doesn’t publicly disclose the specific sources of their cotton either. But their clothing is primarily manufactured in Europe, with Portugal and Italy being major production centers. Pov, this doesn’t tell much, but it still makes me feel slightly better.

Anyway, get ready to meet the wardrobe staple you didn’t know was missing.

Warm weather always inspires simple silhouettes that pack a punch. When the temperature rises, the last thing we want is to get weighed down by frivolous detail.

Admittedly, we can’t say an oversized T-shirt is seductive, but it is quietly elegant, and it’s a T-shirt you will want to put on every day. Pov, we like to dress in oversized tops that repel old creeps anyway.

Picture yourself strolling through the streets on a warm summer day, feeling the sun on your skin and a light breeze in your hair. You’re wearing your new oversized T-shirt – the one that you found in the widget below.

As you walk, you feel the loose fabric swaying around you, hugging you.

You feel confident and chic in your new fashionable T-shirt. And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Get excited about the mix between new styles and updated classics and buy into the latest T-shirt trend – the oversized T-shirt.

As you pair your new oversized T-shirt with your favourite pants or a trendy denim column skirt, you’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. You’re a modern-day goddess, with an exceptional sense of style and impeccable taste. You’ll turn heads wherever you go, and people will stop and stare, admiring your effortless fashion style.

Lightweight and versatile, an oversized T-shirt is perfect for this period as we shift towards summer.

Even so, think ahead to that golden tan when shopping for a new oversized T-shirt. Pale shades of butter yellow, white or black are elegant, while the clean lines show up bronzed skin in high contrast.



Brought back to SS24 by Acne Studios (but also seen at Bottega Veneta), a henley T-shirt (the collarless polo shirt) is the 2024 response to the “old money” polo shirts trending in the previous seasons.

Zoom through the city in stylish henley T-shirt that takes you from home to work paired with high waisted trousers.

Invest in a henley T-shirt that you can repeat again and again. A henley T-shirt paired with skinny jeans might be a mom staple (pov it’s giving Meghan Markle), but pair it with mini skirt or tailored pants to create endless outfit options.

Discover my selection of henley T-shirts for life on the go. Btw, I’m buying this one from Sézane.



We got the clue straight from the SS24 runway, but we found the trendiest next season’s T-shirt in the promo store.

Remember the ringer tees of the 90s? Well, they’re back as a micro T-shirt trend for spring summer 2024, adding a playful pop of color and a retro vibe to your summer wardrobe.

ringer tee is a T-shirt with a solid-colored collar and cuffs that contrasts with the main body of the shirt. Traditionally, the ringer colors were red, white, and blue, but modern iterations come in a wide variety of color combinations and grapchic designs on the chest – see/shop my favourite in/from the gallery below.



The graphic T-shirt, a cornerstone of casual self-expression, is undergoing a first major transformation on the AW24/25 runways. Gone are the days of plain tees with generic slogans (look for Victoria Beckham quotes instead). This season, designers are turning the T-shirt into a canvas for artistic expression, bold statements, and a touch of playful rebellion.


Or set yourself apart in the crowd with a little help from your favourite rock band and simple silhouettes redolent of old-school glamour.
Designers have been incorporating this trend into their collections in various ways, from incorporating graphic rock band tees into streetwear-inspired looks to pairing them with tailored pants for a more elevated look. The trend is all about making a bold statement, and it’s a great way to add a bit of edge to any outfit.

POV What better way to master the new season’s style than listening to those hits that continue to inspire? From the 50s ingenue to 90s retro, style icons from all eras wear rock band graphic T-shirt.

All in all, nothing says fun in the sun more than that sharp feel of a rock band graphic T-shirt.

rock band graphic T-shirt pairs excellently with tailored trousers and a midi skirt for an easy transition from street to work.

As you open the drawer of your dressing room, your eyes light up with excitement as you catch a glimpse of your new rock band T-shirt. Your fingers eagerly graze over the fabric, feeling the soft cotton and tracing the bold graphic of the band’s logo. You can already picture yourself wearing it, confidently striding down the street with the breeze playfully lifting your hair.

As you slip it on, you feel a sense of rebellion wash over you. You know that rock music is all about pushing boundaries and defying convention and wearing this shirt makes you feel like you’re a part of that spirit. You run your fingers over the graphic print, feeling like you’re a part of something bigger.

You feel like a fashion icon, knowing that this T-shirt is in fashion for spring summer 2024 and that you’re a part of the latest trend. It’s a piece that can be dressed up or down, worn to a casual dinner with a midi denim skirt and platforms or paired with trousers and slingbacks for a chic office look.

Bold graphics elevate beyond the basic and double up the T-shirt as a top to wear from morning till nightfall.

Say no less, get a chic rock band graphic T-shirt and put together a flawless holiday look worthy of a music award.

Btw, I’m getting one from Måneskin – my favourite band, and one from Duran Duran and AC/DC – classics for the old. Pov, I only listen to Måneskin.


Lean into the uplifting mood of springtime with a cute bow stacked T-shirt to match. Baby bows, or oversized bows with long ties colour a joyful palette ideal for garden parties and lunch al fresco paired with shorts and mini skirts.

Or dress beyond the ordinary in a bow stacked T-shirt and tailored pants. Designed for play and work, bow T-shirts will become your new wardrobe staples. Bonus point; you don’t need extra accessories that would weigh you down in the heat.



For some, a lifestyle (POV not really the old money thing), for others, a fashion trend (derived from what tiktok believes is the old money style). But a T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves  is a buzz on for you page. And therefore needs to be mentioned.

The T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves is a relatively new trend. It came up as the update on what the internet means is “the old money”. POV It is still wrong. Not all old money wears T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves in quality materials. Some take it for granted, while others shop for their everyday T-shirts wherever (even in the supermarkets).

However, the appeal of the T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves trend lies also in its understated elegance. These T-shirts are not flashy or attention-grabbing, but rather exude a refined simplicity that is both sophisticated and modern. They are perfect for those who value quality over quantity, and who appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that goes into creating a truly exceptional garment.

Made from high-quality materials (like Giza 45 cotton, Angera cotton or silk-wool blend) and expert craftsmanship, and featuring clean lines, at least one T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves is a must have in every well curated capsule wardrobe.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by choice and deliberating which T-shirt to buy for spring summer 2024, I made a more detailed fashion trend report on SS24 T-shirt trends that is published on Brunette from Wall Street substack. I also made a comprehensive list of delectable options for the season. Check out the FAQ for all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What T-shirts are in trend right now?

Oversized T-shirtsringer teehenley T-shirtT-shirt with 3/4 sleevesgraphic T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirts are on trend for spring summer 2024.

What T-shirts are in fashion?

Oversized T-shirtringer teehenley T-shirtT-shirt with 3/4 sleevesgraphic T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirt are in fashion for spring summer 2024.

What are the most fashionable T-shirts for spring summer 2024?

Oversized T-shirts are the most fashionable T-shirts for spring summer 2024.

Is a white T-shirt in style 2024?

white T-shirt is a classic piece that never goes out of style.

What T-shirts are in style in 2024?

Oversized T-shirtringer teehenley T-shirtT-shirt with 3/4 sleevesgraphic T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirt are in style for spring summer 2024.

Is a plain simple white crew neck T-shirt in style for spring summer 2024?

Yes, it is. But it has to be oversized.

Where to buy a designer T-shirt?

You can buy a designer T-shirt online on Mytheresa24sModa OperandiNet-a-porterSSENSEFarfetchLuisaviaromaHarrodsSaks Fifth AvenueShopbopNordstrom.

Where to buy a Dior T-shirt online?

You can buy a new Dior T-shirt online on or 24s.

What is the most fashionable tee in 2024?

The most fashionable T-shirt in 2024 is an oversized T-shirt.

Are the band T-shirts still cool?

Yes, wearing a band T-shirt is still cool in 2024. In fact, a rock band graphic T-shirt is a key fashion trend for spring summer 2024.

Where to buy a band T-shirt online?

You can buy a band T-shirt online on RevolveShopbop or Urban Outfitters.

Are cropped T-shirts in fashion for spring summer 2024?

The crop top T-shirt trend is in sharp decline.

What is the latest T-shirt trend?

henley T-shirt.

What T-shirts are in fashion in 2024 spring summer?

Oversized T-shirtringer teehenley T-shirtT-shirt with 3/4 sleevesgraphic T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirt are in fashion for spring summer 2024.

What are the biggest T-shirt trends for spring summer 2024?

The biggest T-shirt trends in 2024 are an oversized T-shirthenley T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirt.

What are graphic T-shirt trends 2024?

Rock band graphic T-shirt, and artistic graphics are the biggest graphic T-shirt trends for spring summer 2024. But you can’t go wrong with any oversized T-shirt in a fashionable print either.

Are logo T-shirts in style 2024?

No. But they are coming back in fashion for 2026.

Is a muscle tee in fashion summer 2024?

No. Unless it’s oversized, of course.

How to accessories a white T-shirt summer 2024?

With a bow!

What are the hottest T-shirt trends for summer 2024?

Oversized T-shirtringer teehenley T-shirtT-shirt with 3/4 sleevesgraphic T-shirt, and bow stacked T-shirt.

How to choose the perfect T-shirt for your body type?

Choosing the perfect T-shirt for a woman’s body type involves considering several factors to ensure a flattering fit. Here’s a guide to help you find the right T-shirt:
1) Determine Your Body Type: Women typically have one of these body shapes: triangle (pear), inverted triangle (apple), rectangle (straight), hourglass, diamond, or oval. Measure your body or look in the mirror to compare your shoulders, waist, and hips to identify your shape. Find the Right Fit. Regular Fit: Suitable for most body types, not too tight or loose, and offers comfort. Slim Fit: Ideal for lean or athletic figures, it accentuates the body’s natural shape. Relaxed Fit: Offers a more casual style with extra room, perfect for a laid-back look. If you have an hourglass figure, consider fitted T-shirts that accentuate your waist. For apple-shaped bodies, look for T-shirts with a slightly looser fit around the midsection to camouflage any problem areas. Pear-shaped bodies can benefit from T-shirts that highlight the shoulders and bust while minimizing the hips. Rectangular body shapes can experiment with T-shirts that create the illusion of curves, such as those with ruching or draping.
2) Select Necklines and Collars: The right neckline can enhance your look. For example, a crew neck works well for most, while a V-neck can elongate the torso. Choose a neckline that complements your body shape and enhances your best features. V-necks are universally flattering as they elongate the neck and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Scoop necks can be flattering for those with smaller busts, while boat necks can broaden the shoulders and balance out wider hips. Avoid high necklines if you have a shorter neck or a fuller bust, as they can make you appear boxy.
3) Length and Proportions: Consider the length of the T-shirt in relation to your torso and height. If you have a shorter torso, opt for cropped T-shirts to create the illusion of a longer torso. Taller women can experiment with longer hemlines or oversized T-shirts for a trendy look. Pay attention to sleeve length as well. Cap sleeves can highlight toned arms, while three-quarter sleeves can be flattering for all body types.
4) Consider Sleeve Length: Whether you prefer short, long, or sleeveless, pick a sleeve length that complements your arms and overall style.
5) Choose the Right Fabric: Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton for casual wear, or blends for stretch and form-fitting qualities.
6) Pick Colors and Patterns: Darker colors can slim, while vertical stripes may elongate your figure. Choose colors that suit your skin tone and patterns that flatter your shape.

What are the best materials for summer T-shirts?

The classic choice for summer tees are cotton, linen and silk-cotton blend. While cotton is breathable, soft, absorbent, and relatively affordable, it can wrinkle easily and may lose its shape over time. Opt for high-quality Pima cotton or Supima cotton for a more luxurious feel. Linen is a naturally cool and breathable fabric that gets softer with each wash. However, linen wrinkles easily and requires special care. Consider linen blends for a more wrinkle-resistant option. Silk blends with cotton or linen can be a fantastic option for summer T-shirts in womenswear. A small percentage of silk (think 10-30%) adds a touch of softness and drape to the fabric, making it feel smooth and luxurious against the skin. Silk/Cotton Blend offers a softer, smoother feel than pure cotton. It is more wrinkle-resistant and ideal for those who prioritize comfort and a touch of luxury. Silk/Linen Blend: Retains the cool and crisp feel of linen with a touch of silk’s softness and drape. Can be slightly less wrinkle-resistant than pure linen, but more manageable. Perfect for those who desire a more breathable and stylish option.

How to care for your T-shirts so they last longer?

Wash less, wear more: This might seem counterintuitive, but frequent washing can wear down the fibers. Opt for spot cleaning minor stains when possible and air dry your shirt if it doesn’t have a visible odor. Turn it inside out before washing: This protects the design and colors from fading during washing. Separate light and dark clothes before washing: This prevents color bleeding from darker to lighter colored shirts. Use cold water for most washes. Hot water can shrink cotton fibers and damage prints. Skip the harsh agitation of the regular cycle. Opt for a gentle cycle or a delicate cycle for delicates. Use a gentle detergent formulated for delicates. Avoid harsh detergents with bleach or brighteners. Skip the fabric softener. Fabric softener can make shirts less breathable and more prone to clinging. Air dry whenever possible. This is the gentlest way to dry your T-shirts and prevents shrinkage. Hang them on a drying rack or clothesline in a cool, shaded area. If you must use a dryer, use the lowest heat setting possible. Take the shirts out promptly when they’re slightly damp to prevent over-drying and wrinkles. Always check the care label for ironing instructions. Use a low heat setting and turn the shirt inside out to protect graphics. Skip ironing for wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Many modern T-shirts made from synthetic blends or wrinkle-resistant cotton don’t require ironing. Avoid hanging T-shirts for long periods, as it can stretch out the neckline. Fold them neatly and store them in drawers or on shelves. Store your T-shirts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Moisture can encourage mildew growth. Finally, deal with stains promptly. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove. Treat stains as soon as possible with a gentle stain remover following the product instructions.

How to style a T-shirt?

Check the SS24 styling trends to see how to style T-shirt this season.


Next up, the most fashionable blouses and how to style T-shirt with blue jeans.