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The Most Fashionable Light Jackets for Fall 2023

Jackets in style for fall 2023 winter 2023/24, here! By now, you probably already have a closet full of bomber jackets and light jackets that are perfect to wear in fall. Or maybe you don’t, and you are still looking for the jacket you could wear in fall 2023 from when you wake up and under a coat again in winter 2023 2024. Either way, here is the list of all jackets in style for fall 2023, and … Yes, there is more – list of all the most fashionable jackets for spring 2024! Well, you didn’t think I would leave this trend report without one or two of next season’s jackets, did you? All in all, we are not buying a light jacket for just one season. We are buying a jacket for years to come. Two at least!

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As the weather begins to get colder, it’s time to start thinking about the latest trends in outerwear for fall 2023.

This season is all about incorporating statement pieces into your wardrobe, and jackets are no exception. From bright colors and blacks to unique materials like satin and textures, the options for trendy jackets are exceptional.

There’s no shortage of exciting and innovative jacket styles to choose from. From oversized satin and leather jackets to more avant-garde options like oversized bomber jackets and colorful satin anoraks, this season’s outerwear choices are sure to make a statement.

It’s quite easy to figure out if your old favourite jacket is in style for fall 2023 winter 2023/24. All the most fashionable 2023 jackets are either a bomber, made of satin, wool or leather, have big pockets and fancy buttons, are black or fitted like a F1 racer jacket.

If you can’t find a jacket that would fit this description – scroll down, go through the list of the most fashionable 2023 jackets and get yourself a new fashionable light jacket now.


And here it is – the list of must-have light jackets for fall 2023 and light jackets you can wear under the coat. But also fashionable jackets you will want to take with you to Dubai and Australia. Yes, I added some fashionable spring 2024 jackets, too. And what is more, they are coming straight from the runway.

I made sure to add a product gallery for each jacket that’s in style for fall 2023. Indeed, I browsed through all the best online stores to find the most fashionable fall jackets just for you. Trust me; these jackets are the best the stores can offer us now.

To buy any of the must-have jackets, simply click on the jacket that you like, and a store window will open for you. Don’t worry; the fall 2023 jacket trend report won’t close as you click on your jacket of choice.

Instead, a store window will open in a new tab, making sure you can finish the list. After all, you need to see all the jackets before you pick just one.

However, I have a feeling you will buy at least one smart jacket and two casual jackets before you scroll down to the end of this 2023 jacket trend report. I bought 3!


If you want something that sets you apart, look to an iconic leather jacket reimagined in new silhouettes and colours. Ps. You will get obsessed with this leather bomber jacket.

Traced across the runways, biker jackets continue their momentum with a variety of options being presented at Isabel Marant, GCDS, Diesel, Chloé, Dion Lee, such as a sophisticated single-colour take on the racer jacket take on the racer jacket, the asymmetric zip biker and a retro tro cafe jacket, racer bomber jacket represent the perfect combination of style and function.

The unique F1 Racer design is inspired by the world of Formula One racing, which has been a popular sport for decades. The sleek lines, vibrant colors, and bold logos make these jackets stand out from other traditional leather jackets, making them a highly sought-after fashion trend.

Btw, I’m obsessed with this racer bomber jacket.


Imagine strolling down the streets in this chic jacket, turning heads with every step you take. The sleek and stylish design will instantly make you feel confident and empowered, ready to take on the world. The jacket’s unique racer design will make you stand out from the crowd, showcasing your exquisite taste in fashion and your love for fast-paced sports.

As you wrap yourself in this luxurious jacket, you’ll feel like you’re living in a romantic movie scene. The soft leather against your skin will give you a sense of comfort, while the vibrant color and bold design will capture the attention of everyone around you. You’ll feel like the leading lady in your own story, turning heads and stealing hearts with every stride.

Btw I really like this one (I will probably buy it after I finish writing this trend report – it’s red and will transition well into spring 2024 – reducing my price per wear to $30, which is not bad for a leather jacket that supports my favourite team as well – and yes, I’m Leclerc girl), but there are more to choose from – see below.

Ps. You can shop for your favourite jacket, by clicking on the photo. Your click will take you to the store where I found that jacket. 



An instant pick-me-up, an elevated bomber jacket is the one item that really pulls an outfit together.

The oversized bomber jacket trend is taking the fashion world by storm, and you don’t want to miss out on this exciting trend. I recently bought this elevated wool bomber jacket from Massimo Dutti (not my favourite brand but this jacket simply stole my heart and it’s very oversized and warm) and this oversized satin bomber jacket that will transition well into winter with everything from my winter capsule wardrobe.

satin bomber jacket is no cap, the ultimate fashion trend that will elevate your cold season wardrobe to new heights.

On the other hand, the elevated wool bomber jacket is the embodiment of cool and effortless style, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, making it the perfect jacket for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands, going on a date, or going to work, an elevated wool bomber jacket will add a touch of sophistication and chicness to your look.


As you put on your new oversized bomber jacket, you’ll feel an instant surge of confidence and excitement. The jacket’s oversized fit will give you a sense of ease and comfort, while the unique design will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll feel like a fashion icon, inspiring others with your fashion choices.

Not only are the elevated wool bomber jacket and satin bomber jacket trendy and stylish, but they are also practical for the transitional seasons.

The wool bomber jacket is the perfect outwear to protect you from the autumnal breeze, while the satin bomber jacket is light and breathable for under the coat. Plus, it’s a great layering piece that can be worn over your favorite outfits.

Point of view, the oversized bomber jacket took on many forms across the fashion shows, and it’s worth noting how designers have driven updates via new silhouettes and fabrications. But wool and satin are the most fashionable. 



As you manage a full day’s schedule, you might need a versatile and fashionable jacket that is equally hard-working. A cropped tweed jacket is a jacket like that.

The cropped tweed jacket trend is all about sophistication and style. It’s a fashionable jacket that combines classic and modern elements to create a truly unique look. The cropped cut adds a touch of playfulness, while the tweed material exudes elegance and refinement. It’s a trend that’s perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement while still looking chic and sophisticated.

You will love the versatility of your new cropped tweed jacket, whether you pair it with a matching skirt, wear it on jeans, with skinny pants and ballet flats (the Audrey Hepburn look), or over your favourite fall dress, or style it on pants to create a variety of looks.

Achieve perfect autumnal layering paired with black riding pants for the day in the countryside, or wear over baggy jeans for an interesting twist in the city.

Btw, I will buy this Sandro cropped tweed jacket for fall. But I can still find some room for one tweed jacket, more. Here are all the tweed jackets I wish to have in my capsule closet.



Jackets providing the perfect balance between casual and formal satisfy every dress code. 

cropped jacket with cargo pockets is a must have in any well-curated wardrobe. A cropped jacket with cargo pockets is a jacket you can wear all year long. It’s the ultimate jacket to wear under the coat or on its own when you take a city stroll. A cropped jacket with cargo pockets will never look out of place and will always uplift your mood.

Remember, a great jacket is an instant game-changer. It’s the item that does everything, goes everywhere and will be in your wardrobe forever.

The cropped cargo jacket trend combines functionality and fashion to create the ultimate fashionable jacket. With its cropped length and utilitarian cargo pockets, this trend is all about balancing style and practicality. It’s a trendy and versatile outwear piece that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing this trendy piece hanging there, ready to be worn. You’ll feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as you slip it on, knowing that you’re about to lit a fashion-forward look that’s sure to turn heads. The lightweight fabric will feel like a dream against your skin, while the cropped length and cargo pockets will give you a cool and edgy vibe.

Whether you’re pairing it with a short dress and heeled ballet flats, or dressing it up with a flowy skirt and heels, a cropped jacket with cargo pockets will take your outfit to the next level. You’ll feel confident, stylish, and empowered, ready to take on the day with grace and poise.



Step forward in a fashionable peplum jacket that injects Barbie energy into the late early fall mood. A peplum jacket looks fabulous paired with a pencil skirt and is perfect to wear to work and beyond.

Jackets providing the perfect balance between classy and formal satisfy every dress code. Whether adorned with a belt or not, indulge in the elegant feel of a peplum jacket as you pair it with a pencil skirt for work or with blue jeans and split toe ballet flats for a coffee date with your friend.

Btw I will buy this black peplum jacket from Pinko.

As you adjust the belt and sleeves, you feel a rush of anticipation and excitement, knowing that this jacket will complete your outfit and make you feel like you wear the lead in a romcom. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and a smile spreads across your face as you admire the way the jacket flatters your figure.

You can’t help but feel a little playful and flirtatious, like you’re in on a secret that only you and the jacket know. It’s as if you’re part of a special club.

The peplum jacket is more than just one of the most fashionable late summer 2023 jackets. It gives you the power to conquer anything that comes your way.



As the autumnal breeze ushers in a new chapter of fashion, it brings with it a captivating array of trends that redefine our approach to seasonal style. Among the standout pieces that demand attention this fall is the resplendent satin anorak.

Don’t get fooled. A satin anorak doesn’t straddle the line between functionality and elegance. Nevertheless, a satin anorak is dynamic outerwear piece that seamlessly transitions from city streets to countryside escapes.

When it comes to styling, the possibilities are limited, though. For a downtown-chic look, you can layer a satin anorak only over shorts and jeans.

For a more easy to style option, shop for a rain jacket in the gallery below instead.



Easy going styles in fur (faux, obviously) will put you in the party mood as the festival season hits. Embrace a laidback attitude with a furry stole.

Imagine wearing a furry stole as you joining the fall festival. As you slip on a furry stole, the world around you seems to fade away, and a sense of serenity and confidence takes over. You feel the soft, supple texture of the denim against your skin, and the way it wraps you in a comforting embrace. You’ll feel like a free-spirited bohemian queen, radiating beauty and confidence with every step you take.

This furry stole is not only stylish, but it’s also incredibly versatile. You can pair it with a gown for the opera, too. The fur adds texture to your outfit, making you stand out from the crowd and catching the eyes of those around you.


Just to make sure you have no doubts regarding the 2023 jacket trends as you finish reading this trend report – check the FAQ about 2023 jacket trends also.

What is the most fashionable fall jacket 2023?

racer bomber jacket.

What is the most fashionable rain jacket 2023?

The most stylish and, furthermore, the best jacket for rain in 2023 is a satin anorak.

What are the biggest jacket trends for fall 2023?

The most fashionable 2023 fall jackets are racer bomber jacketelevated wool bomber jacketsatin bomber jacketcropped jacket with cargo pocketspeplum jacketsatin anorakcropped tweed jacket and a furry stole.

What is the difference between a bomber jacket and a baseball jacket?

The main differences between a baseball jacket and a bomber jacket are in the closure and the fabric. While a baseball jacket is made of woven fabrics and comes with snap fasteners at front, a bomber jacket can have a zipper closure and can be made of nylon, silk or other blends.

Is a peplum jacket in fashion for fall 2023?

Yes, peplum is back in fashion. In fact, a peplum jacket is one of the most fashionable fall 2023 jackets and a peplum blazer is one of the most fashionable blazers for fall 2023 winter 2023/24. But the peplum is not so exaggerated as it was when a peplum jacket was fashionable for the last time.

Is shacket in fashion 2023?

Not really. But you might see the flannel shacket back on your screen as a part of the romcom trend. Romcom style is very fashionable for fall 2023, and a shacket is a signature item of romcom styling. However, the most fashionable girlies will correct the romcom styling trend with a wool bomber jacket instead.

What is shacket?

Shacket is a shirt jacket. It’s a casual jacket you can wear under the coat or on your own at home instead of a cardigan.

Is a shacket only casual?

Only casual shackets will be in fashion for fall winter 2023/24.

Is denim jacket in fashion?

A denim jacket is always in fashion.

What denim jacket is in style for fall 2023?

Standard denim jacket (as part of the romcom trend), but also cropped power-shoulder trucker jackets.

Is a tweed jacket in style?

Tweed jackets are always in style.

What kind of tweed jackets are in fashion fall 2023?

Cropped tweed jackets.

Is a leather jacket in fashion 2023?

Yes, leather jackets are in fashion for fall 2023.

What kind of leather jacket is in style for fall 2023?

Leather bomber jacket are the most fashionable leather jackets this season.

Where to buy a fashionable jacket?

You can buy a fashionable jacket online on FarfetchNordstromSaks Fifth AvenueHarrodsSSENSEShopbopRevolveMytheresaLuisaviaroma24sNet-a-porterMatchesfashion, or Moda Operandi.

When is jacket weather?

Jacket weather is every time you feel cold wearing merely a blouse or a top.

When is jacket season?

Every season can be a jacket season. There are light jackets you can wear in summer and padded jackets you can wear in winter, too.

What jacket to wear with a dress?

The best fall 2023 jacket to wear with a dress is a peplum jacketcropped tweed jacket, a furry stole, or cropped jacket with cargo pockets if you are going to a festival. But you might want to wear a trench coat with a dress for any formal event. POV The dress shouldn’t peek out the trench coat – it should always be shorter or equally long as the trench coat.

What jacket to wear with a maxi dress?

Following the latest styling trends, you can style your maxi dress with an oversized satin bomber jacket, or a denim jacket and look like a lead in a romcom. However, you might want to layer your maxi dress with a cropped jacket to elongate your silhouette.

What jacket to wear with a jumpsuit?

The same jacket as you would wear with a maxi dress.

What jacket to wear with jeans?

The best jacket to wear with jeans for 2023 is a denim jacket. The Canadian tuxedo is a key fashion trend for fall 2023. But you might prefer to style your jeans with other trendy jacket instead. Check how to style jeans this season to see the best outfit with a jacket and jeans.

What jacket to wear with a black dress?

The best jacket to wear with a black dress is either a black cropped tweed jacket or a black oversized bomber jacket. In fact, sporting an oversized leather bomber jacket on a little black dress is one of the biggest styling trends in 2023.

What jacket to wear with off the shoulder dress?

The best jacket to wear with off the shoulder dress is an oversized bomber jacket or a denim jacket.

What jacket to wear with a cut out dress?

An oversized bomber jacket is the most fashionable jacket that goes the best with a cutout dress. But it depends on the material of the dress.

What jacket to wear with shorts?

It depends on the occasion. Even so, shorts always look great with a tweed jacketelevated wool bomber jacket, and a racer bomber jacket.

What jacket to wear with leather pants?

The best jacket to wear with leather pants is an elevated wool bomber jacket. But leather pants will look the most fashionable paired with a racer bomber jacket or a furry stole for cold autumn days 2023 as well.

Which jacket is best to wear under a coat?

The best light jacket to wear under a coat is an elevated wool bomber jacketsatin bomber jacket, or a cropped tweed jacket. A denim jacket is a good choice, too.

Which jacket is best for winter?

The best winter jacket is a down jacket. Even so, there are more winter jackets to choose from for winter 2023 2024. Check the winter jacket trend report to see the list of all winter jackets in style for winter 2023 2024.

What kind of jackets are in fashion for fall 2023?

Bomber jackets and cropped elegant jackets like a cropped tweed jacket and peplum jacket.

What jackets will be in fashion for spring 2024?

Shaggy bomber jackets, simple cropped zip jackets.

What is the most fashionable jacket for 2023?

The most fashionable 2023 light jacket for fall 2023 is a racer bomber jacket. But cropped jackets with cargo pockets are still giving. And an elevated wool bomber jacketsatin bomber jacketpeplum jacketsatin anorakcropped tweed jacket, and furry stole are fashionable for fall 2023, too.

What are old money winter jacket?

Barbour jackets and tweed jackets – preferably inherited Chanel tweed jacket or a Marella jacket.

What are the best fall jackets 2023?

The best fall jackets for fall 2023 are a racer bomber jacketelevated wool bomber jacketsatin bomber jacketcropped jacket with cargo pocketspeplum jacketsatin anorakcropped tweed jacket, and furry stole. Pov, these fall jackets are the most fashionable.

Are cropped jackets in style 2023?

Yes. Cropped jacket with cargo pockets, and cropped tweed jackets are very fashionable for fall 2023 winter 2023 2024.

How to wear a cropped jacket?

With a dress or with shorts if you want to look fashionable for fall 2023.

What are smart jackets for women fall 2023?

A modern peplum jacket is the trendiest smart jacket for fall 2023. But a fashionable cropped tweed jacket can be smart when paired with a matching dress as well.

What are fashionable casual jackets for women fall 2023?

racer bomber jacketsatin bomber jacketcropped jacket with cargo pocketssatin anorak.

What are fashionable elegant jackets for women fall 2023?

A modern peplum jacket is the most fashionable elegant jacket for fall 2023. But trendy cropped tweed jacket, and furry stole can be part of an elegant fall outfit, too.

What are formal jackets for women fall 2023?

A modern peplum jacket is the most fashionable formal jacket for fall 2023. But trendy cropped tweed jacket can be formal when paired with a matching dress as well.

Are waterfall jackets in fashion 2023?

Even though the romcom trend (which often features waterfall jackets and waterfall cardigans) is the key fashion trend for fall 2023, the waterfall jackets are not fashionable for fall 2023.

Are utility jackets in style 2023?

Cropped jackets with cargo pockets are in fashion for fall 2023.

Are quilted jackets in style 2023?

No. However, a Barbour quilted jacket is a classic jacket that is always on point for the countryside.

Are bomber jackets in style?

Yes! Bomber jackets are very fashionable for fall 2023. In fact, a bomber style is the most fashionable jacket style for fall 2023. Shop for a racer bomber jacketelevated wool bomber jacketsatin bomber jacket – they are top 3 the most fashionable jackets of the season.

Are jean jackets in style 2023?


Are oversized jackets in style 2023?

Yes, oversized jackets are still in style for fall 2023. In fact, oversized bomber jackets are some of the most fashionable fall 2023 jackets.

Are velvet jackets in style 2023?


Are camo jackets in style 2023?


Are aviator jackets in fashion 2023?


Are military jackets in style 2023?

Forest night (olive green) jackets are in fashion for fall 2023 – especially cropped, but the officer jackets (military jackets with golden buttons) are not fashionable for 2023.

Are moto jackets in style 2023?

Racer bomber jackets are fashionable for fall 2023.

Are corduroy jackets in style 2023?

We hate corduroy.

What are the most popular jacket materials for fall 2023?

Wool, satin and leather.

What are the most popular jacket colors this season?

For fall 2023 the most fashionable jacket colors are grey, red, Forest Night (olive green), Hot Funge (dark brown), Silver Birch, Coconut Milk, and Eclipse (dark navy blue).

What jacket to wear for work in fall 2023?

peplum jacket, or an elevated wool bomber jacket.

What jacket to wear for a wedding in fall 2023?

cropped tweed jacket or a peplum jacket that matches your outfit.


I hope you found a jacket to wear in autumn 2023. Be sure to also check what blazers are on trend for 2023. Up next: the most fashionable blouses to wear under your new stylish jacket.