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Elevate Your Style: Summer Elegant Outfits to Try Now

Elegant Summer Outfits for Your Next Summer Soirée

Elegant summer outfits 2024 and elegant summer outfit ideas for all of you who are picking a dress for your next summer soirée, an elegant dress for a summer wedding in a hurry, a classy summer outfit for a dinner date, or simply a fancy lunch outfit for all of you who want to seize every opportunity to dress up this summer. Here are elegant summer outfits you need to try upon your return to the club.

All in all, it has been long since you have had dinner inside a fancy restaurant, even longer since the last time you sipped champagne, danced till 5 pm, or put on a tiara on your head to be the best dressed at the summer soirée. Nevertheless, your return to society can be effortless. All you need to do is pick the right summer party dress, put on pretty sandals, and reclaim your stand. Worry not; here are tips on how to look elegant in summer instantly and elegant summer outfits that will help you return to society effortlessly.

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Summer soirée – an evening summer party or an evening summer gathering for conversation or music – just in case you forgot. But a summer soiree is more than that. A summer soirée in 2024 is a reward, a golden medal, something we have all looked forward to for so long.

And now it’s here. Yes, the social season has begun. And it’s time for you to pick what to wear.

Dinner, opera night, wedding, a grand soirée, or just a lunch date at the fancy restaurant – name it; here are the best elegant summer outfits for any occasion.

Scroll down to find fashionable elegant summer outfits for any social event on your agenda.

Without a doubt, elegance has always come naturally to me. According to my mother, I was born with an innate sense of class and elegance. POV That is true, but I believe that elegance can be acquired, or at the very least, easily attained with the right choice of elegant summer outfits, the removal of outrageous nails, the removal of visible tattoos, and the dissolution of lip filler.

Join me in following my expert advice to unlock your innate elegance, or better yet, copy my impeccably elegant summer outfits from head to toe.

Point of view, summer might not be the best season to achieve elegant style effortlessly. The refined garments and opulent accessories, like gloves, can easily weigh you down. Yet there are certain pieces of clothing and carefully selected accessories that possess a transformative power, capable of bestowing elegance upon anyone who dons them.

Here is what you need to build an elegant summer capsule wardrobe that will allow you to dress elegantly in summer effortlessly.

But wait …

What is elegant for summer?

Formal, classy or trendy outfits in white, cream, grey, navy or black. Summer elegant style can be formal, classy or trendy, but always put together by pieces in neutral shades of white, navy, grey, or black.

Should I dress up in summer?

Even though comfort remains key for everyday summer outings, like going to the swimming pool, you should dress up for any other occasion, even if you are ready to ease out of bikinis.

Is it expensive to look elegant in summer?


Do I need a lot of money to look elegant in summer?

Absolutely not. Even if you’re living on a tight budget, you can absolutely radiate elegance. In fact, achieving elegance doesn’t have to break the bank; simplicity is key. Trim down on accessories and maintain a minimalist approach. Steer clear of flashy or overly intricate attire. Instead, lean towards classic, enduring wardrobe staples that boast impeccable tailoring and are crafted from top-notch materials. Elegance, it turns out, is quite the budget-friendly endeavor.

How to achieve an expensive and elegant summer look on a budget?

Keep it simple! Avoid tacky, flashy, branded or overly complicated outfits and accessories (you only need a small bag and perhaps a hat/headband). Instead, opt for classic, timeless pieces that are well-tailored and made from high-quality materials. Point of view, quality is expensive, but if you buy quality, you will only need to buy it once. High-quality pieces last for ages. Just think of your mother’s little black dress and pleated skirt. Also, pay attention to details. Small details like well-groomed hair (you can learn how to do your hair at home), pressed clothes, undamaged heels, clean manicure (natural nails), natural makeup (preferably with no lip filler and no fake eyelashes), clean skin with no tattooes can make a big difference in how expensive and elegant you look. Choose expensive-looking colors. Stick to a neutral color palette of black, white, beige, deep grey and navy. These colors are timeless and sophisticated, and can be easily mixed and matched. Ps. All black is one of the easiest ways to appear sophisticated and stylish. Especially in summer! Black is neutral and will never go out of style and monochromatic outfits make your outfit instantly elegant.

Is elegant style in fashion for summer 2024?

Yes. Elegant ladylike style is in fashion for summer 2024. As a matter of fact, ladylike style is one of the key summer 2024 fashion trends. Besides, looking elegant never goes out of fashion.

What can make you look elegant in summer?

If you want to look elegant instantly, put on a midi halterneck dress, slingbacks, put on a headband, grab a simple top handle bag, and put on a few drops of perfume. Keep your outfit simple and refined.

Do I need to wear a dress in summer to look elegant?

No. Even though throwing on an elegant dress is the easiest way to look elegant in summer, you can look elegant in skirts, shorts and pants, too.

Do I have to wear a skirt in summer to look elegant?

No. You can be elegant in pants or shorts, too.

How to dress more elegant in summer 2024?

Swap denim shorts for tailored shorts, wear thin knitssilk blouseselegant dresses, elegant skirts, high-waisted pantshatshair accessories, kitten heels, luxe flat mules, top handle bags.

What to wear for an elegant wedding in summer 2024?

If it is a white-tie wedding, wear a fashionable gown and pumps, slingbacks or high heel Malone Souliers mules. If it’s a black-tie wedding, wear a fashionable wedding guest dress and stiletto sandals. If there is no dress code written on the wedding invitation, you can wear a classy cocktail dress and sandals. Or cropped top and high waisted pants with sandals. Check summer wedding guest outfits for some ideas.

Can I wear pants for an elegant summer wedding?

Yes! You can wear pants to a wedding in summer. High waisted pants with a crop top and sandals, or an old money off the shoulder top with trousers and sandals are a perfect wedding guest outfit if you want to look elegant but don’t want to wear a dress.

How to style a dress for an elegant summer outfit?

With kitten heel slingbacks, Stuart Weitzman nudist song sandalshigh heel Malone Souliers mules, elegant pumps (any pumps but platform pumps, or wedges – point of view, ballet pumps are rarely a good option), a top handle bag, headband or a hat, pearls or precious jewels. But limit your accessories down to two (a hat/headband + top handle bag or top handle bag + and one piece of jewellery). Ps. Check the outfit ideas in this article to see the best elegant summer outfits with a dress.

How to style pants for an elegant summer outfit?

The same as a skirt – with a beautiful short sleeve blouse, silk top, short sleeve cardigan sweater and Stuart Weitzman nudist song sandalshigh heel Malone Souliers mules, kitten heel slingbacks, pumps (any pumps or platform pumps or wedges are an option). You can also add a hat or a headband, and of course a top handle bag. Check the outfit ideas in this article to see the best elegant summer outfits with pants.

How to style skirt for an elegant summer outfit?

A long or a midi skirt you can style with a beautiful blouse, old money off the shoulder top, silk shirt, cardigan sweater, Stuart Weitzman nudist song sandalshigh heel Malone Souliers mules, kitten heel slingbacks, pumps (any pumps or platform pumps or wedges are an option – point of view, ballet pumps are rarely a good option). You can also add a headband, and a top handle bag. While your top can have a little cleavege if you are wearing a long or midi skirt, make sure you opt for a more closed top for a mini skirt. A boat neck top, cardigan sweater, or a bow tie silk blouse are the best option to look elegant when wearing a mini skirt. Point of view, an old money off the shoulder top could look elegant on you as well. For the shoes, choose between flat Malone Souliers mules, kitten heel slingbacks, ballet pumps, or kitten heel sandals.

How to style denim skirt for an elegant summer outfit?

You can’t make an elegant outfit with a denim skirt. Denim skirt is a casual type of skirt.

How to style shorts for an elegant summer outfit?

The same as any mini skirt – with a beautiful blouse, old money off the shoulder top, silk shirt, cardigan sweater, Stuart Weitzman nudist song sandals (if you are wearing bermuda shorts or slightly longer tailored shorts), flat Malone Souliers mules, kitten heel slingbacks, or ballet pumps. You can also add a headband, and of course, a top handle bag. Check the outfit ideas in this article to see the best elegant summer outfits with shorts.

How to style jeans for an elegant summer outfit?

It is unlikely you will look elegant in jeans. Point of view, jeans are not formal. But you can look chic in jeans if you elevate your denim outfit with a silk blouse or a silk shirt, precious pumps, high heel sandals, or ballet flats and a headband. Also, make sure you are wearing straight jeans made of Japanese denim in dark navy blue or black.

What to wear to look elegant in summer 2024?

Elegant summer outfits presented in this article!

What are some popular prints for summer outfits?

Polka dots and some floral prints can be elegant, but you might prefer to go safe and wear deep color instead of a print.

What are some popular colors for elegant summer outfits?

Black, white, dark navy, deep grey, cream and red.

Is lace elegant for summer?

Unlikely. There are too many tacky lace fabrics on the market. The only key to pulling off lace elegantly in the summer is to choose the right style of quality lace and keep it balanced. A quality lace fabric has a delicate and intricate texture. Good lace is known for its delicate and sheer appearance. It should be lightweight and translucent, adding an air of elegance to garments. Fine lace often has intricate and detailed patterns with a high thread count per inch. The more intricate and densely woven the lace is, the higher its quality tends to be. Quality lace is typically crafted with great attention to detail. Skilled artisans use specialized techniques, such as hand-embroidery, to create intricate lace patterns. Handmade lace is often considered the pinnacle of craftsmanship in lace production. And the edges of high-quality lace are usually finished neatly, without fraying or uneven edges. This requires precision in the manufacturing process.

How to dress elegant in summer 2024?

The easiest way to dress elegantly in summer 2024 is to copy elegant summer outfits presented in this article. Point of view, you might need to build an elegant summer capsule wardrobe first.

How to build an elegant capsule summer wardrobe?

To build an elegant capsule wardrobe for summer, you need a cocktail dresssummer gown, a little black dresscropped knit toppretty blousepleated midi skirttailored shortshigh-waisted pantsstiletto sandalsdesigner flat mulesclassy slingbackssmall top handle bagchain bag, a headbandpearl hair accessoriessilk scarfxl-sunglasses, and a wide-brim sunhat if you want to look elegant on your summer vacation, too. Begin with a versatile foundation – an A-style summer dress that epitomizes timeless elegance. Choose one in a neutral shade like navy, or soft pastels, white or black ensuring it’s impeccably tailored to your silhouette. Complement your summer wardrobe with a stunning summer gown that embraces flowing lines and luxurious fabrics. Opt for a style that exudes grace, whether it’s adorned with floral prints, delicate embroidery, or a classic solid color. This gown, undoubtedly, will be your go-to for those special occasions under the stars. A little black dress, a staple in any capsule wardrobe, holds its place as the ideal of timeless elegance. Whether you’re attending a cocktail party or a sophisticated soirée, this versatile piece never fails to make a statement. Its adaptability is akin to the perfect blouse. Speaking of blouses, invest in a collection of pretty blouses (silk blouses adorned with delicate details like ruffles, bow tie, lace, or soft prints) that can be effortlessly paired with various bottoms. Mix and match them with other wardrobe staples for a fresh and elegant look each time. Pencil and pleated midi skirts, available in various styles and fabrics, should also be a prominent part of your summer wardrobe. They effortlessly capture elegance and adapt to a multitude of occasions. From satin to chiffon, midi skirts exude grace. Tailored shorts, should not be overlooked either. Choose high-quality materials and a flattering cut to maintain an aura of sophistication even in the warmest weather. Tailored and pleated shorts can be as versatile as high-waisted pants in your collection. Wide-leg pants are a must-have for summer elegance. Pair them with delicate blouses or crop tops for a look that’s both timeless and modern. Think of them as the equivalent of the midi skirts, which effortlessly fuse comfort and style.
For footwear, opt for kitten heel slingbacks – a symbol of timeless femininity. Alternatively, designer flat mules or simple stiletto sandals are equally stylish options that promise comfort without compromising on sophistication. Complete your summer ensemble with accessories that exude refinement. A small top handle bag for the morning and a chain shoulder bag for during the heatwave, and a clutch for the night, are the perfect companions for your elegant outings. Pair it with cotton gloves for an added touch of grace, akin to a precious headband that can instantly elevate your look. Enhance your hairstyle with a headband, precious hair pin or a silk scarf, embodying timeless elegance. Shield your eyes with XL sunglasses while exuding an air of mystery and allure. Or, crown your summer outfit with a wide-brim sunhat when on vacation.


Now that you know how to build an elegant summer capsule wardrobe, let us check some of the most elegant summer outfits for every day and summer vacation.

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Now, finally, scroll down to pick the best elegant summer outfit ideas for summer 2024.


Dressing up like a Barbie on the one side and quiet luxury on the other, are two key fashion trends for summer 2024. And while it’s tempting to save our most elegant outfits for special occasions, there’s no reason why we can’t look and feel our best every day.

After all, dressing elegantly has many benefits. It can boost our confidence, make us feel more put-together, and even help us to achieve our goals.

 It’s important to recognize that dressing elegantly on a daily basis extends far beyond societal expectations or the desire to make an impression on others.

To begin, dressing elegantly holds intrinsic benefits. It fosters a sense of confidence and self-assuredness that permeates your entire day. When you present yourself with grace and style, it sets a positive tone and equips you to face challenges with composure. The external refinement can nurture your inner self-esteem.

Moreover, your choice to dress elegantly conveys a deep respect, both for yourself and those around you. It demonstrates the value you place on presenting yourself in the best possible light. By paying attention to your appearance, you project a sense of professionalism that can open doors and create opportunities in various facets of life.

But at the same time you don’t want to overdo your look and look out of place. When the moment calls for quiet elegance, try a midi skirt and a chic top.


Summer 2024 is challenging us to look elegant from when we wake up. In our pursuit of that ideal one-and-done outfit, one that effortlessly fits into our daily routines, we find solace in the most fashionable pieces.

Embrace the return of midi pencil skirts with absolute confidence. In shades of navy or black they exude effortless elegance, whilst you can positively bring the summer spirit with an oversized white silk T-shirt.

Don’t shy away from infusing your outfit with trendy pieces. Let it radiate with positivity and charm by incorporating oversized silhouettes into your attire.

Envision a smart pencil skirt paired with a captivating white silk and cotton blend top, instantly injecting a burst of energy and personality into your outfit. Embrace the harmonious blend of elegance and fashion as you return back to work.

Pair with black slingbacks for an extra touch of sophistication and refinement.


Whether your evening takes you to a fine restaurant or an enchanting al fresco setting, indulge in the opulent comfort of an off-the-shoulder top that exudes an old-money sophistication. Pair this timeless piece with meticulously pleated shorts that complement your elegance effortlessly. To complete the ensemble, slip into Valentino rockstud slingbacks (they are back in fashion!) that promise to maintain your graceful appearance well into the night.


For moments where elegance is demanded, a short sleeve dress or full proportions can be a perfect option.

Go for a short sleeve dress and sandals; it’s a no-nonsense way to get out the door easily for lunch with your mother-in-law.


Occasionwear comes in structured styles adorned with subtle ruffles, whereas navy hues make dressing for a day a complete breeze.

Navy blue, with its timeless allure, emerges as your quintessential choice. Its versatility effortlessly adapts to the day’s agenda, making dressing a seamless and delightful process. The deep navy hue not only exudes sophistication but also complements a variety of accessories, allowing you to tailor your outfit to perfection.

For a lunch date with your mother-in-law, the navy blue short-sleeve dress with a charming ruffle hem takes center stage. Its flattering silhouette and understated ruffle detail epitomize class and style. The dress accentuates your femininity and embodies the kind of timeless elegance that never goes unnoticed.

You can style the dress with Stuart Weitzman Nudist Song sandals—a tasteful footwear choice for summer. Their minimalist design aligns perfectly with the overall classy aesthetic, ensuring a harmonious look from head to toe.


As we gracefully transition through the seasons, envision a picturesque scene adorned with red pleats that create polished air.

At the heart of this elegant summer outfit is a short-sleeve satin bow-tie blouse, a piece that epitomizes classy femininity. The delicate bow detail adds a touch of charm to your attire, setting the tone for an elegant and refined look. The blouse’s soft, flowing fabric gracefully drapes, ensuring comfort and grace throughout the day.

Tuck the blouse in a red midi pleated skirt. The pleats add a sense of movement and rhythm to your outfit, reflecting your dynamic and sophisticated personality. The striking hue of the skirt captures attention while remaining tasteful and ladylike.

Step into Aquazzura’s kitten heel slingbacks, a footwear choice that perfectly aligns with the overall aesthetic. These shoes offer both comfort and style, with their mid heel ensuring you can confidently stroll through any summer occasion, including Sunday service.


Get ready to leave an indelible mark and capture the spotlight at the most prestigious summer events. Whether it’s a white-tie wedding or a lavish birthday celebration, your elegant formal attire will radiate an aura of unparalleled sophistication that is truly exceptional.

As you step into these memorable occasions, let your choice of exquisite summer formal outfits speak volumes about your impeccable taste and distinctive style. Each meticulously selected outfit is carefully designed to ensure you exude grace, poise, and timeless beauty.

From flowing gowns that gracefully drape your silhouette in ethereal charm to impeccably tailored dresses that project powerful refinement, these formal attires will put you in the center stage.

Emerge as a commanding presence amidst the grandeur of these exceptional events, adorned in elegant summer formal outfits that follow the dress code.


While traditionally, white tie events are intended for indoor gatherings (imagine donning a proper gown, gloves, and closed-toe shoes during a heatwave at a white tie garden party – quite absurd), the possibility of getting an invitation to a white tie garden party amid a summer 2024 heatwave is quite possible. In fact, the concept of “quiet luxury white tie garden parties” has gained popularity among the new money.

However, dressing up for a “white-tie” event under the blazing sun demands a strategic approach to your outfit selection – one that allows you to remain cool while exuding timeless elegance.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll spot any guests wearing a proper white tie outfit with opera gloves and closed-toe heels during a heatwave if the party is in the garden. Those who know the white tie dress code, know that the host doesn’t know, and those unfamiliar with the dress code likely wouldn’t know how to adhere to it anyway.

Nevertheless, gowns remain a perfectly fitting choice for the occasion. Being a “white tie garden party” or a black tie garden party. Ps. If you don’t know the difference between the black tie and white tie, shop for my booklet (check the store / services in the main menu). I have decoded all dress codes for you.

But now, let me introduce you to the exquisite Self Portrait floral-embroidered gown. This enchanting floor-sweeping dress is an ideal selection for a summer white tie garden party. Adorned with intricate floral embroidery and paired with a stunning tiered skirt that gracefully cascades to ankle length, this dress exudes an ethereal charm, creating a captivating silhouette as you gracefully move through the garden.

What’s more, its square neckline and short tulle sleeves provide a touch of modesty while allowing for ample airflow, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout the festivities.

To accentuate your waistline and infuse a personalized touch into your outfit, the dress even comes with a detachable embellished belt.

When selecting your dress, it’s a prudent move to consider sizing up. In my personal experience, a size UK 4 fits me impeccably, but it’s important to keep in mind that the standard sizing may tend to run small, particularly if you have a fuller cup size. What suits me flawlessly proves small and tight for you.

Interestingly, I noticed a discrepancy with the Farfetch model (the dress is linked to Farfetch in the gallery below), who is reportedly wearing a size UK 4 (the same size as me). Despite the differences in our body shapes, the dress doesn’t seem tight around her bust and waist. However, it does appear somewhat short on her, even though it fits her perfectly at the waist. There’s a possibility that there might be an error in the provided product information. It’s also worth noting that she (the Farfetch model) typically wears all the other Self Portrait dresses in size UK 8 (I checked all the dresses she wears on Farfetch). In light of this observation, I highly recommend checking the size guide to ensure the ideal fit for your extraordinary summer gown purchase, granting you peace of mind and confidence for your special event. Get a measuring tape and calculate your size before your purchase.

As for footwear, the Stuart Weitzman metallic nudist song sandals are the perfect choice. Trust me, you’ll find that practically everyone opts for sandals when invited to a white tie garden party (point of view, a garden party can’t be white tie – white tie dress code is reserved for indoor evening events). These sandals blend comfort and style effortlessly, completing your elegant ensemble while keeping your feet cool and sophisticated. By the way, I always size up when shopping for sandals. I always shop for sandals in EU36.5 instead of EU36.


When the dress code is a morning dress (church or derby most likely), embrace a style that radiates vibrancy, flamboyance, and sheer audacity. The quintessential morning dress is comprised of a  short-sleeved jacket and matching skirt cinched by a belt. Alternatively, a belted midi dress (by the way, you’ll adore the dress I’ve found for you so much – I will buy it for myself, too – it’s in the most fashionable colour of the summer 2024) embodies the epitome of this hallmark attire. Finish your look with a striking fascinatorsummer gloves, and closed-toe shoes.

Channel an aura of positivity and celebrate the joyous couple in resplendent pastel blue (pastel baby blue will be very fashionable for summer 2024). Whether you’re attending the sacred ceremony at the church or a derby, a midi blue dress, adorned with a matching belt and complemented by a lavish hat, stands as the impeccable choice for an opulent morning dress event this summer.


Irrespective of the occasion or the season, the little black dress remains a perennial favorite when you seek to emanate timeless elegance without the formality of a cocktail dress. This wardrobe staple stands as a versatile piece that consistently makes a stylish statement.

Be it a cocktail party, a social gathering, or a lavish birthday party, the little black dress emerges as a dependable choice that never fails to impress. Its inherent charm and sophisticated allure render it the perfect option for those instances when an elegant appearance is in order.

In the realm of formal elegance, the little black dress reigns supreme, effortlessly embodying the essence of timeless sophistication. This adaptable piece offers a plethora of styling options, ensuring that you are impeccably attired for any occasion. To effortlessly transition from the beach to a delightful dining engagement, consider pairing your black dress with sandals. Rest assured, sandals are entirely suitable for adhering to a cocktail dress code in summer while maintaining an air of elegance.


Are you dreaming of strolling along picturesque streets in the Mediterranean, sipping cocktails on a Caribbean beach, or exploring charming European cities this summer? Your elegant summer vacation calls for a wardrobe that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and sophistication.

Here are elegant vacation outfits that will ensure you look and feel your best on the beach and beyond. From elegant resort wear to sophisticated beachwear, get ready to exude the utmost elegance. Whether you’re planning a tropical getaway, cruise or stay at the resort, these elegant outfit ideas are designed to make your summer vacation truly unforgettable.


Indulge in elegance and sophistication as you curate a summer outfit that exudes timeless charm. The classic combination of a white crop top and white tailored shorts effortlessly encapsulates a refined sense of style, ensuring you remain cool and effortlessly poised under the radiant sun.

The white crop top skims your silhouette with a touch of modesty. Its clean lines and simplicity make it a versatile piece, perfect for various occasions. Paired with the white tailored shorts, you strike the ideal balance between sophistication and comfort, allowing you to transition seamlessly from a leisurely seaside stroll to a beach bar gathering.

To complete this outfit, slip into the Malone Souliers flat mules, a footwear choice that harmonizes perfectly with the overall look. These mules marry comfort and style, embodying an understated elegance that’s perfect for summer.

Enhance your sun-soaked style with the Eugenia Kim wide-brim sunhat, a quintessential accessory that not only shields you from the sun’s rays but also adds an air of sophistication to your outfit. With its timeless design, this sunhat effortlessly transforms your look into one that’s ready for the most exclusive beachside venues.


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