Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list seashell headband strappy mules sunglasses prada beltbag hair clip espadrilles

All the fashionable things I’m buying this summer


Yes, now is the time to shop summer 2019 season! Midseason spring sales are on, my spring summer 2019 shopping list is complete, and we finally know all the fashion trends that will be rocking the streets and the beach in 2019. Plus, be in fashion for a while. So, get your credit card and start shopping all the most fashionable clothes, IT bags and stylish summer shoes straight from my SS19 shopping list. Because everything from my shopping list is a spring-summer 2019 must have!

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Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list what to shop seashell headband strappy mules sunglasses prada beltbag hair clip espadrilles

Tell me, is your wardrobe already ready for the summer? No? Well, I should probably take part of the blame. Considering I’m sharing my spring summer 2019 shopping list only now.

But hey, I couldn’t share it before. I mean if I did you would probably be that b* who snatched that pretty dress, the bag and shoes in my size right in front of my screen. Besides if I shared the list of all spring summer 2019 must have fashionable items you would spend your paycheck before even getting it. And what is even more, wouldn’t wait for the spring sales.

Anyway, the wait is over. You just got your paycheck, spring summer sales are on and the list of all the fashionable things worthy of purchasing this season is here. So, get your credit card ready!

Brunette from Wall Street SS2019 Shopping list prada bag See by Chloe platform sandals


Now let’s get to the list of all the things that you should buy this season.

Ps. My entire spring summer 2019 shopping list with all the fashionable things that I am buying this season, or I have already bought is waiting for you below.

Truth to be told, most of these stylish things are already hanging in my closet. Or waiting in the box tower in my dressing room. Yes, I have a lot of unboxing to do this weekend. Who can help?

By the way, since I was making this list thinking of you too, I also added a few things that are IT things of the season, remarkably fashionable, but you won’t see me wearing them. You know those things already since I wrote about them over here. So no, I haven’t changed my mind about those. Those ugly sporty sandals are on my shopping list for you.

Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list what to buy Chanel bags pearl hairpins hair claw feather shoes seashell bracelet


Shop the accessories first to make sure you don’t run out of the money before you even fasten your wide belt and count the pearls on that pretty pearl hairpin.


Yes, spring summer 2019 is all about the hair accessories. From big bow ties, silk scrunchie, 90s hair clips and hairpins to padded headbands and seashell hairband. Ps. the extended report on SS19 hair accessories is over here.

Anyway, here is what to shop now! Shop this headband and click here to see how to style it later. Also, get these pearl hairpins and check these two articles to see how to wear hairpins casually or with a black suit for a date.



You have two options this season. Either a wide belt or a rope belt.






When it comes to the jewellery there are 3 big fashion trends for spring summer 2019. So better tick all the checkboxes next to the golden necklaceshell jewellery and add tortoise jewellery to my shopping list.




No, she didn’t forget to take off her visors after leaving ski slopes, nor she isn’t heading back to the Alps. Ski sunglasses are in fashion this season. I know! What a surprise. If 2018 was a year of tiny sunglasses, 2019 is not. The most fashionable sunglasses for spring summer 2019 are large. Like really large and square. Again, the 70s are back.



As these are not the only sunglasses on my spring summer 2019 shopping list, you can expect an extended fashion report regarding the sunnies too. But first, more about other spring-summer IT accessories from my shopping list.




Remember I wrote bucket hats would get big soon? It turns out that this fashion trend no one seemed to care about finally got into the spotlight. Everyone wears bucket hats now. I am getting this one.



Well if you don’t like a bucket hat, there is always the ladylike headscarf and turban, which happen to be stylish now. I wonder why. Also the baseball cap. Oh, I just can’t wait to style my brown baseball cap with this slip brown dress.



Mentioning the brown slip dress, these are the spring dresses you need to buy now: fiesta red short dress (Ps. this dress is perfect for work), orange lace dress (perfect for Sunday brunch or spring picnic), prairie dress (your Sunday best dress), denim dress (your Saturday dress).



Furthermore dresses in animal print: leopard dress (for brunch with your friends – see how I wear it here), zebra print dress and cow dress (Ps. Find more about cowhide trend here).
Finally, a lovely short dress in natural hues that you can wear every day no matter where you go. Oh and also the scarf-print dress.



To see more spring dresses for dinner dates, spring parties or nights out with your girls go here.




Do you know what the most fashionable summer dress in 2019 is? No, not the tie-dye dress, even though a tie dye dress is a must have too. The most fashionable 2019 summer dress is a fishnet dress. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Just check this stunning dress.





Good news if you prefer fringes over nets, a fringe dress is on the IT list too. I like this one. Also fashionable for summer 2019 are the denim dress, boho dress (by the way, I wear boho dress in spring too – see here), kaftan, white dress, shimmer dress, black and white polka dot dress, dresses with the criss-cross neckline.



Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list what to shop sporty turist sandals chanel dior saddle bag leopard pirnt headband pearl hairpin


The criss-cross neckline is not fashionable only for summer dresses but swimwear too. However, this is not your only option. It turns out that your last season’s swimwear is still in fashion. That is if you were shopping from my swimwear shopping list (check here).



Even so, you should purchase an animal print bikini this year too. And the rest of swimwear from my SS19 shopping list. After all, summer will be long, and if you tend to live in your bikini all summer long, you will need those.



Brunette from Wall Street currentswimwear trends Zimmermann Allia Floral Belted One Piece Swimsuit Same Swim Divine Bikini Bottoms Lisa Marie Fernandez Genevieve Rose Gold Bikini briefs Adriana Degreas Fig Bikini Gloria Seersucker Bikini leopard briefs


Back to the spring summer everyday clothes. The must-buy tops this season are undoubtedly the western shirt, tie-dye top, any blouse with statement sleeves, leather shirt, criss-cross neckline (yes this trend is big), slip top, the 70s inspired short sleeve turtleneck sweater, camel cable knit sweater (go here to see how to wear it now), oversize hoodie.



Furthermore, a denim shirt, neon shirt, beige linen top (ps. wear it like this), nautical top (you know that top with horizontal blue and white stripes French girls love so much), and a simple white T-shirt.



Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list what to buy prada bag espadrilles Chanel slingbacks




Not only one word, but we better start with those shorts. Cycling shorts. I didn’t like bike shorts at first, but after finding this pair, I could say I am obsessed with these shorts. Also very fashionable for spring summer 2019 are the basketball shorts and my favourite high waisted ultra short shorts and denim shorts. And bermuda jeans.



As it goes to the pants, no, no cropped pants on my shopping list this season. Unfortunately, not because my closet is already filled with tapered pants, but because in spring-summer 2019 cropped pants are more or less out of style.



Hence only extra long pants on the shopping list. Beside extra long straight-leg pants you also need wide-leg pants, bell pants, leather leggings (Ps. leggings are having a moment now), 70s pants, leopard print pants (Ps. go here to see how to style leopard pants for work) and vinyl pants.

Of course, you also need slit pants and utility pants, cargo pants. Ps. Here is how to wear your new cargo pants.



Same goes for the jeans. Apart from the 80s jeans and 90s jeans that tend to be slightly shorter and high-waisted. Yet baggy. No tapered jeans this time. It’s time for long jeans, pintuck jeans (those jeans with the line down the centre leg), straight jeans, 70s jeans and flare jeans. Low-rise jeans, bleached and white jeans are also back. Also jeans in beige hues.







Following the boho trend and still fashionable 80s trend, you need skirts that come in every length. Shop this mini skirt, that mini denim skirt, handkerchief skirt, this long boho skirt, dégradé midi skirt, and this beige tulle midi skirt.






First thing first, the boiler suit. SS19 is still all about the utility cargo fashion trends. So better check that box next to this boiler suit. Also, a must have is this set and this red romper. Ps. Go here to see how to style it.




For spring 2019 buy this beige trench coat, this leather trench coat, and this blazer with exaggerated shoulders.



For summer you will need this jacket. No, not the denim jacket. The denim jacket is not that fashionable for spring summer 2019 any more. The trophy jacket of SS 2019 is a white blazer. Surprised? I’m not!

By the way, also fashionable for spring summer 2019 are the silk bomber jacket, 70s jacket and utility jacket.





You already know the shoes that are out of style for spring summer 2019 and the list of fashionable and boss approved summer 2019 shoes. Yet, in case you haven’t bought all the shoes from that list already, here are all the shoes to buy this season.



Ha, I’m not even sure where to start. It seems like we will have to change the entire shoe closet since most of our 2018 shoes are out of fashion now.



Nevertheless, starting with the strappy sandals. Just in case this is the last thing you can afford after all this shopping. There is no doubt if you can only afford 2 new things this summer, you need to get strappy nude sandals and bike shorts.



Hopefully, you still have some money left to get these strappy mules, square toe pumps, platform sandals, new square toe ballet pumps, high heel mules, 2019 dad sneakers, naked sandals, sporty sandals, leopard print pumps, brown mules, kitten heel mules.



Then shoes with architectural heels, Teva-inspired sandals, logo shoes, combat boots, square toe sandals, neon sneakers, platform pumps, Chanel slingbacks, Dior slingbacks, feathered shoes, espadrilles, Marry Jane pumps.



And for the last flip-flops and jelly plastic shoes.



SS 2019 BAGS

In spring summer 2019 fashionistas are petting these bags – read you should splurge on these handbags if you want to look like IT girl: Dior saddle bag, Fendi Baguette, Prada Sidonie shoulder bag, Chloé C bag, Fendi belt bag, Chanel side-packs, Dior Book tote.



Furthermore, trunk clutch, elegant belt bag, utility belt bag, shoulder bag, distressed straw bag, raffia bag, wristlet bucket bag, top handle bag, mini bag and xl tote.



However, note that smaller bags are more fashionable for spring summer 2019 than large bags. Click here to open the 2019 bag trend report.

Brunette from Wall Street Spring Summer 2019 Shopping list seashell headband strappy mules sunglasses prada beltbag hair clip espadrilles


Just to make sure you don’t miss anything from the list, my spring summer 2019 shopping list with checkboxes so you can tick all the things you bought already.

Ps. My SS19 shopping list is shoppable too. If you click on the text you can see the item I am getting for myself or have already purchased. And you can shop it too! That is if I wasn’t the b* who stole it from you.



So this is the list of all the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to buy for spring summer 2019. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how to style these IT things too. If you want to find out more about SS19 fashion trends, go here. After you finish shopping of course. Ps. Let me know what from my 2019 shopping list are you buying first.