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7 Winter 2022 Style Trends You Should Buy Into Today

Winter 2022 style trends here! Just in case you want to know if it is fashionable to wear your shirt tucked into the pants or over the pants for winter 2022. If it is the No. 1 Styling trend of winter 2022 to do the layering or merely wear one piece of heavy knitwear at the same time. Furthermore, if is it fashionable to cinch your waist with a skinny belt or wear your clothes loose. If should shoes have to match the bag? And if it is fashionable to wear more prints and colours at the same time or go for a monochrome look? So many styling questions, right? Well, if you are asking what style trends are in for winter 2022, be sure to scroll down now! Because here is the winter 2022 styling trend report you need to see!

Ps. I’m pretty sure this winter 2022 styling trend report will make you feel much better when browsing through your old winter clothes and shoes. After all, styled as suggested below, almost everything you have in your closet is still somehow fashionable this season. Sounds great, right? Now scroll down and read the styling report.

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Here’s the thing, you don’t need all those new clothes every season to look fashionable. Lucky you, if you can afford to update your entire wardrobe every season – but if you can’t, note this! Sometimes you can look as stylish in your old clothes as your friend in her brand new dress.

But you might want to follow the winter 2022 fashion trends and style your old clothes right! In a way that is fashionable right now.

I know it’s easier to simply buy the latest collections and copy the runway looks. But hey, the most stylish people, the real style icons, know how to make their old clothes always look like they were brand new. Here is how! – They all know what style trends are out and what style trends are in. They know the latest styling trends! This time around the styling trends, you will see in the fashion trend report below.


So here are all winter 2022 styling trends you need to know to wear your clothes, new or old, in the most fashionable way. Yes, these styling trends apply to everything you put on this season.

Wearing something new or something old, or even more rational, a mix of both – you will look the most fashionable when you style your clothes, bags, shoes and other winter accessories like this!


Ps. I made this winter 2022 stying trend report shoppable too. You know, just in case you don’t have a belt to wear with the coat yet. Or a few other accessories that can totally upgrade your look for winter 2022. So be sure to pay attention to the pink brackets that will pop ut once you scroll down. To shop the item, you have to click inside the pink bracket or find the product in the galleries that follow.

Anyways, here are the style trends that are in for winter 2022.

By the way, you can save, pin or print winter 2022 styling trend report too. The Pinterest button is in the bottom left corner. I pinned it to my Fashion Trends board. Done? Now move down to read more about each winter 2022 styling trend.


First, the layering – the most important styling trend of winter 2022. No, layering won’t go out of style anytime soon. Wearing layers of clothes at once, one over another is in fashion for 2022.

Indeed, the way we layer winter clothes is somehow new this season. Sure, wearing a cardigan set with knit shorts has been here for a while. But wearing a 3-piece outfit with a bolero sweater over a knit dress and a matching scarf? Well, that is something new for winter 2022.


Indeed, wearing a 3-piece knitted outfit, that is a bolero sweater over a knit dress and a matching scarf, is in fashion for winter 2022.

Ps. Browse through the widget below to shop/see how to wear bolero on a dress with a scarf this winter.

Cardigan set with a knit bra top and matching skirt is still very fashionable. What is more, this style trend will transition into spring 2022. One reason more, to shop for this chic 3-piece knit outfit, right?


I’m pretty sure you have spotted this styling trend already. After all, this style trend has been trending for a little white. Even so, everyone chic will wear a micro sweater on a knit top in 2022.

Here is how to style a micro sweater and a matching knitted top for winter 2022 for every day.


Monochrome is a quite strong fashion trend for winter 2022. Yet we are not supposed to wear all fashionable colours (check the AW22 colour report) from head to toe. Only, yellow, brown, cerulean, white and black.

By the way, monochrome cerulean, yellow and black styling will be in fashion the next season too, so it’s wise to invest in this trend.


Be smart and invest in these stunning black clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from the widget below. For more black garments, check my AW22 shopping list. As stated, wearing all in black will be very fashionable for spring summer 2022 as well, so get these now.

Just a little note, before you get dressed all in black. In winter 2022 your monochrome black outfit should consist of different textures. Even though monotexture is fashionable this season, your black pieces should be made of different materials.

Don’t worry; all the black pieces from the gallery above come in different textures, so if you shop and wear those, you are in style for sure.


Remember what was the most fashionable monochrome style trend last season? Yes, it was lilac. Lilac was trending the last season. Well, what was lilac the last season, and what was bubble gum pink the season before, it’s cerulean in 2022. As you read, wearing cerulean head to toe is one of the key style trends for winter 2022.

Here’s my new fashion uniform for winter 2022.

Writing about the uniforms, if you are shopping for a new suit – get a yellow one.


Yellow formal wear is one of the key 2022 fashion trends and the fashion trends everyone fashionable is already buying into.

Here is how to wear yellow to work in 2022.


Admittedly, colour block is not my favourite styling trend of winter 2022. I prefer tonal dressing. But the tonal dressing is only coming back in style for spring summer 2022.

Whatsoever, I’m pretty sure I will fall in love with colour block by the first snow too. Just see how beautiful those clothes and shoes from the galleries below look when you put them next to each other. I can’t wait to get all those items and wear them together.


Black and white is the color block styling trend that is very fashionable for winter 2022 and, what is more, easy to follow.

Here is the easiest way to buy into this styling trend.


When it comes to styling colors in different shades, you should know another styling trend for winter 2022. Well, for spring summer 2022 as well. Since this styling trend isn’t going anywhere, yes, wearing pink and red is in style for 2022, as well.

Here are some pieces to wear now and later.


No, you don’t need an excuse to really dress up and wait for the next big moment. The moment has come already! 2022 is all about dressing up.

There is no such thing as being overdressed in 2022.


Even so, if you prefer to add glamour one by one, you might prefer to adopt the 60s styling trend for now.


Knee boots with a mini skirt will be for sure a style written in history under the season winter 2022.

Here is how to wear knee boots with mini skirt on a daily.


If ladylike is anything but you, maybe try Y2K style trend in 2022.

The early 2000s are trending for 2022. Here is what to wear from the early aughts in winter 2022!

Ps. If you really want to nail the Y2K trend in 2022, try waist cutouts. Browse through the widget below to see how to style cut-out pants for winter 2022.


The 90s style is still in fashion for 2022, too. But the late 90s. And yes, that means high slit skirts, bucket hats and shearling coats.

Here are some style ideas from the late 90s you can try this winter.


Now one of my favourite styling trends from winter 2022 styling trend report – the blazer + blouse + JEANS style. Surely, you have noticed this already. After all you keep seeing me wearing a blazer over a skirt and a blouse these days – especially for work.


Last but not least, lingerie. One of the most intriguing styling trends of winter 2022 and spring-summer 2022 is undoubtedly the lingerie styled as a top. This season you can wear a lacy bra instead of a top. 

Admittedly, not every bra fits this style trend, but just to let you know, a classic lacy bralette is an option too. Although the underwired bras are the one and only trend to buy into in 2022.

Anyways, more about AW22 lingerie trends and where to shop for the lingerie you can wear like this – where I buy it – is coming up on Brunette from Wall Street shortly. So make sure you subscribe to the new post alert. In case you are not subscribed yet – click on that little bell in the right bottom corner of your desktop. If you are reading this article on mobile, turn on the desktop view first.


Finally, nudity. Yes, I saved the edgiest styling trend of winter 2022 for the end. Sheer is fashionable right now. And the more you show, the most stylish you are. Still, if you go for this look, you have to do it right. Show but hide.

Here is one way to do it – I swear on Sandro Paris and Self-Portrait! These two brands make the best sheer clothes that you can wear from the party to the street. Well, there are other brands, too – find them in the widget below.


Oh, I almost forgot to answer on this styling question – do you have to match your bag with the winter boots this season? Well, the answer to this question is not that simple. For now, this is not a style rule yet. But looking at the world economy, it might become a rule very soon.


What are the biggest styling trends for winter 2022?

Dressing up, the early aughts – the Y2K style, the late 90s, the 60s, transparent, pink and red match, black and white, yellow formal wear, head to toe black, sexy, 3-piece styling, blazer on jeans and hair accessories with every outfit are key style trends for winter 2022.

How to wear blue jeans with black boots in winter 2022?

Blue jeans with black combat boots is one of the biggest winter 2022 style trends. But how to wear blue jeans with black boots to look on trend? Tuck your jeans in! Yes, as you read. Jeans tucked in combat boots is fail-safe AW22 styling trick.


I bet you are wondering if it’s still fashionable to wear four and more big pearl hairclips in your hair for winter 2022. Well, it is. It’s fashionable to wear large pearl pins like polka dots – dispersed through loose hair and to frame your face with dozens of barrettes.

How to wear headband winter 2022?

You can wear your headband with your hair brushed back or split aside.

How to wear barrettes 2022?

Barrettes are the most fashionable hair accessories this winter. It is fashionably to place barrettes symmetrically on both sides of the face and frame the face with the barrettes in 2022.

How to wear white boots 2022?

You can wear white boots with anything black, or with anything white. But also with other fashionable clothes. Check the most fashionable white boots outfits to see how.

How to wear fishnets in winter?

This winter, you can wear fishnets with a mini skirt or mini dress or combat boots.

How to wear a scarf?

It is fashionable to match the scarf with a beanie this winter.

How to wear scarves 2022?

Around the neck or on your hair – tied under the chin.

How to wear skirts in winter 2022?

There are many fashionable ways to wear a skirt this winter. You can style a midi skirt with a teddy coat and knee boots, or wear a mini skirt with a short coat or a trendy winter jacket and lug sole boots. Check the most fashionable winter outfits for some ideas.


So these are all winter 2022 styling trends to know. Which winter 2022 styling trend will you try to nail first? Let me know in the comments below. Ps. If you are looking for more winter 2022 fashion reports check key winter 2022 trends next.