Brunette from Wall Street fall winter 2019-20 Color Trends

FALL WINTER 2019/20 COLOR REPORT – But Where is Burgundy?

Fall winter 2019/20 color trends – Burgundy or brown! What’s your favourite color for the fall? Do I hear burgundy? OK. But remember what I said! Before you finish reading the fall winter 2019/20 color trend report, you will change your mind. Don’t worry! I will ask you again about your favourite autumn colour. Anyway, here is the list of all fall winter 2019/20 color trends. Seriously all autumn winter 2019/20 colour trends. And yes, now it’s legit. Earthy tones; beige, camel and brown are IT colours of the season, the most fashionable colors for autumn winter 2019/20. But so is this one colour no one saw coming!

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I hope you said goodbye to the summer hues because there are new colours in the town. Don’t worry, I’m letting you know which are the most stylish colours to wear for fall winter 2019/20 now!

Ps. If you read my spring summer colour report carefully than you actually know some of the AW19/20 most fashionable colours already. There are some colours that have been stylish for a while now. And yes, including your favourite colour.


Good news if stepping into your walking-in-closet feels like going to a safari or sand beach. Because guess what? Warm earthy neutral tones are still in style.

Also in style for autumn winter 2019/20? Bold colours! Yes, flashy bold colors are still in style for fall winter 2019/20. Just don’t name them neon. It’s not fashionable anymore to say you are wearing a neon shade of blue or green. Nevertheless, before you know, everyone will wear neon turquoise again – or better say Biscay Green.

Whatsoever, more about all the new autumn winter 2019/20 and spring summer 2020 colours a bit later. Here are all the colours from the last season that are still stylish in fall winter 2019/20.

Fiesta (we call it Summer Fig now), Jester Red (Merlot now), Living Coral, Pink Peacock (they named it Fruit Dove for the new season), Princess Blue (Galaxy Blue now), Tumeric (Orange Tiger for AW19/20), Sweet Corn (you can call it Vanilla Custard this season), and last but not least Mango Mojito (Antique Moss).

And yes, all these last season’s colours are truly still in style. I must admit, I was a bit surprised too. Who would think so many summer colours will transition into fall.

On the other hand, I must say I wonder why all those light yellow hues aren’t stylish anymore. Even though you didn’t see me wearing either of them last season, I did like Lemon Verbena and Aspen Gold.

Still, those yellow hues are last season already, and we are over the last season. At least for now. Until the postman arrives with the pile of our summer photos. You know what I mean?


Anyway, let us finally check the AW19/20 colour swatch and learn all about the fall winter 2019/20 color trends. It’s about time we let summer go and head on 2019/20 Autumn Winter Colour Report. Autumn comes in colours, right?

Ps. Before you get lost in the autumnal colours, a little suggestion. Save, pin and print all the collages below. You now, to have an AW19/20 colour guide when shopping for the new season.

Also, be sure to browse through the galleries to shop all the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories featured in the 2019/20 fall winter colour report.

Ps. As always, all the colour reports are hyperlinked too. Which means you don’t need to browse through the stores to shop for fall winter 2019/20 color trends. Simply click on the item in the collage (inside the pink highlighted frame), and a link will take you to the store where I found it.

Brunette from Wall Street fall winter 2019-2020 Color Trends


By Pantone Colour Institute, which creates a colour overview for fashion each season, Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 colours reflect a new level of colour complexity.

But no, not the “hard to style” colour complexity. 2019/2020 fall winter colors are actually easy to style and to wear.

Sure, Autumn Winter 2019/20 colours are sophisticated and strong. But they allow us to express our own identity much easier than the last season’s colours.

I guess this comes with the versatility that creates warmth and harmony when paired together.

Last but not least, fall winter 2019/20 color palette is in one word empowering. Trust me, you will feel that empowerment too once you dress yourself in this season’s IT colour. Good to know, right? Especially if you need an extra boost of confidence when going back to work.

So what are the most stylish colors of fall winter 2019/20? The fall winter 2019/20 color trends that you need to know? Know? Autumn winter 2019/20 colour trends that you need to remmber!? Earthy tones and bold colours already slipped under my fingers. But as said before, there is this one colour that is in fashion for autumn winter 2019/2020 that no one saw coming. No one, but Pantone colour institute which creates the colour swatch for the new season, of course.

Find the colour in the AW19/20 colour collage below.




Want to know more about the fall winter 2019/20 color trends? And find out what to shop in the most fashionable colours of fall winter 2019/2020? Then scroll down now!


First come first, the earthy tones. There is no doubt that earthy tones are the most fashionable colours of fall winter 2019/20. And looking at the first fashion shows from New York Fashion Week SS20, earthy tones are here to stay for more than just three seasons.

So if anyone asks you what is the most fashionable colour of fall winter 2019/20 simply say, Cookie Camel!





Cookie Camel or sugar Almond, which is the official name for this earthy hue in autumn winter 2019/20, is my favourite colour this season. Surely you already know that.

I have been wearing this sweetened brown hue for months now. First, I got a Burberry trench coat (shop here), then Chloe Rylee boots, and now I’m getting this pleated midi skirt (shop here) and these leather pants (shop here).

Ps. This sweetened brown hue will be fashionable for spring summer 2020, too. So it’s truly worthy of the splurge.




Fall Winter 2019/20 colour trend that was made for the coffee lovers. Now you can finally match your outfit with the accessory that you keep picking up from the table – coffee. Ps. I hope you like your coffee dark, not too sweet, but very much tasteful.

Here is what to buy in this chic and tasteful dark shade of brown.




Ha, I finally know the name of my hair colour. It’s Rocky Road. And it’s in style for autumn winter 2019/20 too. Hence I can dress in Rocky Road from head to toe. Well, you can go for a monochrome Rocky Road look too. Here is what to shop. Ps. If you don’t have Rocky Road brown hair, then simply put on this hat from Ganni.




Keep reading to find out more about this beautiful shade of brown. Ps. Keep reading not only because Lark is gorgeous, but because it will be fashionable for spring summer 2020, too.






Hazel is another sweet brown hue that is fashionable for fall winter 2019/20. It’s slightly lighter and slightly more girly than Sugar Almond. It goes particularly well with all AW19/20 pink shades. Including Barbie Mattel.

Mentioning Barbie Mattel, the iconic pink is back in style too. And for sure it’s one of my favourite neon bold colours this season.


As said twice before, neon, bold colours are still in style for fall winter 2019/20. However, fluorescent colours are not as stylish as the last year. So no, no one chic will wear slime lime green in fall winter 2019/20. But you will see plenty of Mattel Pink, and Tiger Orange everywhere for sure.

Everywhere, means Instagram too. Nevertheless, there is another neon colour that will flood Instagram very soon. Can you guess which one before I let you browse through the flashy widgets below?





You already know, Mattel Pink is my colour. Even though it’s not my number one favourite colour, I could have everything in pretty Barbie pink colour. Starting with this dress and these pumps. Aren’t they just gorgeous? I knew you will love them too.






Thumbs up (at the end of the article) if you also thought flashy neon orange will go out of style quickly. I must admit, I did. But it turns out that the rest of the fashion crowd still likes neon orange. A lot!

Still, you know what they say – if you can’t beat them, then simply join them. Well, you know what? I am joining them. What about you?

Ps. Browse through the widget below to find my favourite pieces in neon orange. Who, apart from me, knows – you might start wearing neon orange, too.




Biscay Green is the colour I wanted you to guess earlier. Yes, Biscay Green is the fall winter 2019/20 color trend that will flood Instagram before the end of the season. There is no doubt that this new flashy aquamarine will be an instant sell-out come January. And yes, that means that the price of all the clothes, shoes and especially the bags in Biscay Green will spike by the end of January.

Here is what to shop in Biscay Green before the prices go up. Ps. I made sure to add some sommer clothes in Biscay Green too. Afterall Biscay Green is one of IT SS20 colours and knowing you, you will want to fill your closet with Biscay Green for spring 2020 before you finish reading this colour report.




Last of AW19/20 but not least of spring summer 2020 neon colours is Flame Scarlet. Flame Scarlet was made for confident and determined ladies. Don’t feel confident nor motivated? What are you waiting for then? Put on this pantsuit (click here to see) and make it happen! Whatever that it is.





Obviously not just winter pastels. As we wear pastel sorbet colours in autumn too. Still, winter pastels sounds more appealing, doesn’t it? Besides, there is this one AW19/20 pastel colour that looks just like the snow glittering in the sunlight right before it starts to melt.





Bringing warmth and comfort, orangey – rose Crabapple looks as though it were baked by the sun.

Do you still remember the Mellow Rose we wore last year? Good news if you still have a pair corduroy pants in that shade. Because guess what? A similar pastel rose colour is in style for fall winter 2019/20! Only slightly more orangey. And somehow a bit darker.

Anyway, browse through the widget below to see what to buy in this beautiful pastel orangery rose colour for fall winter 2019/2020.



Ps. You can, however, shop clothes in slightly lighter hues as well. There is this one colour from SS20 swatch that is similar to Crabapple, but one shade lighter. Rember this when shopping for spring!


Peach Pink is for all of you who don’t like to wear orange but want to wear it regardless of your feelings. Furthermore, Peach Pink is for all of you who find orange and pink unflattering to your body and style. Surprisingly this warm mix of pink and orange flatters everyone. Just make sure you style it right.

Ps. Don’t worry about that! I will show you how to style and wear Peach Pink this season. Don’t forget to sign up for the new post alert (click the little bell in the right corner of your desktop). This way, you will be notified once I share my first Peach Pink Outfit.



By the way, can you guess what will be my first Peach Pink outfit? I will wear something from the widget below. Ps. Be sure to get a pair of peach-pink sneakers. I already have one, remember? And I can’t wait to wear them this fall.



Ups, I forgot to add a Dior skirt to the gallery. Click here to see it now! – That is if you want to guess my first Peach Pink outfit. Hell, yes, I’m getting this skirt, if that is the only thing I buy this season.


This soft, light peach colour must be my second favourite winter pastel colour. Perhaps because it reminds me of rose gold and light summer breeze in my hair.

By the way, I absolutely love this skirt. And all those things in Crème de Pêche that you can see in the gallery below. Truth to be told, I was surprised how many things you can buy in this beautiful light peach colour for autumn winter 2019/20.




What a ghastly name for a beautiful colour like Rutabaga, right? Who cares the name, it’s the shade that matters. And I happen to love everything that comes in this beautiful beige colour. Anyways, more about Rutabaga a bit later. Now scroll down and browse through the widget.



By the way, everything in this shade of pastel beige is AW19/20 must-have and already on my shopping list.

Don’t worry! The list of all the things I’m shopping for autumn winter 2019/20 is already on BWS! Still, again subscribe for the notification if you are curious to see what fall winter 2019/20 clothes, shoes, and bags will I buy with my 12k budget this month.


Vanilla Custard is not only smooth and creamy white. No, there is more about this colour that us, fashion girls, love about. Keep reading to find out what. Or just click on the products below and figure it out by yourself. I’m pretty sure you will know the answer after only one purchase.




Looking at my autumn winter outfits, it might occur to you that Grapeade is my favourite colour of the season. Well, it’s not. But hell, I want this bag so badly.

Ps. This sweet shade of Grapeade adds charming and playful spring-like feeling, doesn’t it?




Don’t worry, there is more about this beautiful pastel grey that you can read later. But first, shop these!




Brilliant White is that winter pastel colour that looks like snow when it glitters in the sun. Well, actually is not a winter pastel colour since Pantone listed this glittery white colour on the SS20 colour chart.

Admittedly, this is another reason why we love Brilliant White so much. It will be in style the next season too. So, think no more and shop my favourite Brilliant White bags, shoes, and clothes now. Ps. I even found some makeup in this clean, crisp sorbet colour.



Wear Brilliant White instead of Pistachio Green. Pistachio is last season’s color.


Finally, the last pastel sorbet autumn winter 2019/20 colour you will see on the streets for the next 12 months.

Ps. Just make sure it’s not the denim pants you buy for fall winter 2019/20 in this colour. As you know, faded denim jeans are out of style this season (same as all of these things).

But these aren’t! So again, shop everything in Faded denim but jeans. For now! Or buy it now and save it for later. You can do that.



Well, after a second thought, I advise you to do that. Buy faded denim jeans now – but wear them later. This way you will look stylish in spring and save money now (faded jeans are either on sale now, or their price is lower than it will be at the beginning of spring summer 2020).





If last season’s neutral palette was indeed neutral, this time around is not. Apart from the beige, black, grey and evening blue, there are also 2 shades of green that happen to be neutral this season.

Anyway, let’s start the list of the most stylish fall winter 2019/20 color trends in neutral shades with my favourite Rutagabga and Vanilla Custard. You know, to bring the anticipation for the new fall winter neutral colors.


Again, Rutabaga. Even though it has a strange name, this autumn winter 2019/20 neutral colour is irresistible and tasteful. Furthermore, honing the desire for all these pieces in the widget below. I’m getting these boots for sure.




If you don’t wear white after Labour day, then this is the colour for you! Here is what to buy in this buttery almost white colour. Ps. I adore this Dior jacket.




I don’t know about you, but I would never think of Green Olive as a neutral colour. Well, Pantone says it is. Still, I might soon agree with Pantone. After all, Green Olive is easy to style. Besides, utility fashion trend is still very strong for fall winter 2019/2020. And Green Olive sets the measure for utility, doesn’t it?




Black is in fashion this season! Ha, I know; when black wasn’t in fashion?! Obviously, black is always in style. But for autumn and winter 2019/2020, and also spring summer 2020 black is the most stylish colour. I know, there were quite some colours I declared to be the most fashionable colours of the season only a few paragraphs ago, but black really is the most stylish color of the season.

Swipe through the widget below to see why!




Just so your friends won’t be able to say you wear nothing but black. Although wearing all black is OK this season. Furthermore wearing all black is more stylish than wearing colours this season.

Whatsoever, back from black to Evening Blue. All the most aspired fashion houses, including Dior love Evening Blue. I mean, how not to. Evening Blue is pure sophistication.

Check the widget below to find out where to buy Dior collection in Evening Blue online – all new. Ps. If you can only afford one thing from Dior – get the Tulip hat (shop here).




Grey is back in style for fall and winter 2019/20. There are only two shades of grey that are actually in style this season. And Frost Grey is one of them.

If you find Frost Grey boring, as I do (did), check these pieces. They made me change my mind about Frost Grey.




Paloma is undoubtedly the most beautiful grey hue of all grey fall winter 2019/20 colour trends. For one, this shade of grey is pretty, and for two, it’s chic too. You can’t say Paloma is just another dull office grey colour, can you?




Last neutral colour is Guacamole. Strange, right? Anyway, more about this unusual neutral colour a bit later. I thought you need some time to accept Guacamole as fall winter’s neutral colour.

These products will certainly help!




And here they are, the very most fashionable colours of 2019/20 autumn and winter. From light beige Rutabaga and Vanilla Custard to Cookie Camel Lark and Hazel, this tan swatch is the most stylish color palette for fall winter 2019/20. And the prettiest tan colour of them all? Crème de Pêche, for sure!





I promise this is the last time I’m showing you Rutabaga. Wait, I’m lying! Once I get these booties, you will keep seeing me in this prominent fall winter 2019/20 beige colour.




Honestly, I hardly distinguish between Rutabaga and Vanilla Custard. I guess Rutabaga is more beige and Vanilla Custard slightly more yellow. What do you think?




I adore this Dior jacket. And this Dior dress. But there is more from Dior that you can shop in Crème de Pêche. See below! Ps. You can for sure afford these earrings.




You can say Lark is low-key brown or rich beige. Either way, this colour is in style now and later. Yes, Lark will be in fashion for Spring Summer 2020. Still, even if it weren’t this hue is worthy of investing. It’ more versatile than khaki. Plus, I dare to say, it suits everyone.




For the last, Hazel. Hazel is actually a brown shade, but as shown at Dior, Hazel goes exceptionally well when doing the beige tonal dressing. Ps. You can read more about tonal dressing in the AW19/20 Styling Report.

Now shop these Hazel clothes, bags and shoes. Oh, I love Hazel shoes.








Guess what? Bold jewel tones are still in style. For the third time. Yes, that means your last season’s party dress is still in style. And I can still walk around in my pretty Galaxy Blue Gianvito Rossi pumps.

Mentioning the Galaxy Blue, let’s start counting jewels, shall we?


Do you remember how we called this colour the previous season? Or the season before? Indeed, this shade of blue has been around for 5 seasons now. And we can still count. Yes, yes! This shade of blue will be in style for the spring summer 2020, too! What a joy and relief. I won’t need a new pair of blue pumps. What about you?

After all, the only thing different each season is the name. The shade stays pretty much the same. Evocative of the limitless and infinite evening sky that opens up the world of possibilities for every gal who dares to wear it.

Ps. You can still shop my Gianvito Rossi blue pumps. Find them in the widget below.




Another colour that has been in style for a while now is Fruit Dove. Or better write last season’s Pink Peacock. Fruit Dove is extroverted pink that is the second most stylish pink hue of the season. No wonder why, though. Fruit Dove makes an appearance that can’t be ignored.



Ps. The most stylish way to wear Fruit Dove for AW19/20 is to wear it from head to toe. I bet you have spotted at least a dozen monochrome Fruit Dove looks on Instagram today.








Finally, Butterscotch. The colour no one saw coming. What is more, the colour no one believed it could overtake the streets during the fashion week. Still, fashion crowd says Butterscotch is the IT colour of the season. The most fashionable of the most fashionable colours for fall winter 2019/20.

See the gallery below to find out what to shop in this trending golden yellow.




I probably don’t even need to mention Mattel Pink is back in style, do I? But just to make it clear, Barbie pink is fashionable again. So, wear it monochrome!






Since Eden is indeed the most mysterious colour from AW19/20 colour palette, let’s keep it this way for a bit. You can read more about Eden below. But first, check these!




Do you like orange? I do! But not always as a hue. Although I must admit, I came to like the orange colour only after I got this beautiful Self Portrait dress (see here).

Even more, once I figured it out how good orange looks on me when I style it with Hazel, Sugar Almond or Lark. Ps. That is a style tip. IF you don’t think orange suits you, simply wear it with a vibrant shade of beige or mellow brown. It truly works!

Anyway, here are the orange shades that are in style for fall winter 2019/20.



Again, Butterscotch. As said, Butterscotch, even though you might say this is not even orange shade, is the most fashionable coulor of the season.




Even though it doesn’t seem at first glance, Dark Cheddar happens to be bold and daring. Dark Cheddar is a rather sharp compound of yellow and orange that you can wear together with bolder orange hues. Indeed, Dark Cheddar is the best orange hue for tonal dressing with neon or Orange Tiger.




Mentioning the Orange Tiger, this is the new neon orange we wear this season.




Can you smell it the orange zest when you see this orange shade? I sure can. By the way, Orange Peel is actually SS20 colour. But it would be a shame not to wear it now already.




Another fashion tip you should remember. When someone asks you what colour is in style this season (doesn’t matter what season) and you don’t know the answer – simply say red. Red is always, but seriously always in style. Especially in autumn and winter.

Anyway, know that you know this little tip, it’s time you learn what red shades are in fashion for 2019/20 Autumn Winter.




Ps. No worries if you forget the names of these red shades by the time you open your wallet to purchase that red dress, red shoes, and a bag. Who cares the name when it’s all red.


This rich red shade is my favourite red colour this season. I like it because it’s lively and mostly fun.



Tracy, your favourite colour, Merlot! Don’t say it’s not because I know you are holding a glass of wine in your hand while reading this fashion report.




Chilli Pepper is another bold and lively fall winter red colour that I happen to love. It adds the right amount of drama and excitement for the holidays.




Cranberry is a lusty red that adds a sour punch to the AW19/20 palette. Honestly, I don’t like it since it’s a bit dull and not as lively as Summer Fig. But hey, I may change my mind once I get my favourite pieces in this red hue. Can you guess what I will get first?




Missing burgundy? Here it is. Biking Red is the closest resemblance to the most coveted fall colour. Only better! Biking red is adventurous and brave deep red that will make you feel strong and powerful.





Truth to be written, this green swatch came as the biggest surprise of the 2019/20 Autumn Winter Color Palette. Nevertheless, it brings a fresh punch to all the red and earthy hues.





Guacamole is most certainly Jack from the box this season. Nevertheless, this new classic colour is rather pleasing. Besides this nutrient-enriched green shade can set a fresh foundation for your 2019/20 Autumn Winter style.




Eden is a luxurious forest green colour that is wrapped around myths and legends. Indeed this is one of the most mysterious colours of the season. Which makes it perfect to wear for December parties. Also, for fall and winter weddings. Ps. This is my fall winter wedding guest dress.







Antique Moss is a yellow-based green shade that is perfect for contrast dressing. Another styling trend that is worthy of a try this season.




Finally, my favourite 2019/20 autumn winter colour – Forest Biome. I was genuinely looking forward to 2019/20 autumn winter just to wear this colour. And get this Bottega Veneta bag.




Finally, the last 2019/20 autumn winter colour trend report – blue! 70s blues to be exact.





Well, to be honest, Bluestone is the only legit 70s blue shade that came back to style for 2019/20 fall winter. Pantone says Bluestone is a colour of quiet resolve. I didn’t know what this means until I styled Bluestone with this season’s IT prints. It indeed resolves every style problem you might have this season.




Again, the classic deep blue that will make you feel confident no matter what is ahead of you.

Here is what to shop in this chic shade of blue for autumn and winter 2019/2020.




It seems we can’t have enough of this beautiful blue hue. Again, this colour is worthy of buying now. To wear it now and in spring-summer 2020 shop these!




Last and least, Mosaic Blue. I’m ending the Fall Winter 2019/20 color trends report with SS20 colour. Be sure to shop for clothes, bags, shoes, cars in Mosaic Blue now when the price is still rather low. Yes, cars too. You should see Porsche in Mosaic Blue. It’s mindblowing!




Congratulations! You made it! Now you know all the most fashionable 2019/20 autumn winter colours. Don’t forget to pin the Autumn Winter 2019/20 colour report.

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Meanwhile, go here to read the print and pattern trend report and here to read the list of clothes that are out of style for fall winter. Also, go here to see what shoes to wear for work in the snow. Furthermore, here to find out what happened with the pearl hairclips everyone wore last season. I’m letting you know if they are still in style or not. Plus, sharing the list of most coveted hair accessories for fall winter 2019/20. Lastly, go here to see how to build your fall winter 2019/20 capsule wardrobe.

Brunette from Wall Street aw style trends collage Chanel Sandro Paris

By the way, what are your favourite fall winter 2019/20 colour trends from AW19/20 colour report? Do you prefer beige, red, blue, green, pastel or neon colours? Let me know in the comments below.