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The Best Summer Hats and Summer Headwear Trends 2023


Summer 2023 hat trends here! Here is the list of all summer hats in style for summer 2023 and winter hats in style for fall winter 2023/24. As the authority on all things fashion, we’ve compiled the ultimate trend report on the most fashionable summer hats that are trending this season. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or attending a summer soiree, discover the most fashionable summer hat trends that are taking the fashion world by storm this season. POV Hats have always been a timeless accessory, but for summer 2023 and fall 2023, they’re making a major comeback as the ultimate fashion statement. From wide-brimmed sun hats to trendy boater hats, from the catwalks to the beach discover the hottest summer hat trends that are trending this season.

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I must admit, I’m becoming a hat lady. And no, not because I would have a bad hair day every day, but because I keep finding new hats that I like.

Surely, you know what I mean. All in all, the hat trend is strong this season.

POV what better way to enjoy sun-soaked days and balmy evenings than with a fashionable summer hat? From wide-brimmed sun hats to stylish oversized fedoras and my personal favourites (also the most fashionable hats of 2023), boater hats, hats are the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit and add a touch of sophistication to your summer look.

We can’t help but feel enamoured by the romantic and whimsical styles that are emerging from the SS23 and AW23/24 runways. As we enter the season of sun, we’ve compiled a trend report on the most fashionable summer hats that are in style and on trend for summer 2023. So, whether you’re strolling through a park or enjoying a picnic with your loved one, keep reading to discover the hottest summer hat trends that are trending this season and make a statement with your style.


And here it is – the list of all summer 2023 hat trends trending this season.

By the way, the list of key hat trends for summer 2023 is more or less ordered to follow the narrative. Nevertheless, I will make sure to let you know what are the most fashionable hats for summer 2023.

Ps. I linked many hats: some pricy, but some not. So make sure you check all the hats you like.

Anyway, let us begin with the most fashionable hat for summer 2023 cool girls like the most.


Summer sunrays hit hard. And if you are dreaming of a change of look, get the most exceptional headwear of the season – enlarged cloche hat.

The enlarged cloche hat has been featured as the fashion-forward headwear to watch across all catwalk collections. From Adam Lippes, to Carolina Herrera, and Leonard Paris, the enlarged cloche hat appears in as a key detail for fashionable summer outfits.

The fashion world has fallen in love with the romantic allure of the enlarged cloche hat after being presented at Adam Lippes SS23. This trend brings to mind images of a bygone era, where women dressed in their most elegant attire and accessorized with the most beautiful hats.

With its wide brim and gentle curve, the enlarged cloche hat is both playful and sophisticated. It’s the perfect accessory to complete any outfit, whether you want to look trendy for a day in the city or simply dressing up for the day lounging in the sun.

Whether you love to zoom down sandy beaches or lean more towards spending summer in the city, the enlarged cloche hat is where you go to do it all in style.

I mean, just imagine strolling through the streets or walking along the beach, with the breeze in your hair and the sun shining down on your face, looking absolutely gorgeous in your new fashionable hat. The enlarged cloche hat is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

Paired with Max Mara platform leather sandals, a knitted halterneck top and linen shorts, you will be the envy of all your followers and friends alike.



Glamorous occasions call for an extra touch of something special. A  boater hat is a hat that goes everyhere, ready for all occasions. Accessories with ribbon trim, or a chain, these are all-rounders that can be styled smart or casual.

Feel glorious in the wind, rain, or sun with a fashionable boater hat that puts you in a luxurious mood. Soak up the extravagance and get ready to look divine. It’s time for maximum enjoyment.

With fashionable colors of chic black, pretty grey, or straw (btw, I will probably buy this Max Mara straw boater hat) a boater hat is the easiest way to inject new life into your wardrobe. POV Either a grey or black boater hat will make even the simplest outfits shine.

Picture yourself strolling down the sunny streets in your favorite sundress and a black boater hat, feeling the warm breeze on your skin and the sun on your face. The perfect blend of classic and trendy, the boater hat is a must-have for any fashion-forward woman this summer 2023.

As you place the hat on your head, you’ll instantly feel the effortless elegance that it exudes. The structured crown and flat brim will not only protect you from the sun, but will also elevate your entire outfit to the next level. Whether you’re brunching with friends, running errands, or attending a garden party, the boater hat will be your go-to accessory for any occasion.



As you prepare for the warmer weather and the exciting fashion trends of summer 2023, there’s one must-have accessory that you simply can’t overlook: the oversized fedora hat.

Be on trend with a trendy oversized fedora hat that enhances your hair and adds up to your new curtain fringe bob.

An oversized fedora hat has been surprisingly popular on the runways for SS23 and continued onto the AW23/24 catwalks. Highlights from Balmain, Burberry, Alberta Ferretti, and Phillip Plein, this fashionable hat makes it great for trans seasonal dressing, but also summer paired with black swimsuit.

This season, the oversized fedora hat is the ultimate fashion accessory that will elevate your beachwear to a whole new level. It’s a perfect combination of practicality and style, making it the go-to headwear for any beach lover. The oversized brim not only provides sun protection but also adds a touch of glamour to your outfit.

As you step onto the soft sand of the beach, you feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and the gentle breeze blowing through your hair. You put your hand on the crown of the hat, feeling its brim casting a shadow over your face, shielding your eyes from the bright rays of the sun. You take a deep breath, feeling the salty ocean air fill your lungs.

You feel elegant and chic in your oversized fedora hat, as if you’ve just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. The hat’s exaggerated proportions and sleek lines complement your beach outfit perfectly, making you feel like a true style icon.

As you stroll along the shore, you notice heads turning and people stealing glances at your fashionable headwear. You feel confident and empowered, knowing that you’ve made a statement with your choice of hat.

With your oversized fedora hat on your head, you feel like you can take on the world, or at least conquer the beach with style and grace. The hat not only protects you from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also adds a touch of glamour to your beach day. You feel grateful for the hat’s ability to elevate your beach experience and make you feel like the most stylish person on the sand.

Moreover, you’ll feel like a celebrity as you strut down the beach, with the oversized fedora hat completing your look effortlessly. You’ll love how the hat adds a touch of mystery and allure to your appearance, leaving everyone around you in awe.

Presented in a variety of colours, the oversized fedora hat gives plenty of room for styling.

A perfect treasure to have and wear, browse through the widget below to shop for fashionable oversized fedora hats that translate easily from the field to the beach.



You might want to stay cold and comfortable, but there is no excuse to sacrifice style points. Look forward to a fashionable crochet bucket hat and get ready to elevate your summer style with the latest headwear trend of the season: the crochet bucket hat.

This trendy and functional accessory is making a major comeback in summer 2023, and you don’t want to be left behind.

POV Everyone is already shopping for this Loro Piana crochet hat.

crochet bucket hat is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of texture to their outfits, while still keeping cool and comfortable under the sun. From a day at the beach to a music festival, a boujee crochet bucket hat will bring all the attention to you.

Step outside in a fully refreshed look that offers a playful respite for the season ahead and bring a comforting presence to the hot summer days with cooling crochet.

Imagine you’re feeling the sun shining on your face as you make your way through the bustling crowds of the summer festival, your feet dancing to the beat of the music. The air is filled with the scent of flowers, and the vibrant colors of the crowd around you seem to blur together in a joyful cacophony.

You feel the soft texture of the hat against your forehead, and you’re reminded of the carefree days of your childhood spent outdoors, playing in the fields and exploring the world around you. The crochet bucket hat has a way of transporting you back to those simpler times, while also making you feel effortlessly chic and on-trend.



A new sun hat is always timely for the summer season. In an array of colours and designs, go for a fashionable oversized sun hat – I have this one from Eugenia Kim, will buy this black Max Mara oversized sun hat.

Seen on the runway at Jacquemus and Max Mara to mention only my favourites, the catwalks were filled with models wearing oversized sun hats, leaving fashion enthusiasts around the world inspired and eager to buy into this SS23 hat trend instantly.

With their dramatic brims and sleek designs, an oversized sun hat is perfect for elevating any outfit, whether it’s a chic swimsuit or a black knitted romper in the city. They make a bold statement and are perfect for shielding your face from the sun’s rays while looking effortlessly stylish.

As you walk down the busy streets of the city, you feel a sense of elegance and sophistication with your oversized sun hat on your head.

Paired with a black pantsuit or short black romper and black platform leather sandals, the wide brim casts a beautiful shadow over your face, shielding you from the bright rays of the sun while making you look effortlessly chic. The cool breeze plays with the edges of the hat, creating a gentle rustling sound that adds to the tranquil atmosphere around you.

You feel like a true fashion icon, it’s as if the whole city is your own personal catwalk, and you are owning every step of it.

As you continue on your way, you notice that you are walking more confidently. All in all, you know that you are making a statement with your new oversized sun hat, and it feels amazing!

It’s no wonder this trend is the quiet luxury trend everyone is shopping in – regardless the price point.



The day will breeze by with pretty baseball caps that have you looking cool and collected.

Fashionable baseball caps this year are chicer than ever. It’s all about the “if you know you know” mood this summer.

With its understated yet timeless design, a toned-down baseball cap is a must have in every well curated summer capsule wardrobe. It is no longer just about the design of the hat, but the statement it makes about the wearer.

Embrace the baseball cap trend and elevate your style game with a touch of quiet luxury. This is a trend that will not only keep you in fashion, but will also showcase your impeccable sense of style.



If you feel overwhelmed by choice and don’t know what hat to purchase for 2023, go through the FAQ.

Are hats in style 2023?

Yes, hats are in style for summer 2023 and hats will be in fashion for winter 2023/24.

What are summer hat trends 2023?

The biggest summer 2023 hat trends are the enlarged cloche hatoversized fedora hatboater hatoversized sun hatcrochet bucket hatbaseball cap. But the biggest summer 2023 headwear trend is wearing a headscarf tied under the chin.

What are winter hat trends 2023?

The biggest fall winter 2023 2024 hat trends are crochet headwear, a cloche hat, boater hat, baseball cap, and balaclava.

Is balaclava still fashionable for fall winter 2023?


What is the latest beach headwear trend?

The enlarged cloche hat, and oversized straw fedora hat the latest beach hat trends.

Are straw hats in style?

Straw hats are style-proof summer hats that never go out of style and is a must have in every well-curated summer capsule wardrobe. It’s just their shape that changes every season.

What straw hats are in fashion for summer 2023?

Enlarged cloche hatoversized straw fedora hatboater straw hat, and oversized sun hat.

Are wide-brim beach hats in style summer 2023?

Yes, wide-brim straw hats are in fashion for summer 2023.

What is the most fashionable fall winter 2023 headwear?

A cloche hat.

Are bucket hats for summer or winter?

Bucket hats are for summer and for winter. However, the bucket hat trend is in decline.

Is a bucket hat in style summer 2023?

Crochet bucket hats are in fashion for summer 2023.

Is bucket hat in style fall winter 2023/24?


Are felt cowboy hats good for summer?

Straw cowboy hats are good for summer. In fact, straw cowboy hats are one of the latest headwear trends for spring summer 2023.

Are berets in style 2023?

While we have spotted some berets at Dior AW23/34, berets are unlikely to become anything more than a micro trend.

Are wool hats too hot for summer?

Wool-felt is too hot for summer, but wool crochet hats are OK.

What hat is the best for the beach?

An enlarged cloche hatoversized straw fedora hatboater straw hat, and oversized sun hat. A crochet bucket hat is fashionable beach headwear, too. However, you might want to save it for the day by the swimming pool.

What is the best hat for a pool day?

crochet bucket hat.

Where to buy a beach hat?

Not on the beach – if you are looking for a quality beach hat. You can shop for a quality sun hat online. The best online stores to shop for beach hats are Saks fifth avenueNet-a-porterHarrodsSSENSEshopbopNordstromRevolveMatchesfashion24sMyTheresaLuisaviaroma, and Farfetch.

Where to buy a summer hat?

Preferably at Saks fifth avenueNet-a-portershopbopNordstromRevolveMatchesfashionModa OperandiSSENSE24sHarrodsMyTheresaLuisaviaroma, and Farfetch. If you are shopping for a designer hat, go to HarrodsNet-a-porterMatchesfashion24sMyTheresaSaks fifth avenueLuisaviaromaModa OperandiNordstromSSENSE, or Farfetch.

Where to buy a winter hat?

You can buy a woman’s hat online. The best online stores to shop for a lady’s hat are Saks fifth avenueNet-a-portershopbopNordstromRevolveMatchesfashionModa Operandi24sMyTheresaLuisaviaroma, and Farfetch. If you are shopping for a designer hat, go to Net-a-porterMatchesfashion24sMyTheresaLuisaviaromaModa OperandiNordstrom, or Farfetch. If you are looking for an affordable winter hat, go to H&M and get a beanie. Any other hat but a beanie is worthy of investment.

Can a hat be an investment piece?

Yes, it can! Hats that are worthy of investing are Brunello Cucinelli Monili-embellished straw fedoraJacquemus Le Chapeau Bomba straw hat, Dior DIORODEO large brim hat, Gucci classy winter hatEugenia Kim Emmanuelle hatThe Row baseball capLoro Piana cashmere baseball cap.

Where to buy a Dior hat?

You can buy a Dior hat at 24s or at

What colour hat to buy for spring 2023?

Black! Black is the most fashionable colour for hats in spring 2023.

What colour hat to buy for summer 2023?

Black! Black is the most fashionable colour for hats in summer 2023.

What hats are in style summer 2023?

The biggest summer 2023 hat trends are the enlarged cloche hatoversized fedora hatboater hatoversized sun hatcrochet bucket hatquiet luxury baseball cap.

Are boater hats in fashion 2023?

Yes, boater hats are one of the biggest hat trends for 2023.

Are visor hats in fashion for summer 2023?


What color hat to buy for winter 2023?

A red hat! Red is the most fashionable color for hats in winter 2023.

What hats are in style winter 2023?

Hats in style for winter 2023 are a crochet beanie, a cloche hat, boater hat, a trapper hat, baseball cap, and balaclava are in style for winter 2023 2024, too.

Can you wear a winter hat in summer?

Why would you wear a winter hat in summer when there are so many pretty summer hats available? Also, a winter hat is not appropriate for summer. We put away winter hats come Easter.

When to start wearing summer hats?

After the Memorial weekend or at the beginning of May – depending on the weather, but no later than in the first week of June.

Are fedora hats trendy?

Yes, fedora hats are in fashion in 2023. In fact, oversized fedora hats are some of the most coveted hats for summer 2023.

Is a beanie in style for winter 2023?

Yes, a crochet beanie is a key hat trend for AW23/24.

What is the best hat for wedding in summer?

A fascinator. A straw wide-brim hat with a veil is an option, too.

What is the best hat for wedding in spring?

pillbox hat, a fascinator or a wide-brim hat that matches your coat are the best hats for a wedding in spring.

What is the best hat for a christening?

pillbox hat, a fascinator or a wide-brim hat that matches your coat are some of the best hats for christening.

What is the best winter hat for the mountains?

The best winter 2023 hat you can wear to the slopes is a balaclava. Other fashionable winter 2023 hats for the mountains is a trapper hat.

What is the best hat for a winter wedding?

An elegant faux fur hat or a wide-brim hat that matches your coat are the best hats for a winter wedding.

How to wear a winter hat?

There are many ways to wear a winter hat to be on trend. Check winter 2023 2024 styling trends to see how to wear a fashionable winter hat with your favourite pieces from your well-curated winter capsule wardrobe.

How to wear a summer hat?

There are many ways to wear a summer hat to look fashionable. Check summer 2023 styling trends to see how to wear a fashionable summer hat with your favourite pieces from your summer capsule wardrobe.

Can I wear a beach hat for the city?

It depends on the style of the hat.

What beach hat is good to wear to the city?

An enlarged cloche hat, and an oversized fedora hat, or a headscarf. But you might prefer to choose from other fashionable summer hats when transitioning from sand to street.

What are summer hats for the city?

The best city headwear for summer 2023 is a boater hat and fashionable quiet luxury baseball cap.

Where to store a hat when you are not wearing it?

You can keep a hat on the hat stand when you are not wearing it. The best place to store a hat that you don’t wear is a hat box.


And this is it! The list of all the most fashionable hats in 2023. Indeed the oversized hat trend is big in 2023. But all the other hats don’t fall far behind. By the way, what is your favourite summer hat? Do you wear a hat only on a bad hair day? If you do – check the hair accessory trend report next.