Brunette from Wall Street fall winter 2020 colour trends report


Winter 2021 colour trends here! Do you know what is the most fashionable colour of winter 2021? What colour everyone chic is wearing now and will be wearing for the next few months? Is the most fashionable colour of the season still camel beige? The colour you probably already see hanging in your closet? Well, let just say that camel is not (the only) fashionable colour for winter 2021. After reading winter 2021 colour report you will see that this season’s colour swatch is different than we first thought it will be. Ha, thinking better, winter 2021 colour trends might shock you.

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And here it is, the Color Report for winter 2021. I know, you must be saying, “finally”, right now. Sorry for keeping you in fashion mist for that long. But in my apologize, let me tell you, it was a must. I wanted to wait for the fashion crowd to tell which winter 2021 colour is the most fashionable right now.

As you know, I have already published the entire Winter 2021 Colour report a few months ago. But this is an update for summer 2021 in Australia and South America, Indonesia, South Africa and the rest of the world under the equator. Here are all winter 2021 colour trends you should know this season.

Colours in fashion for winter 2021 and summer 2021 in Australia, South America and Africa, of course. Ps. This is also the colour palette for winter 2021 in Europe, Asia and North America, so you might want to save or pin it now. The Pinterest button is in the bottom left corner. Oh, you can already shop all these outfits. I made sure to hyperlink this colour report. You know, to make sure you are fashion-forward this winter. To shop winter 2021 fashion simply click inside the pink brackets. Or find the items in the gallery below.


I bet you must be wondering what are the most fashionable colours to wear for winter 2021 then? What are the key colour trends for winter 2021? There are 4 colours you should remember actually. First, green. Second blue. Then red and silver – which is basically grey. Oh, and black too. Wearing black from head to toe is very fashionable right now.

So now that you know what colours to shop for winter 2021 and summer in Australia and summer 2021 in Latin America and South Africa, check how to style all these new colours for winter 2021. By the way, which colour will you wear the most this winter?