IT coats of winter 2018 2019

And these are some other coats that are fashionable now too


Don’t like this season’s IT coats? The teddy bear coat and the oversized coat? Don’t worry! There are a few other winter coats to choose from this winter. Yes, winter 2018 2019 brought us a bunch of chic and sophisticated coats you can wear from 9-5. And another bunch of cosy coats that will put you in the Christmas mood the moment you snuggle in or place them around your shoulders. All you need to do now is to find your coat. Wait! I actually found winter 2018 coat for you. You just need to click on it!

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And here it is! Winter 2018 2019 coat report you asked me for. With all the most fashionable winter coats of the season. Well, not only the most fashionable but all fashionable coats of the season.
Just in case you don’t fancy either of the two IT winter coats for winter 2018 2019. Or that nasty moth you had in your closed ate your favourite winter coat for a dessert. And now you need to find a stylish coat that won’t break your bank.

Anyway, here is all that you need to know about the 2018 2019 winter coats. From the most fashionable coats of the season to the coats that are out of style. Plus those that are still in fashion just because we love them so much. You know, to make your mother’s statement about wearing the same coat for 20 years legit. That is if the moth doesn’t eat it before.

fall winter 2018 2019 Coat Trends


As said, there are many winter coats that are in style for winter 2018 2019. No, the teddy bear coatΒ (the one I wore here) and the oversized coat (the one I wore over here) are not the only coats you could live in this winter.

But wait! This doesn’t mean that your old coat is still in style. Not every coat is Max Mara coat that you could wear for 20 seasons in a row and still look stylish.

If you are not a lucky owner of Max Mara or at least Weekend Max Mara coat yet, then sorry to tell you, but you might need to keep your old coat somewhere safe for another year. Or two. Because chances that your last year’s coat is out of the style are quite big. And we can’t say if it will be back in style any time soon before March and autumn winter 2019/20 fashion shows.

Anyway, if your old coat is long and lean or made from smooth shearling, you have nothing to worry about. The coats from AW17/18 that are out of style are these three: #1 robe coat, #2 fur coat, #3 long puffer.

Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 All the trends you should know


Now that you know the coats that are out of fashion for winter 2018 2019, it’s time we finally look at the list of fashionable 2018 2019 winter coats. As I promised earlier, this list is complete. I made sure to list all of the 2018 2019 winter coats that are in fashion this winter.


Ps. Be sure to save, pin and print this list. I even added the small checkboxes so you could use this coat trend report when doing a winter inventory in your closet. You can draw a tick next to all the coats that you already have in your closet. Or use it as a shopping list.

Oh, and don’t forget to share this list of 2018 2019 winter coats with your friends too. I’m sure they will love it. But do tell them where you got it. Ps. This list is shoppable too. If you click inside that pink frames, a link will take you to the store where you can buy that stylish coat. I told you I found all the best winter coats for you. They are all here!



Max Mara Oversized faux fur teddy bear coat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #1 teddy coat


Starting with one of the most fashionable 2018 2019 winter coat, the teddy bear coat. Personally not my favourite coat since it’s not a 9-5 type of the coat. Well, at least not if you work in finance or in a law firm or anywhere where you must follow the business formal dressing coat. On the other hand, it makes the perfect off-duty coat that puts you back in the Christmas mood the moment you touch it. Go here to see how I wear my teddy coat when travelling, and here to see how I wear it for a casual winter day.


Ps. If you are looking fashionable yet affordable teddy bear coat, be sure to check these teddy bear coats that I found at Revolve. I might get that pink one. It would look great with blue jeans and my new hiking boots, won’t it?

Harris Wharf London pink oversized coat with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #2 oversized coat


The larger, the better. This second IT coat of the season is just the coat you were looking for work. No matter what you do and where you work, even if you are a fashion editor or newly fashion blogger, the oversized coat is the coat for you! Ps. Be sure to check this post to see how you can wear an oversized coat everyday with jeans. Yes, even for work. Seriously! This coat will make your black denim somehow work appropriately in the chicest way.


Gucci crystal-embellished cape with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #3 cape


You already know I love the cape. And I have a few capes hanging there in my closet. However, I will need to update my cape collection for winter 2018 2019. Since this season the mantle got longer and got a print. In short, look for long cape (floor-skimming lengths even), oversized prints, and logo embellishments.


Faux fur long coat with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #4 faux fur coat


Wait, what?! Yes, a furry coat was one of the three coats that are out of style this winter. But not any furry coat. Only the legit fur coat. It’s time for faux fur now. All of the most powerful fashion brands swap the real fur for a faux fur this season. And it’s time for you to follow them.

Not saying you should throw away all of the fur coats you inherited from your mother and replace them with faux fur coats. But just make sure you don’t get any new real fur coat. If you want to snuggle in a furry coat, get one of these faux fur coats below.


Detachable Shearling-Trimmed Wool-Blend Coat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #5 shearling coat



Yes, shearling coat is still here. And it looks almost the same as it did a year ago. Good news, right? Ps. The shearling jacket is still in fashion too. Nevertheless everyone chic wears shearling coat now. You know, unlike the shearling jacket, you can wear shearling coat for work too.


'S Max Mara double-breasted long coat with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #6 long lean coat



The rule is only one! Floor-skimming lengths and clean cut. With no more than two pockets. If you need more storage space for pocket tissue or lip balm, you better don’t catch a cold or put on cargo pants. Like I did! Check my Instagram to see how!


Manuela Belted Camel Hair Coat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #7 belted coat



Unless tofu, forget about your double-breasted coat. There is another classic coat that is far more fashionable for winter 2018 2019. It’s the belted coat. Surely not a surprise at all since belts have their moment this season. Go here to see how to style belted coat with a yellow dress for a day date.


Max Mara coat with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #8 tofu coat


What would winter be without winter whites, right? Only that this season we are not wearing a white coat, but a tofu coat. And no, the shape or length of your tofu coat doesn’t matter. As long as it comes in tofu, it’s fashionable!


Ha, it seems like that I do have a coat I could wear for 20 years and so after all. I knew my Max Mara coat was an investment the moment I saw it.

J.Crew Daphne Glen Plaid Topcoat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #9 checked coat and plaid coat



Some say this is the third IT coat of winter 2018 2019. And they are right. It is a 9-5 coat after all. Here are some of my favourite checked and plaid coats.


By the way, do you remember the difference between checks and plaid? Well, it’s good to know it. Go here if you don’t know the difference yet.


Ensel coated jacket with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #10 vinyl coat


Think Matrix. The high shine vinyl coat is not only chic and fashionable but will be a perfect overcoat for your party outfit.


Prada Fur-trimmed down coat with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #11 puffer coat


Lastly the puffer. The puffer jacket this time. Here are some of my favourite puffer jackets you can buy online. And here is the Chanel Coco Neige.


Alexa Chung Cotton-blend corduroy trench coat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #12 corduroy coat


Honestly, I hate corduroy coats. They are simply not my thing. I mean a corduroy jacket is one thing. The one from Sezane looks chic. But a corduroy coat? Well, not something I would wear. Yes, this coat is getting on my never going to wear (again!) list.


Anyway, if you like corduroy or merely want to give it a try, here are some chic corduroy coats I would wear if I didn’t have that awful anecdote with my old khaki corduroy coat. Ps. Just don’t get a corduroy coat in khaki and matching corduroy cargo pants and you should be fine.

Escada black coat with fur mink collar with text overlay Coat Trends autumn winter 2018 2019 #13 60s coat

#13 60s COAT

Remember Twiggy and the coat she wore back in the 60s? Guess what? Her coat is back! The flared form, eye-catching buttons and a removable faux-fur collar. Go here to see how I wear it.


CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Oversized double-breasted wool-blend coat with text overlay Coat Trends winter 2018 2019 #14 masculine-feminine coat


With a masculine touch, the tailored coat is perfect for any boss lady.


winter 2018 2019 Coat Trend list


So this is it, the list of all, but seriously all 2018 2019 winter coats. And my shopping list for this season’s most fashionable winter coats. By the way, do you dare to guess what coat I’m shopping first? Ps. I already have an oversized coat. Check it here. And also the teddy bear coat. See it here.