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The Most Fashionable Coats of Winter 2024 – some on sale already


The most stylish winter coats 2024 – the new season coat and that and red double-breasted coat that stole your heart during Paris Fashion Week? They are here! Together with all the most fashionable winter coats 2024. Yes, winter 2024 is bringing us a bunch of chic and sophisticated coats you can wear from 9-5. And another bunch of cosy coats that will put you in the weekend mood the moment you snuggle in or place them around your shoulders. All you need to do now is to find your coat. Wait! I actually found a bunch of winter 2024 coats for you. And a few winter jackets also. You just need to scroll down!

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And here it is! Winter 2024 coat report you asked me for. With all the most fashionable winter coats of the season. Well, not only the most fashionable but all fashionable coats of the season. And a few winter jackets, too.

Just in case you don’t fancy either of the two IT winter coats for winter 2024. Or that nasty moth you had in your closet ate your favourite winter coat for dessert last night. And now, you need to find a stylish coat that won’t break your bank.

As the temperature begins to drop and the days grow shorter, it’s time to embrace the warmth and style that winter coats bring to our wardrobes. The chill in the air may be nipping at our noses, but there’s no reason why your winter fashion can’t sizzle. We have scoured the runways, scrutinized the streets, and consulted with other fashion’s trend analytics to make a list of the most fashionable coats 2024.

From classic and timeless silhouettes that have been given a modern twist to bold, avant-garde designs that make a statement, there is a coat style for every personality, occasion, and climate. Whether you’re bundling up against the blizzards of the North or merely adding a layer of glamour to your winter cityscape, here are fashionable winter coats that will keep you cozy and fashion-forward throughout the frosty months.


And here it is, the list of all winter coats 2024 that are in style for winter 2024. And yes, the list is quite long. Plus, there are many coats that you might don’t have yet on the list of the most fashionable winter coats 2024. So, what should I say? Scroll down and start shopping.

In addition to unveiling the hottest coat trends for winter 2024, we’re thrilled to make your shopping experience even more convenient and enjoyable. While you read through our carefully curated selection of coat styles, you’ll find direct links and quick access to the very pieces we feature in the article. So, you can seamlessly browse and shop for your favorite coats right from the comfort of your screen.

No need to wait or scour the internet; I (Veronika) have done the legwork for you to ensure that the latest winter fashion is just a click away. Also, I’m letting you know what coats I bought (plan to buy) for myself, too.


In fact, let me start with the coat I plan to buy, first. All in all, it is the most fashionable coat of the season – sharply tailored maxi-length coat.

Elegant simplicity prevails as more designers tap into this look. And sleek slimline silhouettes rain supreme for winter 2024. You will get obsessed with this wool coat with silk lining. I will buy this dark blue long double breasted coat from Sandro. It’s made 100% of wool. Obv I will have to replace the poli lining with silk, but this is an easy upgrade that a skilled seamstress can easily make.

Elevate your look by choosing a fashionable sharply tailored maxi-length coat that flatters and perfect whatever you are wearing. A sharply tailored maxi-length coat is not only one of the key coat trends, but a coat trend you will be happy you had bought into in 2024, 20 years from now. And yes, even the red coat that is particularly fashionable now. Btw, I’m obsessed with this one – the price is good, but I wish it was 100% virgin wool and silk lined. It is not. But those in the widget below are. Pov, except for the Sandro coat, I plan to buy and change the lining.

Btw, if 73 % of wool is enough for you – you will LOVE this Mango coat. It’s expensive, though. So if you do the girl math, you just might to prefer to splurge on wool and cashmere coats with silk lining from the product gallery below.



Putting together an outfit in cooler weather can get a bit complicated with all the extra layers. Simplify matters by investing in AW24/25 seasonal staple (yes, I know what will be trending the following winter already) – a  long oversized coat with drop square shoulders that easily integrates into your daily wardrobe. POV You can wear an oversized coat every day with jeans. Yes, even for work. Seriously! This coat will make your black denim somehow work appropriately in the chicest way.

I bought this black long oversized coat with drop square shoulders from LouLou Studio. It’s so chic and so warm! Made of 90 % wool and 10 % cashmere with no lining, it’s a must buy, no cap. I only wish the sleeves were shorter, though. But the joke is on me. It says clearly that the sleeves are purposefully longer to highlight its menswear inspiration, yet I read the sleeves are short. Pov, I can still get the sleeves shortened. The designer will most likely wish to unlive me, but I prefer coats with shorter sleeves.



Whether it’s casual at home or dressed up for the city, an oversized long shaggy coat – floor sweeping long faux fur coat – shearing trimmed coat is the best coat to throw on. Layer an oversized long shaggy coat over everything – from cosy knits and denim for the day, a suit for work (pov if you are a fashion editor) or a little black dress at night. An oversized long shaggy coat is the winter coat that adds up to every winter outfit.

Picture yourself in the midst of a New Year’s Eve bash or a much-anticipated reunion party. The music is infectious, laughter fills the air, and the twinkle of fairy lights casts a dreamy glow over the scene. As you step into the room, all eyes are drawn to you wrapped in your new shearing trimmed coat.

The allure of this trend lies in its ability to turn heads effortlessly. The coat’s generous silhouette is your secret weapon, draping you in a cloud of softness that exudes opulence. Imagine running your fingers through the plush, textured fabric as you make your entrance – giving ripples through the shaggy strands, creating an sensuous intrigue.

The length of this coat ensures that it grazes the floor, adding drama to your every step. It’s as if you’re floating on a cascade of feathers, and the world around you a stage for your captivating performance.

The shaggy texture invites admiration and intrigue. You’ll feel like a modern-day Gatsby character as you playfully tousle your coat’s plush faux fur. It’s a sensation that’s both indulgent and inviting, inviting countless compliments and admiring glances.


As you start planning your ski vacation and the search begins for stunning coats to keep you warm, look no further than a fashionable scarf coat.

Turn heads at the ski resort in a scarf coat that embraces an exuberant spirit. Design that brings the drama, and warmth is sure to make a lasting impression.

As you step out of the frosty mountain air and into the cozy, woodsy lodge of your favorite ski resort, a sudden hush will envelop the room. All eyes will turn to you, wrapped in the embrace of the latest winter fashion craze – the exquisite scarf coat. The emotions in the room will be palpable, and little do you know that your choice of attire will make this ski trip unforgettable.

The scarf coat is a unique fusion of style and function, and as you saunter through the rustic lodge, it will billow behind you like a statement piece in a winter wonderland.

Presented in newer cuts and cropped silhouettes, add a contemporary edge to leather pants with a stylish scarf coat.

Combining form and function, a scarf coat will get you through the winter in style. A tried and tested winter staple for the countryside, a scarf coat is a perfect investment for the months ahead.



If you are looking for a slightly less tailored yet more sophisticated winter coat than a scarf/blanket coat – get a long coat with a statement belt.

Whatever the occasion, a long coat with a statement belt will prove its value time and time again. Layered over a formal dress or your favorite pair of jeans, a long coat with a statement belt will immediately become your favourite go-to item.


After going through the list of the most fashionable winter 2024 coats you know more or less everything there is to know about coat trends 2024. Even so, go through the following FAQ for a quick review.

What coats are in style 2024?

Coats in style for winter 2024 are sharply tailored maxi-length coatslong coat with a statement belt, shearing trimmed coatoversized long shaggy coat – floor sweeping long faux fur coat, and scarf coat – blanket style coat.

Should I buy a coat or jacket for winter?

It depends on your lifestyle and the work you do. If you tend to dress more casually – get a winter jacket. If you dress professionally – get a coat. If you are looking for something you could wear no matter what you do or how you dress – get a camel wrap coat. You can wear a camel wrap coat with blue jeans – casually, or over a dress and pantsuit for work or any other formal occasion.

Where to buy a coat online?

You can buy a winter coat online on SSENSENet-a-porter24sSaks Fifth AvenueFarfetchRevolveNordstromMytheresaLuisaviaromaShopbopModa OperandiIntermixonlineHarrods, or Matchesfashion.

How much will a coat cost?

It depends on the type of the coat and the material of which the coat is made of. The most expensive coats are coats made of 100 % virgin wool and fur. A 100 % virgin wool coat can cost from $400 (like this stunning virgin wool coat – that I also have) to $5000+, while the price for a fur coat can go even higher. Even so, you can get a faux fur coat instead. A faux fur coat is more fashionable than a real fur coat, plus it will cost you only $80.

When do coats go on sale?

Coats are already on sale. At least on the Outnet.

What is the most wanted coat this winter?

The most wanted coat of winter 2024 is the red Ferragamo shearling coat. But also  red mohair double breasted Valentino Garavani coat.

Are Zara coats good?

No! Most Zara coats are made of polyester or a bad wool blend with acetate or viscose lining. It’s unlikely you will find a Zara coat with more than 75% of wool and good quality.

Is Max Mara coat worthy of investment?

Yes, a Max Mara coat is worthy of a splurge. You will be able to wear a Max Mara coat forever. Max Mara coats never go out of style and are perfect for any occasion. Plus, the quality of the Max Mara coat is the best. Ps. If an iconic Max Mara coat is entirely out of your budget, opt for a Weekend Max Mara coat. The price range for a Weekend Max Mara coat is lower, but the quality is the same.

Are coats warm?

Quality coats are warm.

Which coats are the warmest?

The warmest coats are coats made of 100% virgin wool, a wool and cashmere blend, mohair, soft fluffy coats and duvet coats.

What is a good fabric composition for a winter coat?

A high-quality winter coat should be designed to provide excellent insulation, durability, and comfort to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. While there are various fabric compositions that can be suitable, a classic and highly effective composition for a top-notch winter coat is typically a blend of the following materials:
1) Wool (70%): Wool is an excellent insulator, known for its ability to retain warmth and regulate body temperature. It’s a natural, breathable fabric that provides warmth without excessive bulk.
2) Cashmere or Alpaca (10%): These luxurious fibers are often blended with wool to add softness, warmth, and a touch of elegance to the coat.
3) Polyester or Nylon (10%): These synthetic materials are used to enhance durability and water resistance. They also help in maintaining the coat’s shape and reducing wear and tear.
4) Other (10%): This portion can include various materials like silk, viscose, or a blend of other natural or synthetic fibers, which can provide additional characteristics such as sheen, softness, or strength.
This composition provides an ideal balance of warmth, comfort, and longevity, making it suitable for a high-quality winter coat. However, it’s essential to note that the specific fabric composition can vary depending on the coat’s design, intended use, and the climate it’s meant for. In extremely cold and wet conditions, you might find coats with a higher percentage of synthetic materials for enhanced waterproofing and wind resistance. Ultimately, the choice of fabric composition should align with your climate and personal preferences while maintaining a focus on quality and durability.

Which coats are in this season?

The most fashionable coats for winter 2024 are a sharply tailored maxi-length coatslong coat with a statement belt, shearing trimmed coatoversized long shaggy coat – floor sweeping long faux fur coat, and a scarf coat.

Are borg coats in fashion?

Oversized long shaggy coat – floor sweeping long faux fur coats are fashionable for winter 2024.

Are military coats in fashion winter 2024?

Sharply tailored maxi-length coats are the most fashionable coats for winter 2024.

Are pea coats in style 2024?

No. Pea coats are not in fashion winter 2024.

Are teddy coats in 2024?

We wear oversized long shaggy coat – floor sweeping long faux fur coats this season.

Are plaid coats in style 2024?

It depends on the silhouette of the coat.

Are wool coats in style?

Wool coats are never go out of style. It’s just the style, silhouette and colours that change.

What are winter coat color trends 2024?

Red and blackRed and black coats are the most fashionable for winter 2024.

What color winter coat should I buy for winter 2024?

Blackred or camelRed is the most fashionable colour of the season, while black, apart from being one of key color trends for winter 2024 is always in fashion. And camel never goes out of style.

What coat silhouette is fashionable for winter 2024?

Long! Maxi coats are the most fashionable for winter 2024.

What style coats are in?

Oversized and double breasted.

Are peacoats in style 2024?


What coat to wear with a long formal dress?

long cape is the best coat to wear with a long formal dress.

What coat to wear with a midi dress?

A coat that is only slightly longer than the dress. A sharply tailored maxi-length coat is a good choice.

What coat to wear with a skirt suit?

The best coats to wear with a skirt suit are coats that are as long as the skirt. A sharply tailored maxi-length coat or a long coat with a statement belt, is a great option.

Is a princess coat in fashion winter 2024?

While double breasted coats are very fashionable for winter 2024, princess coats are not the most stylish. Look to sharply tailored maxi-length coats instead.

What coat to wear with a pantsuit?

Any coat that’s in fashion for winter 2024 goes well with a pantsuit. However, the best coat to wear with a pantsuit is a sharply tailored maxi-length coat.

What coat to wear to a wedding?

A coat that matches the dress you are wearing.

What coat to wear over a wedding dress?

white cape or a long white embroidered coat are great coats to wear over a wedding dress. Even so, it depends on the type of wedding dress you are wearing. For example, this stunning short white coat goes exceptionally well with a trendy short wedding dress.

Is fur coat in fashion winter 2024?

No, but a shearing trimmed coat, and an oversized long shaggy coats – floor sweeping long faux fur coats are in style for winter 2024.

Where coats are kept?

The best place to store a coat is a coat wardrobe. Even so, wherever you hang your coat, be sure NOT to wrap it into a plastic bag. If you wrap a coat into a plastic bag, a moth might eat your coat. The warm and humid plastic bag is a perfect environment for moths. By the way, this hanger is the best for coats.

Is poncho in style for winter 2024?

No. We wear scarf coat this winter.

What coats for winter 2024 are old money?

sharply tailored maxi-length coatswrap coat, and scarf coat, are old money coats that are in fashion for winter 2024.

Is leather coat in fashion winter 2024?

Vegan leather coats are in fashion for winter 2024.

What winter coat do I need in my capsule winter wardrobe?

camel wrap coat is a winter coat you simply must have in your winter capsule wardrobe. A camel wrap coat goes well with everything! You can wear it casually with blue jeans, or formal with a suit. You can even wear a camel wrap coat on a dress and all fashionable skirts.

What are must buy coats that will never go out of style?

camel wrap coat, a beige double breasted coat  and a black double breasted coat.

What coat will be in fashion for spring 2024?

Long oversized coat with drop square shoulders.

So this is it, the list of all, but seriously all 2024 winter coats – all the winter coats that are in fashion for winter 2024. Now check what else is in fashion for winter 2024 and what coming back in style in 2024. Or check transitional capsule wardrobe if you can’t wait for spring and you are already thinking about what to wear at the end of winter/beginning of spring 2024. Up next: winter jackets and jackets to wear once you won’t need your new coat anymore.