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The Most Fashionable Coats of Winter 2021 – some on sale already


Purple coats, ocean blue coat, and yellow coat that stole your heart on Inauguration Day? They are here! Together with all the most fashionable winter coats 2021. Yes, winter 2021 brought us a bunch of chic and sophisticated coats you can wear from 9-5. And another bunch of cosy coats that will put you in the weekend mood the moment you snuggle in or place them around your shoulders. All you need to do now is to find your coat. Wait! I actually found a bunch of winter 2021 coat for you. And a few winter jackets also. You just need to scroll down!

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And here it is! Winter 2021 coat report you asked me for. With all the most fashionable winter coats of the season. Well, not only the most fashionable but all fashionable coats of the season. And a few winter jackets, too.
Just in case you don’t fancy either of the two IT winter coats for winter 2021. Or that nasty moth you had in your closet ate your favourite winter coat for a dessert last night. And now you need to find a stylish coat that won’t break your bank.

Anyway, here is all that you need to know about the 2021 winter coats. From the most fashionable coats of the season to the coats that are out of style. Plus those that are still in fashion just because we love them so much. You know, to make your mother’s statement about wearing the same coat for 20 years legit. That is if the moth doesn’t eat it before.

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And here it is, the list of all winter coats 2021 that are in style for winter 2021. And yes, the list is quite long. Plus, there are many coats that you might don’t have yet on the list of the most fashionable winter coats 2021. So, what should I say? Scroll down and start shopping.


Starting with one of the most fashionable 2021 winter coat, the long puffer coat. Yes, the long puffer coat is one of the most stylish coats of the season. Too bad, right? Especially when it’s so hard to find a beautiful long puffer coat. Well, not for me, really. I found quite a few beautiful long puffer coats for winter 2021. Browse through the widget below to buy yourself a fashionable long puffer coat, that is beautiful too. Plus, comes with an extended fashion life.


Well, it’s not just a puffer coat that’s in fashion this season. Puffer jackets are in style for winter 2021, too. Why else do you think I would suggest you wear a white puffer jacket for Valentine’s Day date?

By the way, a neon puffer jacket is the most fashionable puffer jacket for winter 2021. But the black puffer jacket is fashionable too. So get either a black or neon puffer jacket. Of course, a white puffer, like the one I wore here, is an option too.


You already know I love the cape. And I have a few capes hanging there in my closet. What you maybe don’t know yet is that a cape is another of the most fashionable winter 2021 coats. If not the most fashionable winter 2021 coat.


Next fashionable 2021 winter coat is a quilted coat. I really like this quilted coat over here. Plus, all the quilted coats in the gallery below.


Still, I must admit, I love a quilted jacket even more. Frankly, I would die for this Burberry quilted jacket. Wait, I should have written in the past tense. I just got it a few days ago. But then it got colder. Whatsoever, that quilted jacket will be in style for spring 2021 as well. Until then, I will wear one of the quilted jackets that are already hanging in my closet. Ps. Find them in the gallery below. I own two of them.


Scrolling down the list of the biggest winter coat trends for winter 2021, I bet you were wondering where the hell is a leather coat. Well, here it is! You were right – a leather coat is in style for winter 2021, too.

As a matter of fact, a leather coat is one of must-have winter 2021 coats.


No, 2021 is not a year for a fur coat. A furry coat is one of the three coats that are out of style this winter. Whatsoever, you are too cool for fur anyways.

It’s time for faux fur now. All of the most powerful fashion brands swapped the real fur for a faux fur this season. And it’s time for you to follow them.

Not saying you should throw away all of the fur coats you inherited from your mother and replace them with faux fur coats. But just make sure you don’t get any new real fur coat. If you want to snuggle in a furry coat, get one of these faux fur coats below.


A shearling jacket is a stylish option, too. Yes, shearling jacket is still in fashion. And it’s even more fashionable than a  shearling coat for winter 2021. Even though you can wear shearling coat for work too.


I know, you have been googling if a teddy bear coat is still in fashion for winter 2021. Afterall this winter coat was the most fashionable coat last season. And everyone got at least 3 different teddy coats.

Well, you can keep those three coats that you bought last year and wear them too. Because teddy bear coat is still in style for winter 2021.

Ps. If you are looking fashionable yet affordable teddy bear coat, be sure to check this teddy bear coat that I found at Mango. It would look great with blue jeans and my new hiking boots, don’t you think?


The larger, the better. The fourth-biggest coat trend of the season is just the coat you were looking for work. No matter what you do and where you work, even if you are a fashion editor or newly fashion blogger, the oversized coat is the coat for you! Ps. Check how you can wear an oversized midi coat everyday with jeans. Yes, even for work. Seriously! This coat will make your black denim somehow work appropriately in the chicest way.


The rule is only one! Floor-skimming lengths and clean cut. With no more than two pockets. If you need more storage space for pocket tissue or lip balm, you better don’t catch a cold or put on sweatpants with large pockets.


Don’t get mistaken, a coat with a belt is not the same thing as a wrap belt. Even so, wrap coats are in style for winter 2021, too.


Some say this is the third biggest coat trend of winter 2021. And they are right. Plaid, check and houndstooth coats are fashionable for winter 2021. Besides, a houndstooth coat is a perfect 9-5 coat.


Last but not the least, the double-breasted coat. Or a winter trench coat. Well, double-breasted or trench coat, it doesn’t really matter. Sure there is a slight difference, but if you can only afford one coat this season, get a thin double-breasted coat and you will be good to go anywhere. After all, a trench coat is the coat of the year. Make no doubt in this. That is why it’s also on my spring-summer 2021 shopping list.


Finally, the coat that’s not even a coat, yet it’s the most fashionable coat of winter 2021 – the blanket. Or a blanket coat. Here are the most coveted blanket coats you can buy online.



Amanda Gorman stole the Inauguration Day in her bold yellow Prada coat. Worry not, her coat is still on sale – you can buy it here. But it won’t be long! Ps. In case you come too late, browse through the widget below to shop for equally fashionable yellow coats.


After going through the list of the most fashionable winter 2021 coats you know more or less everything there is to know about coat trends 2021. Even so, go through the following FAQ for a quick review.

Should I buy a coat or jacket for winter?

It depends on your lifestyle and the work you do. If you tend to dress more casually – get a winter jacket. If you dress professionally – get a coat. If you are looking for something, you could wear no matter what you do or how you dress – get a camel wrap coat. You can wear a camel wrap coat with blue jeans – casually, or over a dress and pantsuit for work or any other formal occasion.

Where to buy a coat online?

You can buy a winter coat online on Net-a-porter, 24s, Farfetch, Revolve, Nordstrom, Mytheresa, Luisaviaroma, Shopbop, Moda Operandi, or Matchesfashion.

How much will a coat cost?

It depends on the type of the coat and the material of which the coat is made of. The most expensive coats are coats made of 100 % virgin wool and fur. A 100 % virgin wool coat can cost from $400 (like this stunning virgin wool coat that I have also) to $5000+, while a price for a fur coat can go even higher. Even so, you can get a faux fur coat instead. A faux fur coat is more fashionable than a real fur coat, plus it will cost you only $80.

When do coats go on sale?

Coats are already on sale. At least on the Outnet.

What is the most wanted coat this winter?

The most wanted coat of winter 2021 is Max Mara teddy coat.

Are teddy bear coats still in style for winter 2021?

Yes, teddy coats are still fashionable.

Is Max Mara coat worthy of investment?

Yes, a Max Mara coat is worthy of a splurge. You will be able to wear a Max Mara coats forever. Max Mara coats never go out of style and are perfect for any occasion. Plus the quality of Max Mara coat is the best. Ps. If an iconic Max Mara coat is entirely out of your budget, opt for a Weekend Max Mara coat. The price range for a Weekend Max Mara coat is lower, but the quality is the same.

Are coats warm?

Indeed, coats are warm!

Which coats are the warmest?

The warmest coats are teddy bear coats and colossal coats.

What coat to wear with a long formal dress?

A long cape is the best coat to wear with a long formal dress.

What coat to wear with a midi dress?

A coat that is only sightly longer than the dress.

What coat to wear with a suit skirt?

The best coats to wear with a suit skirt are coats that are as long as the skirt. A camel wrap coat or a midi cape coat is a great option.

What coat to wear with a pantsuit?

The best coat to wear with a pantsuit is a long lean coat.

What coat to wear to a wedding?

A coat that matches the dress you are wearing.

What coat to wear over a wedding dress?

A white cape or a white teddy coat are great coats to wear over a wedding dress. Even so, it depends on the type of wedding dress you are wearing.

Where coats are kept?

The best place to store a coat is a coat wardrobe. Even so, wherever you hang your coat, be sure NOT to wrap it into a plastic bag. If you wrap a coat into a plastic bag, a moth might eat your coat. The warm and humid plastic bag is a perfect environment for moths. By the way, this hanger is the best for coats.

What coat did Dr Jill Biden wear on Inauguration Day?

Dr Jill Biden wore purple knee-length wrap coat by Jonathan Cohen and Markarian ocean blue coat designed by Alexandra O’Neill.

What coat did Kamala Harris’s step-daughter Ella Emhoff wear to Inauguration?

Kamala Harris’s step-daughter Ella Emhoff wore yellow Miu Miu coat.

What coat did Amanda Gorman wear to Inauguration?

Amanda Gorman wore yellow coat from Prada (buy here).

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So this is it, the list of all, but seriously all 2021 winter coats – all the winter coats that are in fashion for winter 2021. Now check what else is in fashion for winter 2021 and what came back in style in 2021. Or check transitional capsule wardrobe if you can’t wait for spring and you are already thinking about what to wear at the end of winter/beginning of spring 2021. Up next: winter jackets and jackets to wear once you won’t need your new coat anymore.