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The Latest Blazer Trends 2024 And The Most Stylish Blazers

Blazer trends for spring summer 2024! Yes, here is where you will find out what blazers are in fashion for spring 2024 summer 2024 and what blazers will be in style for fall 2024 winter 2024/25. And what is more, you will find out where to shop for quality trendy blazers in this article. A beautiful blazer is an instant pick-me-up, and a quality blazer is the one item that really pulls an outfit together. Achieve perfect spring layering paired with trousers for work or with jeans for a day, or pair your new stylish blazer with shorts and a sheer top for an interesting twist.

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A blazer is a wardrobe staple that will never lead you astray. However, you might want to try out fashionable blazers to keep the look modern this season. Here are the latest blazer trends 2024 and a list of all blazers in style for spring summer 2024 and list of all blazers in fashion for fall 2024 winter 2024/25 – on Brunette from Wall Street Substack – paid subscription (exclusive content for fashion stylists, fashion buyers and fashion content creators).


Click to buy! You can shop for all the fashionable blazers presented in this article while learning about the winter 2024 blazer trends. To shop for the blazer you like, simply click on it, and the link will take you to the store where you can buy that blazer instantly. Btw, an underlined copy is linked to trendy blazers available for immediate purchase, too.

Sounds great, right? Now let’s learn about the latest blazer trends for spring summer 2024.

POV You might find the blazers I suggest pricy, but once you calculate price per wear you will find out these quality blazers are actually cheap.

For example, take this Sandro blazer that costs around $520 and divide that price by the number of times you will wear it – let’s say you will wear it 34 times – that’s the number of different outfits with this blazer you can find on Brunette from Wall Street and my Pinterest (obviously I have worn it more than 34 times since I bought it – but I only take a video/photo 34 times).

Anyway, this lets you with $15 per wear – which is less than the price for a Mango, Zara or H&M blazer that would look outworn after the second time. Fact! Get a quality fashionable blazer that will see you through the seasons.


Pay special attention to the waist, length and buttons. The most fashionable blazers come reimagined in new silhouettes for looks that will set you apart.

An hourglass blazer with defined waist is the only blazer trend you need to know for spring summer 2024 and fall winter 2024 2025.

Think bar jacket, but slightly longer with cinched waist, and an explosion of vibrant colours and bold patterns.

Feel the weight of an exquisitely tailored hourglass blazer as you step out in an ensemble. An hourglass blazer will see you through any formal event in 2024.


One of the most defining features of the hourglass blazer is, of course, the waist. Pov you might think of the peplum first, but worry not, peplum is not part of this fashionable silhouette for SS254. For SS24 and AW24/25 the hourglass blazer is more streamlined and modest.

To balance out the cinched waist, the new season hourglass blazers are elongated and often feature two parallel lines of buttons. This creates an oversized sartorial hourglass shape, that is more versatile and easy to style than a bar jacket.

Whether it’s paired with a sleek dress for a night out or worn with tailored trousers for a day at the office, the oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist is a versatile piece that elevates any outfit.

But even if it weren’t so modern and chic, an oversized double breasted hourglass blazer is a fundamental building block that will let you create fool-proof looks that will always look up to date.

An oversized double breasted hourglass blazer (btw I’m obsessed with this double breasted blazer in hourglass shape) looks great layered on blue jeans and casual tops for a cool day look to run errands in, with tailored pants for the office, or with shorts and mini skirts.

There is really no margin of error with a quality oversized double breasted hourglass blazer. A great double breasted blazer in hourglass shape will see you through any occasion.

The beautiful thing about a great double breasted blazer is not having to constantly think: “How do I wear this?” What is more, the slightly oversized design works great as a dress that can go from smart to sexy by opting for heels or slingbacks.

Step forward in a striped double breasted hourglass blazer that injects energy into the back to work mood. A pinstripe hourglass double breasted blazer will look equally fabulous paired with a fashionable pencil skirt or high waist pants in the cold.


Shop for an oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist in pastel blue and butter yellow or cherry lacquer red that will transition into 2025 effortlessly.

But go smart with the fabric choice. Linen and wool fabrics are well suited for the warm season.

Point of view, if you want a year around blazer you will want to get this oversized double breasted Sandro Paris blazer in navy blue that will see you through any occasion styled with a belt and will transition well into the next season. I have it too, and it’s my favourite blazer, no cap.

Besides, we all know trends come and go, but a chic double breasted blazer is something every woman needs in her wardrobe. Again, it looks modern, and it effortlessly elevates every outfit. And you can easily cinch it with a leather belt or a cord. 


As you manage a full day’s schedule, you need a versatile blazer that is equally hard-working.

On the other hand, we love tailored jackets that are easy to dress up and dress down. A rope tie blazer is one of those. Btw, I’m obsessed with this one.

For everyday, pair it with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a tank top and shorts. When you need to dress up, an oversized cinched blazer will work equally well over a matching skirt or with a silk shirt and baggy trousers for a more boyish charm.



Presented by Miu Miu, a modern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket will take fashion crows by storm. I bought this one ahead, as I simply wasn’t able to wait for the Miu Miu blazer.

 I’m still very excited about this trend. Cringe, I don’t like the fake old money (internet old money) vibes it gives paired with jeans (pov so Kate Middleton), but styled as suggested at Miu Miu, we get a fresh modern aesthetic that is giving.



Pretty and short is the way to go when thinking about wearing a blazer for something exquisite during the day. A cropped blazer is not only one of the trendiest blazers of spring summer 2024 but also the best blazer for a lavish party.

Ps. If you’re someone who draws inspiration from celebrities, you’ll be thrilled to know that A-listers are already embracing the cropped blazer trend. Whether it’s the edgy elegance of our favourite A girlie (browse through the product gallery below to shop for the blazer she wore recently), stars are making the case for this trend both on and off the red carpet.

If you’re active on TikTok and love to share your fashion style with the world, the cropped blazer will be your go-to piece. Its eye-catching style is perfect for creating trendy and shareable fashion content that’ll keep your followers engaged and inspired.



Play around with different silhouettes and denim for a fashion-forward approach to casual smart. Intricate options of denim with a cool girl attitude bring a contemporary update to classic day wear.

denim blazer is the one-and-done option to keep you looking cool but collected on days with a packed schedule.

Easily styled with a midi pleated skirt and stilettos or with a fashionable knee length skirt and sambas, a denim blazer meets in between casual and smart, which is just what you want this season.

Picture this: a chilly summer morning, a busy day and the office picnic after work, and you, turning heads as you make your entrance in a denim blazer that exudes confidence and impeccable style. But is not too much for the summer gathering.



Streamline your eveningwear with an alluring pinstripe blazer. The pinstripe is the spring summer 2024 runway hit, and a pinstripe blazer is the most searched blazer on Pinterest. It might be the must have item of the office siren aesthetic, but it will see you through on a daily in the foresight future.

Feel the weight of an exquisitely tailored pinstripe blazer as you leave home.


By the way, pinstripe blazer is one of the key blazer trends for fall winter 2024/25, too.


Writing about the next season, get the shortcut to the most fashionable look of the season with a blazer with round shoulders. The next season’s round silhouette offers a cool girl approach that is ideal for styling with high waisted bottoms.

Whether casual with jeans or dressed up for a meeting, a blazer with round shoulders will be the easiest item to put on in 2024 2025. Layer over everything from tank tops for a day, shirts for work, sheer going out tops at night, jeans on the weekend, or openwork dresses for a festival. A blazer with round shoulders is a blazer that will work equally well in the city or beach.

Emphasise the proportions by keeping the blazer oversized whilst the bottoms stay super short.

A chic blazer with round shoulders is the must-have item for spring 2024 and will transition well into deep summer with shorts or a slip dress with lace trim. You will love its versatility whether you pair it with a matching bottom or style it with a contrasting dress, skirt or shorts to create a variety of looks.

I will buy this blazer for spring summer 2024. I’m not exactly happy with it’s composition, but the price per wear in my case (pov yours, too, if you like copying my looks) is super low.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the choice of blazers for winter 2024 and spring summer 2024 and deliberating which direction to turn, I made a comprehensive list of delectable options for winter 2024. Go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure. Ps. If you are a fashion stylist, fashion content creator or fashion buyer, make sure you subscribe to Brunette from Wall Street Substack (an exclusive paid subscription for fashion insiders) to get a blazer trend report for AW24/25.

Are blazers trending?

Yes, blazers are trending in 2024.

What are blazer trends for spring summer 2024?

Oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist (*oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer), blazers with round shoulderscropped blazerdenim blazerpinstripe blazermodern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket are key blazer trends for spring summer 2024.

What is the biggest blazer trend spring summer 2024?

The oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist (*oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer).

Are blazers in style?

Blazers are very stylish for spring summer 2024.

What kind of blazers are in style?

Oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist (*oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer), blazers with round shoulderscropped blazer, and  modern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket are the most stylish kinds of blazers for spring summer 2024. However, leather blazers are coming back in fashion in 2024, too.

Are peplum blazers in fashion?

Blazers with hourglass silhouettes are back in fashion for spring summer 2024. But not as fitted and short as the peplum blazers from the early 2010s, which featured a flared or ruffled fabric at the waist. The “modern peplum blazers” are oversized, and modestly flared.

Is the boyfriend blazer in fashion spring summer 2024?

Boyfriend blazers are coming back in fashion for fall 2024 winter 2024/25. In fact, boyfriend blazer with offset shoulders are set to be some of the most fashionable winter blazers 2024/25.

What blazers are in style?

Oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist (*oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer), blazers with round shoulderscropped blazerdenim blazerpinstripe blazermodern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket are in style for spring summer 2024. But you might want to be fashion-forward and shop for a  hourglass blazer with defined waistdouble breasted blazeroversized blazer with marked shouldersboyfriend blazer with offset shoulders, cinched oversized blazer (cinched with a leather belt), elongated leather blazer, suede blazer. They will be the most fashionable blazers the following season.

What blazers will be in fashion for fall winter 2024/25?

An hourglass blazer with defined waistdouble breasted blazeroversized blazer with marked shouldersboyfriend blazer with offset shoulders, cinched oversized blazer (cinched with a leather belt), elongated leather blazer, suede blazer will be in style for fall winter 2024 2025.

Are velvet blazers in style 2024?

Not as much as leather blazers.

Are double breasted blazers in style 2024?

Yes, in fact, a double breasted blazer is one of the most fashionable summer 2024 blazers.

Are oversized blazers in style 2024?

Yes, especially oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist. But they are not as oversized as the previous seasons. Even so, they are oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer.

Are cape blazers still in style 2024?


Are plaid blazers in style 2024?

They are, but they are not the key blazer trend worthy buying into.

Are short blazers in style 2024?

Not the short romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer. But cropped blazers are very fashionable for spring summer 2024.

What blazers are more fashionable in 2024 – long or short?

Long blazers are the most fashionable for spring summer 2024.

Are cropped blazers in style spring summer 2024?


Are cape blazers in style spring summer 2024?


Are blazers with shoulder pads in style?


How to choose a blazer ladies?

First, check the blazer trends. Second, consider the fit. A blazer should flatter your body shape. Look for blazers that follow your natural body contours. Pay attention to the shoulder seams; they should align with your shoulders. If you have a flat chest, look for blazers that have some shoulder padding or structure in the shoulders. This can help create the illusion of broader shoulders and a more defined upper body. Single-breasted blazers with a V-neckline can be particularly flattering for those with a flatter chest. The V-neckline can create the appearance of curves. Or get a double breasted blazer and move the attention to the buttons. If you have larger chest, avoid double-breasted styles. Double-breasted blazers with a lot of buttons can make the chest area look even larger. Instead, shop for an oversized single-button blazer that can create a streamlined look and minimizes the appearance of a larger chest. A blazer with a slightly looser fit through the waist and hips can accommodate a larger bust while still providing a polished look.
Blazers with V-necklines or notched lapels can help elongate the neckline and draw attention away from the chest area. Regardless your cup size, choose the right fabric of the blazer. Blazers come in various fabrics, from lightweight cotton to heavy wool. Consider the season and the occasion when choosing the fabric. Wool blazers are great for colder seasons and formal occasions. Cotton or linen blazers are ideal for warmer weather and casual settings. Blended fabrics can offer a balance between comfort and structure. Select a versatile color. Start with neutral colors like black, navy, gray, or white, as they are easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Once you have essential neutrals, you can consider adding statement blazers in bolder colors or patterns for variety. Pay attention to details, the quality of the lining, stitches and buttons.
Make sure the buttons on the sleeves are real. You should be able to unbutton the buttons on the sleeves. Check if there is a cut above the button. Lastly, think about how you will wear the blazer. If you are shopping for a blazer to wear for work, you might want a more structured, tailored blazer. For casual wear, a relaxed-fit blazer may be a better choice. Consider the level of formality needed for the occasion. A well-tailored blazer can be dressed up for formal events or dressed down for a casual day out. Set a budget and stick to it. Blazers come in a wide range of price points, so there are options available for different budgets.

How much should a quality blazer cost?

A blazer is an investment piece. However, you can get a quality blazer for as little as $400. Check Veronica BeardSandro ParisPinko, and Maje.

How do you spot a bad-quality blazer?

A bad quality blazer is made of artificial fibres that often have a tendency to make the blazer shiny – especially in areas of frequent friction. Furthermore, a blazer of bad quality has plastic buttons and a polyester lining, the fabric folds toward the sleeves, the buttons on the sleeves are not real, the collar and lining are sewn by the machine, and there is no flexibility in the stitching. It also has no fabric reserve, and the buttonholes are sewn by the machine.

What is the most popular blazer color spring summer 2024?

Light blue is the most popular blazer colour for spring summer 2024. However, butter yellow, black and white blazers are quite popular for spring summer 2024, too.

What is the most popular blazer color fall winter 2024/25?

Red is the most popular blazer colour for fall winter 2024/25. However, black, navy blue and grey blazers are very popular, too.

How can you tell if a blazer is made of good quality?

First, check the shoulders. If the fabric doesn’t fold towards the sleeve, the blazer is of good quality. You might also want to check the buttons. The high-quality buttons with a hand stitch signal a blazer made of good quality. You can also tell if a blazer is made of good quality if you look at the material and the stitches. A quality blazer has pick stitching along the back seams and the sleeves, and the collar and lining are sewn by hand. The hand stitch is more flexible than a machine stitch and lets the blazer move with you.
A quality blazer is not made of polyester or nylon, or viscose, and it is prone to get shiny in areas of frequent friction. Surprisingly, the most quality blazers don’t have any care and material labels inside the blazer. Last but not least, a blazer brand can tell a lot. If you know the brand, you can easily guess the blazer’s quality level.

What brands make the highest quality blazers?

Saint LaurentBalmainDiorBrunello CucinelliLoro PianaCelineMax MaraValentinoDolce GabbanaTom FordGucciRacil, but also Veronica BeardSandro ParisPinko, and Maje.

Are J.Crew blazers in fashion 2024?

Not the J.Crew blazer you have in mind. Short fitted romcom J.Crew blazers are not fashionable for spring summer 2024. But, there are more blazers to choose from at J.Crew and some are even fashionable. In fact, J.Crew rope tie blazer in glossy twill is one of the most fashionable blazers for spring summer 2024.

Are Balmain blazers still in style 2024?


Are classic fitted blazers in fashion in 2024?

Not for spring summer 2024.

Are H&M blazers in fashion for 2024?

H&M, Zara and Mango always copy runway fashion hits, therefore you can expect to find fashionable blazers at H&M, Zara and Mango. But the quality of Mango, H&M and Zara blazers is poor. You might want to save up for a good quality blazer.

Where to shop for a blazer of good quality?

You can shop for a quality blazer online at Mytheresa24SNet-a-porterModa OperandiHarrodsSSENSELuisaviaromaSaks Fifth Avenue.

Are blazers in fashion spring summer 2024?

Yes, blazers are fashionable for spring summer 2024.

What blazers are in fashion 2024?

The oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist (*oversized as compared to the romcom blazers – 2016 blazers – old J.Crew millennial blazer), blazers with round shoulderscropped blazerdenim blazerpinstripe blazer, and modern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket are in fashion for spring summer 2024. An hourglass blazer with defined waistdouble breasted blazeroversized blazer with marked shouldersboyfriend blazer with offset shoulders, cinched oversized blazer (cinched with a leather belt), elongated leather blazer, suede blazer will be fashionable for fall 2024 winter 2024/25.

Is a blazer formal?

Blazer is formal in womenswear but business casual in menswear.

Is a cropped blazer business casual?

A cropped blazer is casual smart at its best.

Can a blazer be worn casually?

Yes, a blazer can be worn casually. In fact, a blazer with jeans is the key trends for spring summer 2024 and one of the biggest styling trends for fall 2024 winter 2024/25.

How to style a blazer for fall 2024?

With fashionable pants, on a trendy dress, with a fashionable skirt, or with cool jeans and a pretty blouse or fashionable knitwear. Check fall 2024 styling trends to see how to style a blazer for fall 2024 fashionably.

How to style a blazer for winter 2024?

In winter, you can style a blazer with stylish pants or trendy jeans and fashionable cardigan sweater, layer it over a dress or pair it with a fashionable skirt. Check winter 2024 styling trends to see how to style a blazer under a coat fashionably.

How to style a blazer for spring 2024?

You can style a blazer with a matching vest and puddle pants, jeans and fashionable skirts, or layer it over a fashionable dress and a trendy top or a pretty blouse. Check spring summer 2024 styling trends to see how to style a blazer in spring 2024 fashionably.

How to style a blazer for summer 2024?

You can style a blazer with shorts, and stylish skirts, layer it over a trendy summer dress, or simply style it with fashionable summer pants and a chic top. Check summer 2024 styling trends to see how to style a blazer in summer 2024 fashionably.

How to wear a blazer in the fall?

You can wear it with fashionable pants, on a trendy dress, with a fashionable skirt and a stylish top, or with straight jeans and a cardigan sweater. Check fall 2024 styling trends to see how to wear a blazer for fall 2024 fashionably.

How to wear a blazer in winter?

In winter, you can wear a blazer under a coat. Style it with stylish pants or trendy jeans, layer it over a stylish winter dress or pair it with a fashionable skirt and sheer tops or trendy knits. Check winter 2024/25 styling trends to see how to wear a blazer in winter 2024/25 fashionably.

How to wear a blazer in spring?

You can wear a blazer with a matching vest, trendy pants, jeans, shorts, fashionable skirts, and a stylish blouse, or layer it over a chic dress this spring. Check spring 2024 styling trends to see how to wear a blazer for spring 2024 fashionably.

How to wear a blazer in summer?

You can wear a blazer with shorts, stylish skirts, and fashionable tops or popular T-shirts, layer it over a trendy summer dress, or simply wear it with fashionable summer pants. Check summer 2024 styling trends to see how to wear a blazer in summer 2024 fashionably.

When to wear a blazer?

When you want to look put together. POV, a blazer is more formal than a bomber jacket, a denim jacket, or a cardigan. For women, a blazer is the most formal jacket to wear – especially when paired with matching pants, skirts or a dress. Therefore, a blazer can be worn for formal occasions, such as business meetings, job interview, civil weddings, and daytime social events, such as dinner parties and cocktail receptions. Layered over a gown, a silk or a tulle dress, a blazer is suitable for the opera night, as well. On the other hand, a blazer can also be dressed down for a more casual look, paired with denim jeans or a boho dress.

Can you wear blazer with leggings?

Yes, you can wear a blazer with leggings. But not any kind of leggings. The key to pulling off this look is to get black wool leggings – super skinny wool pants that have everything that you want from leggings – the comfort and the stretch, but also come with pockets which make them look like pants paired with a blazer. POV The style of the blazer matters, too.

What blazer to wear with leggings?

An oversized or long blazer. For spring summer 2024 opt for an oversized double breasted blazer with a defined waist.

Can you wear a short blazer with leggings?


What blazer to wear with a dress in 2024?

It depends on the occasion and the type of dress. For work, pair your dress with an oversized blazer with marked shoulders, an oversized blazer cinched with a cord or leather belt, a double breasted blazer or a leather blazer. For when you want to look more casual, style your dress with a denim blazer or a boyfriend blazer with offset shoulders.

What blazer to wear with shorts in 2024?

Any fashionable blazer but a cropped denim blazer or cinched blazer with slightly exaggerated shoulders. You might even want to wear a long blazer to create the trendy no-pants look. Or style shorts with a modern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket as seen at Miu Miu SS24.

What blazer to wear with a skirt in 2024?

It depends on the occasion and the type of skirt. For work, style your skirt with an oversized blazer with marked shoulders, an oversized blazer cinched with a cord, a double-breasted blazer or a leather blazer. If you want to look more casual, match your skirt with a soft blazer with strong squared-off shoulders.

What blazer to wear with jeans in 2024?

A fashionable blazer. Choose between an oversized blazer cinched with a cordleather blazersoft blazers with strong squared-off shoulderscinched blazers with slightly exaggerated shoulders, or a denim blazer for 00s style denim on denim look that is still trending.

Are blazers with padded shoulders in fashion 2024?

Yes! A padded shoulder blazer is still a blazer trend to follow blindly in 2024.

Are leather blazers in fashion winter 2024?


Is the bike shorts and blazer trend still trending?

The bike shorts and blazer trend is not fashionable anymore.

What blazer to wear on a little black dress?

Black boyfriend blazer or black oversized blazer with padded shoulders.

What blazer to wear in May 2024?

May can bring varying weather conditions, so versatility is key. A leather blazer is an excellent choice for May.

What blazer to wear in June 2024?

June brings warmer and more consistent weather, making it a great time to embrace lightweight and stylish blazers that help you stay comfortable. It might be too early to wear a linen blazer, so opt for a fashionable 80s style blazersoft blazer with strong squared-off shoulders, or a cinched blazer with slightly exaggerated shoulders in lightweight wool.

What blazer to wear in July 2024?

July is hot and sunny, so you’ll want a blazer that prioritizes comfort and breathability while still maintaining a stylish look. Opt for soft blazer with strong squared-off shoulders made from lightweight and breathable materials like cotton, linen, or seersucker. These fabrics allow air circulation and help keep you cool in the heat. Pov, a cropped denim blazer, is a fashionable choice for July 2024, too. It pairs fashionably with low-waisted pants or skirts.

What blazer to wear in August 2024?

August is hot and sunny, so your priority should be comfort and breathability while maintaining a stylish look. Linen is an excellent choice for August as it’s lightweight and breathable, perfect for the heat. Linen blazers often have a relaxed, casual look that suits the summer season.

What blazer to wear in September 2024?

Since September ushers in fall fashion, it’s time to start wearing fashionable AW24/25 blazers. Mark your grand return to the office (or school) with trendy boyfriend blazer with offset shoulders.

What blazer to wear in October 2024?

October typically marks the into fall, so you’ll want a blazer that provides a balance of style and comfort for this transitional period. a leather blazer is a fashionable choice for October 2024. But think about where you’ll be wearing the blazer. For work, a cinched oversized blazer (cinched with a leather belt), and elongated leather blazer may be appropriate, while a boyfriend blazer with offset shoulders may be better for a weekend brunch or a day of shopping. Either way, opt for blazers in red, or neutral colors like navy, charcoal gray, or camel. Blazers in these hues can be easily paired with a variety of outfits and colors.

What blazer to wear in November 2024?

As temperatures continue to drop, a wool blazer is an excellent choice for added warmth. Choose a blazer that suits your lifestyle and the occasions you’ll be attending. The oversized blazer with marked shoulders, is suitable for professional settings, while an hourglass blazer with defined waist, may be ideal for a Thanksgiving dinner party. Ps. Embrace autumn by choosing blazers with seasonal patterns like pinstripe, houndstooth, plaid, or checks. They will add visual interest to your outfit. Or go for red; it is the most fashionable color for fall winter 2024/25.

What blazer to wear in December 2024?

December typically marks the start of winter in many regions, so you’ll want a blazer that provides warmth while still maintaining style. Wool is an excellent choice for December as it provides warmth and insulation. A fashionable hourglass style wool blazer in neutral colors like black, navy, or charcoal gray can be dressed up or down for various occasions. On the other hand, velvet blazers are a luxurious option for the holiday season. The soft, plush fabric adds an extravagant touch to your outfit, making it suitable for festive gatherings or formal events. Just make sure to stick to dark and rich colors like Baritone Blue, Evening Blue or Scarlet Smile. These shades are seasonally appropriate and create a sophisticated appearance.

What blazer to wear in January 2025?

January is typically quite cold, so you’ll want a blazer that not only provides warmth but also complements your style. A mid-weight wool blazer provides warmth without being too heavy, making it suitable for various temperatures. But you might want to step into the new year with a brand new blazer. An oversized blazer with marked shoulders will be an ideal choice.

What blazer to wear in February 2025?

February is often the coldest month, so you will want to wear a double breasted blazer with a tailored fit that can provide an extra layer of warmth and a classic, polished look. 

What blazer to wear in March 2025?

March can be a transitional month with varying temperatures, so versatility is key when selecting a blazer. A cinched blazers with slightly exaggerated shoulders made of a blend of lightweight wool is a good choice for early March when temperatures may still be cool and frigid. These fabrics provide some warmth without being too heavy under the coat.

What blazer to wear in April 2025?

April typically brings warmer and more stable weather so you’ll want a blazer that aligns with the season and makes you look fashionable. Choose between blazers that are all in fashion for spring 2025.

Is a blazer a jacket?

A blazer is a jacket, but every jacket is not a blazer.

What is the difference between a jacket and a blazer?

A blazer is more structured than a jacket. However, a suit jacket is more structured than a blazer.

What is a suit jacket?

A suit jacket is part of the suit.

Will blazers go out of style?

Blazers will never go out of style. Blazers will always be in fashion – a blazer is an essential piece of every capsule work wardrobe and a trophy piece in every capsule wardrobe.

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