Should bag and shoes match

Is Wearing Matching Bag and Shoes Still in Fashion?

This is a tricky question - but I know the answer for the next two seasons

Matching bag and shoes is still in fashion, right? My mother’s girlfriends keep asking me this one question. But it’s not just them guessing if their shoes have to match a purse. Fashion forums, Facebook fashion groups and Quora are full of this one question. Well, two, actually. Is matching bag with shoes in style? – and – Should purse match my shoes? The answer to both of these questions in 2019 and in 2020 is NO. AT LEAST NOT IN THE FIRST 4 MONTHS OF 2020. And hopefully not anytime soon. Because believe it or not, but when ladies on the street start wearing a purse and shoes in the same color we are f*. F* not fashionable. Scroll down to read why.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing blush Chanel bag, Blush plexiglass Gianvito Rossi pumps


Since you googled the same question, I guess you wonder whether shoes and bag should match in 2019, too. I feel you. After all, there are so many brands making matching bags and shoes right now. Including some of my favourite brands, Bottega Veneta, Stuart Weitzman and by Far.

Nevertheless, the answer is NO. At least NOT YET. This fashion trend might come back in fall 2020. But fingers crossed it doesn’t.

No, I really don’t want matching bags with shoes to become fashionable again. After all, I have an academic background in finance and macroeconomy and seeing matching handbags and shoes worries me.

Yes, same as the length of the skirt, matching bags and shoes indicate a change in global growth.

Anyway, more about macroeconomic indicators related to this fashion trend a bit later. You need to learn about how matching bags with shoes even became a thing, first.


Believe it or not, but at the beginning of the 1950s, women didn’t care much about the accessories. The post-war lust for accessories faded away by the 50s. And the sale of bags and other accessories gradually declined.

So to bust the sales of handbags and other accessories, the advertisers came up with the idea of setting a new fashion trend. The trend of mix-and-match clothing.

All the fashion magazines, newspapers and TV ads soon became full of women wearing matching outfits.

Not long afterward, this trend became big, and women all over the USA and Europe began to match their outfits. Including buying bags and shoes in matching colours.

To keep the demand for matching handbags and shoes growing, the department stores started to place shoes next to the handbags. Usually on the ground level. Making sure women saw matching bags and shoes the moment they stepped in.

And the shoes and handbags stayed on the ground level of many department stores for years.

Until 2013 (give or take one year) to be exact; when the global economy recovered after the biggest economic crises in modern history and the department stores realised people have different expectations nowadays.


So why women still think bag and shoes have to match in 2019? There are two legit reasons why some ladies have this (at this moment) outdated fashion rule in their mind.

Firstly, many brick and mortar stores haven’t changed yet. Well, at least not in fashionable undeveloped cities. Like Ljubljana, for example, where the biggest luxury department store Galerija Emporium still places shoes right next to the bags.

Surely you won’t see shoes and bags on the same level in Paris. At least not at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche or Galeries Lafayette, two Parisian leading fashion stores. Bags have their spot on the ground level whereas shoes are usually sold in upper levels.

At Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche shoes are sold in the shoe heaven in the 2nd floor. To make sure you hardly remember the colour of the bag you just bought on the ground floor by the time you enter the shoe heaven on the 2nd floor in the winter garden.

But there is another reason why women think purse and shoes have to match in 2019. And this reason makes even the Parisians wonder whether they should climb up to the shoe heaven after purchasing a new bag.



It’s the most popular fashion brands that recently started making matching bags and shoes again.

Ps. See the widget below to find the most coveted matching bags and shoes right now.



Wondering why they are doing that when matching bags and shoes are not in style yet? No, it’s not only because fashion trends go seasons ahead.

This matter is more complex. And has a lot with the current macroeconomic situation. But let us go back in time again.


Do you still remember when matching bag and shoes was fashionable for the last time? Wait, let me ask you this way. Do you still remember your tiny vinyl purse and matching red patent-leather shoes you wore to kindergarten?

Yes, it was in the 90s. That is when wearing matching shoes and a bag was fashionable for the last time. A little after (or around) the time of economic downturn in most of the Western countries. After the loss in consumer confidence.

When fashion brands tired to push sales using the same method as they did in the 50s. Selling matching bags and shoes.


Do you see the connection? Right after the economic bubble bursts, wearing a matching bag and shoes becomes fashionable again. Since brands need to push the sales of their strongest revenue bringers – accessories, shoes, and makeup.

Anyway, in a few words, when you see brands making matching shoes and a purse, this is a sign they are preparing for the economic slowdown.

Wait, I’m not saying we are on the verge of the new economic crisis. Hell, no. I wouldn’t dare. Besides, there are more fashion-beauty related signs of a slowdown.

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Furthermore, these Bottega Veneta pumps and these by Far booties truly needed a matching bag, don’t you think?

Brunette from Wall Street Winter 2019/20 office work profession



Again, your bag doesn’t need to match shoes. Even more, wearing matching shoes and a purse is not in style right now, in fall winter 2019/20. Nor it will be fashionable in spring-summer 2020.

However, fashion forecast says matching bags and shoes might be fashionable again for fall 2020. But so far we can’t say for sure if this edgy 90s fashion trend will come back on the streets and AW20 fashion shows. It was seen on the SS20 runways but only in few fashion shows.  Still, fashion brands are preparing for an economic slowdown and pushing sales of shoes and bags. So, as said, wearing a matching purse and shoes might be stylish again. But until then, you don’t need to worry whether your shoes match your purse or not. Buy a bag that you like and the shoes you can walk in. Ps. To see the shoes that are in style now – click here. And here to see what shoes and bags we are shopping for autumn winter 2019/20.

By the way, what do you think about wearing shoes and bags in matching colours?