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Bags in style for winter 2024 – winter 2024 bag trends because it’s about time you find out what bags are in style for winter 2024. POW, your colleges have been bothering you with this one fashion question about bags in fashion for winter 2024 all week long. How not, when Valentine’s Day is almost here, and a stylish handbag is for sure the best gift for her? But what bag to buy in 2024? Well, I know the answer! I know all the latest bag trends; I know what bags are in fashion for winter 2024, and what bag you should buy if you want to look stylish in 2024. So scroll down to see the list of the most fashionable bags of winter 2024 now!

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You heard it here first; it’s time to start thinking about the latest bag trends that will be hitting the fashion scene shortly. From oversized tote bag to even larger slouchy crossbody bag, there only three shapes, that are on-trend this season.

The word on the street is that crossbody bags are the key fashion trend for spring 2024. And it’s true! But XL slouchy crossbody bags are trending already. And what is more, XL trends will be on trend for the foresight future.

Whether you’re looking for a practical bag for everyday use or a statement piece to elevate your outfit, step forward with a new bag in your hand at the top of everybody’s wish list. Pov, the ugly slouchy crossbody bag is not your only option. There are two bag trends more you can buy into for winter 2024 and even more for spring 2024.

Worry not, we’ll take a closer look at the top bag trends for winter 2024 immediately.

Get ready to embrace the latest bag trends and make a statement with your accessories this season.

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Prepare for the season ahead by snapping up a slouchy crossbody bag that will mix and match seamlessly with what you already own. The best choice? A slouchy crossbody bag that will transition good into spring 2024.

Imagine a bag that accommodates all your essentials, from your trusty planner to your favorite lipstick, while maintaining that effortlessly cool appearance. Whether you’re hitting the office, strolling through the city, or going to the school, this trend is here to make sure you slay.

Slouchy crossbody bags are one of the hottest bag trends for winter 2024 and spring 2024, offering an updated slouchy 2010s vibe that is perfect for busy schedules. At the same time, the crossbody element adds an edgy touch that will make a statement.

For winter 2024, explore a range of materials and colors that suit your individual style. From sliver, and brown to eye-catching textures and patterns, there’s a slouchy crossbody bag that’s just right for you. Pair it with an oversized bomber jacket and a column skirt, or throw it on with your favorite denim and gazelles for a relaxed, street-style vibe.



If the oversized crossbody slouchy bag is a bit too much for you, pov, it sure is for me, a slouchy shoulder bag is perfect for business casual dressing.

A bit of structure can pull together any look. And, a subtle trapezoid shape injects a fresh sense of modernity into this adaptable, everyday hobo style. Not to mention the charming buckle embellishments. The buckles bring an element of versatility into the mix, allowing you to customize your look by adjusting the strap length. Wear it as a crossbody for a hands-free approach. Or sling it over your shoulder to look chic. Or opt for the classic hand-held style to match the occasion and your mood.

Embrace this AW24 bag trend and get yourself a Givenchy Voyou large leather crossbody bag. Pov, it has a very nostalgic 2010s vibe everybody is really into right now.

The size makes all the difference in giving a modern update to traditional shapes.



Oversized tote bags have been a popular trend for the past few seasons and are set to remain so till the end of winter 2024. But the shape is slightly different for winter 2024. The most fashionable oversized tote bags come in a rectangular shape with a slightly curved bottom and top. They are not as structured as the popular Tory Burch Ella tote bag. Even so, their quiet luxury appeal adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Paired with a variety of outfits, from a suit to micro shorts (obv for a day out of the office), the size of the bag makes it easy to look chic effortlessly.

Wear an oversized tote bag on puddle pants for work. With a bodycon dress and kitten heels when you are out and about in the town, or with something more casual for your day at the spa.

Let your bag be the talk of the town this season in trendy colours or puzzles. Or grab a fashionable navy blue bag that exudes trendy appeal effortlessly. Or hold on the Row Park XL textured-leather tote that speaks of quiet luxury.

Browse through the widget below to shop for oversized tote bags you will wear on a daily this season.


Stand out this winter with a bag that is different. Look for interesting details and soft shapes to keep your outfit fresh and contemporary. Whether you are pairing statement denim with a sheer top or turning to your trusted knit dress, a Loewe Puzzle tote will get you noticed.

Loewe Puzzle tote is perfect for both work and play, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Loewe Puzzle tote will be trending everywhere, from the city to the ski resort this season.

POV The soft structure makes it comfortable to carry, even when it’s full. A Loewe Puzzle tote is perfect for days when you are on the go and need a bag that is both practical and comfortable to wear.

Ps. An oversized tote bag should not miss in your office capsule closet.

With a play on colours, and the shape, discover true investment bags that will stand the test of time.

Despite their trendy status, tote bags are also a classic shape that will never go out of style. They are a unique and sophisticated accessory that can be worn for years to come, making them a great investment piece for your work wardrobe.


Some bags are designed to put a smile on your face. VeeCollective bags are our answer to happiness, the perfect accessories for fun and flirting at the gym.

Medium quilted bags are all about upsizing without compromising on style. Their dimensions may be deceiving, but their impact is anything but small. They come adorned with intricate quilted patterns that add a tactile dimension to your outfit.

Whether styled with something sporty for the gym, with a mini dress for brunch, or with a sheer black blouse and cuffed jeans, a VeeCollective bag will give the perfect accent to any look.

Elevate your look by choosing a VeeCollective bag that flatters and perfects any outfit.

One of the most attractive features of a VeeCollective bag is its versatility. It can transition seamlessly from daytime errands to the country club.

And the size is actually just right. You’ll find just enough space to carry your essentials – while maintaining an uncluttered and streamlined appearance.



Fun and cute, a heart bag offers a joyful way of elevating your outfit for the day or night. Even the simplest of looks will be IG ready in seconds with the addition of a heart bag.

Crafted in various materials such as leather, velvet, or even embellished with glitter, they exude a delightful charm that can instantly transform your outfit into a captivating fashion statement.

Refresh your wardrobe with a Coperni heart bag. Kick that sluggish feeling by choosing a stunning bag in a heart shape that you can hold on your elbow. The overall effect? Simple, yet stunning!


Ps. Check the 2024 styling trend report to see how to style your new heart bag in 2024. It’s essential to know – the heart shape will transition into spring 2024 as one of the key bag trends.

If you’re struggling to navigate the abundance of winter bag trends 2024 and having trouble deciding which bag to invest in this season, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of irresistible options for you to peruse. Take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ) – it’s sure to be of assistance.

What bags are in style for winter 2024?

Slouchy crossbody bagslouchy shoulder bagoversized tote bagsoft quilted bagheart bags and small rectangle buckle tote bag with dual handles are bags in style for winter 2024.

What bags will be in style in 2024?

Slouchy crossbody bagslouchy shoulder bag, crossbody bags and small top handle bags.

Are small bags in style for winter 2024?

Not yet. Small bags are not in fashion for winter 2024 yet. Except for the VeeCollective bag and Louis Vuitton Theda bag, of course.

What bags are in fashion winter 2024?

Slouchy crossbody bagslouchy shoulder bagoversized tote bagsoft quilted bagheart bags, and small rectangle buckle tote bag with dual handles are bags in style for winter 2024.

What is the most fashionable bag for winter 2024?

The most stylish bag for winter 2024 is a slouchy crossbody bag.

What bags are the most popular winter 2024?

VeeCollective bagLouis Vuitton Theda bagTory Burch Ella tote bagLoewe Puzzle tote.

Are basket bags in fashion summer 2024?

Yes, large rectangular basket bags will be in fashion for summer 2024. Ps. Get Chloé Marcie Leather-Trimmed Linen Tote Bag if you want a chic basket bag that you can wear from the beach to the city.

Where to buy a designer bag?

You can buy a designer bag online on Net-a-porterSaks Fifth AvenueCettireFarfetchMytheresa24s (you can even shop for a Dior bag and Celine bag on 24s), MatchesfashionSSENSENeiman MarcusLuisaviaromaModaOperandishopbopNordstromHarrods.

Is a designer bag an investment?

Yes! The value of designer handbags grows in time.

What bags are in fashion for winter 2024?

Slouchy crossbody bagslouchy shoulder bagoversized tote bagsoft quilted bagheart bags, and small rectangle buckle tote bag with dual handles are the most stylish bags of the season.

Are clutch bags in style 2024?

Clutch bags are coming in fashion in 2024.

Is a tote bag in style for winter 2024?

It is. As a matter of fact, XL everyday tote is one of the most fashionable handbags of the season. And Loewe Puzzle toteFerragamo Hug bagThe Row Park XL textured-leather tote, are the most wanted winter 2024 bags. Pov, girlies wear Tory Burch Ella tote bag on a daily – Tory Burch Ella tote bag is of the most popular bags for winter 2024; you will spot it on the subway and tube this fall. Perhaps even on the metro.

Are red bags in style for winter 2024?

Yes, however, you might prefer to purchase a bag in digital lavender, or grey or a yellow bag that will be in fashion for spring summer 2024 as well.

What style of bag is in fashion for 2024?

XL slouchy hobo bagXL tote bagheart shape bagshalf moon bagtop-handle bags with structured hard casetop-handle bags with more fluid shapesoft shopper bag, and novelity bags are the most fashionable hand styles for winter 2024.

What bag to wear to the beach 2024?

Large rectangular basket bag.

Is a pillowcase bag still in style for winter 2024?

Do you mean the padded Bottega Veneta bag? Yes, that bag is still in fashion for winter 2024.

Are satchel bags in style?

We wear slouchy crossbody bas this fall.

Is a bucket bag in style for winter 2024?

Yes. But it’s a micro trend.

Will belt bags stay in style?

Sorry to tell you, but belt bags are already out of style.

Are hobo bags in style?

The XL slouchy hobo bag you wear as a crossbody bag, is one of the biggest bag trends of winter 2024.

What handbag to wear to date in winter 2024?

silver bag and COS quilted bag are the best trendy winter 2024 handbags that are perfect to wear to a date. But grab an embellished rhinestone bag on your way out if you want to make it special for the date night or party.

What purse to wear to a wedding?

Purses with a kiss lockchain strap bagheart-shaped bag, and feather bag are some of the purses that are perfect to wear to a wedding in 2024.

Does a purse need to match the shoes for a wedding?

No, however, wearing matching shoes and a bag can make you look more sophisticated.

What is the best handbag for work in winter 2024?

The best bag to wear to work in winter 2024 is an oversized tote bag. With the Row Park XL textured-leather toteFerragamo Hug bagTory Burch Ella tote bag, and Loewe Puzzle tote bags being the most popular choice for the office.

What bag is the best for a job interview?

A structured top handle bag or satchel that is big enough for all the documents you might need to bring to the interview or might get. Even though it is unlikely you will get any papers or have to bring them with you, you need to give the impression that you came ready for work. All in all, they will judge you for your bag.

Are logo bags in fashion winter 2024?


What handbags are trendy for winter 2024?

Slouchy crossbody bagslouchy shoulder bagoversized tote bagsoft quilted bagheart bags, and small rectangle buckle tote bag with dual handles are the most fashionable bags of the season.

Are Michael Kors bags in style?

Michael Kors is gaining on popularity again, but it’s unlikely the brand wants its bags to become mainstream again. All in all that led Michael Kors down the rabbit hole years ago. Whatsoever, you might want to shop for Hamilton Legacy Large Leather Belted Satchel if you are looking for a Michael Kors bag to wear to work, and pretty Emilia Large Pebbled Leather Tote Bag for grocery shopping. Ps. Don’t wear a Michael Kors bag to a first date. It’s a red flag, according to tiktok.

Are Kate Spade bags in style?

Yes! Shop for knott large satchel if you are looking for a trendy bag to wear to work. And effortlessly cute Evelyn shearling small shoulder crossbody bag to wear when running everyday errands, and Pitter Patter 3D Heart Crossbody if you are looking for a cute bag to wear for a gate with girlies.

Are Tory Burch bags in style?

Yes. Tory Burch bags are in fashion for winter 2024. In fact, Tory Burch Ella tote bag is one of the most popular bags this season.

Are Louis Vuitton bags in style?

Not the fake Louis Vuitton monogram tote bags or fake Louis Vuitton trunk clutch that you probably have in your mind. You should consider buying a Louis Vuitton Theda bag instead.

Are fringe bags in style 2024?

Not really! Fringe bag trend is in decline.

Are saddle bags in fashion?

The saddle bags are still fashionable.

Are crossbody bags in fashion?

Yes! Crossbody bags are coming big for spring summer 2024.

What bag should I wear to a casual date?

The best handbag to wear for a casual date is a half moon bag.

Are metallic bags in style for 2024?

Yes! In fact, silver bags are top three of the biggest winter 2024 bag trends.

What bag to wear to work in summer?

A fashionable top-handle bags with more fluid shape is the most fashionable office handbag for summer 2024. But you might prefer to wear a top-handle bags with structured hard case in lighter hues, instead.

What details to look for in a bag for summer 2024?

Crossbody shape, animal shape, heart shape, bucket shape, fishnet, brushed gold hardware.

What bags are in fashion for spring 2024?

Slouchy cross body bag, novelty animal shape bag, crossbody bag, heart shape bag, bags with brushed gold hardware, fishnet bagmini top handle bag, cross-body raffia bag, raffia bag with buckle, bucket bag with seashells, and clutch bag will be in fashion for spring summer 2024.

What handbag to buy in Paris?



I hope I have helped you find your new dream bag. Now, let’s get you matching shoes, too.