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The most fashionable sneakers and the trendiest sport sneakers for spring 2022 for all of you who are always on a hunt for a new pair of trendy sneakers. Yes, here is a list of all must have sneakers for spring 2022. But wait, there is more waiting for you in this sneaker trend report. Yes, a lot more. A bunch of stylish sneakers you can buy while reading. No, I’m not only telling you where to buy sneakers online but letting you buy the most stylish sneakers without any search. Sneakers for women, sneakers for men, and sneakers for children, too. What about that? I knew you would love that. Now scroll down to finally see and shop for the trendiest sneakers in style for 2022.

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Always on a hunt for a new pair of sneakers? The most fashionable sneakers? If you said yes both times, then this trend report is something you must, I repeat, MUST read. Yes, once you scroll down, you will see the list of all sneakers that are in style for spring 2022, including the most popular sports sneakers of the season.


Wondering about what sneakers to buy in 2022? I bet you are. After all, the question “which sneakers should I buy in 2022” keeps popping up in my mailbox.

Lucikly for you, I know what sneakers you should buy in 2022. As a matter of fact, I have known what sneakers are fashionable for 2022 for quite some time now. I did my research, reviewed all the spring summer 2022 runway looks, and fashion forecasts to find out what sneakers will be trending for spring 2022, months ago.

Therefore I can tell you what types of sneakers are in fashion for spring 2022, and name all the sneakers to invest in 2022.

Furthermore, I even know what are the trendiest sports sneakers this season.

Yes, I know all spring 2022 sneaker trends. And today, I will let you know them too.


What sneakers are in fashion for spring 2022?

As mentioned in the shoe trend report, 2022 is the year of colourful and wedged sneakers. The most fashionable sneakers for spring 2022 are cool, platformed, coloured, slightly chunky and high. Well, not all fashionable spring 2022 sneakers are high, but more about all fashion sneakers in style for 2022 later on in this article.

What are the most popular sports brands for sports sneakers in 2022 for women?

The most popular women’s sports brands for sneakers in 2022 are Gucci run sneakersNikeAPLAdidasVejaON, and Dior.

What are the trendiest sneakers spring 2022?

Nike Dunk Hi Rebel High Up sneakers.

What are the best 2022 sports sneakers for women?

Gucci run sneakers and Nike Revolution 6 FlyEase Next Nature sneakers are the most popular women sports sneakers this season.

What are the best golf sneakers for women?

Adidas golf sneakers are the most fashionable golf sneakers for women.

What are the prettiest athletic sneakers for women in 2022?

DIOR VIBE SNEAKER White Mesh and Gold-Tone Technical Fabric and Gucci run sneakers.

What are the prettiest sneakers for girls in 2022?

Golden Goose Superstar shearling-lined leather sneakers are the prettiest sneakers for girls, and Monnalisa embellished leather sneakers are the cutest sneakers for girls. OFF-WHITE lace-up sneakers are the coolest sneakers for little girls.

Are wedge sneakers in style for spring 2022?

Yes, wedge sneakers are in fashion for spring 2022. In fact, Filla Disruptor wedge sneakers and Off-White Out of Office “OOO” wedge leather sneakers are some of the trendiest sneakers of the season. Wedge sneakers with hidden heels are in style for spring 2022, too.

What sneakers are in style for spring 2022?

Colorful neon sneakers (for womenmen and juniors), wedge sneakers (for women), dunk high sneakers (for womenmen and kids), mid leather sneakers (for men), high top leather sneakers (for womenmen and kids), classic sneakers (for womenmen and kids), and skater sneakers (for womenmen and kids),
As a matter of fact, all 00s style sneakers are back in fashion for spring 2022 – including the late 00s skater sneakers and high top basketball sneakers.
So to give you a short answer on what sneakers to buy for spring 2022 – let me tell you – buy a pair of dunk high sneakers or skater sneakers. Or Veja sneakers if you are looking for chic capsule sneakers.

So that’s what’s on the list of the most fashionable sneakers for spring 2022. Yes, these are the trendiest sneakers that are in style for spring 2022. Ps. Be sure to also check how to style sneakers on a dress. Up next: fashionable comfortable shoeswinter 2022 shoe trends and spring summer 2022 shoe trends. By the way, what’s your favourite sports brand for sneakers?