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List of Clothes Out of Style for Summer 2021 You Might Want to See

Summer cleaning your closet? I am! Since many of you will spend cleaning your closet this weekend, too – I decided to share a list of clothes out of style for summer 2021. You know, just to make sure you don’t throw away clothes that are still in style for 2021. I will let you know what to toss and what to keep to make sure your wardrobe is the most fashionable in the town. Just make sure you stick to this list of clothes that are out of style for summer 2021 and winter 2021. You don’t want to store the old season’s clothes only to find out those clothes are still in style for 2021, or coming back in style later in 2021, a few weeks later, do you? Ps. Don’t toss unstylish clothes into the bin – give them away or, even better – store them for the next season. You know, fashion trends always come back.

Ps. For all of you wondering how I know what clothes are out of style for summer 2021, and fall winter 2021/22 – I get the data from fashion trend forecasting and analytics companies who measure fashion trends and can tell exactly what trend is in decline. It might take weeks, in some cases even months, before you will notice no one wears any of the garments listed below anymore. But you will see that.

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So tell me, how do you feel after cleaning your shoe closet and tossing all the unfashionable shoes? Do you feel any lighter and refreshed? Well, you certainly should if you have removed all the shoes and all the bags from the unstylish list I shared with you the other day.

Well if you don’t feel any lighter already, here is something that will unabatedly do the trick. The list of all the clothes that are out of style for summer 2021 and winter 2021 (for you Aussies, Kiwis, and Latinas). Ps. This list of summer clothes out of fashion will guide you on your shopping spree too. Making sure shopping assistants don’t lure you into buying last season’s clothes.


Yes, today we are moving into the closet room to finally do the summer cleaning and remove all the unstylish winter clothes and make room for clothes on the shopping list.

DPD, UPS, and other delivery services are already delivering me my first purchases (I bought most of the things from my summer capsule wardrobe checklist already), and there is quite a high tower of boxes in front of my closet room. I guess you have the same situation right now. And the same as I, a closet room that needs to be cleaned for 2021.

Whatsoever, piles of boxes in front of your closet or not, I bet your closet room is full of unfashionable summer clothes and winter clothes. Hopefully the ones you bought last year. And not the one you bought a few weeks ago. 

You didn’t go shopping for the new season without my shopping list, and got lured into shopping summer clothes from 2020 collections, did you?

Well, I don’t blame you for the second one. Shopping assistants can be quite influential sometimes and easily lure you into shopping old stock. Especially when adding a little discount just because it’s you.

Ps. For shopping summer 2020 collections that are still in fashion for summer 2021 visit OUTNET (US click hereand EU click here). The OUTNET is one of the rare outlet stores that sell only clothes that are in fashion for the current season. For sure you won’t find anything from this list of clothes that are out of style for summer 2021 at OUTNET today.

Mentioning the list, it’s time we finally check the list of all the clothes that are out of fashion for spring summer 2021.



No, wait! Let’s play a little true/false game first. After the huge participation in the shoe true/false game on Instagram the other day, I know you will want to play the clothes true/false game as well.

So, the rules are the same. Save/screenshot these 2 pictures below, tick/circle the items you think are in fashion for summer 2021, and post them in your Insta Stories with #BSquadKnows. Don’t forget to tag @veronikalipar so I can see your results.


Finally the list of clothes that are out of fashion for summer 2021. And yes, I made sure to put all the clothes that are out of style for summer 2021 on the list even though my heart almost broke when I had to write skinny leather pants.

But better one tear now than a pond of tears and walk of shame later when realising you are not dressed in style, right?

Anyway, here is the list of all the clothes that aren’t fashionable for summer 2021. 

Ps. If you are from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or South America, you can skip this part and scroll down to the list of clothes that aren’t fashionable for winter 2021. Well, unless you are somehow traveling to Europe, the US, Asia or North Africa this season.


So here they are, all the warm season clothes that are out of style for spring summer 2021. 


Starting with the skinny leather pants, since I have already mentioned them. No, skinny leather pants are not in style for summer 2021. But wide-leg leather pants are!


No, it’s not just the skinny leather pants; skinny jeans are out of fashion for 2021, too. Worry not! Skinny jeans will come back in style eventually. Besides, why would you want to spend half of an hour trying to squeeze in unstylish skinny jeans when you can wear fashionable straight-leg jeans – just like chic Parisians – instead?



Furthermore, skinny trousers and cigarette trousers are not fashionable in 2021 either.

Well, if it helps, you can still look stylish, if you wear your favourite skinny pants with a fashionable jacket and a pair of stylish shoes. Just make sure you don’t put on a V neck top.



Indeed, you can get rid of all the uncomfortable clothes. Uncomfortable clothes are out of fashion for 2021!


Even so, this doesn’t mean that all comfortable clothes are in style for summer 2021, either. Mesh leggings are not.


Nor the joggers. Indeed, joggers are the fashion trend in decline for summer 2021. We wear tailored track pants instead now.


This will definitely surprise you. Yes, biker shorts are out of style for summer 2021. Shocked? I bet you are. But cycling shorts were here for quite long, and it’s time we finally declare cycling shorts unfashionable again.

Still, this doesn’t mean capri pants are out of style too. No, dear! Cropped leggings are back in style for summer 2021.


For the prints, the scarf print is in decline for summer 2021. We wear other more exciting prints now.


No, boring earthy tones are not in fashion for summer 2021. I know, not something you might have expected. Still thinking better, we need more cheerful colours in our lives (see the colour trend report). Ps. Brown is coming back in style for fall winter 2021. As a matter of fact, brown is already in fashion in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Oceania, South Asia, and South Africa. Mentioning the south, scroll down to find out what’s out of style in this part of the world.


This is just for you, Aussies, Kiwis, Latinas, and subSharians. Ps. Everything that is out of style for spring summer 2021 in Europe, North America, Asia, and North Africa is out of style for Australia, Oceania, South Africa, and South America too. But there are also these winter clothes that are out of style for the new season.


No, fur is not in style for winter 2021. At least not the real fur. And no, it won’t come back in style. Ever! It’s the faux fur era now.


You can get rid of all collarless jackets. You won’t need them this winter. They are out of style.

On the other hand, collarless coats are in style for winter 2021.

Even so, big collars are one of the key fashion trends for winter 2021.


Ps. Get a fashionable rib-knit dress instead.


FAQ clothes out of style that weren’t in style for the last few seasons, hence not listed in the list above. But still making you wonder whether these are in fashion or not.

Are skinny jeans out of style 2021?

Skinny jeans are out of fashion for 2021. 2021 is the year of wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, and jeans with slit-hem. However, you can always style your new Amiri skinny jeans, chic Levi’s 501 skinny jeans, or vintage Asos skinny jeans fashionably. Go through the latest styling trends to see how to style skinny jeans now that skinny jeans are out of style.

Are leggings out of style 2021?

Leggings and stirrup leggings are back in fashion in 2021.

Are patterned leggings out of style?

While patterned leggings are not the most style-proof choice for summer 2021, they are not out of fashion. Nevertheless, make sure you style leggings fashionably.

Are hoodies out of style 2021?

No. Hoodies are in fashion for 2021. In fact, hoodies are the most popular garment right now.

Are scarves out of style in 2021?

No. As a matter of fact, large scarves are fashionable for 2021. Especially if you wear them on your hair or over your coat.

Is leopard print out of style?

Leopard print was in decline for the last few months. But it is back in style for summer 2021. Hence keep clothes in leopard print and other animal prints in your closet for summer 2021.

Are off the shoulder dresses out of style?

Off the shoulder dresses came back in style in 2021. Check the dress trend report to find out more.

Is camo out of style 2021?

It’s not.

Is paisley out of style 2021?

Paisley is no longer one of the most fashionable prints of 2021.

What clothes are out of style 2021?

All the uncomfortable clothes and clothes listed in this article.

Are cardigans out of style?

Cardigans are on trend for 2021.

Are vests out of style?

Vests are very fashionable in 2021. Make sure to add a vest to your 2021 capsule wardrobe.

Are cold shoulder tops out of style?

Admittedly the cold shoulder tops are not the most fashionable tops for 2021. However, fashion and popularity are not aligned when it comes to the cold shoulder tops in 2021. Cold shoulder tops are No. 1 most popular tops to wear when getting the vaccine.

Are off the shoulder tops out of style?

Off the shoulder tops are coming back in style for 2021.

Are capris out of style 2021?

2021 is the year of extra short shorts and extra long pants. However, capris are coming back in fashion.

Are ripped jeans out of style?

After a year of decline, ripped jeans are in fashion again. As a matter of fact, distressed jeans are one of the most fashionable jeans of the season.

Will crop tops go out of style?

Not anytime soon. But they will go out of style eventually.

Are there some clothes that never go out of style?

There are! Some clothes never go out of style. Make sure to put them in your capsule wardrobe.

This is it. The entire list of all the clothes that aren’t fashionable anymore. You can still wear everything from this list if you style it right though. Check SS21 style trend report to see how to wear unstylish clothes in summer 2021 to look fashionable.

Even so, be sure to check the list of all unstylish shoes and unfashionable bags, too. Then take this list and go to your closet room to do the summer cleaning. Ps. Also, check the list of things still in style. But remember you need to make lots of space for all the things from the shopping list.

Still, make sure your cleanup is eco-friendly. And don’t toss your old clothes straight into the bin. I’m sure most of your clothes aren’t outworn at all, and there are your friends standing in a line in front of your closet room – all already excited for your summer giveaway.

Besides, you will be able to wear all these clothes again in a little while. Especially skinny jeans and V-neck tops. They always come back in style. In short, rotation is the keyword for closet cleaning.

Ps. You can turn your outworn clothes into the cleaning cloths.

By the way, which item from the list of clothes that are out of style for summer 2021 are you tossing out of your closet first?