Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in dark floral shirt dress, sitting in the bar drinking cocktail at the sunset

#5 Outfits to Wear From Beach to Bar That Are Not Kaftan

And All About the No Swimwear Bar Policy

Sun is up, champagne is opened, cocktails are mixed, music is on, the sea is just a few meters away, you are wearing fashionable swimwear, and it’s weekend. What else do you need for a perfect summer day? Summer days are meant for swimming and sipping sparkly cocktails by the beach, aren’t they? Just not in the wet bikini. So what to wear if you go straight from beach to bar with no stops in between? You do know the no swimwear bar policy, right?

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing dark floral shirt dress, red and white striped one shoulder Calzedonia bikini top, orange and white polka dot ruffled bikini bottom, Nannacay basket bag, black embellished mules on the beach in Croatia at the sunset

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing, red and white striped one shoulder Calzedonia bikini top, orange and white polka dot ruffled bikini bottom, standing on the beach in Croatia at the sunset

Hands up who likes sipping champagne or sweet cocktail by the beach after a long and refreshing swim! I do! And guess what? The latest trend is to go to the bar straight from the beach. Yes, this summer is all about going from beach to bar.

The only problem is that bars, especially in Europe, have this new dress code. Or better say policy as they tend to be quite serious about this no swimwear dress code.

Yes, you read right. The no swimwear policy in the seaside cities and moreover in the bars and restaurants on the beach is a thing now. You are not allowed to go to the bar, not even to the bar on the beach, wearing nothing but swimwear. And no, a simple scarf around your waist won’t do anymore. So what to wear when you decide to go to the bar after a swim? Not a kaftan either.


As said times when you could sip your cocktail in a wet bikini while sitting in the poshest bar on the beach are over. Surely we will miss watching all those tanned six-packs but truth to be told we had hardly seen much of six-packs the last summer anyway.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in red and white striped one shoulder Calzedonia bikini top, orange and white polka dot ruffled bikini bottom, climbing on the leather while getting out of the Adriatic sea

Besides this new from beach to bar style sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well that is once you know what exactly is this summer style all about. Don’t worry, I’m sharing all my tips on what to wear from beach to bar, plus #5 different beach to bar outfits at the end of this post. So make sure you read everything.

Surely, I promise to be short this time, as I know you are already in a rush. I definitely wouldn’t want you to blame me for missing party on the beach.

Nevertheless, we need to discuss this outfit that I wore for my beach to bar moment the other day, first. I bet you are dying to find out more about this beautiful place and moreover where to get this fashionable bikini.

What to wear from beach to bar to follow the dress codeFashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in dark floral shirt dress, drinking cocktail at the beach bar in Croatia at the sunset


Ps. Brunette Babes, you can totally skip the next four paragraphs as you already know how to shop my look from the EDIT. Well unless you usually skip this part. Then be sure to read it through. You do want to know, how to shop this bikini on ease, right? Also, a little reminder to save, pin and print this fashion cheat sheet doesn’t hurt. Especially now when we are talking about this entirely new style.

Anyway, enough with this intel, I promise you will get what I meant above once you become a frequent reader and a legit Brunette Babe.

So the EDIT now. Be sure you save, pin, and print this fashion cheat sheet. But don’t glue it onto your wardrobe’s door this time. This EDIT should go straight to your suitcase. Together with the swimwear.

Mentioning the swimwear, have you checked my swimwear shopping guide already? If you missed it, you can check it later over here.

Finally how to shop my beach to bar look. Again this EDIT is not only your fashion cheat sheet but a shoppable flayer too. Meaning you can buy my beach to bar outfit simply by clicking/touching items framed by pink frame. Ps. The pink frames will pop up once you touch/click on the EDIT. Furthermore, you can shop my beach to bar look by finding the links in the text or browsing through the gallery below the EDIT.

I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.


Like this bikini, I’m wearing? I decided to wear more than four swimwear trends this time. Ha, I know, it sounds too many trends in one outfit, but hey this summer will be too short to try all the 2018 swimwear trends. So why not wearing more than just one swimwear trend at once?

Writing about the swimwear trends, do you even know what swimwear is in fashion now? No? Then be sure to check my swimwear trend report here. It’s a must read if you want to be the most fashionable gal on the beach!

Finally, where to get this bikini that I’m wearing on my short getaway. Ps. More about my getaway in another post. First things first. You need to get my Calzedonia bikini before heading to this charming little city.


Actually, this bikini is not a Calzedonia set. I matched the Calzedonia striped one side shoulder bikini top (shop here) with my old Victoria’s Secret bikini bottom.


Unfortunately, this bikini bottom is not on sale anymore. It was sold out the moment after VS announced it will stop selling the swimwear.

By the way, you can still shop VS PINK swimwear. I even added few to my Swimwear shopping wishlist (check here).

Anyway, since ruffles and polka dots are two of 36 swimwear trends, you can easily find similar bikini bottom almost anywhere. To save your time, I’m adding a link to two of my favourites. Here and here. One in peach (like mine) and other in pink (you know for the colour clash we love so much).


And now the essential part of every beach to bar outfit. The silk shirt dress! Forget the scarf, we are covering our wet bikinis with a silk shirt dress this summer. Or these other pieces that you can see in the EDIT below. All far better than a kaftan. Not mentioning much easier to pull on wet bikini. Besides kaftan is for your grandma.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing dark floral shirt dress, sitting in the bar above the sea drinking cocktail at the sunset

Not only a shirt dress is one of the IT summer 2018 dresses, but you already have one. Well at least if you are copying my style. After all, you have seen me wearing this same dark floral shirt dress on and on. In fact, I have been wearing it all year long. Remember last summer here, in autumn here and even in winter over here. Including lately on my Instagram and on my walk through the city.

Believe me, a silk shirt dress is a must-have all year long. Shop my favourites (ON SALE NOW!) in the widget below. Plus it is easy to take on and off. Much easier than other beach cover ups as a matter of fact.



Lastly the shoes. Well, this part is actually the trickiest one. Yes, far more than what to wear above the wet bikini. I’m pretty sure you already know you can’t wear your party sandals to the beach. I tried once for this post here. But I ended up with so much sand in my sandals I could make sand pies for my entire squad out of it for sure.

Also, this season’s most fashionable summer shoes are a no go for a beach to bar occasion. Surely you couldn’t look more stylish when wearing luxe pool slides, but if you happen to spend your vacation in Croatia, then I have some bad news for you. Pool slides, luxe or not are a staple there. Although, not a fashion staple. But something people wear every day. Usually with socks.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in dark floral shirt dress, black embellished mules sitting in the bar above the beach drinking cocktail at the sunset

Whatsoever, the thing is that no one will think you are following the dress code if you come to the bar in your pool slides. As rude as they happen to be in most bars (writing about staff in bars in Rovinj in particular) they might even ask you to leave. True story. Luckily didn’t happen to me.

So what shoes to wear from beach to bar then? The mules of course. Remember your embellished slip-ons? Well you should, as they happen to be ones of those shoes which still walk around. Ps. Check my Shoe Trend Report (here) to see what summer shoes didn’t have that luck and are out of style for summer 2018!

Browse through the widget to find my favourite embellished mules you can wear from beach to bar and are on top of that even walking friendly. Do I hear you saying I just found your perfect getaway shoes? I sure should.


Seems like I almost forgot about the bag. In short, you can wear your basket bag from beach to bar. As long as your basket bag is like mine. Or like one of those in the EDIT below or one of my bag summer shopping list (check my list here). Ps. Mine is from Nannacay, and you can shop it here.

What to wear from beach to bar to follow the new dress code


And now the #5 outfits you have been waiting for the most. Again, you don’t need to spend any of your time looking for all these summer dresses, swimwear, shoes and basket bags I used to create these chic summer outfits. Just click on the items you like and a link will take you to the store where you can shop for it.

Don’t forget to save, pin and print this EDIT too. And sharing it with your friends. You don’t want to sit there in your wet bikini waiting for your friends to come back from the hotel finally, do you?


Pinko floral shirt dress, Calzedonia one side shoulder glitter silver swimsuit, Nannacay basket bag, black polka dot mules with text overlay What to wear from beach to bar #1 chic and easy to pull on shirt dress


In short, we love shirt dress because it’s the easiest garment to put on and pull off. On top of that, when made of silk or in a dark hue, it’s far more elegant than a kaftan. Besides, kaftan isn’t the easiest beachwear to put on and off. Plus, you can wear any type of swimwear under the shirt dress. Even the ruffles. Tested!


Maxi dresses and long skirts are summer staples. The good thing about the long skirt is that is elegant by itself, and you it doesn’t require any other top than a bikini. That is when your bikini is not wet and even better has ruffles or any other fashionable details.

summer in Croatia sunset Brunette from Wall Street

As it goes to the maxi dresses, well a midi dress would be perfect, too, make sure you match the neckline with the dress. Or not. But only if you know how to pull off this trend. Ps. Check my summer dress guide for a romantic getaway for more tips.


You know I love rompers, and I’m delighted to know playsuits are in style this summer. They are fun, chic and perfect for any cocktail party on the beach.

Another fashionable garment that is fashionable this year, plus easy to put on is the slip dress. Only make sure style it with the right swimwear. Best swimwear to wear under a slip dress is undoubtedly a metallic swimsuit. Or any other sleek swimsuit with thin straps. Note the swimsuit must stay hidden under the slip dress.

black Cami NYC Blain Macramé-trimmed Silk-charmeuse Camisole, Dolce & Gabbana rose print shorts, Cult Gaia Acrylic Luna Bag, Sophia Webster Bibi Butterfly Embroidered Suede Slippers, Zimmermann striped Jaya Tie Bandeau Bikini with text overlay What to wear from beach to bar #4 practical shorts


Surely mini skirts are a good choice too, but there is nothing chicer than silk shorts. Preferably high waisted. Wear them with a tank top or any other silk top to make this look more special and party ready.

Bayou Wide Leg Pants, Elena Makri black silk crop top, Calzedonia blue Velvet Padded Triangle Bikini Top with Ruffle Detail, blue velvet ruffled bikini bottom, JIMMY CHOO, black gretchen logo bow suede mules, Ulla Johnson Tautou Mini Leather-trimmed Wicker Shoulder Bag with text overlay What to wear from beach to bar #5 elegant wide leg sheer pants


Lastly, the wide-leg pants. Sheer wide-leg pants to be noted. Either made of silk or lace. You can style them with a matching crop top or again just with a flounced bikini top.

Ps. You know I keep writing wet bikini just to create more drama, right? You should always make sure you wear a dry bikini underneath your summer dress. And no, not because of that wet look, but because of your health. Or you can forget your #moetmoemnt as you will be sipping warm tea instead.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing, red and white striped one shoulder Calzedonia bikini top, orange and white polka dot ruffled bikini bottom, looking at the sea on the beach in Croatia at the sunset


This is it. The most fashionable beach to bar outfits you will see this summer. Nevertheless, there are more beach outfits and summer looks coming up on Brunette from Wall Street shortly. And even more in the new Fashion Sign. You know, our new fashion magazine you can get for free once you subscribe to Brunette from Wall Street newsletter. Until then, be sure to check more summer looks here and on my Instagram and profile. Also, check this post to see what to wear for a beach picnic. By the way, what do you think about this beach to bar trend? Do you like it? Or do you prefer to make a short stop at the hotel first?

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