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No Swimsuit, No Problem: The Best Beach Bar Outfits

And All About the No Swimwear Bar Policy

Beach to bar outfits here – because the sun is up, champagne is opened, cocktails are mixed, music is on, the sea is just a few meters away, you are wearing fashionable swimwear, and it’s weekend. What else do you need for a perfect summer day? Summer days are meant for swimming and sipping sparkly cocktails by the beach, aren’t they? Just not in the wet bikini. So what to wear if you go straight from the beach to bar with no stops in between? You do know the no swimwear bar policy, right?

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While the relaxed atmosphere and beach setting might suggest a casual dress code, beach bars in Europe have implemented policies that restrict entry to people wearing merely swimwear. Seaside cities, with its stunning Adriatic coastline and historic charm, take this dress code as an opportunity to merge the holiday spirit with the European’spenchant for style. Whether you’re looking forward to sipping a colorful cocktail in Dubrovnik or lounging in Split, eating gelato at the Lake Como or drinking Moet et Chandon on the glamorous beaches of the French Riviera make sure you respect the beach bar dress code.

Times when you could sip your cocktail in a wet bikini while sitting in the poshest bar on the beach, are over.

In recent years, an increasing number of European cities have opted to implement dress codes that prohibit entry to people dressed solely in swimwear. This policy aims to strike a balance between creating a comfortable, casual atmosphere and maintaining a certain level of decorum. By requiring people to cover up more than just swimwear, these establishments aim to uphold a more sophisticated and inclusive ambiance.

The thing is, this beach bar is a scene. A scene where the music is a medley of catchy tunes that infuse your soul with joy. A scene where the twinkling lights wrap around you like a warm hug, turning the sun’s goodbye into a welcoming hello. A scene where you aren’t just enjoying a meal, but indulging in an experience that’s as sensory as it is sumptuous.

All in all, beach bars are a space for socializing, enjoying live music, and hosting events. Dress code policies help toensure that the atmosphere remains appropriate for various activities, discouraging behaviors that might be seen as overly casual or inappropriate.

Besides, no swimwear dress code policies can contribute to a more upscale experience for all the guests. By encouraging guests to dress a bit more elegantly, beach bars can create an ambiance that feels special and unique, enticing visitors to return. Surely we will miss watching all those tanned six-packs. Although truth be told, we had hardly seen much of six-packs the last summer anyway.

However, practical reasons also play a role. Bars with seating areas, dance floors, and performance spaces often have problems with hygiene, comfort, and potential accidents that could arise from guests wearing only wet swimwear. Pov, clothes won’t save you from HPV, but they help to protect you from bacteria. Wet swimwear that remains in contact with the skin for extended periods can create an environment conducive to bacterial growth. This can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and even more serious infections.

Finally, let’s be honest – this dress code isn’t about restricting your style; it’s about elevating it. It’s about embracing the thrill of transforming from beach bum to beach belle, from sun-soaked swimmer to captivating cruiser. It’s a chance to swap out sand-covered flip-flops for strappy sandals and black chic espadrilles that are giving old glamour, or to ditch the soggy swim trunks for tailored shorts that wink at the old money.

Furthermore, this new no-swimwear policy gives you an excuse to pack all of your summer clothes for the summerholidays. You will actually need all those clothes for the beach this year.

So what to pack with you to make sure you dress from the beach to the bar fashionably?


Here are the most fashionable summer 2024 beach to bar outfits you should try this summer. Ps. You can also wear all of these outfits for a date on the beach or in the seaside town.

And yes, I made sure you won’t need to spend more time looking for all these summer dresses, swimwear, shoes and basket bags that I used to create these chic summer outfits. Just click on the items in the collages or widgets you like, and a link will take you to the store where you can shop for them.

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A good moment is nothing without a cute outfit. From a white beach dress to the prettiest espadrilles yet, discover cute beach bar looks that require close to no effort.


Enter the bar, dressed in a fashionable white dress. I picked two for you because I wasn’t able to decide which one I like more. Pov, I also ended up purchasing both for myself.

The crochet-knit upper, adorned with the brand’s signature patterns, adds a touch of artisanal craftsmanship but you might want to add a pop of color to this cute beach bar outfit.

Short or long, whichever dress you prefer more, they will both look stunning paired with blue espadrille wedge sandals.

You might want to replace the laces with satin ribbon to embellish these espadrilles and bring an element of opulence, contrasting beautifully with the charm of the jute-wrapped wedge.

Or not, and merely finish the look with a scarf headband – the trendiest hair accessory of the moment. Ps. Don’t forget to grab the prettiest beach tote of the season.


Chic beach-to-bar outfits exude an air of quiet luxury, and are a stylish way to seamlessly transition from a day of sun and sand to a relaxed evening at a beach bar. Maintain a sense of elegance and comfort while respecting the environment and ambiance of these coastal establishments.

They all come in light and airy fabrics, such as linen, cotton, or silk. That will keep you cool and comfortable while waiting for your refreshments.

As the sun sets on the horizon and the beach takes on a golden glow, beach bars come alive with a distinct energy. The atmosphere shifts from the carefree vibe of the day to a more intimate and vibrant evening ambiance.

Conversations are animated, laughter resonates through the air, and the sound of clinking glasses punctuates the rhythm of the music. This is the time when chic beach-to-bar outfits truly shine, seamlessly blending in with the evolving mood and creating a picturesque scene of sophistication against the backdrop of the shimmering sea.


Envision a navy blue silk shirt, lovingly crafted from organza, its fabric delicately capturing the sun’s rays as you saunter toward the beach bar. 

With each step, the silk flutters in the breeze, mirroring the soft undulation of the waves along the coastline. The shirt’s understated elegance effortlessly aligns with the easygoing charm of the beachside atmosphere.

Pair this exquisite shirt with matching linen shorts, an eminently practical choice for embracing the carefree spirit of days spent by the sea. The deep navy hue harmonizes beautifully with the tranquil seascape, creating a visual symphony that blends seamlessly with the expansive ocean horizon.

As you tread gracefully along the sandy shore, slip into black Castañer’s Carina espadrilles. Not only do they exude an undeniable sense of elegance, but their comfort and secure fit also ensure that not a grain of sand will interrupt your seaside reverie. And they won’t get damaged if you slip in with wet feet. The sunscreen might, however, discolour them. Luckily, I was able to remove the white spots from my espadrille. There were white spots inside my espadrilles. Pov, I didn’t have to bother as the spots were inside the shoe, but I like to keep my shoes clean.


Picture this: the sun begins its descent over the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow upon the beach bar. The air is laced with a sense of anticipation as people gather to embrace the tranquil luxury of the evening. IMAO it’s idyllic – the gentle waves serenade the shore, and you step into the scene with an outfit that epitomizes luxury and chic sophistication.

Enter the Khaite Lalita pleated cotton-blend midi dress in reddish brown, a masterpiece that is giving an understated elegance. The dress, gently pleated and luxuriously soft, catches the fading sunlight, creating a dance of shadows that echo the gentle ebb and flow of the tides. Its auburn brown hue stands out against with the rich tones of the sand.

Pair with Max Mara Tan Deauville sandals. Their refined yet fashionable design perfectly aligns with the atmosphere of relaxed refinement.

And if you want to bring all your beach things to bar with you, stack them into Max Mara Shopper bag in woven cotton cord. This bag effortlessly accommodates all your beach essentials while adding a touch of textural allure to your look.


As the sun’s descent paints the beach bar in a warm, golden hue, a tranquil ambiance takes hold. Waves lap gently, palm leaves rustle soothingly, and the mingling scent of saltwater and cocktails drifts on the breeze. Soft lights twinkle, mirroring the stars above, while your conversation dances in harmony with the mellow strains of “Lazy Breeze” by Ealot in the background.

Cocktails in hand, you sip and savor the velvety richness of ice cream, indulgence infusing the air. Flavors mirror the dance of waves as the soft breeze carries the song’s melody, weaving it into the evening’s tapestry. Amidst it all, your chic beach bar outfit stands out against the mesmerizing blue sea.

However, you’ve woven a twist into the mix. Your outfit exudes sophistication with a touch of the unexpected. The white silk shirt and matching tailored shorts that comprise this chic beach bar outfit are effortlessly giving. And as you put comfort at the forefront, the black Castañer’s Carina espadrilles play their part, ensuring your steps are light and graceful throughout the evening. Pov, The sand doesn’t stand a chance against your stylish steps.


Here’s the scoop: while you might be tempted to stroll in with the sand still clinging to your swimwear, beach bars have a slightly different vision in mind. They’re all about blending that sun-soaked comfort with a touch of runway flair.

So, imagine waltzing in with the most fashionable beach bar outfit that says, “I’m here to savor the vibe, and I’m doing it in style.”

Remember that your outfit is more than just attire; it’s your signature, your statement, your chance to steal the spotlight. This is your time to shine, to wear something very fashionable. Get ready to strut your stuff, because style isn’t just an option – it’s your VIP pass to unforgettable moments.


Now, picture this: a white H&M chain detail halterneck top that effortlessly embraces the seaside breeze. The chain detail adds a touch of edgy elegance, while the halterneck style keeps things airy and laid-back.

Paired with a white lace skirt, this fit is a must try fashionable beach bar attire. The skirt’s intricate texture adds a touch of artistry, while its silhouette captures carefree elegance. The intricate lace pattern dances in the sunlight, mirroring the gentle sway of palm trees and the undulating waves. Pov, this skirt will help you slay the runway chic in real life effortlessly.

Finish the look with trendy toe ring sandals. Surely, jellies are more fashionable, but we are more Earth-conscious and know better.


Surely, you know the Pinterest European summer outfit aesthetic is just that – an aesthetic you can see on Pinterest. Europeans don’t dress like that.

Pov, it is easier to picture yourself sipping a refreshing cocktail by the Mediterranean sea, and the sun kissing your skin while you wear a Pinterest European summer aesthetic outfit.

Cringe, you will look like an easy target and we will give you that look. Unless, you go vanilla and wear an outfit that is giving European summer aesthetic, buy European (me) wear, too.


Effortlessly combine femininity and class, in white tank top (prefereably cropped), a full black skirt and espadrilles – a standout choice for drinks or a party at the beach bar.

Elongating your legs with black Castañer’s Carina espadrilles. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they are a staple in any European girlie’s wardrobe.

Finish the look with the most European aesthetic hat – Eugenia Kim sunhat with a scarf.


Too many beach bar outfits to choose from? Go through the FAQ – it will help you decide faster, no cap.

What to wear to a beach bar?

One of the beach bar outfits presented in this article. Embrace the laid-back coastal vibe while adding a touch of chic sophistication that follows the beach bar dress code. Think breezy sundresses, flowy lace skirts paired with stylish tops, or comfortable linen shorts matched with lightweight blouses. Complete your look with versatile sandals or espadrilles, and don’t forget to accessorize with a sun hat and some beach-inspired jewelry. Remember, the goal is to feel comfortable, look stylish, and be ready to soak up the sun and the atmosphere.

Are there any clothing items that are not allowed at a beach bar?

While the dress code at beach bars can vary, there are a few clothing items that are generally best left out of your beach bar outfit even if there is no the no-swimwear dress code. It’s a good idea to avoid overly revealing swimwear, such as tiny bikinis or swim thongs, as beach bars tend to lean towards a more relaxed yet stylish atmosphere. Similarly, avoid excessively casual or tattered clothing like ripped tank tops or beach cover-ups that might be better suited for the sand. Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between beach comfort and a touch of chic elegance, so it’s best to opt for clothing that reflects that vibe. Go through this article to see the best beach bar outfits for summer 2024.

What is considered appropriate footwear for a beach bar?

Espadrilles, flat sandals, wedge sandals, woven or braided flats, canvas sneakers.

Are there any shoes that are not allowed at a beach bar?

While specific rules can vary from one beach bar to another (some prohibit flipflops), there are a few types of shoes that are generally not well-suited for the beach bar atmosphere. Boots, stiletto sandals, pumps, dad sneakers, and formal shoes will look out of place, no cap.

What is the dress code for a beach bar at night?

Island formal or beach semi(formal).

What to wear for drinks after a swim?

One of the outfits presented in this article.

Can you wear swimwear as a base of your beach bar outfit?

Yes, you can. In fact, the fourth outfit presented in this article features a crochet bikini top under the silk shirt. But make sure your swimwear is dry.

Can you wear a kaftan to the beach bar?

Yes, you can. But you might want to wear something even more fashionable. Check trendy beach bar outfits presented in this article for inspiration.

Are there specific colors or patterns to avoid at a beach bar?

Not really.

But I will give you more guidelines in the Beach Dress Code Decoded Guide, which is coming exclusively (paid subscribers only) to Brunette from Wall Street Substack. Make sure you are on paid subscription.


While some might initially feel that the beach bar policies impede the carefree nature of beach vacations, they generally serve the purpose of creating a more inclusive and respectful environment within the bar area.

They help distinguish the beach bar as a distinct space where people can socialize, enjoy refreshments, and unwind without completely departing from the relaxed coastal atmosphere. And there are so many cute beach bar outfits you can wear. Check also the most fashionable beach date outfits, and trendy vacation outfit ideas. Up next, trendy summer brunch outfits to wear once you get back to the city.