#5 Outfits to Wear From Beach to Bar That Are Not Only Kaftan

And All About the No Swimwear Bar Policy

Beach to bar outfits here – because the sun is up, champagne is opened, cocktails are mixed, music is on, the sea is just a few meters away, you are wearing fashionable swimwear, and it’s weekend. What else do you need for a perfect summer day? Summer days are meant for swimming and sipping sparkly cocktails by the beach, aren’t they? Just not in the wet bikini. So what to wear if you go straight from the beach to bar with no stops in between? You do know the no swimwear bar policy, right?

Hands up who likes sipping champagne or a sweet cocktail by the beach after a long and refreshing swim! I do! And guess what? The latest trend is to go to the bar straight from the beach. Yes, this summer is all about going from beach to bar.

The only problem is that bars, especially in Europe, have this new dress code. Or better say policy as they tend to be quite serious about this no swimwear dress code.



Yes, you read it right. The no swimwear policy in the seaside cities and moreover in the bars and restaurants on the beach is a thing now. You are not allowed to go to the bar, not even to the bar on the beach, wearing nothing but swimwear. And no, a simple scarf around your waist won’t do anymore. So what to wear when you decide to go to the bar after a swim? I know!


As mentioned, times, when you could sip your cocktail in a wet bikini while sitting in the poshest bar on the beach, are over. Surely we will miss watching all those tanned six-packs. Although truth to be told we had hardly seen much of six-packs the last summer anyway.

Besides this new no-swimwear policy gives you a legit excuse to pack all of your summer clothes for the summer holidays. You will actually need all those clothes for the beach this year.

So what to pack with you to make sure you dress from the beach to bar fashionably?



Here are the most fashionable summer 2020 beach to bar outfits you should try on this summer. Ps. You can also wear all of these outfits for a date on the beach.

And yes, I made sure you won’t need to spend more time looking for all these summer dresses, swimwear, shoes and basket bag that I used to create these chic summer outfits. Just click on the items in the collages or widgets you like and a link will take you to the store where you can shop for them.

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Starting with the caftan since kaftans are back in style for summer 2020. Honestly, kaftan was never my favourite summer coverup. Probably because I kept seeing ladies styling their caftans all wrong. With shoes that don’t go with caftans well.

Whatsoever, here is how to style kaftan and wear it from the beach to the bar.





A shirtdress is my favourite dress to wear from beach to bar and even office. Yes, from the beach to the office. Check my summer work outfits if you don’t believe you could wear this same shirtdress for work as well.

There are two ways to style shirtdress from beach to bar in summer of 2020. You can either wear a white shirtdress with wedges and a floral swimsuit or pink bandeau swimsuit like I did it here. You can also swap the wedges and wear flat mules instead to look more elegant. Either way, you will look very fashionable and chic.






The white cotton dress is a summer staple. For summer 2020 pick a dress with a heart or square neckline. Either in white or embroidered with colourful threads like this Chanel mini dress.

I got a white dress with a square neckline and tie straps. That is, thanks to the tie straps, really easy to put on and take off. You can shop my dress here. It’s only $68, and you can wear it from the beach and beyond. Showing you how, over here!

Ps. You should always make sure you wear a dry bikini underneath your white summer dress. And no, not because of that wet look, but because of your health. Or you can forget the ice cream and cold cocktails as you will be sipping warm tea instead.








Surely mini skirts are an excellent choice too, but there is nothing chicer than shorts. Preferably high waisted or biker shorts. Wear them with a sheer silk blouse (you can leave it unbuttoned) to make this look more special and party ready.

Ps. Linen shorts are a great choice for a beach date and summer picnic on the beach too. See by yourself over here.





Lastly, a jumpsuit. You know much I love rompers and playsuit, and I’m delighted to know boilersuit is in style this summer. Boilersuits are chic and perfect for any cocktail party on the beach. Not to mention elegant and easy to put on and off.


This is it — the most fashionable beach to bar outfits for summer 2020. Nevertheless, there are more beach outfits and summer looks, including more outfits you can wear for a date on the beach, coming up on Brunette from Wall Street shortly. So make sure you subscribe for the “new post alert” if you read this article on desktop. You should also follow me on Instagram and check my insta stories to make sure you don’t miss any of BWS’ daily trend reports.

Also, check these 11 beach date outfits. Furthermore, check this post to see how to wear all the beach to bar outfits, I showed you today, once you get back from holidays. You can even wear one of these outfits for work too. But with different shoes and no bikini, of course. Wait, leave bikini on, if you are going to the rooftop pool party after work.


By the way, what do you think about this no swimwear at the bar policy? Do you hate it? Or don’t mind anymore now that you know how to dress from beach to bar with no stops at the hotel room before?