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A Must Read If You Are Sick of Animal Prints or Just Want to Look Rich

AW19/20 Prints and Patterns Trend Report

Cow, leopard, zebra, snake, tiger … no, I’m not at the zoo, listing the animals I see, right now. But I am listing fall winter 2019/20 print and pattern trends. Yes, animal prints are still in style for fall winter 2019/20. However, animal print is not the only fashionable print right now. And guess what? Burberry and Dior brought your favourite print back in style for autumn winter 2019/20 too. Although there is also this new, luxurious print coming straight from Chanel that will make you look dressed for a million and you will love it even more. Wait no more, and scroll down to see all autumn winter 2019/20 print and pattern trends now!

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And here it is, the 2019/20 Autumn Winter Print and Pattern report with the list of all, but seriously all fashion print and pattern trends that are in style for fall winter 2019/20. Just what you wish to see after the AW19/20 colour trend report, right?

Since I know you have said yes, scroll down to see what prints are in fashion for fall winter 2019/20.





Now tell me, isn’t the list of fashion prints for fall winter 2019/20 just fabulous? Even the statement slogans are back. And there is also this print that makes you look like a millionaire even when you are dressed for less than $100.

Anyway, scroll down to find out more about each fashion print of the season. There are quite a few things you need to know before you start shopping for 2019/20 autumn winter prints and patterns.

Have I mentioned shopping? I sure did! All the collages are hyperlinked so that you can shop all the items you see while reading the autumn winter 2019/20 print and pattern trends report. Furthermore, you can find a gallery of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories in every print under the copy. And yes, Marisa, I made sure to add items of different price ranges, making sure the entire BWS gang can afford something in each of AW19/20 prints.


Now finally, more about each fashion print and pattern that is in style for fall winter 2019/20. First, the last season’s fashion prints that are still in fashion for autumn winter 2019/20.





Remember what I told you about animal prints in the print report last year? I told you it will be in style for a long time. And as you can see, I was right. Animal print is still in style. Correction, animal prints are still in style. All of them. The cowhide print, zebra print, snakeskin print, tiger print, and mostly the leopard print.

Ps. If your closet is not full of animal prints already, or you just want to refresh it – here is what to buy in animal prints for fall winter 2019/20.


As you saw over here, I already bought the leopard print tights from Ganni and these leopard shoes. Yes, these shoes. And also these pumps.



By the way, if you don’t know how to style leopard print, check this post. I also shared how to wear leopard print for work (over here) in fall winter 2019/20. To see more things that are worthy to buy in leopard print – check this post.




Another animal print that you can wear for work this season is snakeskin print. And I even already showed you how! Here! 




By the way, did you know that is fashionable to wear cowhide on your nails this season too? Be sure to browse through the widget to find all the items you need in cow print to wear it from head to toe. Literally!







Last but not least, 2019/20 fall winter animal print is the zebra print. Check the gallery below to see what to buy in this animal print for fall winter 2019/20.







Another fashion print that is still in style is floral print on a dark background. And yes, knowing that dark florals are still in fashion makes me happy. Afterall this is favourite fashion print!



Besides, it’s effortless to style dark floral print. Plus, you can wear it from brunch to work. And from work to late-night drinks. Furthermore, this floral print is just perfect to wear for parties. As a matter of fact, my favorite little black dress is covered with floral print too.

Whatsoever, enough writing/reading! While I could keep writing about this luxurious floral print, let’us make a full stop here. For now! And better start checking all these dark floral stunning clothes, shoes and bags in the widget below and above.



Ps. Another excuse to splurge on this floral print – dark florals will be in style for spring summer 2020 as well. The flowers will be smaller though, so be sure to shop mini dark floral print if you want to wear it in spring summer 2020, too.


Look which 2 fashion prints are back in style for fall winter 2019/20! All thanks to Dior and Burberry. Have you missed them?





Yes, plaids are back in style. All sorts of plaid prints you can list. Tartan print, checks, gingham … By the way, do you still remember the difference between gingham and checks?

Don’t worry if you don’t, here is a quick and easy to remember the difference between checks and gingham.


Gingham is a crisscross pattern of dyed cotton with overlapping coloured stripes. Combined with a white thread. If it’s a gingham print, the colouring should be on the warp yarns and with no exception always along the grain.

See/shop below.




On the other side, checks are merely 2 colours (contrasting colours), one dark and other bright. Like at the chessboard.

Anyway, be sure to check the gallery below. It’s easier to understand the difference between the gingham and checks if you can see it.



By the way, Dior and Bottega Veneta did the most beautiful fall winter 2019/20 collection in checks. Yes, some of those beautiful pieces from the widget above are from Dior and Bottega Veneta. And you only need to click once to see them in the store where you can buy most of the pieces of this collection. Ps. Everyone chic is buying this Dior hat!


Welcome to the 90s! Tartan, the plaid that comes in multiple colors – crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands is in style for autumn winter 2019/20 too!






Obviously, 2019/20 autumn winter print trend report wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Burberry checks. With no doubt, Burberry check is always in style, regardless of the seasons and fashion trends. So even if when plaid print goes out of style, you can still wear Burberry check!




Last but not least plaid that is in fashion for fall winter 2019/20 is the Chanel net. Note that this is not the official name of this plaid print, but I thought it would be simpler if we just call it the Chanel net. Because there is another plaid print that Chanel made for 2019/20 autumn winter that is simply stunning.




Yes, that print! Chanel also made many beautiful designs in houndstooth. But more about this print a bit later.




Also back in fashion? Textomania! Logomania, monograms and statement slogans. Wondering who we have to thank for bringing back statement slogans back in style for fall winter 2019/20?





Yes, it’s Dior. Dior brought back the empowering slogans. Which is no surprise to me. Afterall we need empowering and motivational quotes right now. More than ever, I think. You know what I mean? I bet you do because this t-shirt is selling out really fast.






Logos are stylish again, as well. I’m especially fond of Burberry monogram. See the galleries.




And now the IT prints of the season. The most stylish prints and patterns of fall winter 2019/20.


First, houndstooth. If you can only buy one piece of clothing, one pair of shoes or one bag, make sure it’s in houndstooth print. This print is with no doubt the most fashionable print of the season. Everyone stylish says so! Even those who could live in leopard print.

Why? Because this print makes you look successful. This is for sure the print you should wear when you want to impress someone.

Houndstooth print makes you look like a million. Thanks to Balmain and Chanel, everyone thinks you are wearing expensive clothes when wearing houndstooth print.

Well truth to be told, they are not that wrong. Clothes in houndstooth can be quite expensive this season. The reason why is purely economics. The demand exceeded the supply.

In brief, everyone is buying clothes in houndstooth print now, and since stores can’t put so many clothes in this print on the shelves so quickly, the price keeps going up.



Ps. So sorry, but I pushed the SD curve for houndstooth even more to the upper right corner. I just bought all of the clothes from the widget above last night. See this blazer. Ps. I’m getting these Dior pumps next.

Mentioning the corner, be sure to click on the bell in the bottom right corner of your desktop to sign up for the new post alert. This way, you will be notified once I publish my first houndstooth outfit. I wonder what I will get first thought, the dress, or the suit.



Another new, fresh yet highly fashionable print is the argyle print. Yes, argyle print not just argyle pattern. As you can see in the gallery below, there are layers of overlapping diamonds and lozenges printed on all sorts of clothes this season. Not just knits.



However, a sweater in argyle pattern is this a must-have piece this season. I like this sweater. What do you think? Should I buy it? It’s a chic makeover of the argyle pattern.






Finally, there is also the oversize paisley that is in fashion for autumn winter 2019/20. Nevertheless, this print could be one of those fashion trends no one cares about. Yet we will see. There are many clothes in oversize paisley that I like.






Don’t like wearing prints, but also don’t like wearing plain clothes? Then wear dégradé. Dior and few other fashion houses made the most beautiful collection in dégradé we could ever imagine. See below and above! Ps. Tracy, get your credit card ready! I know you won’t be able to resist either of these ombré clothes.




There are other things that you can wear if you don’t like prints or plain clothes, shoes and bags. Apart from the beautiful dégradé you also have these 3 options.





Of course, the quilt. The quilt is one of the top 5 fashion trends this season. Thank Bottega Veneta by shopping these! By the way, Bottega Veneta quilted pumps are this season’s IT pumps. Proved by Instagram.

However, you can find soft quilting, decorative stitches, on the clothes and accessories too. Tibi (see here) and Sandro Paris (see here) even put stitches onto the skirt and leather jacket (buy here).




Yes, mock croc is also still in fashion. Thank you! Whoever we have to thank for bringing again the mock croc to. And yes, this means you will see me walking around in my Ganni mock-croc boots this season too.



Furthermore, you will see me walking around with this bag on my shoulder. But only when I won’t be holding this pretty pastel blue mock-crock purse.


Lastly, sequins! Glitter and sequins are back as well. I’m not surprised, though. After all, the holidays season is almost here and what if not a sequin dress will we wear for a December party. I’m getting this pretty degrade pink sequin dress. What about you?




So this is it. All the 2019/20 fall winter print and pattern trends that are in fashion for autumn winter 2019/20. What print will you wear the most this season? Will you turn your closet into a safari, garden or punk club? Ps. Let me know what you buy. Tag @veronikalipar on Instagram so I can see. Especially quilted clothes. I need some style ideas for the quilted skirt.

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Ps. I already know some of Autumn Winter 20/21 print and pattern trends. So far, we know that designers will use jungle warrior print (enlarged flower heads and textured leaves), dark floral print that is organised symmetrically in borders, traditional floral motifs, floral and geometric combinations. Furthermore, there will also be more abstract prints and patterns in style for autumn winter 2020/21. Sort of Sci-fi prints. Imagine futuristic shapes and patterns in bold color combinations. You know, kaleidoscope and holographic pattern. Last but probably not least, autumn winter 2020/21 print trend is horse and dog motif. That is illustrative horse and dog motifs.