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5 Styling Trends for Summer 2024 You Need to Try

Summer styling trends 2024 for all of you who haven’t had a chance to update your closet for summer 2024 yet and are still wearing last season’s clothes. Which, is, by the way, totally ok. Especially if you still love and feel good in your old clothes, shoes, and accessories, and just like me, wouldn’t give them away for anything in this world. Not even for a bunch of new clothes. Besides, new or old, there are these summer 2024 style trends you need to follow if you want to look fashionable.

After all, you know it’s true; money can’t buy style. You can have a closet full of new clothes, yet these clothes won’t make you look stylish in summer 2024 if you style them wrong and wear them like you were trapped in the wrong decade. Whatsoever, we won’t let this happen. Now scroll down to see the list of all summer 2024 style trends for summer 2024.

Ps. I hope this summer 2024 styling trend report makes you feel much better when getting ready to put on your old summer clothes and shoes. After all, styled as suggested below, almost everything you currently have in your wardrobe can somehow still be in fashion for summer 2024.

I know, it sounds unbelievable. Furthermore, too good to be true. Yet, it is true if you play tennis and/or date a football player. Now scroll down and find a wearable summer style trend to follow this summer. Ha, what am I writing? All 2024 summer style trends are wearable. We are at the beginning of a new era – “the letto 20s”. The micro trends are out, we are not falling in for aesthetics head to toe anymore. Instead, we are going for a bigger picture.

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As said, you don’t need a closet full of new summer clothes, a pile of new shoes, a drawer full of new swimsuits, and a box filled with new hats and hair accessories to look on-trend this summer.

Sure, new season’s clothes, shoes and accessories can make you look fashionable instantly (unless you follow outdated style trends, of course). But the secret is that you can look stylish in last season’s clothes, too.

All you actually need to do is to style whatever you have in your closet, fashionably.

Indeed, all it takes for you to look fashionable in summer 2024 is to style the clothes, shoes, and accessories as statedbelow.


Summer is that season when we all feel compelled to try something a bit different. Why not go for something exceptional or slip into a white milkmaid dress? Or try a low waist white lace skirt and a front tie top? Or like me, wear halterneck tops and tailored black capris. After all, there is no time like present.

I thought you would appreciate a list of style formulas for summer 2024. I put together some easy outfit ideas that will help you follow the biggest summer 2024 style trends effortlessly.

Ps. Check also the most fashionable summer outfits to see how I wear these trendy style formulas in real life.

So what style trends to follow in summer 2024 to look fashionable no matter what you wear? Well, I already told you what style trends you shouldn’t follow in summer 2024 if you don’t want to look unstylish and I gave you some easy outfit style formulas for summer 2024.

But, if you might want to find out more about key summer 2024 style trends: football girl (that’s soccer girl for USA), athletic preppy style, bubble girl style, European summer style (what internet thinks is European summer style), and boho 3.0 style.

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Tapping the ongoing cheer for all things sporty, football style is the standout new styling trend for summer 2024.

Offset the proportions with oversized jerseys and berumda shorts; try the football jersey of your favourite player with super short shorts and mesh ballet flats. Or explore the new ways to wear your old staples – the bermuda shorts and gazelles.

This summer styling trend brings infinite possibilities for what lies in your wardrobe. Oversized jerseys are our preferred looks for statement dresses as we step forward into the future in cord thong sandals and baseball hat. Get set – it’s time to have fun again.

Football girl is one big confusing styling trend that brings together different styles, different subcultures, and different decades (the main inspiration comes from the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament Paris 2024), and different interests, but somehow works as an entirely new aesthetic.

The trend also includes a nod to vintage football fashion, such as the exaggerated tongue and knee-high sock styling.

But again, it’s not fashionable to put everything that falls into this aesthetic together and wear it head to toe. The most fashionable way to style trendy pieces for summer 2024 is to only insinuate the aesthetic (the micro trend) that inspired you to put on that look.

For example, get a football jersey and style it with super short shorts made of leather. You can still wear sambas, but accessorize with a white leather bag for a look that delivers your style and not the head to toe soccercore.



Stop romanticizing about the “old money styling” that had nothing to do with the old money in the first place, but do embrace the athletic preppy style this summer.

Summer 2024 is a revival of preppy fashion with polo shirts, track jackets, and button-down shirts, with a new attitude, often paired with tenniscore elements.

The color palette leans towards white, neutrals and pastels.

POV If you can’t move on from pleated mini skirts, this summer 2024 styling trend is for you.

Or revamp your entire mood with a sensational outfit in tweed. Never boring but always luxurious, you will feel at the top of the world.

Tenniscore silhouettes make a big statement when executed in tweed or country club aesthetic with chic ladylike finishes. The trend also includes a mix of rustic and handmade elements like linen, denim, and crochet. But I’m obsessed with this tweed dress. If you are, too (pov, how wouldn’t you be), see how to style it for summer 2024.



It’s official; gen Z is taking revenge on millennials for adopting cropped tops and horseshoe jeans by recreating the signature millennial skinny jeans outfits and capris.

But forget about the skinny jeans for now.

Instead, prepare yourself for a fresh take on the classic meet-cute, drawing inspiration from your most beloved romantic comedies of the 2000s. This style is actually a fresh take on the feminine-grunge aesthetic of the early 2000s, characterized by the bouncy, leg-baring joy of the bubble hem skirt in butter yellow or pastel blue.

In the wake of three years of predominantly wearing sweatpants and loungewear, and then the obsession with quiet luxury the current trend is centered around revealing and airy-fitting styles, representing a fashion-forward movement of empowerment during tumultuous times. This trend seamlessly merges delicate sensuality with enchanting femininity. In other words, it’s tacky, but we like it nonetheless.

It’s about reclaiming a Noughties party wear staple for daylight hours, so heels – unless it’s a Chloé wedgebow kitten heel mules or platform fisherman sandals – are off the menu. The Bubble Girl is shipping for Khaite mesh flower ballerinas and translucent mid calf socks.

This upcoming approach to love and relationships is sure to evoke nostalgia and spark a renewed sense of hope and optimism in modern-day romance.

Don’t miss out on daring cut-outs, bows, sheer fabrics, bloomers, and pastel colors!

Try outfits stacked with bows and filled with lace, tulle, ruffles and skinny jeans paired with front tie top and kitten heel slingbacks (I bought these!) and hair bow. Or tailored capris with bandeau top and bow kitten heel mules, or pretty floral dresses with jellies.

I’m taking a vanilla approach to this styling trend, though. Wearing a pretty bow stacked dress with slingbacks and some tulle. But you might want to go for jellies and dropped waist instead – see below.



Vanilla mood, linen and pristine white are the defining looks of summer 2024.

Get ready for the season ahead with minimal yet stunning designs and details, halter necks, and shift dresses, interpreted through vivacious and coffee color palettes of beige, black, brown, and white (the fashion IT color of the season), and navy blue.

Streamlined and understated pieces create a sleek and simple silhouette that will have you looking effortlessly chic. To add sophistication and subtlety to your look, consider strategically placed layers and clean lines that flatter in a minimalist manner.

Clean lines and simple silhouettes are the key to achieving a refined and sophisticated look—the internet European summer style. Cringe, once again, the internet has it all wrong. Europeans (including people living in Mediterranean countries – Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece) don’t really wear Pinterest European summer outfits. But we love daydreaming about summer in flowing white dresses, minimalistic silhouettes, vanilla and straw hats.

Pov, wearing a flowing white dress or a milkmaid dress (for summer in the Alps) is effortless and allows freedom of movement, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. All you need to complete the look is some trendy summer shoes, preferably slide espadrilles (ps. kitten heel slingbacks are very European, too – we know how to walk on cobbled streets without ruing our heels), a headband, or a silk scarf tied under your chin, a tote, and you’re ready to go. For the top, consider wearing a halterneck or a boatneck top. And for the bottoms, try capris – black and belted!

Look for optimism in black! Black will put you in the right frame of mind to create glorious memories and ferventmoments.

Here are the styles that are instant hits.


Or opt for lightweight fabrics that drape gracefully, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with tailored pieces that accentuate your natural shape. Instead of ruching and slinky garments, choose garments with subtle pleating or gentle gathers that add subtle dimension while maintaining a clean and streamlined silhouette. Focus on boatneck or halterneck that add a touch of intrigue without overpowering the overall simplicity of the outfit.

Or shine your brightest in looks that seriously deliver. Designed for the heady days of summer, relish the feel of milkmaid silhouettes and capsule wardrobe shoes.

Picture sun-kissed beaches, rolling waves, and wide-open spaces as the backdrop for a wardrobe that seamlessly blends Pinterest Mediterranean elements with vanilla vibes.



This style trend is a modern reimagining of the celebrated free-spirited boho style. It’s characterized by flowing fabrics, layered textures, rustic elements, and earthy colors. Key elements include flowy ruffled blouses, super short shorts, logo belts (yes, Gucci belt included), white lace skirt, slip dresses with lace trim and Chloé wedge sandals.

Boho 3.0 represents the evolution of Bohemian style in the digital age. It retains the core principles of Boho fashion – including a love for nature, a celebration of individuality, and a laid-back attitude – while incorporating contemporary elements inspired by technology (think smart watch with a friendship bracelet instead of a plastic band), sustainability, and global connectivity.

Key Elements of Boho 3.0 include eclectic silhouettes and a mix-and-match approach to silhouettes, combining flowing fabrics, loose shapes, and layered textures for a relaxed yet stylish look.

Sustainability is a key focus of Boho 3.0, with an emphasis on natural, eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, and recycled fibers.

OG boho blouses and flowy dresses are updated with digital tribal prints, and pixelated motifs. There is also a lot of embroidery, and handcrafted details inspired by cultures from around the world.

Embody the Mamma Mia movement with flowing silhouettes that evoke a sense of fluidity. Opt for maxi dresses, skirts, and wide-leg pants made from lightweight materials such as silk. The airy fabrics create a sense of movement and enhance the magical aura of your outfit.

But look also for clothing adorned with seashell-shaped buttons, delicate embroidery, and larger than life bangle hair accessories. The whimsical details add a touch of boho charm and further enhance the bohemian inspired aesthetic.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by summer 2024 styling trends and deliberating what style trend to follow, I made a comprehensive list of delectable options for summer 2024. Go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure.


Style your clothes, shoes, and accessories in a fashionable way.

What summer style trends to follow this summer?

Style trends that make you look the best yet.

What are style trends summer 2024?

Football Girl Style, Athletic Preppy Style, Bubble Girl Style, European Summer Style, and Boho 3.0.

What are the biggest style trends summer 2024?

Athletic Preppy Style and European Summer Style.

How to find your spring style?

Experimenting with various styles is key to discovering the one that best suits and flatters your appearance.

What are the best style tips for spring 2024?

Check the most fashionable spring outfits.

How to do the layering in spring 2024?

There are many ways to layer clothes and look trendy this spring. Check the list of spring style formulas published in this article for some examples.

How to find your summer style?

By trying and testing different styles until you find the one that makes you look the best.

What are the best style tips for summer 2024?

Check the most fashionable summer outfits.

How to layer summer clothes for summer 2024?

There are many ways to layer clothes and look trendy this summer. Check the list of summer style formulas published in this article for some examples.

Is white monochrome style in fashion for summer 2024?

Wearing head to toe white outfits is always fashionable. Ps. Check the best summer white outfits if you like this styling trend.

Is color blocking in fashion for summer 2024?


Is color grading in fashion for summer 2024?

Yes, but make sure you wear colours that are in fashion for summer 2024.

Is it fashionable to wear the same print head to toe this season?

Yes, it’s fashionable to wear one print head to toe this summer. Just make sure you wear one of the prints that are in fashion this season.

Can you wear head to toe knits in summer?

Yes, wearing knits in summer is giving European Summer Style and hence very fashionable for summer 2024. Check how to wear knits from head to toe this summer effortlessly.

Is matching bras and panties on trend this summer?


Is it fashionable to wear lingerie as clothing?

Yes! You can wear a camisole as a top and bra as a cropped top.

Is it fashionable to style dress with sneakers summer 2024?

Yes. Wearing sneakers with a dress is in fashion for summer 2024. It’s a key styling trend of Football Girl Style and Atheltic Prep Style. But make sure you wear low top sneakers.

Is it fashionable to style swimwear as clothing this summer?

Yes, you can wear swimwear as clothing this summer. It’s a styling trend you can wear from summer to the street effortlessly if you pair your swimsuit with chic tailored shorts and fashionable summer shoes.

Is wearing leggings under a skirt in style?

No, wearing leggings with skirts is not fashionable for summer 2024. But this style trend might come back in 2025. Short pleated skirt on pants is already a trend for summer 2024.

What are styling trends for summer 2024?

Football Girl Style, Athletic Preppy Style, Bubble Girl Style, European Summer Style, and Boho 3.0.


Matching shoes and the bag is not one of the key styling trends for summer 2024.

That much about 2024 summer style trends. By the way, which summer 2024 style trends are you already following?Which one will you try next? Let me know in the comments below. Ps. If you are looking for more summer 2024 fashion reports, check all summer 2024 trends next. Up next, fall winter 2024/25 style trends. Ps. If you are a fashion content creator or a fashion stylist, subscribe to Brunette from Wall Street Substack (paid subscription) to get an exclusive styling trend report for AW24/25 straight into your mailbox.