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Knitwear Trends for Winter 2024: The Latest Trends Unveiled

Knitwear trends 2024 here! Yes, I made a list of all, but seriously all, knitwear in fashion for winter 2024. And what is more, I even found some pretty knitwear in style for spring 2024 ready to ship immediately. So, pop a tea bag into your fancy porcelain mug; take out your credit card and scroll down instantly. Ps. Take my advice seriously; you will wish to have a credit card within your reach to purchase all the fashionable knitwear and all those pretty cardigans quickly. Pov, you might prefer to have an ice tea in your mug to cool you down in case that sexy knit dress sells out in front of your eyes.

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Not just for winter, sweaters and cardigans are tactile garments we love to wear all year long. Pov, we just love the knits that are extra fluffy and feel super soft.

There is a noticeable trend towards more slouchy knitwear for winter 2024 and spring 2024. Designers are incorporating a wonderful array of styles, resulting in a more boujee look.

Pov, knitted tops make us look cool and trendy, letting us level up our everyday look effortlessly.

But what knits are in fashion for winter 2024? Let’s find out!

As the snowflakes are starting to fall off from the sky, the fashion world is gearing up for a new season of style and glamour. And what better way to welcome the cold weather than by updating your wardrobe with the most fashionable knits for winter 2024? Whether you’re looking for chunky pieces for a Monutain vacation or sophisticated styles for work, this season’s knitwear trends are sure to have you covered.

So, get ready to be inspired as we take a closer look at the top knitwear trends that are set to dominate tiktok, IG and frosty streets in the coming months.

From chunky knits and cable knit designs to playful textures, there’s something for everyone in this season’s must-have knitwear collection. So, grab a cup of tea, wait, better grab an ice cream cone, sit back, and get ready to revamp your wardrobe with the most stylish knits of the season.

Scroll down to find the most beautiful winter knits online. The most beautiful cardigans and sweaters I found for you online.

POV I have bought many of these sweaters and cardigans, too! Well, some of these winter knits are still on my winter shopping list, so please, leave my size (size 00, XXS, or FR34, FR 36).

Ps. To buy the knitwear you like, click on the garment you want to buy. All the pictures are hyperlinked. Once you click on the knitwear, the store window will open for you in the new tab, while this winter knitwear trend report will remain open.

Anyway, enough talking. Get your credit card ready and scroll down to shop for the most fashionable knitwear of the season. Ps. Plug in your device to make sure it doesn’t turn off just when you want to buy the most fashionable knitwear.


Knits are the items we reach for on a daily, but it’s thought-out details that stop them from being basic. Try off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold (bardot neckline) for something that looks modern and feels entirely new.

Confidently face any occasion and stun everyone at every location with an elegant off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold. This is the knitwear trend to follow blindly! Put your new off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold (bardot neckline) on standby and say goodbye to any last-minute panic. Simply put on jeans and step into trendy kitten heels, and you will be out in less than a minute.

The strategically folded upper edge adds an exquisite and intricate texture to the garment, enhancing its visual appeal and making it a stunning addition to any outfit.

Whether it’s dressed up for outside or more casual at home, an off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold is the easiest item to put on. Layer over everything, from jeans to knitted skirts for the day in the city, shirt for work or tailored pants at night.

A going out off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold might not be something you could knit by yourself, but it is an indispensable piece in any well-curated capsule closet.


Btw, all the other sweaters I selected for you and linked them in this article have better composition. If you know, you know I don’t wear wool blends with wool listed on the third place. 100 % virgin wool, or a quality cashmere/mohair blend, for me, please! Pov, cotton is acceptable, too. But we might need chunkier knits for our winter wardrobe.


The trend for turtleneck sweater shows no signs of slowing down this season, with designers showcasing sensuous, slim-fitting silhouettes in bright pastel shades. For an elevated take on this style, incorporate luxurious detailing and mix sheer and opaque panels to create a striking contrast in texture.

turtleneck sweater can be easily adapted for eveningwear and is perfect for creating a playful yet sophisticated look. When it comes to vacation wear, layering cosy turtleneck knits is the key to achieving an effortless yet stylish appearance. What I love the most is that you don’t need to optimize your layering technique to achieve a relaxed yet refined look that is perfect for a day at the slopes or exploring a new city. Don’t miss out on this season’s must-have knitwear trend – incorporate turtleneck into your wardrobe and make a statement wherever you go.

Take the fuss out of Y2K dressing with a statement cropped turtleneck top. Whether it is entirely sheer or semi-sheer simply pair with denim or low waist pants and you will be out of the door in five minutes.

Or embrace the 90s vibes and versatility of a black turtleneck sweater – I have this one from Max Mara that I wear way too often, and pair your new turtleneck sweater with everything from low waist trousers to a denim skirt.

Pov, we also love the interplay with midi pencil skirt and turtlenecks for looks of modern elegance.



The V-neck sweater can easily integrate into your daily wardrobe. A V-neck sweater can work together with more or less everything you have in your winter capsule wardrobe.

On the other side a slouchy V-neck sweater will give you endless options throughout the season.

The V-neck sweater trend is making a triumphant return, and it’s a style that’s impossible to ignore. For Winter 2024, designers have rekindled their love for this classic silhouette, but we will see more slouchy V-neck knits come 2024. All in all, there’s something effortlessly chic in a slouchy V-neck sweater.

The V-neck sweater is a versatile knit that effortlessly complements a range of outfits, making it a wardrobe staple for the season. Pov, for this and the next three seasons. Whether you opt for a sleek, fitted V-neck or prefer a more relaxed, oversized version, you can count on your new V-neck sweater to provide you with a myriad of style options.

Point of view, you will love how your new V-neck sweater draws attention to your collarbone and elongates your neck, creating a visually appealing and slimming effect.

Whether you’re sipping lattes at a cafe, attending a casual business meeting, or enjoying a leisurely stroll through the snow, the V-neck sweater is your go-to-sweater when you have nothing to layer on. Its ability to seamlessly transition from day to night, from casual to chic, makes it an indispensable item in your winter wardrobe.



Looking smart never has to mean sacrificing style for function. Try out a thin see-through cardigan sweater for an outfit that is really giving. Go on, make buttoned knits it work for you.

Not just for spring, thin see-through cardigan sweaters are fashionable for winter 2024 as well. Pair them with tailored pants or a midi denim skirt and trench coat for now, and wear them with a full midi skirt for an effortless transition into the new season. By the way, I bought this thin see-through cardigan sweater. The playful mix of sheer and opaque panels creates a captivating texture that’s both eye-catching and alluring.

 But make some space for the Miu Miu semi-sheer cardigan, as well.



While the Librarian look is a very popular trend this season, don’t expect to see the classic baby cardigan only in grey. For winter, the librarian cardigan is being made in more color ways. You will love a turquoise librarian cardigan as it adds a playful touch to your outfit, perfect for casual dinner parties and snowy destinations.

On the other hand, all turn to chic grey baby cardigans when we want looks that flatter but don’t restrict. It’s ok. Grey librarian cardigans are still very fashionable. But you might want to be bold with a grey librarian cardigan and style it with a sheer skirt that will jazz up your daily look, or try a quiet luxury outfit paired with jeans and trendy Mary Janes to really make a statement.

Imagine yourself strolling through the vibrant streets of the city in the afternoon, the winter breeze gently kissing your skin. You’re wearing your super pricy librarian cardigan paired with jeans. Nothing loud, yet super cool.

Whether you’re headed out for drinks with friends or getting a chai latte on the go, a grey librarian cardigan is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

For a more dressed up look, a grey librarian cardigan goes well with tailored trousers as well. Either in navy or grey.

Browse through the widget below to shop for the most wanted cardigans of the season that will make perfect pairings with your capsule favourites.



POV Putting together an outfit in cold winter weather can get quite complicated with all the extra layers. Simplify matters by investing in a pretty long cardigan. Pov, preferably as long as a dress.

It’s high time for some comfort and fun and you will need a perfect outfit to match. A long cardigan offers both effortlessly!

This modern variation of the long cardigan features cardigans that have a less open weave or closed stitches, creating a cosy look that’s perfect for staying warm in the cold.

Long cardigans offer playful silhouettes perfect for layering as the weather cools down.

The cable knit creates a beautiful and intricate texture that adds visual interest to any outfit.


Go for a more effortless fashion option instead of a trendy blazer when you want to look sophisticated and put on a new long cardigan instead.

long cardigan styled over a midi dress or column skirt will be perfect for cold winter days, whereas a long cardigan with trousers will become the ultimate item in your urban winter wardrobe come end of the season.

Imagine this; It’s a crisp morning at the office. The day has just begun, and you’ve stepped into your workspace, ready to do the tasks that await.

You slip into the office, your footsteps echoing softly on the polished floors. The temperature indoors is so cool. The morning at the office unfolds, and you’re wrapped in the cozy elegance of your long cardigan. Its soft, flowing fabric extends gracefully, almost like a dress, creating a focal point in your outfit. The cardigan’s gentle embrace makes you feel both comfortable and fashionable as you go about your day.

The cardigan is finely knit, with a non-transparent weave, offering both warmth and a touch of sophistication. Its texture is captivating, and the baby cashmere – exclusively sourced from Hircus goats in Mongolia, makes you feel effortlessly graceful.

Underneath, your matching thin turtleneck sweater complements the cardigan, offering an extra layer of warmth while maintaining a streamlined look. The two pieces pair seamlessly, creating a business casual outfit that allows the cardigan to shine.

As you go about your tasks, the cardigan’s warmth keeps you snug, while its elegant design adds a sense of sophistication to your professional environment. It enhances your workday with a touch of refinement, making you feel both cozy and chic.


Paired back looks speak volumes, but there is magic to be found in a fluffy oversized cardigan. Look to bold details and extravagant patterns for some added chic.

The fluffy oversized cardigan trend is all about embracing the coziest, most indulgent side of fashion. It’s like wearing a warm hug, and it’s perfect for chilly days when you crave both comfort and style. These cardigans often come in rich, soft textures like mohair or angora, which add depth and warmth to your fit.

Just picture yourself on a cold winter morning, wrapped in your fluffy oversized cardigan. The air is filled with the scent of freshly baked pancakes, and the soft glow of twinkling lights above the kitchen counter dance in your eyes.

As you reach into the cereal box, the rich, plush fabric brushes against your skin. And as you sit at the table, a cup of hot cocoa in one hand, and iPhone in other – for IG story, obviously, your fluffy cardigan adds a touch of character and flair to the frame.



From zip-thru sweaters to cool girlies’ favourite zip-thru cardigan, there’s a big reason zipped knits are this season’s knitwear of choice. Master the art of cool weather event dressing by choosing a zip-thru cardigan or spice up your winter wardrobe by adding some zipped knits into the mix. Paired with cool jeans, it meets midway between casual and comfortable, that is a great option for the weekend.

The zipper trend for winter 2024 is all about bringing a fresh and modern approach to the classic craft. Designers are using zippers to add a playful touch to outfits.



In the midst of an endless sea of knitwear options, it’s easy to feel swept away by the current. But fear not! Allow me to present to you a list of delectable knits for the season, carefully curated with your sartorial desires in mind. Peruse the FAQ and let your heart guide you to the perfect choice. May your wardrobe be a reflection of your radiant spirit!

Is a cardigan in fashion for winter 2024?

Yes! Cardigans are in fashion for AW24. In fact, a cardigan is a key knitwear trend for winter 2024.

What are the best cardigans for winter?

The best cardigans for winter are fashionable cardigans made of cashmere or virgin wool that keep you warm on a cold winter day.

What cardigans are in fashion for winter 2024?

The most stylish summer cardigans for winter 2024 are a Librarian cardiganthin see-through cardigan sweaterzip-thru cardiganbaby cardiganfluffy oversized cardigancable knit cardigan, and a long cardigan that will transition into spring 2024.

Are long cardigans in style winter 2024?

Yes, long cardigans are in style for winter 2024.

How to style cardigans 2024?

There are many fashionable ways to wear a cardigan in winter 2024. Check the winter 2024 biggest styling trends and spring summer 2024 styling trend report to find all the most fashionable cardigan outfits.

Can you wear a cardigan over a sweater?

Yes, you can! As a matter of fact, wearing a matchy cardigan over a sweater is still quite fashionable for winter 2024.

Can you wear a cardigan to a date?

Well, it’s better to meet someone looking how you do most days, rather than meeting them as the “two-hour version of yourself”, however, you might prefer to wear a going out top instead of a cardigan for a date.

Can you wear a cardigan to an interview?

It depends on what job you are applying for. However, a Librarian cardigan is suitable for any job interview.

Can you wear a cardigan to a wedding?

Only with a matching dress and only to a morning wedding in the city or a morning garden party with the ceremony in the old village church.

Where to find cardigans?

You can find cardigans online. For chic cardigans, check Sézane; for pretty cardigans, go to &Other Stories; for cute cardigans, look at LoveShackFancy; for designer cardigans, shop on MytheresaNet-a-porterFarfetchNordstromSaks Fifth AvenueShopbopSSENSELuisaviaroma24sMatchesfashionAnthropologie, or Moda Operandi.

How to wear a cardigan female?

You can wear a cardigan in many different ways. However, the easiest way to wear a cardigan is to wear a cardigan like Audrey Hepburn. Check winter 2024 biggest styling trends and spring summer 2024 styling trend report to see how to wear a cardigan fashionably.

How to wear a cardigan sweater?

You can wear a cardigan sweater like a sweater – buttoned up and tucked in. Or like a cardigan – unbuttoned, with a fashionable knit tank topcropped knitted top, or a knitted bra top.

Can you tuck in a cardigan?

Yes! But it’s more fashionable not to tuck in a cardigan in winter 2024!

How to style an oversized cardigan?

It depends on the season. Check winter 2024 styling trends and spring summer 2024 styling trend report for some ideas.

What do you wear under a cardigan?

fashionable top or nothing. Ps. For winter 2024, the most fashionable tops to wear under a cardigan are a tank top or a knitted top.

What is more fashionable, a cardigan or jacket?

In winter 2024, a cardigan is more fashionable than a jacket.

Is a cardigan more fashionable than a sweater spring 2024?

A cardigan is more fashionable than a sweater for spring 2024.

Is a cardigan more fashionable than a sweater winter 2024?

A cardigan is more fashionable than a crew neck sweater for winter 20224, but less than an off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold.

Is a Harry Styles cardigan more fashionable than a Taylor Swift cardigan?

No! In fact, a Librarian cardigan is key knitwear trend for winter 2024.

How to make Harry Styles cardigan?

To DIY Harry Styles patchwork cardigan, check JW Anderson Colour block Patchwork Cardigan / Knit Pattern.

Do fashion designers share their knit patterns?

Some do. JW Anderson shared the knit pattern for the iconic patchwork cardigan Harry Styles wore for “Today” show.

Where to find JW Anderson Colour block Patchwork Cardigan / Knit Pattern?

You can find JW Anderson Colour block Patchwork Cardigan / Knit Pattern  on

What color cardigan goes with everything?

Light beige cardigan.

What color cardigan should I get for spring?

For spring 2024 you should get a light blue cardigan, or a fashionable cardigan in one of the trendiest colors of the season.

What color cardigan should I get for winter 2024?

For winter 2024 you should get a grey or red cardigan, or a fashionable cardigan in one of the most fashionable colors of the season.

What to wear with a pink cardigan?

fashionable skirt or chic straight leg jeans from your capsule closet. Furthermore, wide-leg pants.

Are cardigans in style 2024?

Yes, cardigans are in fashion in 2024.

What cardigans are in fashion 2024?

Long cardigans.

Can you wear a cardigan in the summer?

Yes, you can wear a cardigan in summer!

What are the best cardigans for summer?

The best cardigans for summer are fashionable short sleeve thin cardigans made of silk or virgin wool that let your skin breathe on a hot summer day. But a long cardigan – long as a dress, is the most fashionable option for summer 2024.

What cardigans are in fashion for summer 2024?

The most stylish summer cardigans for summer 2024 are long cardigans – long as a dress

Can you wear a cardigan in winter?

Yes, you can wear a cardigan in winter!

What to wear instead of a cardigan?

Tweed jacket, a blazer, or a fashionable sweater!

What sweaters are in style 2024?

Sweaters in fashion for winter 2024 are an off the shoulder sweater with a wide foldturtleneck sweaterthin see-through cardigan sweater, and V-neck sweater that will transition into spring 2024 as a key sweater trend.

Where to buy a sweater?

You can buy a sweater online. For the most fashionable sweater; check Anthropologie, for a chic sweater, check Sézane; for a good price per value sweater, go to &Other Stories; for a boujee sweater, look at LoveShackFancy; for a designer sweater, shop on MytheresaNet-a-porterFarfetchSSENSENordstromShopbopLuisaviaroma24sMatchesfashion, or Moda Operandi.

What are key sweater trends winter 2024?

Key sweater trends for winter 2024 are the off the shoulder sweater with a wide foldturtleneck sweaterV-neck sweaterthin see-through cardigan sweater, and slouchy V-neck sweater that will be very fashionble for spring 2024.

Are ugly Christmas sweaters in style 2024?

Ugly Christmas sweaters come back on trend every Christmas.

Where to buy an ugly Christmas sweater?

You can shop for an ugly Christmas sweater online at H&MasosMango, and Target for the ugliest Christmas sweaters.

How to style a Christmas sweater?

You can style an ugly Christmas sweater with black shorts, and biker boots, or with black jeans and stunning red pumps, or with cool blue jeans and designer pumps. An ugly Christmas sweater goes surprisingly well with a midi pleated skirt and pumps, too. If you don’t wear heels, you can wear an ugly Christmas sweater with trendy pointy flats and leather pants. Anyway, check the best ugly Christmas sweater outfits to see all these stunning Christmas outfits put together.

What is the new sweater trend winter 2024?

An off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold is the new winter 2024 sweater trends.

What is the biggest sweater trend 2024?

An off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold is the biggest sweater trend of 2024.

Are oversized sweaters in style 2024?

Yes! In fact, oversized sweaters are the most fashionable sweaters of the season.

Are turtlenecks in fashion for winter 2024?

Yes! Turtleneck sweaters are trending for winter 2024.

Are turtlenecks in fashion for spring 2024?

Yes! Turtleneck sweaters will be fashionable for spring 2024. But as a micro trend.

Are cutout sweaters in fashion winter 2024?

We wear off the shoulder sweaters with a wide fold now.

Are cutout sweaters in fashion spring 2024?

The cutout trend is in decline.

Are cropped sweaters still in style fall 2024?

We wear oversized sweaters this season.

How to wear oversized sweaters?

Over a midi pleated skirt or over tailored pants for a relaxed business casual look.

How to wear short sweaters?

With a fashionable skirt, stylish jeans, or trendy pants. You can even wear a short sweater over a dress. Ps. Check winter 2024 style trend report and spring summer 2024 styling trends for some fashionable outfit ideas. And how to style cropped sweater with high-waisted pants for work.

Are argyle sweaters in style 2024?

Chevron sweaters are more fashionable for winter 2024.

How to wear sweaters in winter?

There are many fashionable ways to wear a sweater in winter. Check the winter 2024 biggest styling trends to find all the most fashionable sweater outfits.

How to wear sweaters in summer?

With anything chic from your summer capsule closet. Ps. Check spring summer 2024 styling trends for some inspiration.

What are the new sweater trends in winter 2024?

The off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold, and slouchy V-neck sweater.

What are sweater styles 2024?

The off the shoulder sweater with a wide foldturtleneck sweaterV-neck sweater, and slouchy V-neck sweater are the key sweater styles 2024.

Are chunky knit sweaters in style for winter 2024?

Yes, chunky knit sweaters are fashionable for winter 2024.

How many sweaters should I own?

As many as you need! You might need one sweater for home, one for work, another for a walk, then one for your next video call, and for a Zoom meeting, and finally, one that you could wear for a party. However, you can wear one sweater for all these occasions. This sweater made the cut in 2024.

What are the best brands for sweaters?

Max MaraLoro PianaBrunello CucinelliKhaite. If you are looking for something more affordable, look to SézaneCOS and J.CrewJ.Crew is a popular brand for fall sweaters. They offer a variety of styles, including cable-knit stretch cardigan sweaters.

Can I wear a sweater to a date?

You might prefer to wear a going out top instead of a sweater for a date. But, on the other hand, it’s better to meet someone looking how you do most days, rather than meeting them as the “two-hour version of yourself”.

Are half-zip sweaters in fashion winter 2024?

Not really.

Are collar sweaters in fashion for winter 2024?

You might want to opt for an off the shoulder sweater with a wide fold or a V-neck sweater instead.

What neck style is fashionable for sweaters 2024?

Off the shoulder, turtleneck, halterneck, and V-neck.

Are sweater vests in style winter 2024?


Are sweater dresses in style winter 2024?

Yes, sweater dresses are in fashion in 2024. And what is more, they are the best knitwear trend to wear from when you wake up.

What knitted dresses are in fashion for winter 2024?

Elegant knitted dresses, and overfold off the shoulder knit dresses.

Are matching knit sets in fashion winter 2024?

Yes, crochet knitted sets are very fashionable for winter 2024.

Is a coatigan in fashion 2024?

Not really.

Is bolero in fashion 2024?

Yes, bolero is in style for winter 2024.

Are fair isle sweaters in style winter 2024?

Fair isle sweaters come back in fashion every winter.

Can you wear a sweater to golf?

Yes, you can wear a sweater over a polo shirt for golf.

Can you golf in a sweater?

Yes, you can play golf in a golf sweater.

Where to buy golf sweater?

You can shop for a fashionable golf sweater on Net-a-porterSaks Fifth Avenue, or SSENSE.

What knitwear is in style for spring summer 2024?

The most trendy knitwear for spring summer 2024 is a long cardigan – long as a dress, slouchy V-neck sweaterV neck sweater, a crochet dress, an open knit dress, a cut out knit dressknitted bralettemetallic halterneck knit topcrochet halterneck knit top, a striped knit top, a cut-out knit top and knitted tube top.

Are knitted dresses in fashion for spring summer 2024?

Knit dresses will be in style for spring summer 2024. In fact, a crochet dress is one of the key trends for spring summer 2024 and one of the most fashionable summer dresses 2024.

What knit dresses are trending for spring summer 2024?

crochet dress.

What is the most fashionable knitted dress summer 2024?

halterneck crochet dress.

How to style knitwear for a casual look?

Pair with denim and flats and tuck in the front of your knit sweater or cardigan into your jeans or denim skirt can give your outfit a more polished yet still casual appearance.


What to wear with trendy knitwear? Something cool from your capsule wardrobe, obviously.

Ps. Check what’s in my summer capsule closet.