Brunette from Wall Street Escada 80s print logo t-shirt shoulder bag
Brunette from Wall Street Escada shoulder bags
Brunette from Wall Street Escada over the knee boots

#pfw FINDS: Escada Autumn Winter 2018/19

My Favorites from Escada AW 2018/19 Collection

Chic, elegant, fun. Am I describing myself? Yes, but also Escada’s autumn winter 2018/19 collection. Get ready for Escada as you haven’t seen yet if you don’t come from the 80s. Escada autumn winter 2018/19 is all about logomania, chic yet sophisticated design brought up from Escada’s archives and the new girl. And guess what? It seems that the new girl is actually me.

Brunette from Wall Street

Brunette from Wall Street

There is no secret about how much I love Escada, and yet Escada’s latest collection for autumn winter 2018/19 seems like it was made just for me. Tweed skirt suits, princess double-breasted coat, leather skirt, silk blouses, logo t-shirts, bold suits, plaid blazer, chined shoulder bags, and even my favourites over the knee boots and gloves. You can’t say this wasn’t made for me, right?

Brunette from Wall Street Escada floral chain flap bag



Remember the Escada spring summer 2018 collection I wrote about here? Well, the latest collection is completely different. With the new designer and new approach to Escada’s tradition and heritage, Escada became my absolute favourite brand. I’m quite sure you can see this pieces look like they were made just for me.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada brown embellished velvet ankle booties

You should have seen me how excited I was to see the over the knee boots, princess coat and shoulder bag as I entered Escada’s showroom the other day in Paris. Yes, Escada has OTK boots too. And you know what? These boots might become my number one favourite over the knee boots. Not only they look fierce, but they actually stay on the leg and don’t slide down the tights. Still, to claim these boots my number one I need to take them for a long walk first and test them in the real life. You know what I mean.

Anyway, enough about my the OTK boots, my latest crush, there are other things from Escada autumn winter 2018/19 collection that caught my eye too. Wait, not only caught my eye, I fall in love with all of them.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada blue suit



So what are my favourite pieces from Esacada Autumn Winter 2018/19 then? To be honest, I could simply copy the list of all the things Escada has in its new collection and past it over here. Still, I decided to list only the must-haves. The pieces you should have in your closet the next season too.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada gem embellished corss body bags


Where should we start then? Why not with suits then? After all, every 20 something girl need a chic suit in her closet. And not only because this is still one of the most fashionable outfits you can wear, but because you can wear it from the street to office and from the office to the street. Moreover, from Monday to Friday, pardon Saturday morning, surely you know what I mean.

And yes, Escada is the one that has that plaid blazer you have been looking for! I simply love it. But then there are also other suits I love. Those suits that I’m sure will make me look fashionable and fierce. And we all know how important it is to be both in the business world. That white and blue suit, I mean the mix of cerulean blue, nebulas blue and quetzal green. And also the pink suit with the heart print, which is by the way just perfect for the girl’s night out, and the tweed suit.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada grey palid suit


I told you this collection seems like it was designed just for me. Who knows perhaps Escada’s new designer really had me in his mind when adding tweed to this collection. Ps. Before you say tweed is simply in fashion for autumn winter 18/19, take a look at that tweed coat. It will make a perfect addition to my double-breasted coats collection.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada tweed


The pencil skirt. Omg, I must admit I haven’t seen any other pencil skirt that would look so chic and suitable for 20 something girls. Remember all of my tips on how to wear a pencil skirt in your 20s over here? Well, it seems like that we won’t need any of those tips when wearing these pencil skirts (either the lurex or leather). You will look cool and chic in this pencil skirt even if you don’t style it with this logo t-shirt and OTK boots. Although truth to be told, this will be my favourite way to style the pencil skirt. I mean this logo t-shirt is just what I want.


Seems like I already told too many times how much I like this logo t-shirt. Nevertheless, I’m saying it again. I love this 80s logo print. Not wondering why I like that oversized logo cardigan as well.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada 80s print logo t-shirt


You know I’m not really a fan of the cardigans. I mean you haven’t seen me wearing one on my blog yet. Surely I wear my white silk and wool cardigan from time to time when I want to add some romantic touch to my outfit, but I don’t wear it for a date with my squad because it’s not, you know, cool enough. I mean this oversized logo cardigan from Escada set the standards of cool too high for my cardigan to reach it. And yes, this cardigan will be my Saturday’s party dress.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada brown leather chian shoulder bag


Well, when I don’t go for all the other dresses. There are so many dresses from Escada that I simply had to add to my list. The pink dress, the denim dress, the sequin dress, the striped dress and the floral dress.


Brunette from Wall Street Escada floral dress with brown belt


Guess what, we are wearing floral monochrome next season. Just look how stunning this outfit looks. And the monogram belt is just that thing that makes this outfit fit for 20 something gals.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada blue and red bags and belt

Brunette from Wall Street Escada leather gloves and beret


Have I told already how much I love those two Escada’s belts? Yes, the one with the square monogram buckle and the other one with the round buckle. These two are a must.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada brown leather belt

Gloves and beret! No words needed.

I will have the shoulder bag in all the sizes, please! But also that bag, oh and those shoes and the … wait, I could go on with my list forever. Be sure to check all the photos to see my favourites. Ps. Some of these pieces will come to Escada stores before the summer.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada red and blue shoulder bagsBrunette from Wall Street Escada blue embellished velvet ankle boots


Then, there are also all those details. Luckily, for me, as my outfits usually lack some details and accessories. You know I don’t wear much of the jewellery and accessories as I keep running late (surely you know this already from the post about the outfit I wear when I’m late) and I never have enough time to put on even the basic jewellery. Not mentioning the accessories. Well apart from the bag and gloves, which are my essentials.


Anyway, back to Escada fall winter 2018/19 collection. This stunning collection is full of details. And those details come in three different shapes. All brought out from Escada’s archives.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada red heart button


My favourite is the heart. And no, not only because I used to love (well still do, just check my diary) draw hearts instead of the bullets in my notes, but because Escada’s heart carries it’s heritage and is simply charming. Just look at that adorable heart buttons on the wool cardigan.

However, my favourite is undoubtedly the double heart you can see on the flap shoulder bag.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada pink heart buttonBrunette from Wall Street Escada black leather pencil skirt with white shirtBrunette from Wall Street Escada bow details


Another detail we can see in some of my favourite pieces of Escada autumn winter 2018/19 collection is the bow. Either big or small, I love them all. Especially those on the leather skirt and the sleeves of the simple white shirt.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada E gold round button


Finally, there are the round bullets. The round buttons with gems or simply with the Escada’s logo. Yes, Escada decided to bring out its logo this year too.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada E gold round button


Once again Escada shows her logo everywhere possible, and I will be more than proud too show I belong to the Escada team. I mean forget the team Chanel or team Gucci, team Escada is far more sassy, sophisticated, cool and chic.

Sassy because, if you take a closer look, you will find Escada’s logo everywhere and not only on the belt and buttons. I love this logo play Escada prepared for us. Can you spot Escada logo on the safari jumpsuit?

Sophisticated because, well just look at the Escada’s belt and square double E logo buckle. It looks elegant while screaming Escada’s name.

Cool because of that 80s prints. Have a look at the logo t-shirt and logo cardigan.

And chic because of all the things mention.

Brunette from Wall Street Escada embellished shearling denim jacket


As said, this is just a glimpse of my favourite pieces from Escada Autumn Winter 2018/19 collection. You will see more of it on Brunette from Wall Street blog and on my Instagram in the next few months. So make sure you follow @veronikalipar and come back tomorrow to see more. Oh and be sure to check my special #pfw EDIT to learn about my favourite autumn winter 2018/19 fashion trends. By the way, what’s your favourite? The heart, bow, round bullets or logo?

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