Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing faux glow makeup


Still countering your face like tribes before going into a battle? Just stop! There are new complexion makeup trends out there. And yes, they will make you look like a legit Parisian. Tres chic and very beautiful.

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Following the eye makeup trend report, it’s time we take a look at complexion makeup trends.

When talking about the fall winter 2018/19 complexion, there are only two makeup trends you need to know apart from the classic French complexion. The faux glow and glitter flakes. Yes, you read that right. Explaining this in a bit. But first, browse through the products that will bring that fashionable glossy look to your face.

Because everything starts with beautiful, healthy skin. Or at least healthy looking skin. Anyway, here are some of my favourite products you should apply under your makeup to make your complexion look more beautiful, even and with that healthy radiance.



Now that your skin is already pampered and ready for some foundation, it’s time to look at those two complexion makeup trends I mentioned earlier. Plus three others for every day.



Forget the strobe, flare, holographic highlighting trends that were in fashion over the past few seasons. This season makeup artists took a step further and came up with the ultra shiny look that looks completely fake. The faux glow is in for fall winter 2018/19.

Truth to be told, this look is extremely hard to achieve. Especially if you are not a legit mua. Besides, it’s certainly not an everyday makeup.

Anyway, here are the products that will bring that faux glow to your face.

Ps. You can achieve this look with a jelly mask too. Seriously. I have actually done this to get this glossy complexion you see in these photos. Read more about how to get faux glossy complexion over here.

Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing faux glow makeup ultra highlighting


The way Parisians do their makeup will always be in fashion. Because, you know, French. And truth to be told, this is the way you can feature your beauty the best.

Besides, the classic French complexion is the best alternative to faux glow makeup trend that you can wear every day. From the street to the office, and after applying few more coats of mascara and do the fall pouting, to the party too.

These are the products I use to achieve my everyday complexion. French approved! Parisian makeup artists selected these for me.



HIghlighting and countering has changed so much over the last few seasons. While the countering is mostly gone (I know my favourite French makeup artists must be thrilled), the highlighting is getting more important. It’s the time of ultra-highlighting.


We apply the highlighter as a primer now. Under the foundation. And also afterwards when we are going for the ultra-highlighting effect.


As it goes to the blush, think orange and think pink.



No, this makeup trend is not only for the party season. Glitter flakes and sequins all over the face are seriously fashionable for autumn winter 2018/19.

The more you sparkle, the better. Especially for December parties and your birthday party.


Don’t worry, you can pass this makeup trend and wear glitter and gems only on your eyelids instead. Just like I showed you in the eye makeup trend report over here.


So these are all the autumn winter 2018/19 complexion makeup trends you need to know. For more makeup trends go here. Ps. If you are already holding a mascara in your hand, then head on here to read all about the eye makeup trends that are fashionable for autumn winter 2018/19. And here to read about nail trends for winter 2018/19. Here is where you can find all about 2019 eyebrows. By the way, How do you feel now, that you know, countering is not in fashion anymore? Would you dare to wear glitter all over your face?