Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street on modern feminine suit

Black Feminine Skirt Suits are Back in Style for 2023!

Does this mean we have to dress as a lady off-duty too?

Black ladylike skirt suit outfit? If we are talking about that outfit – it sure does! Spring summer 2023 is bringing back feminine style. Even peplum is fashionable again. Therefore, wearing a ladylike feminine skirt suit is a must. For work, for the party and even everywhere around. Take a feminine suit as a new little black dress. Only chicer and more versatile. Here is how to style a short black skirt from office to street.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing fashionable business casual look

Suits are so in they are out this season. Out on the streets, of course. In short, a black ladylike skirt suit outfit – a feminine suit is a new little black dress. Either with pants or with a skirt, colourful, with a pattern or black. There is no other more powerful and chic outfit to wear to work or to everywhere else than a black ladylike skirt suit outfit. Well, only a black short suit – but more about that another time. Today is all about mini black skirt suit.

I already wrote about how fashionable a suit is in 2023. Either a classic pantsuit or a skirt suit, it doesn’t even matter, as long it’s a suit. And today I’m showing you how to wear my favourite suit. A short skirt suit.

Wait, I say this for all of my black suits. Well, I can’t help myself. But a black suit is truly my staple business outfit. That I wear on and on.

But this black mini skirt suit is undoubtedly my favourite suit to wear on a busy day. After all, this feminine suit is the one you can wear from morning to the evening. Out of the office, to be clear.

The thing this season is that a suit is not just meant to be worn as a business, work outfit. We can wear a suit anytime and everywhere. As a matter of fact, fashionable people prefer to wear a skirt suit even over the little black dress this season. Just swipe down your Instagram feed, and you will see.


So how to wear a black ladylike skirt suit outfit for work and leisure? It’s quite simple, actually. Simply put on the mini version of the feminine suit.

While being so short and ruffled, the feminine mini skirt suit that I’m wearing is not exactly the one to wear at the office. Not to worry, I found some longer skirts for you. See below.

Although we must admit that a mini skirt like mine makes a skirt suit a splendid on-the-go outfit you can wear from morning brunch with your girlfriends to the cocktail party in the evening.

And no, you don’t even need to put on heels. As a matter of fact, if you wear flat mules with this mini skirt suit, you can actually wear it for the office too. That is if you are only stopping by.

Besides, flat mules have the power to modernise the outfit and transform it from the preppy to the trendy. You don’t want to look like a schoolgirl, do you? I’m sure you don’t, so swipe down to find out where to get the chicest mules. Plus, everything else that I’m wearing this time. Including the red satchel bag, that is another must to wear with a mini skirt suit if you want to wear a mini skirt suit for the office.


Finally, here it is – a fashion cheat sheet that will help you style your new mini skirt suit for work and after-work party. Ps. The mini skirt you see in this collage is longer than the one that I’m wearing in the photos. Meaning, that you can wear this feminine skirt suit for the office too.

By the way, the collage below is hyperlinked, so you only need to make one click to shop all these items. Ps. Make sure to scroll down to find more affordable items too.

Ps. Be sure to save, pin and print the collage from above to make sure you don’t forget how to style a feminine skirt suit for every day in the week.


My feminine skirt suit didn’t come as a suit. I’m wearing a black blazer from the Italian fashion brand Fornarina (not on sale anymore). The black jacket you saw in the fashion cheat sheet above is from Dior, and you can shop it here.


The mini black skirt I’m wearing comes from Juicy Couture. You can get a very similar mini skirt over here.


Still having doubts about the flats? Once you try on the Malone Soulieres mules (shop here), all your doubts will fade away. Saying from my own experience.

Although I still like the flat mules that I’m wearing here, I stopped wearing them as soon as I got these black Malone Souliers mules. Now, I wear my new Malone Souliers flat mules as they were slippers to wear around the house.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing fashionable business casual style in pinched blazer and mini skirt


Almost forgot to mention what to wear under the blazer. There are only two options for this black ladylike skirt suit outfit, depending on if you are on of off-duty. When you are on-duty, and at work, you can go for anything, well as long as you keep on the blazer all the time.

Still, a silk blouse is always the best option. When you are off-duty, you will be most fashionable when you keep only the bra. This season is stylish to show off your lingerie again.

Anyway, I’m wearing a sheer black blouse. Shop similar designer sheer blouse here or less expensive blouse here.


Be sure to check more suits outfits. And how to wear mini skirt suit with sneakers. Yes, that is another way to wear a feminine skirt suit off-duty.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave