Brunette from Wall Street what to wear to work in summer work outfits

Going To The Office? – Check these Summer Work Outfits


Summer work outfits 2024 for all of you who are still hard at work while your friends are already sipping cocktails by the pool. Trust me; you will want to go to work just to show up in these fashionable summer work outfits. If nothing else, these stylish summer office looks will keep you work-motivated all summer long. Now scroll down to see what to wear for work in summer 2024 and how to level up your business summer style for long summer days at the office.

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Are you still stuck at the office while the rest of your girlies are already heading to the beach wearing nothing but a bikini? Worry not; the summer will still be there once you step out of your office.

Besides, these summer work outfits, that I have put together for you are way too good to skip the work and head to the beach before showing up in each of these summer office outfits at least once this summer.

Yet, don’t worry, I am showing you how to bring some of these summer work outfits from the office to the beach, too. You know, just in case you are going straight to the beach or swimming pool after work. I know I am!

Now scroll down to see how to dress up for work in summer 2024 to look fashionable and professional. Which, as you know, it is not easy at all. Especially not when it’s boiling hot, and the cooling system doesn’t work as it should.


By the way, all the collages are pinnable and hyperlinked – which means you can shop all the products simply by clicking inside the pink brackets. A link will take you to the store where I found it at the most honest price.


Your work hours will go by a breeze in these easygoing styles. Here are two chic summer work outfits that will keep you cool during the hot, sultry days ahead.


When the temperature outside is soaring, but the inside is not, there’s nothing quite as liberating as slipping into a flowy white dress that gracefully sways with every step you take. This timeless summer staple effortlessly combines sophistication with comfort, making it the perfect choice for a day at the office.

Opt for a white dress in a soft, breathable fabric like lightweight cotton or lace to ensure maximum comfort.

The day will breeze by in airy white dress that has you looking cool and collected.

You can pair the dress with Valentino Garavani rockstuds. But make sure you don’t forget the tights. Pov, in business formal settings tights remain a must despite the unusually high temperatures.

Tights play a significant role in elevating the overall professional aesthetic, creating a smooth and uniform appearance for your legs and contributing to a more put-together look that aligns seamlessly with formal dress codes. By wearing tights, you minimize any distractions that bare legs might cause, a crucial consideration in conservative workplaces or when engaging with clients and customers.

In formal settings, wearing tights is a mark of professional etiquette, showcasing your attention to detail and respect for adhering to the expected norms of dress. This reflects your commitment to presenting yourself in a manner consistent with the professional environment.

The 6DEN tights boast a lightweight feel that won’t weigh you down. I found these that feature a waistband without any uncomfortable seams that might slice into your skin. These tights blend seamlessly with various briefs, (I wear them with cotton Calvin Klein briefs).


Explore beyond dresses alone; easy separates play a significant role, especially if you share my aversion to wearing tights.

Picture breathable trousers, like the sumptuous silk Max Mara trousers I swear by, elegantly paired with a tank top and a linen blazer. These versatile combinations not only facilitate effortless movement but also exude the much-needed sense of confidence essential in any workplace setting.

The linen fabric’s magic lies in its ability to provide ample airflow, ensuring you remain cool and composed, even during the most intense meetings or presentations.

From my point of view, it’s worth noting that linen blazers might wrinkle. Interestingly, the black linen blazer I’m wearing in the video below defies wrinkles, offering a seamless appearance. However, my sister’s blazer, identical in brand, style, and fabric composition to mine but in a different size, tends to wrinkle. Regardless, to address any wrinkle concerns, I have included a more wrinkle-proof linen blazer in the product gallery below. Please keep in mind that the blazer featured in the collage is linked to a Pinko blazer, which bears a striking resemblance to mine, but it is not made from linen.

To complete your business formal heatwave outfit, look no further than the iconic Valentino Garavani Rockstud kitten heels. These stylish yet practical shoes offer the perfect harmony of comfort and elegance. The kitten heel height ensures easy movement, while the distinctive Rockstud detailing adds a touch of luxury and personality to your overall fit. Count on them to be the most comfortable summer office shoes you’ll ever own.


Black and stylish, we love black wrap dresses for work. A little black wrap dress elevates any look and makes you look put together effortlessly.

Pov The dress I’m wearing is prefect for a work party – but browse through the product gallery below for a longer version of a black wrap dress.

Midi dresses that cling to the body offer a silhouette that always stays elegant and professional.


This season, elevate your summer work wardrobe with a selection of delicate knits and sophisticated pointy flats. Amidst all the style choices available, a special mention must go to the sculpted and knitted halterneck top and flat pointy mules, perfectly paired with your new favorite navy blue wide-leg pants. Find these fabulous additions to your ensemble in the product gallery.

As you slip into the navy blue wide-leg pants, their loose and flowing silhouette allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout your day in the hot office environment.

Pov, your business casual outfit should effortlessly embody both comfort and a fashion-forward sensibility. By adorning yourself in the sculpted and knitted halterneck top, paired seamlessly with the navy blue linen wide-leg pants, you’ll exude a refreshing elegance that effortlessly defies the blazing sun.

The knitted halterneck top strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and breathability, its unique texture adding a contemporary flair to your overall look. As the sun reaches its zenith, and the hot office environment becomes a battleground for staying cool, you will remain unruffled, embracing both style and practicality with poise.

Complete your outfit with the Malone Souliers Maureen flat mules that add the final touch of refinement. These stylish and practical shoes boast a sleek design that seamlessly merges elegance with comfort. With their distinctive pointed toes and refined craftsmanship, these flat mules make a bold statement while offering much-needed relief from the summer heat.


When it’s time to succeed at work, these are fashionable summer work outfits made to ladder up. Fashionable work styles come courtesy of airy layers designed for buys times.


Let’s begin with the first summer work outfit featuring a tank top paired with high-waisted pants – Max Mara pants, of course.

Max Mara’s silk pants are that quiet luxury garment everyone is shopping for. Meticulously crafted from the finest silk, these pants offer an unparalleled level of comfort, making them an ideal choice for the hot summer days when breathable fabrics are a must.

To tackle hot summer days with maximum impact and minimum effort, you can pair your new Max Mara pants with a tank top (in pink or black – I have both). A tank top emerges as a versatile essential. Its sleeveless design offers a plethora of styling possibilities, allowing you to either flaunt those sun-kissed shoulders or opt for a more structured look when layered with a blazer (see below).


There is a feeling of success in the air as we embrace the trendiest summer pieces and wear them effortlessly to the office.

Go forth in a full midi skirt that will transition into fall effortlessly.


Bright and fitting, a Barbie pink pantsuit is ready to take you on an exhilarating ride. The silhouette is streamlined to let the colour take centre stage and in Barbie pops of pink, it positively thrills. Don’t hold back and match with more pink.

Elegant rosy hues, beautiful details and sharp styles will ensure you are never short on style.

Consider this business Barbie outfit a strategic choice if pink aligns with your personal brand. It strikes the perfect equilibrium between showcasing your professional prowess and expressing a captivating feminine touch. Pink, in all its vibrancy, captures attention while simultaneously conveying a sense of approachability, positioning you as a memorable presence amidst the crowd.


From breezy dresses that exude elegance to tailored separates that command authority, our summer work outfit edit takes inspiration from the latest trends, timeless classics, and versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an endless array of looks. Whether your office environment calls for a laid-back casual vibe or a more polished and refined appearance, these cute summer work outfits give a wide spectrum of possibilities.


Experience daytime elegance with the knee-length and short-sleeved RED Valentino pink dress, thoughtfully designed with a loose fit to ensure you stay comfortable and cool throughout your time at the office, even when the air conditioning is set on low.

Transition seamlessly into the realm of business formal attire while embracing the summer heat with the captivating combination of the RED Valentino pink short-sleeved dress and matching pumps. This ensemble effortlessly blends sophistication with relief from scorching temperatures, enabling you to maintain a composed and collected demeanor within a hot office environment.

In contrast to the longer silhouettes typically cinched in the waist, this season, we turn to the dropped waist that infuses each business formal look with a lively touch.

The dress’s knee-length and short sleeves project a refined daytime elegance, making it an impeccable choice for professional settings. The loose fit not only enhances comfort but also ensures that you remain at ease despite the office air conditioning being set on low. Striking the perfect harmony between style and practicality, this delightful fit allows you to navigate your workday with effortless poise and charm.

Ps. My RED Valentino dress is sold out, but I found a similar dress for you – check the product gallery below.


The sartorial palate cleansers, white separates, strip away fussy details and offer a hyper-refined and versatile foundational look that is both striking yet never too try-hard – leaving ample room to play with accessories and pants.

My tailored pant recommendation? Max MaraSandroMaje or Sézane.

In perfect harmony with the blazer, the sleek pink trousers add a touch of unwavering elegance to the look. The flattering fit exudes poise and sophistication, making a bold and resolute statement about your commitment to both impeccable style and sharp business acumen.

Please note that the pants I am wearing in the video are from Max Mara, but I have provided similar, more affordable options in the product gallery below, considering that the summer season is approaching its end.


Prepare to make a brightly poised statement with the cutest corporate summer work outfit yet. Expect an expanded color palette featuring punchy shades, alongside relaxed-fitting styles and natural fabrics reimagined in a multitude of silhouettes.

Confidently step forward, knowing that your day will breeze by in cute office-appropriate summer designs that have you looking pretty and collected. Embrace lightweight knits that effortlessly add interest without the need for any fanciful details.

As we transition into the summer, work outfits undergo a reinvention, with slacks and knits adopting a more relaxed approach. For an effortlessly cute look, consider pairing a cardigan sweater with matching pants.

Embrace the reworked summer knits, showcasing feminine finishes like pink buttons, set to take the stage in summer 2024. Revel in the perfect blend of cute and smart, as you enjoy the best of both worlds when paired with light, summer-tailored pants and fancy heels.

This summer, seize the opportunity to flaunt your confidence and style with the cutest corporate outfit that effortlessly embodies the spirit of the season. As we redefine summer workwear, let this ensemble be a representation of your unlimited confidence and impeccable fashion sense.


Light, bright and professional, here are summer work interview outfits that will carry you through the interview rounds and help you get your dream job and a fabulous paycheck.


Featuring a modest palette, a navy blue dress with short sleeves and a sleek matching blazer will look a treat framed against tanned skin.

Style with pumps and seize the chance and show you are impeccable, revealing your soft and smooth heels.


Are you running for an executive posting in a leading marketing firm or fashion?

Put on a mismatched suit and bring a contemporary edge to business forms. Feel free to let the outfit do the talking. This stylish summer work interview outfit will tell HR you have perfected your skills and are determined to succeed.

As you confidently slip into the tailored white blazer, the soft white hue reflects the warmth of the summer sun, setting the tone for a day of unwavering productivity and impactful networking. The structured silhouette of the blazer speaks volumes about your authority, while the delicate fabric ensures your comfort even in the face of rising temperatures.


Looking for a summer work interview outfit, you could wear for a summer job interview? A summer job at the camp, pool or an internship at your future employee, it is always important to show up looking the best.


A cardigan sweater with shorts is the best teen summer job interview outfit for a summer job interview. Pair with Air Jordan if you are applying for a babysitter, nanny, dog walker, youth sports referee, lifeguard, outdoor nursery worker, sports scorekeeper, apple picker, cashier, grocery stocker, or personal assistant.

When aiming for a job interview outfit that strikes the perfect balance between effort and sophistication, opt for a pink cardigan sweater and navy linen shorts. The cool, understated elegance of this fit serves as an ideal canvas for creating a relaxed yet chic summer interview look.

The baby pink cardigan sweater adds a touch of softness and femininity to the overall look. While the linen shorts infuse a sense of playfulness and charm, radiating a youthful spirit that aligns seamlessly with the job posting.

Ensuring comfort remains at the forefront, lace-up a pair of white high Air Jordan sneakers. These iconic sneakers introduce an urban flair to the outfit, creating an unexpected yet delightful contrast with the refined linen shorts and cardigan combination.


For a summer job interview at the country club, exude an air of effortless elegance with a casual yet refined ensemble that embodies the essence of old money.

Opt for a well-curated outfit that effortlessly blends comfort with sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on your potential employer.

Start with a classic and versatile short sleeve sweater, a timeless piece that offers both style and comfort. The short sleeves add a touch of summer charm, while the sweater’s refined texture exudes a sense of understated luxury.

Pair the short sleeve sweater with sleek and tailored linen shorts, perfectly embodying the relaxed sophistication that befits a country club setting. Linen fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, while the tailored cut maintains a polished appearance.

To complete this chic summer job interview outfit, step into Aquazzura Secret Affair ballerina shoes. These exquisite ballet flats elevate your look with their refined design and impeccable craftsmanship. The delicate lace-up detailing adds a touch of femininity, while the comfortable construction ensures ease of movement.

With this carefully curated fit, you’ll effortlessly radiate an aura of confidence and elegance that aligns harmoniously with the country club’s timeless charm.


For a job interview as a hostess at Hotel Costes in Paris, your outfit choice must strike the perfect balance between chic, trendy, and practical. To achieve this, opt for intricate fabrics paired with simple silhouettes that exude an air of effortless elegance.

Look no further than crochet tops and navy linen shorts, artfully styled with white sandal mules, to embody the ideal blend of casual and summer smart.

Embrace the allure of intricate detail with the crochet short sleeve sweater, a standout addition to your summer job interview outfit. Its breathability ensures you stay cool amid scorching temperatures, while the delicate crochet pattern adds a touch of playful charm. The short sleeves offer a welcome respite from the hot summer sun, adding to the sweater’s practical appeal.

The navy blue linen shorts complement the crochet top, emanating a relaxed yet polished vibe. The lightweight fabric allows for optimal ventilation, ensuring your comfort throughout the day. The navy hue exudes sophistication, creating a versatile canvas for various styling options. When paired with the crochet sweater, these shorts strike the perfect balance between casual and summer smart, a reflection of Costes’s casual work atmosphere.

As you prepare to impress at the job interview at Hotel Costes or a similarly chic place, complete your look with white high heel sandal mules. They align with the trendiest workplace.


Who isn’t nervous before the first day of work? Overwhelmed by the anticipations, it’s time to step forward with absolute confidence.

Here are the best first day of work summer outfits that leave good impressions.

From the first introductions in the morning to drinks after work, these are the first day of summer looks that will have you shining your brightest.


A white shirt dress with pumps is the best outfit to wear if you are not sure about the business dress code, or worry to come overdressed or underdressed.

This first day of work summer outfit offers stands in between formal and casual, which is great to overcome the first day at work barrier.

Invest in this true icon of style, as a white shirt dress proves its versatility and timelessness for any work event, especially when styled with pumps. The JW Anderson white shirt dress, in particular (because I bought it too), radiates quiet luxury with its crisp lines and tailored silhouette. The long sleeves offer coverage, while the pristine white hue adds a touch of purity and sophistication. Effortlessly capturing the essence of business formality, this dress exudes an air of authority and professionalism.

Accentuating the dress’s elegance, the Casadei lavender pink blade pumps infuse the outfit with a subtle yet captivating pop of color. The sleek design and stiletto heel exude femininity and refinement, while the pink hue brings a hint of modernity to the overall look. These pumps elongate the legs and evoke a sense of confidence and poise with every step.


Start the day right in a smart summer business formal outfit that will take you from the early morning meeting to drinks after work effortlessly.


Formal options for the day don’t have to mean boring basics. Try a chic white pantsuit with satin court shoes this time. Liven things up with a fashionable business bag.

To master this sartorial power move, opt for an exquisitely tailored white blazer and matching pants that boast sleek silhouettes (pov skinny is back on trend). Embrace the monochromatic palette, as it not only exudes confidence but also reflects sunlight, preventing excessive heat absorption. The white outfit serves as a symbol of pristine professionalism, concealing a secret weapon beneath the blazer.

Ensure you wear a white silk top under the white blazer, providing a cooling touch against the skin during the hottest office environments. A slip top discreetly offers comfort and poise, especially when you remove the blazer after a general meeting. The lightweight slip top stands as your secret weapon against the heatwave, allowing you to remain composed and comfortable throughout the day.

When it comes to footwear, step into the spotlight with Gianvito Rossi pumps, adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit. These quiet luxury heels boast a refined design and impeccable craftsmanship, elevating your look with effortless ease. Embrace their exceptional comfort, even at the end of the day when your legs might become swollen. Choose a nude or white pair to maintain the sleek monochromatic aesthetic or experiment with a pop of color for a bold yet refined statement.


Pretty and professional, put this monochrome summer work outfit with a short sleeve dress and raffia tote and enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can layer it with a blazer if you feel cold at the office.


From tailored separates to midi dresses, here are smart business outfits reinvented in more relaxed ways. Featuring pastel colours and lighter fabrics, these are the best everyday summer.


Embrace high-octane looks with the electrifying energy of supercharged pinks and elegantly fitted forms. From the beginning of your work activities to the golden hour, this casual business summer work outfit exudes both brightness and intelligence, ready to take you on an exhilarating ride.

The key to this ensemble lies in its seamless transition from work to after-hours engagements. As your workday comes to an end, simply remove the blazer to reveal the pretty tank top, allowing you to effortlessly show off your sophisticated style.

Bright and smart, this business formal outfit is a powerful combination that commands attention. The streamlined silhouette ensures that your skills and expertise take center stage, while the brilliant pops of camel add a touch of professionalism and refinement throughout the day.

From the moment you step into this high-octane ensemble, you radiate confidence and poise, effortlessly navigating any professional setting. Embrace the electric charm of supercharged pinks and the elegance of fitted forms in this versatile business summer work outfit, propelling your career with a bold and captivating statement.


Work is the ideal opportunity to try out some more sophisticated looks. After all, who doesn’t want to look good at the office?

At the same time, comfort is at a premium, and you need looks that aren’t too comfortable. A midi pleated skirt and a silk top offer a great mix of comfort and elegance yet are not too precious for summer at the office.


Having a business lunch is nothing like having a bottle of water in the conference room. There is a special dress code for a business lunch.

Go for lightweight materials like chiffon and broderie Anglaise or impress in carefully ensembled fits.


For a summer business lunch that commands attention and exudes sophistication, opt for a captivating outfit that blends chic style with a professional edge. Embrace the vibrant charm of an orange tank top dress, paired with the refined elegance of a Sandro Paris single-breasted oversized navy blue blazer. Complete the look with black Malone Souliers Maureen flat mules for a touch of effortless luxury.

The orange tank top dress exquisitely encapsulates the very essence of summer through its resplendent hue and complementary silhouette. Its sleeveless design allows for comfort during warmer temperatures, while the elegant cut adds a touch of femininity.

Short lengths in forceful colours speak power and success. Shades of bright orange exude endless optimism, whilst you can positively bask in sunshine spirit with a simple silhouette.

Layering the dress with the Sandro Paris navy blue blazer adds a touch of polished sophistication to the outfit. The oversized fit exudes sharpness, allowing you to effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings.

To complete the outfit, slip into the black Malone Souliers Maureen flat mules. These luxurious shoes blend style and comfort flawlessly, making them an ideal choice for a business lunch in the rain. The Maureen flat mules boast a refined design with signature detailing, elevating your look while ensuring you can walk easily. Ps. Size up for a half of size.


Prepare for a sartorial triumph as you grace the business lunch with this impeccable business formal attire. Pairing the modern elegance of an off-the-shoulder top with Max Mara’s pink cotton pants and the timeless charm of Valentino Garavani’s rockstud kitten heel sandals, this outfit is truly giving.

The white off-the-shoulder top signals your confident individuality, while its old money silhouette strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and feminine allure. Embrace the allure of this stylish piece that captures attention and commands respect in any business setting.

Max Mara’s pink cotton pants prove your discerning taste in fashion. Tailored to perfection, the lightweight cotton fabric ensures breathability and comfort, making them a practical choice for the summer event. Btw my Max Mara pants were taken in. Actually, all of my Max Mara pants have been taken in. I always buy Max Mara pants in the smallest size, but they always turn out to be too big for me. I’m 74 cm in hips. (Ps. If you want to save yourself the trouble, you can have them taken in by the retailer – just check with customer service.) The seamstress usually ends up taking in more than 7 centimetres in the waist. Quite a significant adjustment, but it’s worth it for the perfect fit. Anyway, don’t forget to check the size guide before purchasing. The pants are true to size; it’s just that I’m super skinny.

As for the Valentino Garavani rockstud kitten heel sandals, they make an undeniable statement of elegance and sophistication. With their closed-toe design, they maintain the level of formality required for a business setting while infusing a touch of edginess and modernity to your overall look.


A dress that stands out is an absolute must. Overhaul a short dress by pairing it with flat mules.

POV Fanciful details like golden straps or flounced hem also add interest but won’t weigh you down in the heat.


The most stylish business lunch outfits are the simplest. A short sleeve red dress will look delightful paired with elegant mules. These are absolute classics with enduring appeal.

Ps. Browse through the product gallery below to shop for business formal summer work dresses in red. Pov They will transition well into fall as well. Red is the trendiest colour for AW23.


We all like summer for summer dresses. Tested and true, simple elegance always speaks volumes. The key lies in minimalist silhouettes, from sheaths of natural fabrics that hug the body to sleek tailoring and midi lengths. It’s time to make room for these stunning summer work dresses you will wear again and again.


Among these captivating choices, a standout piece is the red short sleeve dress with puff sleeves, exuding an air of sophistication and vibrancy. The puff sleeves add a touch of playful charm while maintaining a professional edge. The short sleeves ensure comfort during the coldest days, you know when the AC is set to max, and you are just waiting to see a penguin walking to your office.

Pair your new chic red dress with Gianvito Rossi pumps to elevate your look with timeless elegance. The pumps boast refined craftsmanship and a sleek design that effortlessly complements the minimalist silhouette of the dress. Opt for a neutral hue to maintain a sophisticated and versatile outfit, suitable for various work settings.


You wear quite specific and asked for summer work dresses h&m. And I was actually able to find a perfect summer work dress from H&M that entitles any work dress code. What is more, in the end, I found two.

Here is how you can style either of the best H&M summer work dresses for work tomorrow.


It’s nice to make an effort for work. If you are searching for something special, look to distinctive silhouettes and unique colour ways.


Equal parts charm and style, but a match like no other gives instant elegance. We love a short sleeve satin blouse with a red midi pleated skirt for a masterclass in contemporary classiness.


Once seen as outdated, a long pencil skirt is coming back on trend for fall 2024 in a big way. Be fashion-forward and bring it back to the office before fall.


A fashionable summer work outfit with pants in black is our top choice for drinks after work. With time being short, it’s also the smartest option to wear – not only do they make a statement when worn together with a crop top, but you can also easily mix and match with different tops to create a variety of looks.


Featuring a lace top and tailored pants, this fashionable summer work outfit will take you from desk to dinner. No stress necessary.

Point of view, when going for a night out with colleagues, we think a black lace top with black trousers and golden mules is the best. Delicate lace, shoulder pads and golden heels will have you looking on trend whilst keeping things cool.


Now finally, discover the most coveted office looks of the moment. From tailored perfection for the day to satin trimmed designs for office party, this summer work outfit is on top of every must try list.


Sharply silhouettes will leave you polished to perfection, so get yourself these shorts – they are the most elegant shorts you can buy online this season – trust me, I have browsed through all of our favourite online stores.

There is something timeless about a black tailored shorts for summer. A touch of the masculine balanced out by femininity translates to any summer work environment. You are guaranteed a stand-out hit.

The black pleated shorts from Sandro Paris exude sophistication and professionalism, creating an ideal combination with any top.

Hence you can play with different tops and colour schemes to find your match, or go safe with a classy off the shoulder top in white. The white off-the-shoulder top adds a touch of refined femininity to your ensemble, showcasing your confident individuality in the workplace. Its stylish off-the-shoulder design strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and summer allure. But you will love how effortlessly it can transition from boardroom meetings to office parties.


Corporate summer parties, even those by the campfire, call for formal outfits.


A little black dress is our preferred choice when we have nothing to wear. Point of view, whatever the time of year, the power of the little black dress remains undiminished. From, elegant length to sculpted silhouette, this flattering design will translate for any formal work event. It’s time to invest in this true icon of style.

Ps. Finish off with rockstuds for some extra extravagance.


Who doesn’t love a productive day spent at the office? Loaded by the work, it’s time to show how the work is done efficiently.

Bring the sunshine into the boardroom, or your home office, with a dynamic palette of pink. The shade of the season, pink is bound to make you the centre of attention. Get ready to have attention all day long.

From morning meetings at the office to running around all around the city, here are business casual summer work outfits that will have you shining your brightest on the busiest day yet.


Statement making separates are ideal pieces to have on constant standby, easy to dress down with some espadrilles or dress up with the right pair of heels.

Point of view, imbued with the Friday spirit, black espadrilles are details that will add a delightful touch of drama to your workspace.

By the way, my shorts were taken in. They are true to the size, though, so take your normal size.


We all want to wear sandals to work in summer. But sandals are so exceptional. Only a few can seize the summer and wear sandals to work without anything but a fresh pedicure to worry about.


Never reveal your pedicure and keep it a secret with extra long pants and a crisp white T-shirt for the perfect combo.


Working from home this summer? Or have you moved your office to the beach? Either way, keep the layers light and bright.


The urge to wear lighter shades when the sun comes out is undeniable.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the choice of summer work dresses and deliberating which direction to turn for the everyday, take your pick from red, and get this summer wrap dress from H&M.

It’s casual yet smart, could be tailored, (pov we don’t mind the lack of the last as it is very light) – perfect for an ordinary day at the office on a sultry summer day.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task of selecting the ideal summer work outfits and are struggling to make a decision for tomorrow, don’t worry! I’ve put together a delightful array of options perfectly tailored to suit your job. For additional guidance and valuable assistance, be sure to explore the FAQ section—it’s bound to provide you with the answers you seek.

What to wear to work in summer 2024?

Depending on where you work and what to do, any summer work outfit from this article.

How to style summer work outfits for different dress codes?

For business formal dress code, you need to style all your summer work outfits with close toe shoes, tights (if you are wearing a dress or a skirt), and a blazer in a matching hue (if you are wearing a sleeveless top or a sleeveless dress). For business casual dress code, you can wear mix and match different colours and materials, however you still need to cover your shoulders and toes. For smart casual dress code, you can reveal more – tank tops and sandals are OK, however sheer tight dresses, flipflops and slides are still not appropriate.

Where to shop for affordable summer workwear?

You can shop online – browse through the products linked in this article to find out where I shop for smart summer clothes when I don’t want to spend a lot.

How to accessorize summer work outfits?

With fashionable hair accessories and bracelets.

How to incorporate trends into summer work outfits without breaking dress code rules?

Check fashionable summer work outfits in this article to see how to wear runway hits to work effortlessly while looking professional and poised.

What are some trendy summer workwear pieces that are still office-appropriate?

Long pencil skirts, full midi skirts, red work dresses, kitten heel pumps, kitten heel slingbacks, mesh ballet flats, low waist skirts, low waist pants, old money off the shoulder tops, pink pantsuit, Barbie pink dresses with short sleeves. Ps. Check trendy summer work outfits presented in this article to see how to wear the latest fashion trends to work.

How to layer summer outfits for a business casual dress code?

Layer a lightweight blazer or cardigan sweater over a tank top or silk cami. Choose natural fabrics in hues that that can easily be paired with different outfits to incorporate 2024 key summer fashion trends into summer work outfits without breaking dress code rules.

Can you wear summer dresses to work?

Yes, you can wear a summer dress to work. Check the most fashionable summer work dresses to pick the best summer work dress for you.

What can you wear to work in the summer?

Anything presented in this article.

What not to wear in summer?

Anything you would wear to the beach or on your vacation, but also slinky slip dresses, mini skirts and mini dresses, flip flops, and wrinkled linen clothes.

Can I wear linen clothes to work in summer?

Only if you can save your linen clothes from wrinkling and find a way to look neat in your linen clothes all day long.

How to dress for work in the summer?

Fashionable and light. Check the summer work outfit ideas in this article to see the best summer work outfits 2024.

How to dress for work in hot weather?

Dress in light garments in simple cuts and natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk. Check summer heatwave work outfits for some inspiration.

How to wear leggings to work in summer?

Opt out of leggings (unless you are a yoga instructor or a fitness coach, of course) for skinny pants. You can style your skinny pants with a chic top and pointy flats.

What to wear to a summer work party?

It depends on the formality of the summer work party. While a little black dress will be perfect for a formal business summer cocktail party, you might want to wear something more casual for a summer work barbecue party.

What to wear to a work summer bbq?

Something more casual. A denim dress with slingbacks might be perfect summer work bbq outfit for you. But check a few other suggestions in this article, also.

What to wear to a work dinner in summer?

A black lace top with black trousers, a little black dress or an old money top with tailored shorts are some of the trendiest formal dinner outfits this summer.

What to wear to a summer work event?

It depends on the type of event. Is it a summer work party, a summer BBQ, an opening, or a formal work dinner? Wear a summer business casual outfit for a casual summer work event, and business formal outfit for a formal summer work event.

What are the best summer Friday work outfits?

Bright and light summer work outfits presented in this article.

What is summer fashion for work 2024?

Pink pantsuits, full skirts, puddle pants, white skinny pants, and 80s-style midi dresses are reigning supreme as the essential summer fashion trends for the workplace. Ps. Check this article, to see a collection of summer work outfits that effortlessly embrace these prominent trends while maintaining your professional demeanor. Rest assured, you’ll be able to flaunt the latest fashion without ever falling prey to a fashion faux pas. Get ready to elevate your office style with confidence and flair, as we guide you through the art of incorporating these chic and stylish trends into your work wardrobe.

What are the best summer work outfits 2024?

The appropriateness of your summer work outfits may indeed vary depending on your workplace or profession. However, rest assured that any of the outfits showcased in this article are excellent choices that won’t steer you wrong. We’ve carefully curated these work outfits to ensure they strike the perfect balance between fashion-forward and professional, making them versatile options for a wide range of work settings. Embrace the confidence and ease that comes with knowing you’ll always be dressed impeccably, no matter the demands of your workplace.

What is the best summer school outfit for a teacher?

The best summer work outfit for teachers in primary school is a cute summer outfit with shorts and espadrilles. But browse through all casual summer work outfit ideas in this article to find the best summer teacher outfit for you.

What is the best summer school outfit for a high school teacher in a private school?

A fashionable summer outfit! Earn their respect and admiration through fashionable summer work outfits presented in this article. A+ guaranteed. 

What is the best summer work outfit for a junior lawyer?

Any summer formal business outfit featured in this article.

How to dress for work in the summer if you work in finance?

The choice of attire for the summer greatly depends on your proficiency level and the established corporate dress code. However, you can rest assured that you simply can’t go wrong with the business formal summer outfits showcased in this article. These carefully curated ensembles strike the perfect balance between professionalism and seasonal style, ensuring you look polished and put-together no matter the demands of your workplace. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing you have the perfect business looks at your disposal, allowing you to focus on your work and make a positive impression in any professional setting.

How to dress for work if you have to wear a uniform at work summer 2024?

Seeking to make a stylish statement even within the confines of a work uniform? Want to leave a lasting impression during those precious moments before you slip into your designated attire? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a curated selection of trendy summer work outfits that are sure to turn heads. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your fashionable self and make a lasting impact in work outfits featured in this article.

What can you wear to work in the summer?

Anything featured in this article.

Can I wear a sweater to work in summer?

If you are allowed to dress business casual for summer, then the answer is yes. Point of view, a thin black turtleneck sweater made of virgin wool would pass the business formal code, too. All in all, dress rules are slightly more loose in summer.

Can I wear a long column denim skirt to work in summer?

If you are allowed to dress business casual for summer, then the answer is yes. Yes, you can wear a long column denim skirt for work in summer.

What is smart casual for summer?

Halterneck tops, tank tops, espadrilles, tailored shorts made of linen, sandals, crochet tops, sneakers, ballet flats.

What is business casual for summer?

Sleeveless dresses, shirtdresses, short sleeve tops, silk T-shirts, satin ballet flats, tailored shorts, denim skirt, cardigan sweaterscable knit sweaters, dark denim jeans, and wide-leg cargo pants.

Can I wear cami for work in summer?

Only under a blazer. Camisoles and slip tops are not appropriate for work.

Can I wear a slip dress for work in summer?

Only under a blazer – but the dress needs to be long enough.

Can I wear a V-neck top in summer?

Yes, but your cleavage should not be revealed below your armpits.

Can I wear sandals to work in summer?

It depends on the dress code you need to follow. But in general, the answer is no, unless you can hide your toes under the wide leg pants.

Can I wear jeans for work in summer?

The dress code you need to follow will determine if you can wear jeans for work in summer (or any season, as a matter of fact). However, if the dress code allows for some flexibility, you can strike a perfect balance between professionalism and fashion by pairing a stylish blazer and heels with a pair of dark denim jeans. This ensemble exudes a chic and polished look, making it a versatile option for situations where strict business formal attire is not required.

Can I wear denim shorts for work in summer?


What is business formal for summer?

A white pantsuit, pink pantsuit, silk blouses, short sleeve silk blouses, double breasted blazer, singlebreasted blazer, tailored pants, midi pleated skirts, midi pencil skirts, midi and two fingers above the knees long short sleeve dresses, court shoes, slingbacks and pointy ballet flats.

Is a linen blazer business formal for summer?

Unlikely, however, it depends on the quality of the blazer.

What to wear to a summer work event?

The appropriate attire for a summer work event will indeed vary depending on the nature of the occasion. Whether you’re attending a laid-back work party, a professional business brunch, a grand opening, or a formal work dinner, your outfit choice should align with the event’s level of formality. For a casual summer work event, a stylish business casual outfit will be suitable, while a formal affair calls for the elegance of a business formal attire. By selecting the appropriate outfit that matches the event’s tone, you’ll ensure that you look and feel confident, making a positive impression in any work-related gathering.

How to dress for business brunch in summer?

Smart and fashionable. Check summer brunch outfits to see the best business brunch outfits for summer 2024.

What to wear to a work dinner in summer?

A little black dress, a silk blouse with satin cargo pants, or an old money off the shoulder top with tailored shorts and slingback pumps are some of the trendiest formal dinner outfits this summer.

What to wear to a frigid office in summer?

Check summer work outfits for AC workspace to see how to dress for work in summer when it’s cold.

What to wear to work during the heatwave?

Light summer workwear – check summer heatwave work outfits for some inspiration.


So this is what to wear to work in summer 2024. Be sure to check early fall work outfits too. You know, if you are only returning back to the office at the end of September. It will probably be cold enough for fall outfits already. Up next: the best interview outfits.