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All the colours you need to know for Spring Summer 2019

Pink, yellow, green, oh all those pretty colours of spring blooms. But are pink, yellow and green the most fashionable colours for spring summer 2019 too? Do you know the most fashionable colours for spring summer 2019? What colour everyone chic and fashionable is wearing this season? SS 2019 colour swatch will definitely shock you. I mean who thought beige will be more stylish than neon and pastel colours?

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Finally! Here is, the first part of our Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Report! Who is excited to find out all SS19 fashion trends at a glance? I know you are. But hang on. There are still a few days before the official beginning of the new season. Besides, it’s not your payday yet. So for a start let us check the spring summer 2019 colors first.

Here are all the colours you should know and wear in spring summer 2019. And yes, you should know some of these colours already as they are fashionable for a while now. Including your favourite colour.

Red Chanel Boy bag orange Malone Souliers mules pastel blue Chanel flap bag yellow Chanel basket bag powder beige Red Valentino tulle dress with text overlay Edit Color report




Good news if your closet is like a party club or Tokyo with all those neon clothes hanging there. Because guess what? Fluorescent tones are still in fashion. Although sorry to tell you, neon colours are not the number one fashionable colour swatch for the spring summer 2019 anymore.

Anyway, more about all the new colours of SS19 a bit later. Here are all the colours from the last season that are still fashionable in spring summer 2019. Although I must warn you, the list is rather short. Apart from the neon colours slime lime, neon yellow, Barbie pink, turquoise pink, and, gusset orange (turmeric now), pink peacock, red, red pear (jester red now) and earthy 70s inspired colours, there are no other old colours. Still, the list of colors brought from the 70s is long. There is a reason why neutrals are the IT colour swatch for 2019.

Mentioning IT SS19 colour swatch, it’s about time we head one 2019 Spring summer Color Report. After all spring summer come in colours.

Wait! Before you get lost in the spring-summer 2019 colours, a little reminder. Be sure to save, pin and print all these colour collages. I’m sure they will be helpful when you finally decided to do the spring cleaning in your closet too. Even in the middle of the summer.

Oh and, be sure to click through the widgets to shop the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories in this 2019 spring summer’s most fashionable colours. You can actually shop straight from the reports too. Just click on the highlights framed with pink borders.




Pantone Colour Institute said spring summer 2019 colours reflect our desire to encourage ourselves as we face the future. SS19 colours are here not only to lift our mood but to give us a boost of confidence on the go.

Even though, as said before, neon colours are still in style for spring summer 2019, as dynamic and vibrant SS19 colours are, they are not overpowering. But merely expressing our excitement for long summer days.

So what are these season’s most fashionable colours? I already alluded that the colour palette for spring summer 2019 might surprise you. For sure we didn’t expect to see all these earthy beige tones in the summer too. Although thinking better, we should. Tan skin really does look best with neutral clothes.

But let us go back to the neons first. Neons are fun and fashionable.




Unfortunately a bit late for the St. Patrics Day, or not? Honestly, I’m still not a fan of the slime green. Even though, it’s not on my Never going to wear list (read the list here), but still. Luckily the slime green is not the only fashionable neon colour for spring summer 2019. There is also my favourite Barbie pink and the bright yellow – Lemon Verbena.


Again, not going to lie to you, slime green is not my favourite colour. But if I had to buy something in slime green, I would buy this belt bag and this mini skirt. Or one of these if that skirt was out of the stock in my size.



neon pink Casadei slingbacks neon pink Chloe bijou drew bag Dries Van Noten fluorescent yellow sequinned top orange outfit with text overlay Neons


We called this shade of yellow – limelight last season. This season is the Lemon Verbena. But everyone knows that this is neon yellow we actually talk about. Neon yellow doesn’t need any introduction. Even the first-graders know it. Ps. Say your little one that neon yellow is fashionable for spring summer 2019 the next time she refuses to wear the flashy street signals on her jacket. Although I am sure, she will want to borrow this dress from you and wear it instead. I know I would.




The favourite colour for my eyes. Wait, don’t get me wrong, my favourite colour to wear will always be black. But for my eyes, there is only Barbie pink. Neon and bright, just the way I like. Still, these Barbie pink pumps, neon pink slingbacks and this Barbie pink dress are SS19 must and already on my shopping list.

By the way, the list of all the things I’m shopping for spring summer 2019 is over here! But keep getting updated. So subscribe for the notification if you want to see what I’m spending my 2k for this month. You already know where (if not click here).


neon fluorescent spring summer 2019 color swatch


The bright, flashy orange that puts you into the spotlight even in Tokyo. Browse through the widget to find the best neon orange items for spring summer 2019.






Last of SS19 neon colours but not least spring summer 2019 IT colour is turquoise. I feel turquoise is the colour you either love or hate. That is until you see all these pretty fashionable pieces I found in the stores now. See?



I told you! Now tell me, what item made you change your feelings about this neon shade of aquamarine? I bet it was either the roller skates or these turquoise sandals.




And here they are, the most fashionable colours of 2019. Coming straight from the 70s. Wear them now and wear them later, because earthy tones are here to stay. From beige to brown, this 70s inspired swatch is the most fashionable colour palette for spring summer 2019. And autumn winter 2019/20. Yes, we will wear 70s inspired earthy tones in fall winter 2019/20 too.


Toffee is one out of two 2019 most fashionable brown shades. As Pantone says, it really is deliciously irresistible and tasteful, Moreover honing the appetite for all these pieces in the widget below. I’m getting these brown sandals for sure.




Keep reading to find out more about Mango Mojito.



Sézane brown jumpsuit Chloé C small leather brown shoulder bag Tom Ford Beauty lipgloss with text overlay 70s earthy hues


Terrarium Moss is more or less just washed army green. Yet it enchants thoughts of flourishing nature and physical beauty. This shade of green is perfect for spring. And this jumpsuit (click to see) is a must have.




If terrarium moss is best for the spring, pepper stem is more summer alike. Reminding us, we should go straight to the woods when it’s too hot for lying on the beach.



70s color palette Brunette from Wall Street


Brown granite is very much grounded. It’s a strong, authentic and timeless shade of brown. No wonders why we brought it back from the 70s to wear it in spring summer 2019. Here is what to shop in brown granite.



Ps. I just got myself this silky slip dress. Next on my list is this legit leather jacket for only 300 EUR! Yes, it’s on sale.




Jester Red is a summer version of the Red Pear we wore last season. Or the Oxblood a season before. This shade keeps coming back and forth. So, yes, you shopping anything from the widget below is an investment.






Obviously not just spring pastels. Since we wear pastels in summer too. But spring pastels sounds more legit. Besides, we prefer to name pastel colours with another name for summer. You know, ice cream colours or sorbet colours. But at the end of the season, spring pastels, ice cream colours or sorbet colours, they all get to be the same shade.


Remember the Mellow Rose from autumn winter? Well, it doesn’t matter. Mellow Rose is out of style anyway. There is Pressed Rose that is in fashion now.



Although, truth to be told, for me Pressed Rose is just a slightly modern take on a traditional English shade. Slightly more sweet and girls perhaps. Almost like the millennial pink, we loved so much a few seasons ago. And just like the colour of my pink sneakers. Ha, I guess you will see me walking around in my old pink sneakers (last time seen here) again this season.



By the way, I love this fringe mini skirt. Isn’t it super chic? It’s so fashionable for SS19.

lilac suit pink Chanel boy flap bag sweet lilac Casadei pumps with text overlay spring pastel




Looking at my outfits, you might think this is my favourite colour of the season. Well, it’s not. But hell, I want all of these items in the widget. This sweet shade of lilac adds charming and sprightly spring-like feeling demand, doesn’t it? Especially to these wedges.


spring summer 2019 pastels color swatch




Even though Pantone colour institute didn’t list pastel blue to the list of spring-summer 2019 fashionable colours we keep seeing it on the streets. So I’m adding pastel blue to my SS19 colour report too.



Ps. Just make sure you wear something fashionable in this pastel colour. Like these blue pants or same Ganni boots I have but in pastel blue. See here. Yes, my cowboy boots come in baby blue too! Here is where you can shop baby blue western Ganni boots. 






I told you spring summer 2019 colour palette might surprise you with its colours. It turns out that neutrals are not only tan, beige, camel and sand, pardon Sweet Corn as we call light beige in 2019, and white but also a deep blue and black. Yes, black is fashionable in summer too. At least in summer 2019.

Anyway, we are starting the list of the most fashionable neutral tones with beige hues. You know, to spike the excitement and expectations for the not so typically summer neutral colours.

black Dior saddle bag Chanel slingbacks Dior bar jacket with text overlay Neutral colours


Forget about your old white summer dress. This summer we are swapping white for sweet corn colour.

Here is what to shop in this Sweet soft and buttery almost white colour. Ps. I adore this Dior jacket.




Soybean is undoubtedly the most beautiful beige hue for summer. Even though pretty, feminine and romantic on the outside, it makes you feel fierce and powerful. Yes, Soybean beige colour states for women’s empowerment this season.

And who knows how to cut women’s power and empowerment out of fabric better than Maria Grazia Chiuri? Check the widget below to find the most beautiful clothes in soybean beige colour.



Click here to shop my favourite Dior shoes for spring summer 2019. 


Black is in fashion! Ha, I know. You must be like: “Wait, what?! What are you talking, when black wasn’t in fashion?!” right now. Sure black is always in fashion. But for 2019, spring summer 2019 and also autumn winter 2019/20, black is the colour. IT colour! In short, black is more fashionable right now than ever. By the way, if you can’t decide on the colour of our new Dior saddle bag, get it in black. Ps. Here is where to shop black Dior saddle bag. 



2019 spring summer neutral colours


Think black is a bit too dark for spring? Then put on dark navy or Eclipse as we call this dark shade of blue in spring summer 2019. Dior, Chanel and all the other most desired fashion houses sent eclipse out on the SS19 runway.

Here is where to shop Dior collection in eclipse blue online – all new. Ps. This Dior skirt (click here to see) is so me. It’s in my favourite colour and one of my favourite materials. I should probably put it on the top of my SS19 shopping list. What do you think?
Also these dark blue Dior sunglasses.




And here is also the Brown granite. The very much grounded neutral colour. Yet strong and timeless shade of brown.

Browse through the widget to see what I like in brown granite.






And here they are, the most fashionable colours of 2019. Wear them now and wear them later, because beige is here to stay. From light beige, and camel to brown, this tan swatch is the most fashionable colour palette for spring summer 2019. And autumn winter 2019/20. Yes, we will wear tan tones in fall winter 2019/20 too. If only our bronze summer tan wouldn’t fade away come fall, right?

I guess Dior had a lot to do with this fashion trend. Just look at this gorgeous beige tulle skirt from Dior. Can I get married in that skirt?

Dior tulle skirt Dior brown saddle bag with text overlay Beige


Again, soybean. Since this fashionable and versatile beige hue deserves all our attention. Especially these stunning pumps and this skirt. But also this jacket that we will wear for the next 20 years for sure.




Summer white? What white? In spring summer 2019 we don’t wear white but this light shade of beige. Also known as sweet corn. After all, it’s sweeter than white, and feeding fashion appetite better than corn flips our hunger.
I can’t wait to wear these. All of these items in the widget below.



Dior logo saddle bag beige naturals colour swatch


I told you purchasing a brown baseball cap was a good idea. Just wait to see how I style my brown Rag & Bone baseball cap (last time seen with a leopard dress here) in summer.






Jewel tones we wore the last season are still in fashion too. And I couldn’t be happier. Yes, you guessed it right. You can find one of my favourite colours to wear in the spring summer 2019 in this SS19 colour swatch.

Whatsoever, there are many colours in this colour swatch that you know already. So not to repeat everything about these bold colours all over again, only a short description of the colours at this point. Keep reading to find out more about Fiesta, Turmeric and Mango Mojito.

Chanel Barbie pink backpack neon pink Casadei pumps Kaia Gerber runway





If Pink Peacock was the most surprising colour of the last season, it’s not anymore. This bold, vibrant colour is a smarter turnover of the Barbie pink that you can wear from office to street and club. All day long. I love this blazer in pink peacock. It’s just perfect for a boss lady. Powerful and so stylish.







Do you remember what was my favourite colour the previous season? Yes, it was nebulas blue. And lucky me, this colour is still in style. Well, minus its name. We call this stunning cobalt shade of blue, princess blue instead of nebulas blue now. Bet hey, who cares the name when the shade stays the same?

Surely seeing princess blue back in style for spring summer 2019 is not a surprise. And not only, because it has been one of my favourite colours for the last few seasons. But because it goes so well with the leopard print that is also still in fashion. By the way, more about SS19 prints is coming up next. So subscribe for the desktop post notification (click on the bell in the bottom right corner).



Anyway, here is what to shop in princess blue. Ha, thinking better Pantone should rather call this shade of blue Queen blue. Just imagine how stunning you will look in this dress. Or this Ganni dress.





jewel bold color palette swatch Chanel fluorescent pink backpack


Lemon Verbena or better write neon yellow is light and sunny. Bold, yet pleasingly cheerful. These are the must-have items in lemon verbena colour.






Here is another yellow colour that will bring us joy and good cheer on the rainy spring day. Aspen Gold is a sunny shade of yellow that looks best in metallic. Nevertheless wearing a monochrome aspen gold outfit is a must this season. In fact, only all in red or all in orange look is more fashionable than all in aspen gold.



Don’t worry, I made sure pulling off this gold yellow monochrome look will be easy for you. Check the widget to find everything you need. Ps. Shop this item first. Later get these shoes. And everything you see in the widgets above and below.






Admittedly, orange is not one of my favourite colours. But this orange swatch is the IT swatch of spring summer 2019. Yes, the entire swatch. There is not just one shade of orange that is fashionable this season. But 5. That is right.

If Russet Orange and Neon Orange are the only two hues of orange you know from the previous season, it’s time to expand your orange knowledge.

This season you must know Fiesta, Tumeric and Living Coral. Wait, you already know the Living Coral, right?

orange Chanel flap bag Tod's SS19 runway looks with text overlay Orange


Living Coral is the colour of the year for 2019, and you better know it. It is the softest orange shade in the spring-summer 2019 orange swatch. I like the golden and pink undertone that slightly softens it and make it more wearable for every day. Ps. You need to see this dress.




Unlike Living Coral, Fiesta is the boldest orange hue. That radiates passion, energy, excitement even. Be careful with this colour! Shop these items in the widget below. I just got this Self-Portrait dress (see how I style orange dress for a picnic date here) and I can’t wait to get these pumps. Ps. Keep your eyes off those pumps. There is only one pair of these stunning fiesta orange pumps left in my size, and I want to get it.




It seems like I will have a wardrobe full of orange shoes this season. I’m definitely getting these orange Malone Souliers too.  In turmeric, the most orange hue in the orange swatch.

This orange shade speaks to fruity sweetness and brings a playfulness to our wardrobe. I love this turmeric orange leather jacket.


orange color swatch for spring summer 2019


Mango Mojito is a refreshing shade of orange composed of golden yellow. Admittedly not an easy colour to style if you buy just anything in this shade. Nevertheless, I found some easy to style mango mojito items. See them all in the widget below. Ps. Click for a closer look.




Again, the neon orange we met before. Check the gallery below to shop neon orange now.






I’m ending 2019 spring summer colour report with red. Even though we mentioned red shades before, it would be a crime not to mention them both again. After all, red is an essential colour this season. In short, wearing all in red is a fashion trend you must not miss this season.

Altuzarra red net dress red Chanel boy bag with text overlay red


I know, I mentioned this colour when talking about the orange swatch earlier. But if you take a closer look, you will see that fiesta is actually an orange-red mix.

As said before, I’m getting this Self-Portrait dress and these pumps.

red Chanel flip flops red SS19 colour swatch




Jester Red not only turns you into a legit fashionista, but it also makes you look elegant and chic. Besides, it’s the colour that keeps coming back into fashion season after season. So shopping anything from the widget above and below is a legit fashion investment.



Brunette from Wall Street list of SPRING SUMMER 2019 colors in fashion


Congratulations, you just read the first part of SS19 fashion report. Yes, only the first part. There are more spring summer 2019 fashion reports you need to read to be fashion ready for spring summer 2019. Still not now. Now it’s time for shopping. Pick your spring summer 19 statement colour and get everything in that colour. Ps. Monochrome looks are very fashionable this season. Ups, sharing too many fashion trends already. By the way, which spring summer 2019 colour swatch from SS19 colour report is your favourite?