Brunette from Wall Street spring summer 2025 fashion trends


Summer 2024 fashion trends – all the latest summer 2024 fashion trends together! If you don’t know what’s in style for summer 2024 yet, then this summer 2024 fashion trend report is what you need to read next. It’s about all the fashion trends of summer 2024. Yes, here you can find all the summer 2024 fashion trends. From the colors that are in fashion for summer 2024, IT prints and patterns, materials to wear now, stylish silhouettes, details and IT pieces of the season you must have. Plus, how to style new season clothes for summer 2024 of course. And not to forget, here in this fashion report, you won’t find only what’s in style now, but also what fashion trends are out of style for summer 2024 and what items you should ditch out of your closet the minute you finish reading this report! Disclaimer: this report is currently a mix of EU/North American/Euroasian/North African and Australian/South American and South Asian mix where written “spring summer 2024” and not “summer 2024” is referred to Australian/South American and South Asian fashion trends.

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And the full summer’s 2024 fashion trend report is here. I bet you can’t wait to learn everything about the latest fashion trends and find the best summer 2024 fashion trends to follow.

I only hope summer 2024 lasts long enough for you to try all summer 2024 trends. Not that you would need weeks to nail all these fashion trends, but hell, there are so many fashion trends this summer and only as many summer days ahead.

Whatsoever, let’s scroll down to 2024 summer fashion trends and finally discover all the newest fashion trends, see what’s still on-trend and what went out of style while you were reading the introduction.

Should we start with what’s out of style for summer 2024, first? I don’t know about you, but I always prefer to know what’s out first. You know, just to make sure I end with old, unwanted and unneeded before I start with something new.

So, what’s out of style for summer 2024?

Well, there are quite some fashion style trends that aren’t trending anymore, and a few that will expire before you are able to finish reading this article.

Furthermore, there are quite some clothes, shoes and bags that look old and outdated just because everyone was wearing them on and on for the last few seasons.

Truth be told, you can skip the next 3 paragraphs if you merely remember what styling trends are out of fashion in summer 2024.


I told you, you should learn the list of outdated styling trends by heart if you don’t want to stop wearing some of your favourite garments, that happen to be out of style for summer 2024.

Including your favourite pair of jeans, lucky oversized button down, and that smocked dress that makes you look so gorgeous. Or a maxi column denim skirt.

Indeed, long column denim skirts aren’t in style anymore.

And yes, I think you should buy a long skirt instead if you get a 70 % discount. After all, long denim skirts always come back in fashion.

Anyway, it’s more clothes that aren’t in fashion for summer 2024. There are more than 12 garments that you might want to ditch from your summer 2024 capsule wardrobe as they are not fashionable anymore.


No, your favourite sandals aren’t as fashionable as they were anymore either. Even so, the strappy sandals you bought seasons ago are not the most unstylish shoes in your shoe closet. There are five other shoes that are even more unfashionable right now. Including chunky sneakers and chunky loafers.

In brief, the least fashionable summer shoes are all the flats shoes, wood sandals (we wear clogs and wooden wedge sandals now), sporty pool slides, dad sneakers, chunky sneakers, and glove pumps. Also, a few other shoes that you probably wear only when it’s raining or is cold. Anyway, check the list of all the shoes that are out of style for summer 2024 to be sure you don’t ditch any fashionable heels the next time you decide to clean your shoe closet.


New bed or a new bag? Can’t decide on what should you rather buy this spring? A piece of new furniture or a new bag? Well, the decision is all yours. But if you are not walking around with one of the unstylish bags in your arms, then I would advise you to shop for the bag first.


Yes, the cutout swimwear is still in style for summer 2024 but it is in sharp decline.

But, unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing for 8 other swimwear. That swimwear is out of fashion, and it doesn’t seem it will become fashionable again.

Nevertheless, some fashion trends do come back in style after a while. Even those that we thought no one will ever follow again once they went out of style.

In summer 2024 more than 40 fashion trends are coming back in style, including the high waist, midi skirts, pencil skirts, wrap skirt, tulle skirts, capris, jorts or bermuda shorts, cigarette pants, skinny jeans (but with wider hem and cargo pockets), leather blazer, trucker jacket, slip dress with lace trim, halterneck tops, trucker cap. Wondering what else is considered stylish again? Check the list of fashion trends back in style for summer 2024, then!

While some fashion trends come and go, other fashion trends actually never go out of style. Or at least tend to continue and transition from one season to another.

Like, all those girly hair accessories that we have been wearing for the last 6 seasons in a row. Or the basket bag. That bag has been in style for even longer than kitschy hairpins.

All in all, there are many of last season’s fashion trends that are still in fashion for summer 2024.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean nothing is new for summer 2024. We all know, there are plenty of new things trending in summer 2024. In fact, summer 2024 feels entirely new and unknown. Admittedly, the latest fashion trends have something to do with that too.

So, what is new for summer fashion in 2024? As said, there are plenty of new fashion trends for summer 2024.

To begin with, the summer 2024 color palette and prints are new.


As the chill fades and the promise of warmer days dawns, so too does a vibrant new palette emerge. Summer 2024 bursts forth with colors that are giving transformation and inspire feelings of unbridled hope.

This season’s hues transcend mere trends. While lime green reflects a collective yearning for self-expression and Brat summer, you might want to forget fleeting bursts of neon and embrace the calming embrace of powder blue, and the timeless elegance of butter yellow.

Pov, you might want to explore the nuances of each shade, before you paint your closet in the most fashionable summer 2024 colors. All in all, uncovering the emotional resonance of all trendy SS24 colours and discovering how they can effortlessly weave themselves into your personal style is paramount.

Prepare to be exhilarated by a palette that goes beyond aesthetics, inviting you to express yourself with newfound vibrancy and embrace a season where feeling great takes center stage.


From the timeless elegance of pinstripes reimagined for the modern wardrobe to the tacky brat girlie’s favourite – the leopard print and vibrant energy of artistic florals, this season promises a tapestry of patterns that blends tacky with business. Whether you want to take on the brat summer aesthetic with a fierce leopard print dress or try the eclectic grandpa trend with a sharp pinstripe suit, or just looking for a pretty floral dress, check the SS24 print trend report and shop for my picks.


The sun’s calling, the waves are crashing, and beach season is upon us! But before you pack your bags and hit the sand, let’s talk about the 2024 swimwear trends. Forget the same old bikini – 2024 is all about retro swimwear, new fabrics, and finding styles that flatter every body type.

Whether you’re a beach girlie, pool party queen, or wanderlust adventurer, you need to learn about the 2024 swimwear trends. Pov, your favourite bikini and that swimsuit you bought last year are most likely outdated.

But worry not, Brunette from Wall Street’s swimwear trend report for 2024 dives deep into the hottest 2024 swimwear trends, helping you find the perfect swimwear to make a splash this summer. We covered everything from must-have silhouettes and trending colors to sustainable options and body-positive fits.

It’s the retro swimwear (swimsuit with underwirebandeau swimsuitbandeau tophalf-cup stylesbikini tops with a straight necklinehigh-waisted bikini bottomsswimsuits with twisted bust), shimmer swimwearcenter-halter swimsuitsone shoulder swimwear (one shoulder swimsuitone shoulder bikini top with no bra cup), terry cloth swimwearleopard swimwearswimsuits with deep and wide necklinesswimsuits with waist cutoutsswimsuits with crossed straps on the back, and swimwear with bows that are in fashion for summer 2024.

Get ready to turn heads this season with the latest outwear trends that are set to dominate the fashion scene in 2024. From oversized bomber jackets to classy trench coats, we have got you covered with the most fashionable and coveted outwear pieces to elevate your wardrobe.


While shacket is no longer the No. 1 most fashionable jacket of the season, a trench coat is still the staple summer capsule piece worthy of investing in. Even so, there are also these other jackets in fashion for summer 2024. Other light jackets in style for summer 2024 are a cropped jacket, trench bomber jackethourglass jacketround biker jacketcropped leather jacket with big pocketstrucker jacketoversized jacket with cargo pocketsbomber jacket, and short boxy jacket.


The most fashionable blazers for summer 2024 are 80s style blazersoft blazers with strong squared-off shoulderscropped denim blazerleather blazercinched blazers with slightly exaggerated shoulders, and modern academia single breasted oversized blazers with patch chest pocket.


For summer 2024, the most fashionable light jackets are cropped jacket, trench bomber jackethourglass jacketround biker jacketcropped leather jacket with big pocketstrucker jacketoversized jacket with cargo pocketsbomber jacket, and short boxy jacket.


From vertical bubble hem and organza to white milkmaid dress, this year’s dress trends are all about celebrating romance and making a statement.


The most fashionable 2024 dresses are a milkmaid dresstennis core dressdrop waist dressbubble hem dress, organza dress – flared mini organza dress or column tulle dress – with layers of organza on the front of dresses,  mini dressbabydoll mini dress, mini dress with cached corsetmini dress with constructed in panelsmini cady dressstrapless dresssequined summer dresses, modish geometric-print swing dresses, predominantly in neutral hues; and for fall winter 2024/25 a mini straight dress – mini shift dressmini pinstripe shirt dressmini dress with high neckslinky slip dresssatin dress featuring gathered empire under-bust cutlines and drop waists accented with lace trimknitted dresses with a wide waistband that creates a play on volume between bodice and skirtsweater dress with asymmetrical hemsweater dress with unstructured collarcolumn dressdress with lace and bowsdropped jersey dress with sculpted sleevefloaty ruffled dressminimalistic dresses with long sleeves, straight cuts and midi lengthsstrapless dress.

Other equally fashionable dresses 2024 are a crochet dress, an open knit dress, a cut out knit dresssheer dresscrinkled slip dresslong lace trimmed slip dressflowing maxi dress (with a belt)bow stacked dresshalterneck dress, and a column dress.

Of course, dresses in floral print, are fashionable this season, too.


The most fashionable summer dress of 2024 is a milkmaid dress. Other summer dresses on trend for 2024 are a tennis core dressdrop waist dressbubble hem dressorganza dress – flared mini organza dress or column tulle dress – with layers of organza on the front of dresses, a crochet dress, an open knit dress, a cut out knit dresssheer dresscrinkled slip dresslong lace trimmed slip dressflowing maxi dress (with a belt)bow stacked dresshalterneck dresscolumn dressmini dressbabydoll mini dressmini dress with cached corsetmini dress with constructed in panelsmini cady dressstrapless dresssequined summer dresses, modish geometric-print swing dresses, predominantly in neutral hues. And of course, all the dress styles that are in fashion for fall 2024.

Ps. A little black dress is still something that shouldn’t miss in your 2024 capsule wardrobe. To see what little black dress to buy for summer 2024 – check the list of the most fashionable LBDs. It will help!


Tops in style for summer 2024 are a front tie topcrossed front halterneck topcrochet toptank toplace trim rectangular topbralettehoodie with classic sport-style fitted tank shape in jerseystrapless topmodern peplum topdenim corset topcowlneck topfootball jerseyrugby toplace crop-tophanky hem sleeveless top – bandana topone shoulder toppolo shirtribbed knit toplinen vest and tops in fashionable prints, and tops in fashionable colors.

There was only one type of tee shirt dominating the SS24 runways, and no, if you are not stealing your boyfriend’s T-shirts, you don’t have it yet – it’s new. The trendiest T-shirts in style for summer 2024 are loose and oversized, but also graphic. Yes, the rock band graphic T-shirt is coming back. But also the ringer tee, and henley T-shirt.

The most stylish blouse of summer 2024 is a one shoulder blouse. Other stylish blouses in fashion for summer 2024 are blouses with boatneck and voluminous balloon sleeves, and sheer blouses.

Knitwear is very fashionable for summer 2024. For summer 2024, there is a notable movement towards more slouchy knitwear, which is reflected in slouchy V-neck sweater. While crew necks are not entierly out, V-neck is set to be a key trend for pre fall 2024.

This season, the long cardigan – long as a dress, is as strong as ever, with designs featuring slim, sensuous silhouettes in vibrant pastel hues. Sheer knits can be elevated for party or evening wear by incorporating luxurious detailing and combining sheer and opaque panels for a striking contrast in texture. If you’re aiming for a more relaxed vacation look, layering sheer knitwear pieces can achieve a laid-back yet effortlessly chic appearance. Ps. Check the knitwear trend report to see all the trendy knits.


Summer 2024 is bringing back the skirt suit. Yes, skirt suits are fashionable again! Even so, in 2024, the most fashionable women’s suits can be found in various styles. These include a skirt suit with a knee length skirt, a powerful suit consisting of an impeccably tailored, oversized blazer paired with long, slim pants, a comfortable suit with an oversized blazer and wide-leg trousers, a short suit featuring extra-short shorts, a Canadian tuxedo – a raw denim suit which pairs denim pants or a denim skirt with a denim blazer and shirt, as well as a short tweed suit, with a cropped tweed jacket and matching tweed shorts or skirt.


2024 is the year of different skirt shapes. While the controversial bubble hem was one of NYFW’s key design details and was also present in London, albeit not as strong, you might prefer to buy into the midi lace skirt trend, silver skirt, maxi denim skirt with sweeping fishtail shapes, mermaid hem skirts, skirts with dropped waist, A-style midi denim skirt, A-style midi skirt full skirtmaxi denim skirt with a slit and lace panelspencil skirt, column skirt, or a sheer skirt that is the most fashionable skirt of the season. Full tulle skirt are some of the skirts in style for summer 2024, too. And yes, some trendy SS24 skirts come in mini lengths also – low waist mini skirt – Y2k mini skirt will be trending for summer 2024 and will transition into fall 2024 as one of the most fashionable skirts of the season. It’s brat summer.


If you prefer pants over skirts you will be happy to know you can nail the Y2K trend with pants, too. The most fashionable pants for summer 2024 are capri trousers, and track pantspants with elastic waistband. If you like patterned pants, choose between pinstripe pants and leopard pants. If you are for something new (old) get tapered pants, or carrot pants that are back in fashion. But wait, they are different! There is a new pant trend in the city! High rise pants and slim-leg pants slide under the radar in between wide-leg and straight trousers.


The most fashionable jeans of 2024 are white jeans – white baggy jeanswide-leg jeansbarrel jeans (still in style), raw straight denim jeans, and modern skinny jeans.


Ready to show off those legs? Get ready to elevate your style for summer 2024 season with the ultimate wardrobe staple – shorts and torts! Picture yourself strolling down the streets, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and turning heads with your impeccable sense of style.

That’s right – it’s time to swap out those long pants for a more comfortable and chic option – capri shorts. Or – hot pants – short shorts – yes, the no pants trend is still going strong. But the most fashionable shorts are jorts.


The most stylish summer 2024 shoes are mesh ballet flatsMary Jane mesh ballet flatssquare toe ballet flats with Mary Jane straps, ballet flats with metal ankle strap, platform fisherman sandalswood-leather wedge platform sandalsflipflopsT bar sandalscord thong sandalstoe ring sandals – flat toe loop sandals or kitten heel sandals with a toe ringjellies – PVC flat sandalssandals with cuffslip-on espadrillesMary Jane with pointed toesMary Jane with multiple thin strapssports sandals with multiple strapssandals with crossover and spaghetti tie-up strapskitten heelsretro-style ergonomic flat slingbacksmule kitten heels with a bow or subtle lace-up or knotted details, pointed-square toes and luxurious velvet, satin and suede fabrications; slides with luge sole.

Other equally fashionable summer shoes are scrappy sandals with bowsdriving shoeswedge slidespointy kitten heel slingbacksplatform loafers, pointed pumps with extremely longer pointed toes, shoes with column heels, shoes with stiletto heels, bows on shoes, and cut out sandals.


Sneakers have become a staple in any fashion-forward wardrobe, and this season, the sneaker trend is all about standing out in retro sneaker style. From slip on VansAdidas GazelleSalomon XT-6New Balance 2002Adidas SambaAdidas Forum to Asics Gel-Kayano 14 Sneakers – there are the most fashionable sneakers to choose from.


Welcome the new season with a new bag. The most fashionable summer 2024 bags are bucket bagembellished bucket bag with seashells or pearlsdaytime clutch (also slouched like Stella McCartney Falabella tote bag folded and worn as a clutch), envelopeladylike top handle bagbijoux bagsbags with a chain strapmicro cross body bagwoven bagshell shape raffia bagbags with pocketsnovelty animal shape bagheart shape bag, and brushed gold hardware bags.



As the sun starts shining brighter, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe – and no outfit is complete without a fashionable hat. And as the authority on all things fashion, Brunette from Wall Street is here to give you the inside scoop on summer 2024 hat trends as well.

Our expert analysis of the latest runway shows and designer collections has revealed the top hat trends for the season, and we’re excited to share them with you. If you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve and make a statement with your accessories, you need a trucker hatwide-brim sunhat with a scarfboater raffia hatraffia cowboy hat, or a bohemian head wrap.


Ditch the pearl bobby pins, embrace the bows! Summer 2024 hair screams for statement larger-than-life hair accessories, ready to transform your tresses from basic to breathtaking. 

This season, hair accessories are the focal point of your fit. Forget the rules, embrace the most fashionable SS24 hair accessories blindly! From hair bowsmini bow clips for bow stackingbow jaw clipbow ponytail holderbow detail headbandfloral headbandflower crownblack jersey headbandbubble stretch headbandultra-slim black elasticated headbandhair cufflarge hair clips, to oversized scrunchie, and hair scarf tied under the chin, get ready to embrace the joyful hair accessory trends that are taking the summer 2024 by storm!


For summer 2024 the most fashionable sunglasses are chunky! Indeed, the 2010s sunglasses are back in fashion. Sunglasses in style for SS24 are supersized sunglassesfuturistic cat-eye sunglasseslarge-scale racer shades – shield-like frameless sunglasses with colored lensheart shape sunglassestransparent sunglassestinted lens. But some thin sunglasses are trendy for summer 2024, too.

Ps. Read the extended eyewear trend report to find out more about sunglasses in fashion for 2024.

As we approach late summer 2024, it is imperative to keep up-to-date with the latest jewellery trends. For those looking to make a bold statement extra large-scale earringshoops, and fringed earrings are the way to go.

For those who do not typically wear earrings, fear not – there is still a way to stay on trend. The biggest trend for summer 2024 is the bow-appliqué choker. A pearl choker necklaces with multiple strands of pearls and ribbon tightly wrapped is currently trending and can be seen all over TikTok (POV your for you page is probably oversaturated with this trend). However, for those who wish to be fashion-forward, a bow choker is a great alternative. Bows are to be a prominent trend for AW24.

For those who prefer to follow seasonal trends, a pretty charm necklace or a lavish wrist cuff bracelet and arm cuff are great options for the summer of 2024. However, it’s worth noting that bracelets and arm cuffs are the most fashionable jewellery pieces for the upcoming season. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your jewellery collection is up-to-date with the latest trends.


Now that you know what colors and prints are in style for summer 2024, what clothes, swimwear, shoes, makeup and accessories are fashionable this season; it’s time to build the most fashionable summer capsule wardrobe you have ever had.

Worry not, you can copy my shopping list for summer 2024.
Ps. My summer 2024 capsule wardrobe is not basic. It includes every single thing that’s in fashion for summer 2024.

If you want to keep your summer 2024 capsule wardrobe more basic and simple check key summer 2023 fashion trends next.

Truth be told, only by knowing the biggest summer 2024 fashion trends you will know more about summer 2024 fashion than most of your friends. But be sure, you learn the list of key fashion trends for summer 2024 by your heart.

Ps. Be sure to truly remember all those summer 2024 fashion trends that will transition into fall winter 2024/25.

Indeed, some of summer 2024 fashion trends will stay in fashion for quite some time. According to the most accurate fashion forecasters, 13 current fashion trends will transition into autumn winter 2024/25. That’s a number worthy of a splurge, right?

Ps. If you plan to splurge only on fashion trends that will transition into fall – see how to build a fashionable transitional capsule wardrobe next.

Whatever capsule wardrobe you build this summer, be sure to check the latest styling trends. Following the summer 2024 styling trends, you will be fashionable no matter what you wear. You know, at the end of the day, is all about how you wear it.

And we made it to the end of spring summer 2024 fashion trends. Up next: the trendiest spring 2024 outfits and the most fashionable summer 2024 outfits.