Summer 2024 fashion trends that will reign supreme in summer 2024 and prefall here! Here are key summer trends 2024; furthermore, key summer 2024 trends you need to know before the end of the week. As you will see, there are so many things to learn about the biggest summer fashion trends 2024; you would wish your favourite season would come late to prepare for summer 2024 properly. Anyway, wait no more; and scroll down immediately. Oh, and be sure to get your credit card ready! All our favourite online fashion stores are running flash sales now. You know – to make sure we enter summer 2024 and start this season the most fashionable yet. Besides, learning about new fashion trends helps us manifest the best summer ever. Ps. The prices will go up soon – so you better shop for the key summer 2024 trends now!

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Are you already thinking about your great return to the beach? Me too! Hence I made a list of the key summer 2024 fashion trends that will help us look fashionable this season effortlessly.

Here are all the biggest summer 2024 fashion trends you should know for summer 2024 and fall 2024. Yes, you read it right. Many things in fashion for summer 2024 will transition into fall 2024, too. After all, many fashion houses are embracing sustainable fashion.

Hence, it’s smart to shop the new season trends now when the prices are still low. And there are so many sales going on.

Trust me, the prices for the same garments will rise sharply soon. As a finance girl, I know. Luckily, not due to inflation but merely because the preseason sales will end soon. The inflation is actually already going down – pov it’s not at the target levels yet, but still, there is a slight chance FED, and ECB won’t need to increase the interest rates again, and we might avoid a downturn – that’s why we have two contrasting trends – the figure fitting capri shorts and milkmaid midi white dresses – trending right now. Btw, I am obsessed with this milkmaid dress.

Anyway, not to bother you with inflation, the economics and the economic consequences of the central bank’s intervention in the money market, let’s move on to see what’s in fashion for summer 2024 and go through the spring summer 2024 key trends.

So here are the key summer 2024 fashion trends to buy into today and wear for the next four months.


The tea of the ton: Inspired by the hit series “Bridgerton,” the Regency aesthetic is back in bloom. Modernized to follow the Penelope’s transformation, of course.

Prepare to be transported to a world of opulence, romance, and timeless style with flowing empire waist dresses, delicate lace trims, and organza sleeve. Light, breathable fabrics adorned with romantic floral prints and soft pastel shades evoke a sense of grace and femininity. While opera gloves add a finishing touch. Pov,

In true Bridgerton fashion, the Regency aesthetic for Summer 2024 showcases an array of dreamy pastel hues, delicate fabrics, and intricate details. Picture yourself strolling through a sun-drenched garden party, adorned in a flowing empire-waist gown with fluttering sleeves and a delicate lace overlay. Or, like me, romanticize your afternoon tea.

Ps. I intentionally sat at the high garden table.

Soft shades of grey, powder blue, and blush pink dominate the color palette, evoking a sense of ethereal charm. To add a touch of modernity, designers have skillfully incorporated contemporary elements into the Regency aesthetic. High-waisted trousers paired with ruffled blouses, corset-inspired tops with exaggerated sleeves, and dresses adorned with asymmetrical necklines are just a few examples of the fusion between classic and contemporary.

No Regency-inspired outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. Straw bonnets adorned with ribbons, oversized sun hats, and gloves are essential for shielding oneself from the sun’s rays while exuding elegance. For a touch of whimsy,consider accessorizing with a statement parasol or a delicate fan, adding a playful yet refined element to your outfit.

Feathers and jewelry plays a significant role in accentuating the Regency aesthetic. Opt for dainty pearl necklaces, drop earrings with intricate filigree, and delicate bracelets to add a touch of charm.


As the warmth of the sun bathes the city in golden hues, summer 2024 brings with it a new aesthetic – the ethereal aesthetic. This enchanting trend embraces a dreamy and romantic style, reminiscent of ethereal beings from the countryside.

It revolves around the white milkmaid dress – the most fashionable dress of the season, a key item that exudes innocence and boujeeness.

Perfect for daydreaming, a white milkmaid dress will transport you to a meadow of daisies. Style with a floral crown (or a floral headband – see the hair accessory trend report) and mesh ballet flats.

Key Elements of the Ethereal Aesthetic:

  • Light and Airy Color Palette: The ethereal aesthetic of Summer 2024 embraces white and SS24 palette of soft pastel shades. White, and delicate hues of butter yellow, blush pink, and pastel blue (fashion IT color of the season) dominate, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity.
  • Flowing Fabrics: Flowing fabrics take center stage in the ethereal aesthetic, adding a touch of grace and movement to every outfit. Lightweight chiffon, organza, and silk materials drape effortlessly, creating an ethereal silhouette that floats with the summer breeze. Maxi dressessheer blouses, and billowy skirts are the go-to choices for those seeking an otherworldly appearance.
  • Delicate Details: In Summer 2024, attention to detail is paramount. Delicate lace trims, intricate embroidery, and dainty floral patterns adorn garments, adding a boujee touch. Iridescent sequins, and subtle shimmer are sprinkledthroughout, reflecting the sun’s gentle rays and infusing outfits with a touch of magic.

Drawing inspiration from folklore, traditional way of living (here is where tradwife steps out as well) and fairy tales, Fairycore takes the ethereal aesthetic to new heights. Think woodland nymphs and enchanted forests. Flowing dresses adorned with flowers, mesh ballet flats.

When to wear:

  1. Enchanted Garden Parties: Gather beneath the twinkling lights and blooming flowers. Ethereal garden parties are the pinnacle of summer social events in 2024. Draped in flowing dresses and adorned with floral crowns, you canrevel in the enchanting ambiance, savoring delectable treats and engaging in whimsical activities.
  2. Dawn Chasing: Embrace the ethereal beauty of the early morning as you venture out to witness breathtaking sunrises. With the soft hues of dawn illuminating the sky, the world takes on a dreamlike quality. Capture these ephemeral moments and let their beauty inspire your creativity. Whether you document it through photography, poetry, or simply pause to savor the tranquility.


If the mob wife aesthetic was a rebellion against the minimalist, “quiet luxury”, and “clean girl” the last season, this season, the mob wife aesthetic is raging again as the contrast to the tradwife and aethereal aesthetic.

Embraces flashy, garish, and loud elements, such as leopard swimsuitssatin slip dresses, leather jackets, and chunky gold jewelry for the beach, we are also celebrating the Sopranos anniversary. And yes, this trend was brought up by clever prteam.

Even so, the mob wife aesthetic is also about the attitude. It celebrates a confident and assertive personality, that is not afraid to speak their mind, stand up for themselves, and indulge in their desires. Which is just what we need in 2024 when some groups want to women just to be quiet and beautiful.

The mob wife aesthetic is a way of expressing one’s identity and individuality, as well as having fun and escaping the boredom of those grey rainy days before the nature finally starts to bloom. The mob wife aesthetic is also influenced by the immigrant (mainly Italian American – think NYC in the 80s and early 90s) culture, as many of the iconic mob wives are of Italian descent.

The mob wife aesthetic can be easily achieved with basic black pieces, vintage finds, and leopard bikini. I’m here for the bikini.

Here is my take on the mob wife trend for summer 2024. Pov this is the tackiest I could ever go.


Eclectic grandpa fashion trends for summer 2024 embrace the sunshine while still maintaining a unique and unexpected style. Embracing the summer heat and the styling trend of mixing and matching, this aesthetic encourages individuals to create outfits that reflect their personal taste and style, while also incorporating elements of retro and streetwear fashion.

For the summer 2024, the eclectic grandpa core style takes on a lighter and more vibrant approach. Picture breezy fabrics, playful prints, and a color palette that reflects the warmth and energy of the season.

Instead of oversized cable-knit sweaters and chunky vests, imagine lightweight linen button-up shirts in wide stripes. Pair your new grandpa shirt with bermuda shorts or flowy skirts for a relaxed and effortless look. To add a touch of retro charm, accessorize with a vintage-inspired straw hat and platform fisherman sandals.

To add depth and sophistication, infuse earthy olive greens into your outfits. Opt for linen pants in olive green and a linen vest in beige on your new striped shirt. Pair with woven leather sandals and a white leather bag for a touch of chic summer elegance. By the way, a white leather tote is the latest bag trend.

Silhouettes for summer embrace the laid-back ease of the season. Think loose-fitting linen pants, oversized button-up shirts, and suspenders for a playful touch. To incorporate the retro streetwear movement, consider adding vintage-inspired sneakers or platform fisherman sandals to your outfits. They will give your look a contemporary edge while remaining true to the eclectic grandpa core style.

When it comes to accessories, have fun with playful and nostalgic elements. Sunglasses with colored lenses are a must-have for the summer season. Additionally, consider adding a vintage-inspired straw hat to complete your look.


Summer 2024 unveils the captivating allure of the squishy aesthetic as well – a jellyfish fashion trend and the bubble hem.

This trend is set to redefine fashion with its fluidity, translucence, captivating blend of vibrant hues, and wearing clothes in unexpected ways.

With the enchanting allure of a mystical sea oracle, let’s submerge ourselves into the whimsical depths of the Squishy Aesthetic, unraveling its defining features and indulging in its magical essence. The jellyfish trend invites us to embrace the playful and fluid charm inspired by these ethereal creatures.

Picture iridescent shades that mirror the gentle dance of sunlight on the water’s surface, echoing the myriad colors that frolic within the sea’s embrace. Soft pastels, oceanic blues, and pearlescent pinks create an otherworldly palette, transporting you to a dreamy underwater oasis, mirroring the vivid marine life beneath.

At the core of the Squishy Aesthetic lies an unapologetic celebration of fluidity and feminine grace. Flowing silhouettes reminiscent of the undulating ocean currents come to life in maxi dresses and skirts with bubble hem. Imagine fabrics that caress your skin – sheer chiffons, diaphanous silks, and delicate lace – capturing the ethereal charm of a jellyfish’s graceful movement.

Embellishments take center stage, akin to treasures washed ashore, adorning Squishy Aesthetic garments. Delicate details like jelly-like textures, sequins, and larger than even life hair accessories, evoking the allure of hidden sea gems.Transform into a sea enchantress with jeweled headpieces, ocean-inspired brooches, and cascading glass necklaces, allowing these treasures to illuminate your every step.

Squishy Aesthetic encourages a seamless blend of fantasy and contemporary fashion sensibilities. Pair a whimsical, jellyfish-inspired crop top adorned with translucent textures with high-waisted, wide-leg pants for a modern twist on aquatic elegance. Experiment with jelly-like overlays, creating an illusion of fluid movement cascading over your outfit. Or try the bubble hem dress that is one and done on this key summer 2024 fashion trend.

No Squishy Aesthetic look would be complete without a luminous touch. Embrace the trend’s ethereal essence by adorning your skin with shimmering body oils and highlighting powders that mimic the jelly-like sheen of these marine wonders. Experiment with holographic makeup, allowing your eyes, lips, and cheeks to radiate with a mystical brilliance that captures the essence of jellyfish luminescence.

As the sun-kissed breeze of summer envelops you, dare to let your imagination soar and embrace the captivating allure of Squishy Aesthetic fashion.


Cute and girlie, summer 2024 lands with plenty of attitudes with an abundance of bows – the key trend that is set to adorn everything with a dash of feminine flair. This season is all about embracing the cute and girlie vibes with a plethora ofbows on display.

Get ready to tie the knot, literally, as bows become the statement accessory and design element. From head to toe, bows are making their mark. Strategically placed bows on garments, especially dresses, ensure you’re looking like a treat for the season ahead. The silhouette for the summer of 2024 is all about being classy and ladylike, with bows adding that perfect touch of femininity and charm.

Step out on the street in bow addorned shoes. Imagine sandals with bow-tie straps (Ps. I will buy these – they are in cherry red and will transition well into early fall), sneakers adorned with bow appliques, and heels featuring bow accents along the back. Stacked bow footwear adds a playful and feminine touch to your every step, making a bold statement with each stride.

Ignore what the weather looks like outside, and elevate your hairstyle with layers of bows. Experiment with bow-embellished hairpins, headbands, and scrunchies. The trend encourages a playful mix of sizes and colors, allowing you to stack bows in your hair for a look that’s both charming and nostalgic.


Breezy and bohemian, the allure of sensuality takes center stage with enchanting transparent fabrics. Crafted for effortless layering over slips or flowing lace skirts (a white lace skirt is a key fashion trend for summer 2024) or worn daringly alone, this season beckons you to explore the world of sheer blouses, front tie lace tops (I have just bought this one and this one) and delightful tops adorned with billowy sleeves.

Bohemian aesthetic for summer 2024 fashion revolves around two key elements – the romance of lingerie-inspired fashion and the ease of groovy. Bid farewell to mundane sweatpants and hoodies; this year, comfort meets couture with alluring sheer sets and ethereal lace skirts.

There is no doubt that dressing well gives an instant boost to the spirits. Whether it’s something for the comfort of now or you are looking ahead to festivities on the horizon, you will feel a lot better once transparent options are in your wardrobe.

True, we like baggy cotton T-shirts for sleeping and oversized hoodies for lounging. But a sheer blouse with organza sleeves? A gamechanger! 

Changing seasons come with lighter fabrics and luxurious detailing that speak to long spring days and warm summer nights ahead. Pair with wedge wood leather sandals. And yes, I am talking about Chloé wedge sandals. Pov, they are the most wanted sandals of the season. And so difficult to find. It took me a while, but I found them for you. You can buy Chloé wedge sandals here.


Feel extra special in black tulle, or stand out from the crowd in a black peplum blazer, a midi full skirt, black suit, paired with black fedora and black modern cowboy boots.

Strike the perfect balance between practicality and elegance with classic styles in black or dark grey.

Picture a landscape of prairies, dust-covered trails, and a timeless sense of nostalgia. Western Gothic draws inspiration from vintage Americana, combining classic Western elements with a dark, mysterious twist. Think faded denim, weathered leather, and fringe details that pay homage to the rugged charm of the American frontier.

The cornerstone of Western Gothic is its color palette. Deep, moody hues take center stage, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and sophistication. Embrace rich tones such as midnight blues, charcoal grays, and earthy burgundies that seamlessly blend the spirit of the Wild West with the allure of Gothic mystique.

Western Gothic introduces a juxtaposition of delicate frills and lace with a distinct rococo edge. Imagine rococo-inspired blouses adorned with lace details (I am obsessed with this blouse) paired with distressed denim or leather skirts. This fusion of elements creates a look that is both refined and rebellious, giving Western Gothic elegance.

Embrace the paradox of dark florals and brooding patterns that grace Western Gothic garments. Picture dresses adorned with subtle, eerie floral prints or skirts featuring intricate Western motifs and fringe. This fusion of patterns is givinghauntingly beautiful prairie landscape, creating a visual story that unfolds with every step.

Elevate your Western Gothic fit with statement accessories that echo the spirit of the frontier. Bold, oversized belt buckles, antique-inspired jewelry, and black raffia cowboy hats will easily elevate your look up to this key summer 2024 fashion trend.


If you prefer something quite the opposite, love mixing and matching, buy into the playing badminton aesthetic trend immediately. This key summer 2024 fashion trend will have you on your way to the court with a rejuvenated spirit.

Play around with different fabrics and silhouettes for a fashion-forward approach to badminton aesthetic.

Playing Badminton Aesthetic introduces dynamic silhouettes designed for active play. Picture lightweight, breathable fabrics in the form of stylish badminton skirts, moisture-wicking tops, and performance shorts that effortlessly transition from the badminton court to casual settings. The focus is on comfort without compromising on a chic and sporty look.

Elevate your style with bold color blocking and vibrant hues that add a playful flair to your sportswear fit. Think striking combinations like electric blues paired with energetic yellows or punchy pinks matched with vivid greens.

Elevate your badminton look with statement sport accessories that add a touch of flair to your look. From sleek visors and sporty wristbands to vibrant shoelaces and performance socks.


Do you prefer something more classy and refined? We are not moving away from the old money style yet. Get ready to embrace the rhythmic charm and timeless elegance of the Jazz Age as the key spring summer 2024 fashion trend.

Jazz-inspired fashion exudes a sense of sultry sophistication with flowing silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. Picture dresses that cascade gracefully, capturing the movement in full swing. From a dress with a dropped waist to wide-legged trousers, this trend celebrates the art of movement and expression.

Step back in time with vintage-inspired patterns and prints reminiscent of the Jazz Age. Think bold geometric designs, art deco motifs, and playful polka dots that adorn dresses, blouses, and accessories.

Embrace the elegance of monochrome with a jazz-inspired twist. Black and white combinations take center stage. From tailored suits to elegant evening gowns, the monochrome palette adds a sophisticated touch while allowing the silhouette and details to shine.

Complete your jazz-inspired look with accessories that transport you to the golden era. Statement headbands adorned with feathers, beaded clutch purses, and long strands of pearls that evoke the glamour of flapper style.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the biggest summer 2024 fashion trends and deliberating which fashion trend to follow, go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure.

What’s in fashion for summer 2024?

Ethereal aesthetic, Regency dressing, bow stacking, 70s bohemian, Western gothic, Jazz core, eclectic grandpacore, playing badminton aesthetic, squishy aesthetic – jellyfishcore.

What are key fashion trends for summer 2024?

Ethereal aesthetic, Regency dressing, bow stacking, 70s bohemian, Western gothic, Jazz core, eclectic grandpacore, playing badminton aesthetic, squishy aesthetic – jellyfishcore.

Is old money a key fashion trend for summer 2024?

The real old money – modest dressing and not what the internet thinks it’s the old money. But, expect to see more mini pleated skirts and polo shirts in 2024. The internet “old money aesthetic” aligns with the badminton aesthetic that iscoming after the tenniscore aesthetic.

Is Y2K key fashion trend for summer 2024?

It is, but updated with jellyfish influences.

What are key summer fashion trends 2024?

Ethereal aesthetic, Regency dressing, bow stacking, 70s bohemian, Western gothic, Jazz core, eclectic grandpacore, playing badminton aesthetic, squishy aesthetic – jellyfishcore.

What fashion trends to follow summer 2024?

Fashion trends that are true to your personal style and suitable for your lifestyle.

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