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Summer 2023 is here, and these are key summer trends 2023; furthermore, key summer 2023 trends you need to know before the end of the week. As you will see, there are so many things to learn about the biggest summer fashion trends 2023; you would wish spring to last longer to prepare for summer 2023 properly. Anyway, wait no more; and scroll down immediately. Oh, and be sure to get your credit card ready! All our favourite online fashion stores are running flash sales now. You know – to make sure we start this summer the most fashionable yet. Besides, learning about new fashion trends helps us manifest the best summer ever. Ps. The prices will go up soon – so you better shop for the key summer 2023 trends now!

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Are you already thinking about your great return to the beach? Me too! Hence I made a list of the key summer 2023 fashion trends that will help us look fashionable this season effortlessly.

Here are all the biggest summer 2023 fashion trends you should know for summer 2023 and fall 2023. Yes, you read it right. Many things in fashion for summer 2023 will transition into fall 2023, too. After all, many fashion houses are embracing sustainable fashion.

Hence, it’s smart to shop the new season trends now when the prices are still low. And there are so many sales going on.

Trust me, the prices for the same garments will rise sharply soon. As a finance girl, I know. Luckily, not due to inflation but merely because the preseason sales will end soon. The inflation is actually already going down – pov it’s not at the target levels yet, but still, there is a slight chance FED, and ECB won’t need to increase the interest rates again, and we might avoid a downturn – that’s why we have two contrasting trends – the no pant trend with supper short shorts (or no shorts at all) and midi skirts – trending right now.

Anyway, not to bother you with inflation, the economics and the economic consequences of the central bank’s intervention in the money market, let’s move on to see what’s in fashion for summer 2023 and go through the summer 2023 key trends.


So here are the key summer 2023 fashion trends to buy into today and wear for the next four months.


The most important summer 2023 fashion trend, the key fashion trend for 2023 is sustainability and sustainable materials.

Fashion, the biggest polluter, is finally making a change. We already see changes to better, cleaner, sustainable fashion.

Thrifting, recycling, borrowing, and even stealing from your mom’s closet is the new trend for 2023.

Surely, we will still shop for new clothes in 2023. But we will shop smarter, and invest in quality pieces that won’t fall apart the second time we put them on.

Furthermore, we will buy clothes made of recycled fabrics, such as recycled denim, recycled nylon, recycled jersey, and recycled cotton.

Ps. If you don’t know how to follow the biggest summer 2023 fashion trend, how to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion – check carmitive on Instagram. My friend Carmen is a sustainability enthusiast that can help you how to be more sustainable this spring.

Pov Many will argue sustainability is not a trend but a lifestyle, but in a commercial sense, sustainability is a trend. Just think about all the ads highlighting the words recycled, and sustainable – the same thing happened when superfoods were trending.


In a world often clamouring for attention, quiet luxury serves as a respite, celebrating the art of restraint and the beauty of understatement. This trend embraces the notion that true luxury need not shout; it whispers, commanding attention with its refined details and impeccable craftsmanship.

The color palette of quiet luxury is a testament to its refined nature. Picture a medley of muted neutrals (from the SS23 swatch): soothing creams, gentle beiges, and soft greys that evoke a sense of serenity and timelessness. These subtle hues form the canvas upon which the allure of quiet luxury is painted.

Silhouettes are kept elegantly simple – but can also be trendy (for example – the halterneck, low waist wide leg pants), with clean lines and impeccable tailoring. Fluid, draped fabrics flow effortlessly, creating an air of understated movement as you navigate the summer breeze. Luxurious materials such as silk, cashmere, and fine cotton embrace your skin, bestowing a sensation of indulgent comfort.

Quiet luxury shines through in the meticulous attention to detail. Delicate embroidery, intricate lacework, and subtle beading adorn garments, adding a touch of artisanal craftsmanship. Picture a gossamer-thin lace overlay on a billowing maxi dress or delicate beadwork tracing the neckline of a refined blouse. These delicate embellishments whisper of exquisite artistry, elevating the garments to an elevated realm.

Quiet luxury is characterized by a classic, minimal way of dressing using well-made pieces that never bow to the latest trends, and it exudes luxury without the obvious markers such as excessive logos, obvious name brands, or trending shapes and styles that everyone else is wearing. It is less austere than minimalism but more polished than “normcore.” The trend is soft and tactile, with neutral shades like black, white, beige, gray, and navy. Classic Italian cashmere brands like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli and minimal designers such as Jil Sander, The Row, and Max Mara are being cited as labels to achieve the look.

If you know, you know that I simply love Max Mara and here are two of my favourite quiet luxury outfits. Worry not, they are easy to copy.

Pov Don’t get fooled. The current economic climate is not one of the factors that may have contributed to the rise of the “quiet luxury” trend in fashion and interior design. People who buy luxury are not becoming more conscious of their spending and are looking for ways to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that will last longer and provide more value for their money. While quiet luxury emphasizes understated elegance, simplicity, and refinement, with classic, tailored silhouettes typically in neutral shades like black, white, beige, gray, and navy, it is not a reaction to the excess and ostentation of previous years. All the contrary, it focuses on elevated basics that differentiate the rich from the poor even more.


Coastal cowgirl style captures the essence of carefree coastal living and infuses it with the untamed allure of the open plains. Picture yourself wandering along sandy shores, the salty breeze mingling with the scent of wildflowers, as you embrace the essence of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

The color palette of coastal cowgirl fashion draws inspiration from the serene coastal landscape. Imagine the soft, muted hues of sandy beaches, sun-bleached driftwood, and clear blue skies. Earthy neutrals, sun-kissed pastels, and faded denim create a harmonious palette that perfectly encapsulates the coastal cowgirl spirit.

Silhouettes are a blend of laid-back ease and Western-inspired elements. Flowing maxi dresses adorned with delicate floral prints capture the free-spirited essence of coastal living, while denim cutoff shorts and breezy peasant blouses pay homage to the rugged Western heritage. Lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton keep you cool during sun-drenched days, while fringed accents and crochet detailing add a touch of bohemian charm.

Accessories play a pivotal role in coastal cowgirl fashion, allowing you to infuse your ensemble with rustic authenticity. Wide-brimmed straw hats shield you from the sun’s rays as you stroll along sandy shores, while woven leather belts cinch your waist, accentuating your silhouette. Embrace the allure of the untamed West with suede ankle boots adorned with fringe details, completing your coastal cowgirl look with a touch of rugged charm.

Embellishments in coastal cowgirl fashion draw inspiration from the natural elements that define coastal living. Delicate seashell pendants, beaded bracelets reminiscent of beachcomber treasures, and turquoise accents evoke the soothing presence of the sea. Embrace the wildflower-strewn meadows with floral embroidery on blouses, sundresses, and denim jackets, capturing the essence of untamed beauty.

The beauty of the coastal cowgirl style lies in its versatility. It effortlessly transitions from a day spent exploring tide pools to a sunset soirée by the bonfire. Layer lightweight knits, such as crochet cardigans or linen wraps, over your coastal cowgirl ensemble to combat the cool ocean breeze that caresses your skin as twilight sets in.


Prepare to dive into a mesmerizing world where enchantment and ethereal beauty converge. Summer 2023 unveils the captivating allure of the mermaidcore fashion trend, where the mythical sirens of the sea inspire our sartorial choices. With the narrative authority of a wise sea oracle, let us immerse ourselves in the depths of this trend, exploring its key elements and indulging in its magical essence.

The mermaidcore trend beckons us to embrace the opulence and shimmering glamour of the ocean realm. Imagine iridescent hues that reflect the play of sunlight on glistening waves, as well as the myriad colors that dance within the depths of the sea. Pastel blues, seafoam greens, and pearlescent pinks will transport you to an otherworldly oasis, mirroring the vibrant marine life that dwells beneath the surface.

At the heart of mermaidcore lies an unabashed celebration of femininity and fluidity. Flowing maxi dresses and skirts, reminiscent of the undulating ocean currents, create a sense of graceful movement as you stroll along sandy shores or twirl beneath the moonlit sky. Think fabrics that caress your skin, such as sheer chiffons, diaphanous silks, and delicate lace, as they capture the essence of a mermaid’s ethereal charm.

Embellishments are the treasures that adorn mermaidcore garments, mirroring the treasures one might find washed ashore. Delicate seashells, sequins, and pearls adorn necklines, hemlines, and even hair accessories, evoking the essence of the sea’s hidden gems. Unleash your inner sea goddess with bejeweled headpieces, sea-inspired brooches, and cascading pearl necklaces, allowing these treasures to illuminate your every step.

The mermaidcore trend encourages a harmonious fusion of fantasy and contemporary fashion sensibilities. Pair a whimsical, seashell-embellished crop top with high-waisted, wide-leg pants for a modern twist on mermaid-inspired elegance. Experiment with translucent organza overlays, creating an illusion of flowing water cascading over your outfit. Delicate fishnet textures add a touch of aquatic charm to your ensemble, evoking the enchanting nets woven by mermaids themselves.

No mermaidcore look would be complete without a touch of luminescence. Embrace the trend’s ethereal essence by adorning your skin with shimmering body oils and highlighting powders that mimic the iridescent scales of a mermaid’s tail. Experiment with holographic makeup, allowing your eyes, lips, and cheeks to radiate with mystical brilliance.

As the summer sun kisses your skin, dare to let your imagination soar and embrace the captivating allure of mermaidcore fashion. Allow the narrative authority of this trend to guide you through a transformative journey, where the shimmering depths of the sea inspire your style choices. Unleash your inner mermaid, and let your fashion statement ripple across the shores of style. Summer 2023 beckons you to dive deep and bask in the enchantment of mermaidcore.


Bright and audacious, summer 2023 lands with plenty of attitudes.

Designs and details (like the floral rosette and halter neck) that are interpreted through vivacious and joyful colour palettes of pink, purple, grey (fashion IT color of the season) and silver, but also black; ruched and slinky garments will have you looking a treat for the season ahead.

You heard it here first – the silhouette for summer 2023 is fitted and sculpted.

Strategically placed ruching around the waist and cut-outs that flatter in an elegant manner are great ways to add interest and definition to your look.

Ignore what the weather looks like outside, and buy into the no-pants trend with hot pants – super short shorts – preferably ruched or with wrap and layered construction (super short skort).

There is something simple and easy about wearing super short shorts. Maybe it is the freedom of movement, or maybe it’s just the fact that it doesn’t require much styling. All you need is to step into some trendy summer shoes – wedges, preferably, put on a headband or tie a silk scarf under your chin, grab a small top handle bag and off you go.

As it goes to the top, you might want to wear something sheer and airy.


Airy and sheer, sensuality is top of mind with tantalising transparent fabrics. Designed to be layered over slips or long denim skirts (the trendiest skirts of summer 2023) or worn solo for those who dare to bare, this is the season to shop for sheer blouses and pretty tops with airy sleeves.

This new 2023 fashion trend is all about two things – lingerie and lounge. No, we are not wearing sweatpants and hoodies in 2023 when we are looking for comfort anymore. At least not when we want to look fashionable, too. This year we wear sheer sets and sheer dresses.

There is no doubt that dressing well gives an instant boost to the spirits. Whether it’s something for the comfort of now or you are looking ahead to festivities on the horizon, you will feel a lot better once transparent options are in your wardrobe.

True, we like baggy cotton T-shirts for sleeping and oversized hoodies for lounging. But a sheer blouse with organza sleeves? A gamechanger! 

Changing seasons come with lighter fabrics and luxurious detailing that speak to long spring days and warm summer nights ahead. You will steal the spotlight with a full tulle skirt or a tulle dress – preferably in black with reference to Wednesday.


With an ode to the Wednesday, feel extra special in black tulle, or stand out from the crowd in a black peplum blazer, a midi pencil skirt, black suit, or black satin cargo pants.

Strike the perfect balance between practicality and elegance with classic styles in black or dark grey.

Prepare to be captivated by a trend that seamlessly weaves together darkness and romance, where Victorian elegance meets modern-day mystique. Summer 2023 unveils the enchanting allure of the romantic goth fashion trend, where darkness dances harmoniously with delicate femininity.

Silhouettes in romantic goth fashion are marked by their exquisite attention to detail and Victorian-inspired elements. Floor-length lace gowns and high-collared blouses exude an air of old-world elegance, while corsets and cinched waistlines accentuate the feminine form. Cascading ruffles, delicate lace trims, and ornate brocade patterns add an opulent touch to garments, invoking a sense of decadent romance.

Accessories in romantic goth fashion are a key component in completing the enchanting aesthetic. Adorn yourself with Victorian-inspired jewelry, such as ornate chokers, intricate cameos, and delicate lace gloves. Embrace the allure of darkness with statement headpieces, featuring feathers, veils, or ornamental fascinators. Delicate lace parasols or vintage-inspired umbrellas serve as functional and fashionable accessories, shielding you from both the sun’s rays and prying eyes.

Embellishments in romantic goth fashion are rich and intricate, reflecting the ornate sensibilities of the Victorian era. Intricate lace overlays, velvet appliqués, and embroidered details add depth and texture to garments, creating an air of poetic opulence. Delicate beading, pearl accents, and jeweled embellishments bestow a sense of otherworldly beauty, as if the garments themselves have been touched by an enchanting spell.

Makeup and hair in romantic goth fashion are an opportunity to enhance the mystique and allure of the overall look. Experiment with smoky eyes, using rich, deep tones and metallic finishes to add a touch of drama. Embrace a pale, porcelain complexion, juxtaposed with dark, bold lips in shades of deep red, plum, or even black. Hairstyles can range from sleek, romantic updos adorned with intricate hair accessories to loose, tousled waves that exude an effortless elegance.


If you prefer something quite the opposite, love mixing and matching, buy into the rave trend immediately. This key summer 2023 fashion trend will have you on your way to Berlin with a rejuvenated spirit.

Play around with different fabrics and silhouettes for a fashion-forward approach to partywear.

Featuring shearling jacketsruched long sheer topssilver sequin pants, split-hemline jeans, low waist, platforms, feathers and claw clips with a cool girl attitude, bring a contemporary update to summer fashion.

Rave fashion is a celebration of self-expression, where boundaries are shattered, and creativity reigns supreme. This trend is an explosion of bold colors, eye-catching patterns, and futuristic aesthetics that transport you to a world where music and style collide.

Color is the lifeblood of rave fashion. Imagine an array of neon hues that glow under blacklights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of radiance. Electric blues, vibrant pinks, and luminous greens ignite the dancefloor, as if the very essence of music has materialized in vibrant form.

Silhouettes in rave fashion are playful, allowing for freedom of movement and a sense of boundless energy. Picture oversized t-shirts splashed with vivid graphics, adorned with logos of iconic DJs and dance music collectives. Low-waisted bottoms, such as flared pants or column skirts, add a touch of retro nostalgia, harkening back to the glory days of rave culture.

Accessories in rave fashion are as essential as the beats themselves. Embrace the futuristic spirit with reflective sunglasses that shimmer and refract light, turning heads as you navigate the dancefloor. Chunky platform sandals elevate your style, while also ensuring optimal comfort for endless hours of dancing. Complete your ensemble with colorful wristbands, glowing bracelets, and body harnesses that accentuate your movement and add an extra dose of visual dynamism.

The essence of rave fashion lies in the intricate details that bring the ensemble to life. Glitter, sequins, and holographic accents create an otherworldly shimmer, casting an enchanting spell as you move to the rhythm of the music. Mesh fabrics, adorned with neon trims, allow glimpses of skin while adding an edgy, rebellious flair to your look.

Hairstyles in rave fashion are an opportunity for fearless experimentation. Bold, vibrant hair colors such as electric blue, neon pink, or shimmering silver serve as vibrant expressions of individuality. Braid your hair with neon extensions, adorn it with glitter or experiment with unconventional hairstyles that reflect the free-spirited nature of the rave scene.


Do you prefer something more classy and refined? While we are moving away from the old money style and opting out of linen pants for skinny jeans, there is the 2010s romcom fashion trend waiting to be followed.

POV You might not want to bring back your old skinny jeans (better get these super slim low rise jeans instead – they are more flattering), I know you will be excited for vertical ruffled blousespretty dresses in garden floral prints, the bubble hem, and Valentino Rockstud pumps all over again. Yes, Valentino Rockstuds are back in fashion for summer 2023.

Seize the trend to really dress up in summer 2023. You don’t even need to wait for the next big moment to go all out. Summer 2023 is all about dressing up and rom com aestheticDressing up and romcom aesthetic is the new fashion trend to follow blindly – every day! There is no such thing as too pretty for summer 2023.

Here is my European fashion take on this key summer 2023 fashion trend. You can copy my outfits if you like romcom aesthetic but want to look more European chic feminine.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the biggest summer 2023 fashion trends and deliberating which fashion trend to follow, go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure.

What’s in fashion for summer 2023?

Quiet luxury, coastal cowgirl, mermaidcore, Airy style, 2010s fashion, rave fashion, grunge, romantic goth, Barbie style and romcom fashion.

What are key fashion trends for summer 2023?

Quiet luxury, sustainable fashion, summer western aesthetic – coastal cowgirl, mermaidcore, 2010s fashion, rave fashion, romantic goth, grunge, Barbie style and romcom fashion.

Is old money a key fashion trend for summer 2023?

The real old money – quiet luxury and not what the internet thinks it’s the old money. But, expect to see more denim shorts and ruffled tops in 2023. We are upgrading the simple “old money aesthetic” to romantic romcom fashion in 2023.

What are the biggest summer fashion trends 2023?

No pants, midi lengths, platforms, vertical ruffles, airy sleeves, low waist, oversized jackets, longer sheer tops, transparent clothes, floral rosette, halter neck, bubble hem, and ruched garments.

Is Y2K key fashion trend for summer 2023?

It is, but updated with rave influences. 

What are key summer fashion trends 2023?

Quiet luxury, sustainable fashion, coastal cowgirl, mermaidocre, 2010s fashion, rave fashion, grunge, Barbie style and romcom fashion.

What fashion trends to follow summer 2023?

Fashion trends that are true to your personal style and suitable for your lifestyle.


So this is it! The list of all key summer 2023 trends. Now check how to build the best summer 2023 capsule wardrobe and how to follow the biggest fashion trends for summer 2023 blindly! Yet in a way that fits your style. By the way, what key summer 2023 fashion trend is your favourite? What summer 2023 fashion trend will you follow first? Let me know in the comments below. You already know what summer 2023 fashion trends I bought into.