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Your boss wants you to wear this summer

It’s time you finally stop thinking how good your suit would look with strappy sandals or flip-flops slides every single Monday. You are not allowed to wear them for work! Besides, here are 5 far more fashionable shoes to wear to the office this spring summer. Yes, this Monday we are thinking outside the sandal box and finding you some new chic spring summer office shoes. Well, 2020 spring summer work shoes actually, as you can wear those chic, fashionable summer shoes no matter where you work.


I bet there was this one question popping up in your mind as you were going through my Spring Summer shopping list (the one here). Well 2 probably, but I’m answering your “How the hell will I be able to buy all these stunning summer shoes?” the next time. Even so, many of these shoes are on SALE now, so this question shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Today we are answering your other question. Which of these fashionable shoes can I wear for work? And no, sandals and flip-flops, as fashionable they are, are not work appropriate.

Brunette from Wall Street 2020 Capsule Summer Office Shoes Checklist Dior Malone Souliers Gucci pumps slingbacks


So which of summer’s most fashionable shoes are appropriate for work? There these 5 shoes. And no, you haven’t seen me wearing all the 5 yet, because the third pair of IT summer office shoes is so hard to get and I can’t walk in the 4th.

Ps. If you don’t even know what are this season’s most fashionable shoes, then check my summer shoe trend report first. It’s over here, together with my shoe shopping list.

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First office shoes you can wear from February till November. Indeed, you can wear these spring work shoes all year long. And you might even would if it weren’t for the summer 2020 work shoes that you will see later below.


First, the heeled loafers. They are the new 2020 spring summer shoe trend. The heeled loafers are those ugly pumps that are the best alternative to the uncomfortable pointy pumps. When wearing heeled loafers you won’t have to bother about the pedicure and cracked heels nor painful ankles.



And you can style them with everything. Just wait till you see all the ways I wear my new Gucci heeled loafers. There are many as I wear these chic summer office pumps on repeat. Well, you already know this. These pumps are all over my Instagram and feed too.



Similar to heeled loafers but slightly more refined. And even more fashionable for spring summer 2020.




Swap your uncomfortable pointy pumps for one of these almond toe pumps. Trust me, they are more comfortable.




There are also Mary Jane pumps that are fashionable and fit for work in spring summer 2020. Evidently not my favourite type of spring shoes. Nevertheless, I found some chic Mary Janes you will love.




Now scroll down to the summer office shoes. As said there are actually 7 different appropriate summer work shoes, that are fashionable too, this year. However, your boss, unless lady boss, doesn’t like the 6th one.



Another summer shoes that are trending on my Instagram and feed are the mules. Actually, I should have mention mules first, as they are perfect spring summer shoes to wear from office to street and bar. Go here to see what I mean.



These are the shoes you can truly wear no matter where you work. Not only are one of the most fashionable shoes of the season, which makes them perfect if you work in fashion, but are also very comfortable and practical. And the good news, the hight of the heel doesn’t matter this time. You can get mules with high heels or kitten heels. Either way, you will look fashionable.


Nevertheless, if you work on the Wall Street, then go for a few inches more. You know, to look more fierce. Oh, and your mules don’t have to be white. There are more fashionable colours to chose from. See what I mean in the gallery below and check my shoe trend report here to see the shoe colour chart for summer 2020.

Ps. I’m showing you how to wear mules for the office over here. So be sure to click on the link to read all about that look later.



Finally, the slingbacks. Yes, you have seen me wearing these chic summer office shoes several times already. The black Ganni slingbacks. Anyways, I’m thinking to get another pair. The thing is that you simply can’t have too many slingbacks this season. You need one pair of slingbacks for work, other for days off, then another pair for parties and then another pair for vacations. Or just Chanel slingbacks or Prada slingbacks.

Anyway, shop my favourite slingbacks in the gallery below. And yes, some of these gorgeous slingbacks are on sale now.




Finally, the ballerina pumps. Yes, ballet flats are back in style for spring summer 2020! But wait, not any ballerina pumps. They should have either a square toe or an anklet. Not every ballet flats with anklet are office appropriate though. I did, however, find some that are. Anyway, on the other side, all square toe ballet flats are perfect to wear to work. Especially these in the widget below. Ps. I fancy this pair the most.



Brunette from Wall Street 2020 Capsule Summer Office Shoes Checklist Ganni Malone Souliers Gucci pumps slingbacks


Just to make sure you don’t forget. My shopping list and your fashion cheat sheet with the list of all summer work-appropriate shoes. Ha, who would think my shopping list can be that short. And yes, this shopping list is shoppable too. Meaning, you can shop all the shoes and office essentials simply by touching/clicking somewhere inside that pink frames that will show up once you click on the list.



Oh and don’t forget to share this shopping list with that colleague of yours who keeps showing up to work in slides. And not the luxe pool slides. You know what I mean!


Brunette from Wall Street spring summer 2020 shoe trends

So this is it, all the most fashionable summer work shoes. Not to say the only shoes you should be wearing for work this summer. Ps. For more summer shoes go here. And be sure to click here to see how to wear those chic white mules for office. And get yourself a pair of these summer office shoes you saw earlier. Don’t come to work wearing sandals or even worse flip-flops. Wait! Open toe pumps are even worse. Those are not even in fashion this summer. By the way, are you guilty of wearing sandals, slides and open toes for work? – Ps. To see Winter work shoes go here.