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The real old money summer outfits here. POV Somewhere on Brunette from Wall Street. Well, truth be told, the old money dress however they want (we want). If you want to see what the real old money wear in summer you will have to browse all summer outfit edits published on Brunette from Wall Street. But wait, the title was not a clickbait. I know, you’re looking for some classy inspiration for easy-to-copy summer classy outfits. Scroll down to see my summer classy outfits and indulge in quiet luxury.

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Elegant summer outfits 2023 for those fascinated by classic wealthy style or those looking to master the enduring old-money fashion trend this season. Additionally, sophisticated summer attire for the real old money and those who approach fashion trends with a touch of nonchalance, simply aiming to radiate classy style during leisurely luncheons at the country club or relaxed dinners at home.

Point of view, I’ve curated these summer outfits specifically for the latter group, as I don’t approve the cosplay. So, no, you won’t find any cosplay here; these outfits align perfectly with my personal style. Therefore, as you continue scrolling, you’ll uncover my everyday looks – the outfits I wear in summer when I’m not working for Brunette from Wall Street and have no need to dress fashionably.


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IMAO, this situation may occur in many cases. Many of the showcased clothes and shoes in this article may not be from the latest collection. Yet they still look like new. Point of view, I shop only for quality pieces.


Effortlessly exuding elegance and unshakable confidence, these refined summer outfits are poised to become timeless staples in your wardrobe, serving you with style for years to come.

Boasting uncomplicated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics, these classy summer outfits provide the ideal “put-on-and-go” option for a range of occasions. From old money summer knits to meticulously tailored linen pieces, they exude refined summer fashion, effortlessly elevating your daily look. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, enabling you to radiate sophistication and refinement with minimal effort.

Be it a casual outing or a day at home, these classy summer looks have your back. Embrace the ease and grace of these outfits as they seamlessly blend comfort and style, making a statement without demanding your precious time or energy.

Prepare to embrace an old money summer wardrobe adorned with these poised and elegant pieces, secure in the knowledge that you’ll consistently exude a refined charm.


Even if you find yourself within the comforts of home, this curated summer selection dismisses any notion of casual sweatpants.

Irrespective of your daily pursuits or destinations, we all long for that immaculate, one-and-done classy summer outfit prepared to be gracefully adorned day in and day out.

Embrace a tranquil summer outfit that flawlessly portrays summertime elegance. Let a white knit top to embrace your skin, while a short, azure skirt mirrors the serene tones of an unblemished sky. Complementing this classy summer outfit, a pair of sandals exudes a tasteful sophistication, harmoniously complementing your discerning sense of style.

Ps. Make sure you don’t tuck the top into your skirt. The old money way to wear a skirt is to layer the top over the skirt. I have learnt this trick from my grandmother. She does it flawlessly.


As we elegantly bid farewell to the chill of the cold season, envisage a refined outfit in the soothing linen. This robust fabric embraces you in coolness and comfort. Despite the inherently laid-back nature of linen, rest assured that the inherent elegance of your attire remains unscathed if you style your linen shorts like this.

To uphold an enduring sense of class and sophistication, consider pairing your linen shorts with a charming short-sleeve sweater. This harmonious combination effortlessly binds the casual with the chic, allowing you to embody a timeless grace that transcends seasonal trends.

Now, complete this outfit with a pair of ballet flats, thus adding an element of heightened refinement to your overall look. The right choice of flats possesses the remarkable ability to instantly metamorphose your entire bearing, infusing an air of unwavering confidence and poised sophistication. Step out of your dressing room with an assurance that resonates in every graceful stride.

Amidst the seasonal shift, it’s crucial to curate a wardrobe that not only keeps you cool but also radiates an enduring sophistication. Linen, with its timeless appeal, stands as a quintessential choice for those who appreciate both comfort and style. Let your attire speak volumes of your timeless elegance and impeccable taste, embracing the grace that accompanies every moment of the day.


We all feel that urge to slip into something fresh and chic when it’s time for brunch. While there are undoubtedly some rules for dressing up for brunch, I’ll be frank – I don’t stress too much about it. I tend to grab the first dress that I see in my dressing room or introduce some pleats into the equation.

Explore my classy summer brunch outfits, radiating a refined charm that complements the allure of champagne and a classic French omelette. Discovering your next go-to brunch outfit has never been this effortless.


For a home brunch or a morning breakfast in the garden, choose an outfit that mirrors the serene beauty of the natural surroundings. If you’re aiming for a look that the internet might deem “old money” – a key SS23 fashion trends. – a short floral linen A-style dress is the perfect choice.

I found this dress at &OtherStories, and I guarantee you’ll adore it, no exaggeration. Its A-line silhouette, complete with a round-cut neckline (although to me, it resembles more of a halter neck), not only flatters your figure but exudes an air of elegance. Though, truth be told, you might need a seamstress’s touch before wearing it, just as I did. I opted for a size 0 (EU32), and, unsurprisingly, it runs a bit large. My measurements are 73 (with a push-up bra) – 52-74, and what’s truly surprising is that size 0 fits my mother perfectly (she typically wears size 4 – EU34 / FR36 so size 0 should be too small for her). In any case, make sure to consult the size guide, and if you’re in between sizes, go for the smaller one.

This dress harmoniously complements the surroundings, mirroring the delicate petals of the flowers adorning the breakfast table. Crafted from soft, breathable linen fabric, it will drape gently against your skin, ensuring comfort as you savor the culinary delights before you.

Complete the look with Aeyde Juno sandals, a stylish yet practical choice for your garden gathering – also so old money. These sandals are meticulously designed, offering both a secure and comfortable fit. Their design effortlessly aligns with the understated beauty of the dress, creating a simple classy summer look.


For a summer brunch you want to remember, your outfit should be equally striking. This is the moment to embrace intricate and ornate elements like panels of floral cutwork or embroidery, all complemented by a pair of metallic sandals.

As we eagerly embrace the extended hours of sunshine, daytime events come with their own charming dress code. Whether you’re gearing up for a delightful Sunday at the races or a leisurely Wednesday brunch, this adorable classy summer outfit effortlessly adapts to any occasion.

Now, if your next destination is the racecourse, you might want to consider swapping those high-heeled sandals for these flats. After all, the lush greenery calls for flats. These flats will carry you through the day with ease, allowing you to relish the festivities without any worries.


Sundays call for an attire that resonates with grace, respect, and timeless elegance. even if you don’t go to church. But even more if you do.

Be the talk of the country club or church in pleats or draw all eyes to you with a petty dress.

Admittedly, these summer outfits present a vision of summer classy that may appear a bit more exceptional than others. But if you are legit old money, you can have fun if you want. It’s not cosplay for you.


As the summer sun kisses the world with its warm embrace, it’s time to bid adieu to casual attire and reintroduce a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Got to the church in style with a ladylike and fashionable outfit that effortlessly transitions from church, to brunch, a delightful afternoon tea, or work in the end of summer. The focal point of this classy summer outfit is the exquisite coral satin short sleeve blouse.

The light and breathable fabric ensures comfort during hot days, while the subtle sheen adds a touch of luxury to the look. The blouse features an elegant bow tie (pov if you know how to tie it elegantly – I clearly don’t – if you can’t either, perhaps, better shop for the blouse in the product gallery below – the blouse in the collage is linked to a similar bouse with a bow tie but no sleeves) and cute short sleeves that add a dash of femininity and sophistication. Complementing the coral satin blouse, a stunning midi pleated red skirt strikes the perfect balance between formal and flair. The pleated design creates an airy and graceful movement as you walk, while the vibrant red color adds a playful touch to the outfit, making it suitable for both church and work. The midi length ensures appropriateness for a formal day setting, exuding confidence and poise.

Elevating this outfit to the epitome of chic are the sophisticated black Aquazzura slingbacks. The classic pointed-toe design and slingback strap add an element of timeless elegance, making them the perfect footwear choice for a formal setting that starts in the morning and ends late at night. The geometrical heel ensures comfort for all-day wear, allowing you to gracefully transition from a busy workday to a joyful afternoon tea or party without compromising on style.


When the occasion calls for a morning dress code, be it for a church service or an exhilarating derby day, it’s your opportunity to embrace a style that exudes vibrancy, flamboyance, and sheer audacity. A morning dress consists of a short-sleeved jacket harmonizing with a matching skirt cinched elegantly by a belt, styled with tights, gloves, a hat and precious shoes. Alternatively, a belted midi dress (and trust me, the one I’ve discovered for you is so captivating that I’m tempted to add it to my own collection; it boasts the trendiest color of summer 2024) is a great option, as well. To complete your look with finesse, adorn yourself with a striking fascinator, don summer gloves, and choose closed-toe shoes for a refined finish. Flats, for the races or the grass.

Radiate positivity and celebrate the joyous occasion in resplendent pastel blue (a shade that will undoubtedly reign supreme in the summer of 2024). Whether you’re gracing the sacred ceremony at the church or reveling in the excitement of a derby event, a midi blue dress, accented by a coordinating belt and crowned with an extravagant hat, stands as the ultimate choice for a lavish morning dress affair this summer.


Particular moments beckon for attire that leaves an indelible impression. Be it a splendid garden soirée or an elegant dining experience within the confines of your home, every circumstance beckons for a refined and sophisticated summer outfit effortlessly embodying grace and style.


Get ready to dazzle, as even the simplest of outfits can be party-ready for a garden soiree or an old-fashioned family dinner at home with the addition of gathers at the waist and hem.

The old money appeal of the top and the timeless elegance of the long skirt are the perfect accompaniment for more formal events at home. They effortlessly elevate your outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and a nod to classic style.

Picture yourself in this classy summer ensemble: a pristine white, old money off-the-shoulder top that delicately frames your collarbone, providing an air of understated allure. This iconic piece not only exudes timeless elegance but also invites whispers of a bygone era when grace and refinement were the order of the day.

Complementing this top is a midi skirt that transcends trends, featuring intricate all-over embroidery that narrates stories of craftsmanship and heritage. The skirt’s fitted waist and high-waisted fit sculpt a silhouette that’s both graceful and flattering, paying homage to the enduring charm of old money style.

For that final touch of opulence, step into a pair of Valentino Garavani Rockstud kitten heel slingbacks. These shoes effortlessly blend classic sophistication with a modern edge, and their low heel ensures comfort as you move through the evening’s festivities. The Rockstud detailing adds a touch of luxury, perfectly mirroring the refined aura of your outfit.

Imagine yourself in this classy summer outfit, gracing a splendid garden party bathed in the soft glow of a setting sun. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking, with meticulously manicured lawns adorned with blooming flowers in hues of lavender and ivory. The backdrop is an opulent garden estate, steeped in history and exuding an air of timeless charm.

As you make your entrance, the sweet melodies of a string quartet serenade the evening. The strains of classical music mingle with the gentle rustle of leaves in the summer breeze.

A string quartet, dressed in traditional black-tie attire, occupies a picturesque gazebo nestled amidst the lush greenery. Their instruments, polished to a gleam, seem like extensions of their own grace and sophistication.

As you approach the gazebo, the strains of classical music become more distinct, filling the air with a sense of timeless beauty. The quartet’s nimble fingers dance gracefully across their violins, viola, and cello, weaving a tapestry of melodies that range from delicate and ethereal to rich and sonorous.

They play Mozart (which is ok, but we wish for Bach) with precision and passion, infusing the evening with a sense of grandeur and cultural richness. Each note echos through the garden, harmonizing with the soft rustling of leaves in the gentle evening breeze.


Should you find yourself amidst a sea of choices, pondering which outfit to try first, I encourage you to go through the FAQ section. It is a wellspring of guidance and insight that is certain to provide you with the clarity and direction you seek.

Are classy and elegant the same for summer?

Not really. Classy summer outfits refer to the quiet style, while elegant summer outfits can be classy, formal or fashion forward.

Is summer classy style the same as the old money style?

Summer old money style can be classy, but classy and old money is not the same. It’s essential to distinguish between class and old money style. While there is an intersection between the two, they aren’t synonymous; they share common elements, though.

Is summer classy style fancy?

Certainly not! Summer elegance diverges distinctly from that of extravagant summer fashion. Classy style embodies simplicity and refinement, exuding an understated grace, whereas fancy fashion, though charming, often leans towards the cute and kitschy, a touch more extravagant and playful in nature.

Does old money wear fancy clothes summer 2023?

Some, but not in Europe. However, it’s worth acknowledging that there are exceptions to this, particularly in the case of old money within the United Kingdom. In the UK, the concept of old money can at times diverge from the ideals of sophistication and modesty that are commonly associated with it.

Can you dress old money in summer if you are not old money?

There exists no necessity to do a cosplay that ultimately leads to self-ridicule. Instead, envelop yourself in the allure of authentic expression by choosing quality garments and embracing understated yet refined silhouettes.

Is classy summer style always in fashion?

Elegance never goes out of fashion, not even when it’s hot.

Is old money summer fashion trend related?

Partially so. It is imperative to draw a clear distinction among the “old money” as a fashion trend of 2023/24, the authentic attire of old money individuals, and classy style – which is what you see in this article. In reality, individuals of old money circles wear whatever and exhibit a diverse range of fashion choices. While some opt for sophisticated outfits, others gravitate towards fashionable summer outfits,, and a third category, particularly in the British context, may embrace a more ostentatious and less refined wardrobe.

How to dress classy for summer?

Commence by placing quality above quantity, directing your investments towards pieces that emanate timeless elegance and drape you with impeccable grace. It’s imperative to strike a harmonious balance where your attire neither conceals your figure nor restrains your movement. Opt for a tailored fit that gracefully accentuates your finest attributes, bestowing upon you a poised and meticulously groomed appearance. Deliberate the creation of a summer capsule wardrobe, a collection that seamlessly harmonizes with your daily life. Select versatile garments that effortlessly traverse the spectrum from dawn to dusk, encapsulating summer. From enduring classics to contemporary essentials, curate an outfit that epitomizes your unique style, ensuring you’re impeccably prepared for every encounter this summer holds in store. Once your capsule wardrobe takes shape, draw inspiration from the elegant summer outfits presented in this article. Extract ideas from the suggested pairings, utilizing them as a vision board for your own interpretations.

How to build a classy summer capsule closet?

If you want to build a classy summer capsule wardrobe to look more elegant, you might want to get a floral sun dress, short linen dress, short wrap skirr, short sleeve sweater, striped sweater, short sleeve cardigan sweater, boat neck knit top, silk shirt, linen shorts, morning dress, summer gown, tote bag, bucket bag, pointy ballet flats, old money sandals, flat mules, loafers, beige sneakers, cotton gloves, sunhat.

How do you look classy in the summer?

Attaining a classy summer outfit is a seamless endeavour when one seeks out impeccably crafted, versatile styles that radiate simplicity and refinement. Embrace the allure of understated elegance by selecting timeless garments in neutral tones. Within this article, you’ll encounter a curated collection of classy summer outfits that whisper the real old money. To truly encapsulate the spirit of timeless fashion, it’s essential to maintain an understated and polished attire. Opt for solid hues and subtle, neutral patterns that effortlessly harmonize with your innate beauty. By eschewing overly bold or flamboyant elements, you allow the inherent sophistication of your outfit to take center stage. By adhering to these principles, you’ll effortlessly cultivate a classic and timeless aesthetic that captures the essence of summer’s grace. Take a moment to explore the refined summer outfits showcased in this article and embody subtle sophistication. Allow simplicity to be your guiding principle as you embrace the art of looking effortlessly classy this season.

What are classy summer wedding guest dresses?

Classy midi wedding guest dresses. Check summer wedding guest outfits to see the best classy wedding guest dresses for summer.

What are some classy summer dresses?

little black dress, high neck short linen dresses, floral sundresses with short sleeves and pleats that add elegance and sophistication to your outfits.

Are mini pleated skirts old money for summer?

Mini pleated skirts, often associated with the “old money” style seen on TikTok and Pinterest and popularized by Blair Waldorf’s iconic fashion choices, are not old money. They are not even fashionable for summer 2023. 


Looking elegantly stylish during summer goes beyond just wearing classy summer clothes. Elegant summer style can encompass a range of aesthetics, from classic and formal to fashion-forward or understatedly simple. Discover versatile options that exude sophistication without resembling a TikTok jester donning pink cheeks and mini pleated skirts. Rest assured, our focus remains on timeless elegance. Up next: formal summer outfits that will elevate your style effortlessly.