CHANEL N°5 Chanel, Dior Miss Dior, Gucci bloom with text overlay best perfumes you can buy online

Perfumes You Can Buy Without Giving them a Try – ONLINE

Want to do some online fragrance shopping but don’t want to risk buying perfume online without giving it a try? Or you just have a stuffy nose and can’t smell anything? Either way, here is the list of fragrances that smell so good you can never go wrong with. In short, no one will take a breath and close their nose when you hang around wearing any of these fragrances. All the contrary, everyone will want to smell your perfume.

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CHANEL N°5 Chanel, Gris Dior, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet with text overlay Perfumes you can buy without a try

I know, buying the right perfume can be quite a mission. Especially if you have blocked nose or you are buying perfume online, and you can’t give it a proper try.

But you know what? Some perfumes smell so good you don’t even need to try them before taking out your credit card and purchase them. Honestly, some fragrances smell delightfully on everyone. I repeat, on everyone. From morning to night.

Don’t believe me? Keep on reading. And after you finish, screenprint the list of perfumes I swear on and run to the closest perfumery and test them. You will see I was right. Pardon, smell. Well, you know what I mean.

Blanche Byredo, Dior New Look 1947


You might think I’m bluffing here, but I’m not. Trust me on this. I have a nose for perfumes. And I spent hours in the Museum of Perfumes in Paris (Fragonard Musée du Parfum) smelling and testing these perfumes to make sure I make a legit list of the best scents in the world you can always come back to when buying a fragrance for you or someone special. Plus, I use all of these perfumes by myself as well.

CHANEL N°5 Chanel, Gucci bloom, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet with text overlay Perfumes you can buy without a try

But before we head on to the list of online worthy perfumes, just a little explanation on what makes all the perfumes on the list the best fragrance. What makes them stand out and worthy of buying. Furthermore, buying without regrets. For you or anyone else.

All the perfumes on the list below are the perfumes that smell delightful, inspire, and evoke the most beautiful dreams from the moment you put them on until you brush them off. That follow your mood through the day and make you feel you are in your happy place no matter what challenges the day brings it to you.

All of these perfumes bring out the best of you. They make you feel powerful and strong when you need to fight and conquer the world. Sexy and sensual when you are trying to seduce a man. Kind and warm when you are meeting someone new. Finally, happy when you are with you.

Dior Forever and Ever, Chance Chanel Chance Eau Tendre with text overlay Perfumes you can buy without a try

Furthermore, all of these perfumes are coloured by the emotions to discover, love and share with your favourite people.

Lastly, all of the perfumes on the list are ones of those rare perfumes that seem to please everyone’s feelings and tastest. They are known as the perfumes everyone loves.

I repeat, everyone. From people who are wearing perfume to the people who just happen to be around and smell it in the air.

Yes, these perfumes truly smell delightful on every skin any time, any season and anywhere. And no, there are not only women’s perfumes on the list. Some are unisex.

Anyway, enough said, here is the list of all the best perfumes you can buy online. Ps. Since new perfumes are being created on and on, and I’m obsessed with finding the new scents I will make sure to update this list. So make sure you subscribe for the update notification of this list.

Chanel N°5 Chanel, Dior Forever and Ever, Chanel Chance, Gucci bloom Acqua di Fiori with text overlay Perfumes you can buy without a try


Ps. Perfumes are ordered alphabetically.

list of Perfumes you can buy without a tryCHANEL N°5 Chanel with its of best perfumes for women


These perfumes have been women’s favourite perfumes for decades. I remember the time when I would sneak into my mother’s bedroom to play with her makeup and saw that beautiful bottle glowing in the mild golden light. And just when I took it into my hands, to open the bottle to dress in the veil of that mystery fragrance, my mother entered the room.

She took the bottle from me. And said that this bottle can only be opened by the woman for whom it is destined. Then she opened it and put a little drop of the liquid gold on my wrist. And that tiny drop of the most beautiful scent settled in my memory.

Chanel N°5 bottle

#1 CHANEL N°5 

Designed in 1921, Chanel N°5 Parfum is undoubtedly the most revolutionary and the most known perfume in the world. Notorious not merely by its scent but by the feeling it provokes. Chanel N°5 is in few words a masterpiece of chic that is passed from mother to daughter. Yes, it was a bottle of Chanel N°5 I played with as a little girl.

Surely you too already know the scent of Chanel N°5 since it has been there in your memory since your childhood. You know the scent of bitter orange tree blossom you smelled when you entered your mother’s bedroom in the morning. The harmony of voluptuous May Rose and sensuous Jasmine from Grasse you smelled when you cross your path with that chic woman. And the woody base of Sandalwood, Bourbon Vetiver and Vanilla that came up to your room from the salon whenever your parents hosted a party.

Click here to go straight to the product page of Chanel N°5 and get your own bottle of this magical perfume for yourself as well. Why magical? Because it only takes one drop to turn you into that chic woman you have been admiring all your life. One drop and the world of chic will open up for you.


If elegance were a smell, it would smell of Gris Dior. The moment you put a drop of Gris Dior on your wrists a composition of Jasmine and Bergamot with humid notes of undergrowth will turn you in a lady. A lady that has everything put together in her life. No mess, no drama. Yet never experiences the boredom of everyday life. This perfume will turn you into a sophisticated lady who spots little drops of excitement wherever she goes.

Here is where you can shop Gris Dior. 

Dior New Look 1947 bottle

#3 DIOR – NEW LOOK 1947

Imagine you put on the most beautiful tulle midi skirt, pretty slingbacks, grab a Dior saddle bag and close the white door of your Parisian flat in the fourth floor with the most beautiful view at the Eiffel tower. You run down the spiral staircase, and the tulle touches the metal fence. Finally, you get to the door, you catch the eye with your handsome neighbour who just entered the building. You step out on the street and run toward the Point de Alexandre while he stands there captured at that moment at the door long after you are gone off his sight.

This is what I feel when I wear New Look 1947. A feminine perfume from the collection of Maison Christian Dior Perfumes that wraps me in the outrageous quantity of tulle while and makes everyone dream about me long after I’m gone.

Find the New Look 1947 clicking here. 

Byredo Blacnhe, Idylle Eau de Parfum Guerlain, New look Dior


The perfumes you can wear on the go. Every day. No matter what you do or where you go. These scents are here to sparkle something intriguing in you. But most of all, to make you happy.



Blanche Byredo

#4 BYREDO – Blanche 

Blanche is like the white shirt. Yes, that white shirt that everyone chic wears on repeat. From the office to the street and everywhere else. With pantsuit, midi skirt or jeans. The white shirt that is simple and pure. Yet so chic. The signature piece of spontaneity and beauty. But with the character. Blache is just like that. It’s my favourite 9-5 meeting fragrance.

Go here to shop Blanche and make it your favourite on the go fragrance. 

Chance Chanel

#5 CHANEL – Chance Eau Tendre

You only get one chance in your life. And it comes when you least expect it. But when it comes, you have to seize it. Fast. Hence you only have a few seconds to take your chance and turn the opportunity into something magnificent. You have to grab the chance so strong and so firmly so it won’t slip through your fingers.

Chance Chanel

Chance Chanel makes me feel this way. Ready! Ready to do marvellous things. To spot the opportunities, to take the chance, to turn my dreams into goals.
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre it’s not a perfume. It’s a state of mind, a way of being that drives you through the week.

Shop Chance Eau Tendre here and seize your chance.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

#6 CHANEL – Coco Mademoiselle

Imagine it’s a beautiful sunny day and the wind is lightly lifting your hair while you are holding a glass of champagne and admiring the mighty pillars of Parthenon. That is Coco Mademoiselle.

Coco Mademoiselle is irresistible in every way. It’s powerful, deep and addictive. It makes you feel like a Greek goddess that came to the Earth to illuminate everything ordinary with its warmth, softness and feminine touch.

Be the goddess every day. Click here to shop Coco Mademoiselle. 

MISS DIOR Blooming bouquet DIOR

#7 DIOR – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

You know what I do when it’s dull and rainy, and I feel this unexpected sadness? I grab this pretty pink bottle and spritz Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (shop here) on to my wrists, behind the ears, elbows and chests. That is all I need to be happy. 7 spritz and I feel like I was sleeping on the softest pink clouds and dreaming of pink macaron, silky dress and layers of tulle.

MISS DIOR Blooming bouquet DIOR

Yes, happiness can be bought. Here is where you can buy Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and get your pink cloud of sweet macaron and layers of tulle.

Dior Forever and Ever Chanel Chance

Dior Forever and Ever

#8 DIOR – Forever and Ever

This is me! Forever and Ever. But it could well be you. This tender and delicate fragrance made of Freesia and Jasmine petals blended with Bulgarian Rose smells beautiful on everyone. Every time. Forever. And no, you could never get bored of this fragrance. Or stop smelling it. All the contrary.

Dior Forever and Ever is not one of those perfumes you can’t smell anymore after using it for a while. Well, truth to be told none of the perfumes on this list are.

Nevertheless, the harmony of scents living in this fragrance that never fades away is truly surprising. Even though Forever and Ever is a tender and delicate fragrance you never stop smelling it. Instead of fading, the fragrance keeps coming back. But as a new scent.

Click here to buy me. Pardon, to buy Dior Forever and Ever. Well, you can buy my heart with this perfume too.

Gucci bloom acqua di fiori

gucci bloom perfume

#9 GUCCI – Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori 

I fall in love with Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori more than a year ago when I was looking for a fragrance that would smell of a petal sparkled with small soft drops of morning dew when opening in that light golden ray of sun I loved watching as a little girl in our garden.

When I was around 6, I would run out to our garden early in the morning to watch this beautiful waking of the small blooms, and daisies in our garden. That smell of fresh grass, jasmine, soft dew, and mild scent of daisies is one of my pretties childhood memories.

And I found it hidden in this vintage powder pink bottle of Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori.

But Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori (buy here) is more than just a childhood memory captured in a bottle. Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori is joyful energy that will lift you up every day. When you need it.

Guerlain Idyle

#10 GUERLAIN – Idylle 

Remember your first summer love? You met him on the beach, fall deeply in love. Love so passionate you could give a world, a star, the sun and the moon to your summer fling. Wait, it was just a fling. You still remember it right? Although rather short, dreamy and airy, it was impulsive and unforgettable.

Idylle is like this. Unforgettable and impulsive. Light and airy. Only lasting longer than a summer affair. Put a spritz of Idylle where you wished to be kissed, wake up with a smile, live, and go to sleep with a memory.

Find Idylle clicking here.


#11 GUERLAIN – Jicky

Do you know those days when you wake up early in the morning knowing something exciting will happen? When you walk with this flair of nonchalance? When you jump in the puddle just because? And when you feel the world is yours? That is Jicky. Jicky makes you feel this way.

You can get Jichy, this enchanting feeling in the form of fragrance, over here. Ps. Jicjy is a unisex perfume.

JICKY EAU DE PARFUM Guerlain-JICKY EAU DE PARFUM Guerlain, Blanche Byredo


No, the list doesn’t end here. There are more perfumes you can buy online without smelling and trying them first.



Since perfumes are one of the most popular Valentine’s day gifts, you shouldn’t be surprised to see new fragrances in the stores at this time of the year. Some new but many merely redesigned for the Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, here are the best Valentine’s perfumes you can buy online.




#1 Chanel N°5 Limited Edition – shop here

#2 Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre – shop here 

#3 Chanel – Gabrielle – shop here

#4 CHANEL – Coco Mademoiselle – shop here

#5 CHANEL – Les Eaux de Chanel – shop here

#6 Dior – JOY DE DIOR Eau de parfum – buy here


#7 Dior – HOLY PEONY Parfum – click here to shop 

#8 DIOR J’ADORE Eau de parfum roller-pearl – shop here


You can find out more about this perfume here.

CHANEL N°5 Chanel, Dior Miss Dior, Gucci bloom with text overlay best perfumes you can buy online


As said, the list of the best perfumes, you can buy online without giving them a try, will get updated. So better subscribe to the notification to make sure you don’t miss the update. Ps. DM me if you think there are other perfumes that deserve the spot on this list. I will give it a try. And if it is indeed a perfume you could buy with your nose stiffed, I will add it on the list. By the way, what is your favourite perfume?