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Here Are All The Swimwear Trends 2023 – Some Trending Already

Swimwear trends 2023 here! True, summer is not here yet, but you might be planning for a last-minute spa weekend or flying to Lake Como soon and need fashionable swimwear for a few days away. A trendy swimwear that will make everyone stare and wonder where did you get that stunning bikini this time of the year? Wait, a bikini? Is a bikini the most fashionable swimwear 2023? Well, scroll down and find out! Scroll down to check 2023 swimwear trends and go through the list of all the most fashionable 2023 bikinis and the trendiest swimsuits for 20232. Yes, there are swimsuits on the list, too. Just not the one you thought was fashionable.

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The getaway is calling. We are all dying to feel the warmth of the sun and sea. If you are already planning a well-deserved spring break in Miami or Cancun or a last-minute spa weekend, make sure you have looks that are sensational and earth-friendly. Embrace nature with swimwear that is made from sustainable, recycled fibres.

Sustainable swimwear is the key summer 2023 fashion trend everyone should follow blindly this year.

But what swimwear to shop for 2023? Bikini, swimsuit or monokini? Scroll down and find out.

Here is the list of the biggest swimwear trends for 2023. And what is more, a tip on how to buy into every swimwear trend immediately. Oh yes, all the product widgets are hyperlinked and shoppable.

To shop for the prettiest 2023 swimwear, simply click on the swimwear you like, and a link will take you to the store that sells that swimwear.

Anyway, here are the biggest swimwear trends 2023.


Think ahead to that golden tan when considering your summer wardrobe and turn heads in swimwear that stands out. There is something irresistibly chic about wearing metallic swimwear on the beach. Amidst the endless rainbow of colors and prints, sometimes it is the metallics you really need.

POV metallic swimwear is the No. 1 most fashionable swimwear 2023 and a swimwear trend 2023 everyone fashionable is already buying into. All in all, metallized shades of white, silver and rust red show up on bronzed skin in high contrast.

Imagine yourself walking along the sandy beaches with the waves crashing in the background, all while you glisten in the sun wearing the most fashionable swimwear of summer 2023. A metallic swimwear is the perfect addition to your beachwear collection, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your summer look.

As you slip into your new metallic swimwear, you’ll feel like a celebrity gracing the covers of the most prominent fashion magazines. The metallic sheen will catch the light, creating a radiant and glowing effect, and the delicate details of the swimsuit will accentuate your curves in all the right places. You’ll look and feel like a goddess, confidently strutting your stuff along the shoreline, turning heads and capturing hearts.


Btw I am obsessed with this metallic bikini but will also buy this chic silver swimsuit. It’s exceptional and not too pricey once you calculate your cost per wear. Ps. Make sure you add the number of times you will wear this swimsuit instead of a top, as well. Paired with a black skirt, it will be your preferred top of choice for rooftop parties in the city.

But you might also want a metallic strapping bikini. Slinky straps and cut-outs trace a sensual pattern across the body. Be daring with lemon8’s favourite silhouette as we look forward to dancing our nights away on the beach ahead. This is not the time to hold back.


Invest in looks designed to take you from the city to the beach. Perfect options for a night out with the girls translate easily into your next holiday wardrobe. Sparkly and vivacious, sequined swimwear will be waiting when the getaway comes calling.

Don’t let your city nights dull your shine – embrace your inner beach babe and get ready to light up the sand. As the night wears on and you’re laughing and having a great time with your friends, you can’t help but daydream about your upcoming beach vacation.

The sequined swimwear is the perfect way to add some glamour and sparkle to your beach wardrobe while still staying on-trend.


Btw, I like this sequin bikini (mainly for the push bra) – I won’t buy it, though – it’s too boujee for me, but I might give a second thought to this Self Portrait crystal embellished swimsuit.


Mentally we are all already there – blue sea, warm sand, sun and wind in our hair. Wherever you are headed first, layered bikini is what you will want to wear as soon as you touchdown.

Layered bikini is one of the biggest swimwear trends 2023 to follow blindly.

As you make your way to the coast, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore fills your ears, and the salty breeze carries the scent of the ocean. You can’t wait to feel the sand between your toes and the cool water on your skin.

As you walk along the beach, you notice the envious looks from others around you. POV You’re the trendsetter! And the layered effect of the bikini accentuates your figure and gives you the confidence to strut your stuff along the shore.

The layers provide extra coverage and support, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. POV You can move freely without worrying about anything slipping out of place or feeling uncomfortable.

As you hit the water, you feel the coolness of the waves against your skin. You feel like a mermaid, swimming effortlessly through the water, and you know that you look fantastic.

As you lay on the beach, watching the sun begin to set, you feel a sense of contentment and peace. You’ve achieved the ultimate goal of any beachgoer – looking stylish and feeling comfortable at the same time.


Don’t shy away from shapes that add definition to all the right places. Show off your curves and a snatched waist with layered bikini. All we are waiting for is a summer romance. And the beach is the best place to find one.


Set yourself apart on the beach with floral rosettes and silhouettes redolent of old school glamour. Pair with high waisted shorts for an easy transition from surf to city.

With its eye-catching detail, swimwear with floral rosette is the perfect way to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. It’s a versatile choice that’s perfect for both beachwear and city outings, so you can wear it whenever and wherever you want.

The runway has been featuring floral bikinis and swimsuits extensively this season, seen at Magda ButrymMaygel Coronel and Amir Slama (by the way, you will LOVE this cutout red crochet swimsuit with 3D flower appliqué).

With its unique and elegant design, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. Imagine stepping out onto the beach in your beautiful rosette bikini, feeling confident and chic. The sun starts to set, casting a warm glow over the ocean, and you decide to take a stroll along the beach. You feel the cool sand between your toes and the gentle breeze on your face, and the floral rosette slightly moves in the wind, reminding you of the perfect craftsmanship of your beachwear.

Or walking down the city streets in your stunning swimsuit paired with a midi denim skirt (POV you might want to get this Mango swimsuit in a textured fabric that doesn’t look like a swimsuit at all and can be easily worn in the city with simply everything), catching the eyes of everyone around you.

The swimwear with floral rosette is the perfect way to make a statement and show off your unique sense of style.



If the floral rosette is too much for you, turn heads in swimwear that stands out and hardly ever goes out of style! Opt for swimwear with cleverly designed details (and yes, that detail is a bow) for high impact styles that remain versatile.

Swimwear with a bow is our preferred look for statement bikini tops and swimsuits as we shop for our romantic summer getaway.

As you stroll along the shoreline, feeling the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin, the sea breeze plays with the bow, causing it to move in a mesmerizing dance. You feel pretty and glamorous, like you belong in a fashion magazine.

The bow detail of your swimwear adds an extra touch of elegance and femininity, making you feel like the most beautiful woman on the beach. Pov Extra points if the bow never unties.

We love bows that add a fashion forward element to your typical beach look but don’t untie.

Ps. I browsed through all the online stores I know sell quality swimwear to find some pretty swimwear with bows that seem hard to untie – find them in the widget below!


Whether you go for a bow shoulder swimsuit, a criss-cross bow-detail halterneck bikini top, or a chic black bow detail bikini top, make no doubt you will be the most fashionable girl on the beach this summer. And on the street. You can pair your new bow swimwear with jeans for a perfect sea to city life when you get home. 


Shop for ruched swimwear for those reminiscing about the golden days of vintage glamour.

Ruched swimwear is the perfect bridge as we transition from lounging on the sand to lunch under the parasol. A gathered halterneck swimsuit doubles up as a bodysuit, while a ruched airy bikini top can be easily paired with shorts and sandals.

Choose from bright, cheerful shades of orange and pink or nautical stripes to keep the mood bright.

I will buy this ruched bikini. Pov you might want to lighten the load with arity fabrics featuring ruching, ideal for pairing with long skirts as you go from beach to bar, as well. Besides, it’s the prettiest bikini yet.



If you are looking for fashionable spa swimwear, shop for a crochet bikini. It is the best swimwear for the spa. It is comfortable, fashionable and pairs well with the bathrobe and spa slippers.

Moreover, crochet swimwear multi-task and conserve valuable space when it is hand-baggage only.

Keep your edit tight with multi-tasking swimwear that does it all, and enjoy the ease of travelling light as you escape from the noise of everyday life.

Feel at one with nature and refuel the spirits wearing relaxed silhouettes in crochet.

Picture yourself relaxing at a luxurious spa in Thailand, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sound of flowing water. Your new crochet swimsuit perfectly matches the tranquil atmosphere of the spa. The delicate texture of the crochet fabric feels light and airy against your skin, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.

As you dip into the warm, mineral-rich waters of the pool, you feel the tension melt away from your body. The intricate design of the crochet adds a touch of elegance to your look, elevating the truly luxurious experience at the spa.

As you recline on a comfortable lounge chair, savoring a refreshing drink and basking in the warm sun, you feel your crochet swimsuit adding to the overall sense of serenity.

All in all, crochet swimwear reflects a desire to embrace the finer things in life and indulge in experiences that nourish your soul. Whether you’re lounging at a luxurious spa in Thailand or at the Hotel Costes Paris.


I will buy this crochet swimsuit. I already have the bikini.


Invest in short swim sets that double up as athleisurewear for every day, and you will be ready to take that plunge from the gym to beach in no time.

Gymtoswim swimwear sets with shorter styles are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking moderate coverage and functional comfort while engaging in water sports.

Simple and streamlined, with just right amount of that something special, enjoy moments to yourself in fuss-free shapes in bold colours.



Can’t decide on what swimwear trend to buy into for summer 2023? Or just want to know if your old bikini is perhaps still fashionable? Well, more information should help. Here is more about the latest swimwear trends you might want to know.

What swimwear to buy in 2023?

Fashionable swimwear that makes you feel confident and look stunning. Go through the swimwear trend report 2023 to find out what to look for when shopping for a new swimsuit or a bikini.

What details make swimwear fashionable for summer 2023?

Metallic finishsequinslayersfloral rosetteruchingheart detailcrochetone shoulder swimsuitlow risefull strapsno strapshalterneckhalf cupbow-detailbelts make swimwear fashionable for summer 2023.

What are swimwear color trends 2023?

Red is the biggest swimwear color trend 2023. However, black swimwear is very fashionable for summer 2023, too. Also, silverbrownpink and colors that are in fashion for spring summer 2023.

Is leopard swimwear trendy in 2023?

Leopard is in fashion for spring summer 2023, however leopard swimwear feels outdated for 2023.

What are swimwear print trends 2023?

Floral prints are the most fashionable swimwear prints 2023.

Is floral swimwear in fashion 2023?

Yes, floral swimwear is the biggest swimwear print trend in 2023.

Is bikini in fashion summer 2023?

Yes, a bikini is in fashion for summer 2023.

Is an underwired bikini bra in style for summer 2023?


Is triangle bikini top in fashion 2023?

The triangle bikini top trend is in a sharp decline. Round mermaid-inspired bikini tops are trending this summer.

What bikini tops are in fashion 2023?

full strap bikini topstrapless bikini tophalterneck bikini tophalf cup bikini topmermaid bikini bra, and a criss-cross bow-detail halterneck bikini top are the most fashionable bikini tops 2023.

Is monokini in fashion for summer 2023?

Yes, monokini is in fashion this season.

Is a swimsuit in style for summer 2023?

Yes, a swimsuit is in style for summer 2023.

Should I buy a bikini or a swimsuit?

This question pops up every single year. Is 2023 a year of bikini or a swimsuit? Is a bikini more fashionable than a swimsuit in summer 2023? Well, it is! But it’s up to you if you want to wear a bikini or a swimsuit this summer.

Is a bikini more fashionable than a swimsuit summer 2023?

A bikini is more fashionable than a swimsuit for summer 2023. However, a swimsuit is still fashionable, too.

Are swimsuits in fashion for summer 2023?

Yes, swimsuits are in style for 2023. But not all swimsuits, of course.

What swimsuits are in style 2023?

One shoulder swimsuit (this one is the prettiest swimsuit yet), metallic swimsuitsequined swimsuitswimsuit with a bowswimsuit with floral rosetteruched swimsuitsheer swimsuit, swimsuit with a heart detail, and a crochet swimsuit are swimsuits in style for summer 2023.

Are cutout swimsuits in fashion for summer 2023?

Yes, cutout swimsuits are still in fashion for summer 2023, but a cutout swimsuit is not the most fashionable swimsuit of the season.

Are sweetheart swimsuit in style 2023?

No. Unless it ties around the neck, is ruched, or comes with a trendy detail that makes it fashionable, of course.

Is one shoulder swimwear in fashion for summer 2023?

Yes, onde shoulder swimwear is trendy for summer 2023. In fact, one shoulder is a key summer 2023 swimwear trend.

Is off the shoulder swimwear in style for summer 2023?


Is tankini in style for 2023?

It is, but it is not the key swim trend to follow blindly.

Is sporty swimwear in fashion for 2023?

Yes. As a matter of fact, the gymtoswim – short swim set is a key swimwear trend for summer 2023.

Is a swimdress in fashion for summer 2023?


Is retro swimwear in style for summer 2023?

Yes, retro swimwear is in style for summer 2023. In fact, halterneck swimwearfull strap bikini topsbelted bikini bottoms and ruched swimwear are some of the biggest swimwear trends 2023.

What are Y2K swimwear trends?

Metallic swimwearsequined swimwearlayered bikinisswimwear with floral rosetteswimwear with a heart detailcrochet swimwearshort swim set – gymtoswim, and low rise swimwear are the trendiest Y2K swimwear trends for 2023.

How to accessorize swimwear?

With a floral rosette, a satin bow, trendy sunglasses, a headband or a fashionable beach hat.

What swimsuits are in fashion 2023?

One shoulder swimsuit (this one is the prettiest swimsuit yet), metallic swimsuitsequined swimsuitswimsuit with a bowswimsuit with floral rosetteruched swimsuitsheer swimsuit, swimsuit with a heart detail, and a crochet swimsuit, are swimsuits in fashion for summer 2023.

What bikini tops are in style 2023?

full strap bikini topstrapless bikini tophalterneck bikini tophalf cup bikini topmermaid bikini bra, and a criss-cross bow-detail halterneck bikini top are the most stylish bikini tops 2023.

What bikini bottoms are fashionable 2023?

Low rise bikini bottom and belted bikini bottom are the most fashionable for bikini bottoms 2023.

Are string bikini bottoms in fashion 2023?

String bikinis are still trending, but they already feel outdated for summer 2023.

Are high waisted bikini bottoms in fashion 2023?

No. However, high belted bikini bottoms and high bikini bottoms with a floral rosette are still trending.

Is high cut swimwear fashionable for summer 2023?

Low rise swimwear is more fashionable for summer 2023.

Which shops sell swimwear?

Shops that sell lingerie and multi retailers.

Where to buy designer swimwear?

You can buy swimwear online at FarfetchshopbopSaks Fifth AvenueRevolveNet-a-PorterNordstromMytheresaLuisaviaromaIntermix onlineMatchesfashionSSENSE24sModaOperandiSummer Salt, or Calzedonia.

What swimwear is best to my body?

Fashionable swimwear that makes you feel confident and stunning.

What swimwear to wear to a spa?

crochet bikini is the best bikini to wear to a spa. A crochet bikini is also the best swimwear for the cold bath after the dry sauna.

Can you wear swimwear to the city?

Many swimwear doubles up as a bodysuit or a crop top that pairs well with shorts and pants. Check trendy summer outfits to see how to wear swimwear every day. 

When to shop for swimwear?

The best time to shop for fashionable swimwear is before the end of the winter – when new season swimwear comes to the stores.

Who sells swimwear in winter?

FarfetchshopbopSaks Fifth AvenueRevolveNet-a-PorterNordstromMytheresaLuisaviaromaIntermix onlineMatchesfashionSSENSE24sModaOperandiSummer Salt, and Calzedonia are online stores that sell the new season swimwear in winter already.

Who sells swimwear year round?

FarfetchshopbopSaks Fifth AvenueRevolveNet-a-PorterNordstromMytheresaLuisaviaromaIntermix onlineMatchesfashionSSENSE24sModaOperandiSummer Salt, and Calzedonia are some online shops that sell swimwear all year round.

What is a new swimwear trend 2023?

Layered bikini is a new swimwear trend for 2023.

What swimwear to buy for fall 2023?

Swimwear with a heart detail.


Check also the most fashionable summer sandals to pair with your new swimwear. Up next: what to pack for summer 2023 getaway.