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From Beach to Ball: Summer Formal Dressing Made Easy

Summer formal outfits

Formal summer outfits 2023 for when the formal dress code is required – here. One type of formal summer outfits, to be exact. All in all, you are probably still on your vacation and don’t need to dress business formal at the moment. As you know, there are two types of summer formal – summer formal for work and summer formal for party. And they differ significantly.

But let us focus on the summer formal for party this time. All in all, picking up a party dress is our daily task. Besides, we need to elaborate on summer formal party dress code, as well. With the new money throwing white tie parties in the summer, no one knows how to dress anymore. Point of view, almost no one – I know. Scroll down to find out how to dress for summer formal and see the most fashionable summer formal outfits for 2023. Remember, if there is a dress code, you need to choose a formal outfit that applies to the dress code required – except when the dress code is white tie, of course.

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So, let me get the white tie summer dress code clarified first. There is no such thing as a white tie dress code for summer. A white tie is inappropriate for summer.

White Tie is designed for evening events (galas, opera opening night, red carpet) and can be quite the sweat-inducer during summertime shindigs due to its weight and warmth.

If you get an invitation for a white tie summer event, there must have been a mistake. Or the hosts don’t know the white tie dress code well. Point of view, especially if they are inviting you to a garden white tie party that starts before nightfall.

It is unlikely they would want you to wear a full gown, long gloves and closed toe pumps for their event. But since there is AC almost everywhere, and the parties don’t tend to start before the golden hour, let us leave this option open.

Even so, if you get an invitation for a white tie party in summer, call your hosts and let them explain how they have envisioned their party. Ps. Let them describe the scenery, music, food, what they are wearing. If there are no gloves and tiaras in their picture, opt for a long summer gown and sandals.

While I can’t take the fuss out of dressing up for a white tie summer event for you, I can help you with all the other summer formal events.

I put together eight summer formal outfits that will see you through the most popular summer formal events.


By the way, all summer formal outfits presented in this article are hyperlinked and available for immediate purchase via links within the content itself. To shop for your favourite summer formal outfit, simply click on the dress and the shoes you need to copy the look. Your click will take you to the store where you can shop for the selected item.

Ps. Outfits are ordered from the most formal to slightly more relaxed for the formal party at the resort, yacht or island.


When it’s time for a formal daytime event in the sunshine, there is nothing easier than slipping into sharp styles, decorated with a fascinator. Discover the best option in tantalising pastel blue to suit every occasion.


Sharply silhouettes will leave you polished to perfection. And the perfect pairing of a tailored dress and a stylish bag always look effortlessly put together. Wear as a set paired with flats to the races or a garden party, and mix and match with pumps for a seamless transition to the church.


Discover how to strike the perfect balance between formal grace and summertime charm, and make a lasting impression at your most cherished summer soirées.


Shine your brightest at night in glittering fashion. From all-over sequin embroidery to rhinestone mesh that sculpts the form, this dress gets the party started.

But elegance is its true forte. The Self-Portrait floral-embroidered maxi dress takes the concept of evening glamour to new heights. With delicate floral details and the sweeping silhouette of a maxi dress, it strikes the perfect balance between modern extravagance and timeless beauty.

Pair with Gianvito Rossi satin pumps, for sophistication and comfort. These pumps not only add an extra dash of glamour to your outfit but also offer the ease of dancing the night away in style. They are the most comfortable pumps you will ever buy. With their sleek design and comfortable fit, ensure you remain on your feet with grace and ease throughout the event.

Ps. I’m wearing the dress with sandals in the video below – to show you how to style the dress for a summer garden white tie event. Remember, there is no such thing as a summer white tie garden party; hence, sandals are entirely appropriate for a summer garden white tie party.

Nevertheless, sandals are not appropriate for a summer black tie event – so copy the look from the collage that follows the video. If the dress code says black tie, rest assured the host wants you to wear a gown and closed toe shoes.

Ps. When shopping for this gorgeous black-tie dress, it may be prudent to consider selecting a size slightly larger than your usual preference. Size UK 4 fits me flawlessly (I’m 73 (with a pushup)-52 (after the sweets and appetizers)-74). However, it’s worth noting that your standard size might be too small for you. Particularly if you happen to have a fuller cup size. Remember, what fits me perfectly will most likely be too small for you.

Interestingly, I did notice a slight inconsistency with the Farfetch model (you can find the dress linked to Farfetch in the gallery below – I believe I made my purchase there as well). She is reportedly wearing a size UK 4. Though her body shape differs from mine, the dress doesn’t seem snug around her bust and waist. Nevertheless, it does appear a tad shorter on her, even though it fits impeccably at the waist. I believe there could be an error in the provided product information. Notably, she (the Farfetch model) wears all other Self Portrait dresses in size UK 8 (I double-checked!). Based on this observation, I recommend consulting the size guide for peace of mind before purchasing your dress, to ensure the perfect fit for your upcoming black-tie event.


There is nothing more fun than entertaining in summer. From elaborate cocktail parties on a boat to a cocktail party on the rooftop, get ready to show off your skills at hosting.

Set the cocktail dress code and slip into your favourite dress to match the sunny mood.


A cocktail staple that doesn’t have to be routine, meet my favourite summer cocktail dress – designed my way. Customased before purchase, with a cool girl edge added before I leave my dressing room (pov you can tie the straps in several different ways – around the neck is just one way). In contrast, short length is a daring proposition waiting to stun.

My personalized piece was procured through That Orginal, or rather, I had the privilege of having it tailored exclusively to my liking. Their innovative platform grants you the remarkable ability to customize various facets of your dress, ensuring it harmoniously resonates with your distinct taste and dress code. In my case, I opted for a short Tina dress with no sleeves that boasts versatility in abundance – it can be fashioned in over three distinct ways.

The That Original Tina dress (available for your delight here – don’t forget to employ code “veronika50” for a generous 50 EUR off your acquisition) is unequivocally a showstopper. Its flattering halter neck design gracefully contours the shoulders, exuding feminine allure that captivates. Fabricated from opulent satin, it drapes over your figure with an effortless grace, providing that quintessential fluidity and airy sensation indispensable for keeping cool amidst the summer’s warmth. Bathed in a resplendent raspberry red hue (one of the trifecta of top hues for summer 2023 formal events), it injects a vibrant dose of audacity and exhilaration into your outfit, ensuring you radiate confidence and magnetic charm as you revel deep into the night.

Complementing this splendid creation, the Stuart Weitzman metallic nudist song sandals will infuse a touch of glamour and sophistication into your overall look. With their slender straps and a resplendent metallic finish, these iconic sandals masterfully blend elegance with comfort. In fact, they’re so comfortable – to the point where I could dance in these sandals all night long.


Whether you are planning a night out with the girlies after the formal event, or looking to slip into something a bit more fun for dancing until dawn, a slip dress is the best choice every time.

Break the mould by trying out brown shades, topped off with a navy blazer as it gets cold.


No matter the occasion, the little black dress stands as an enduring favorite, a beacon of summer formal. This wardrobe staple boasts an unwavering ability to make a chic statement, time and time again.

Whether you find yourself at a cocktail soirée, a semi formal get-together, or a lavish birthday celebration, the little black dress stands as a reliable choice that consistently wows. Its intrinsic charm and refined allure make it the go-to option when an effortlessly elegant appearance is the order of the day.

When it comes to summer’s cocktail dress code, the little black dress reigns supreme, effortlessly capturing timeless sophistication. This adaptable piece offers a plethora of styling possibilities, ensuring you’re impeccably dressed for any event. For a seamless transition from a rooftop party to a delightful dining engagement, contemplate pairing your black dress with sandals. Fear not, sandals are perfectly suitable for adhering to a summer cocktail dress code while exuding an air of refined charm.


The ultimate crowd-pleaser a crop top and midi pencil skirt outfits make for a chic statement in summer. Discover a style suited for every cocktail party.


Hitting that perfect spot between casual comfort and chic elegance, meet this season’s offering of island formal styles. From one-and done dresses to two piece sets, they will work as well paired with high strappy heels or precious slides.


Steal the spotlight in one of the hottest dresses of the moment. Sensual silhouettes and irridescent sparkles will keep all eyes on you.

Picture this: a radiant sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the horizon’s edge. A gentle sea breeze carries the scent of saltwater through the air, and the rhythmic lapping of waves provides a soothing backdrop. The scene is truly magical.

Your heart flutters with anticipation as the velvety sand stretches out before you, leading your gaze to the endless expanse of the turquoise sea. The sun bathes the sky in shades of pink and gold, casting a warm, ethereal light that dances on the water’s surface.

A gentle breeze carries the scent of the sea, mingling with the fragrance of tropical blooms that dot the shoreline. The air is alive with the soothing sounds of waves kissing the shore.

And there you stand, so elegant and fashionable, in the most precious summer island formal dress. Its fabric, kissed by the sun’s golden rays, shimmers with an otherworldly luminescence, absorbing the paradise around you.


Or invest in pieces that will transfer easily into your wardrobe once the island festivities are over. Long skirts are suited for any formal event in the city paired with an old money top.

Whereas a white crop top becomes an easy option paired with tailored shorts at brunch the morning after the event.


If you find yourself grappling with an abundance of choices and contemplating the best formal summer outfit for your formal event in summer 2023, I have compiled a comprehensive list of exquisite options. I strongly recommend perusing the FAQ section. It will help, no cap. Ps. For more tips on how to nail any dress code in summer buy the booklet we put together for you – check store/service in the main menu.

What is formal for summer?

While formal can be either formal for party (white tie, black tie, morning dress, cocktail) or formal for work (business formal), summer formal is most frequently only black tie, cocktail, morning dress and island formal. Of course, business formal can still be required for those who spend their summer working, but a white tie is unlikely to be addressed in summer, as the opera and ball season end come summer. Also, wearing a white tie attire (a full gown, opera gloves, and closed pumps) in summer would feel a bit too much. White tie attire is traditionally reserved for evening events and is quite heavy and warm, making it impractical and uncomfortable for summer occasions and warmer temperatures.

What is formal for work in summer 2023?

Formal for work means business formal. Check summer work outfits to see summer business formal outfits and see how to dress formal for work in summer.

What is business formal for summer?

A lightweight and breathable pantsuit made of silk and cotton blend, a pleated midi skirt with a matching blazer, or a knee-length dress with a matching blazer, hosiery and pumps. Check formal summer work outfits presented to see how to dress business formal for work in summer.

Do I need to wear tights for formal events in summer?

Yes! Except for the island formal and cocktail dress code. Summer cocktail dress code and island formal dress code are less strict and do not require hosiery.

What tights to wear for summer formal events in summer?

6DEN tights.

Can I wear sandals for summer formal events?

You can wear sandals for island formal and summer cocktail parties. But not for summer black tie events.

What kind of shoes should I wear to a summer formal event?

For a daytime formal summer event where the dress code is morning dress, you should wear closed toe pumps, slingbacks or ballet flats (races, garden party); for a black tie summer event, you need to wear closed toe pumps or at the very least slingbacks; it the dress code is cocktail, wear stiletto sandals, high heel mules or slingbacks; for an island formal wear embellished flat sandals/slides or stiletto sandals (if the event is not on the beach).

What are some appropriate colors for a summer formal dress?

Pastel blue, pink, silver, red, but also black.

Can I wear a little black dress for a formal party in summer?

You can wear a little black dress for a formal business party or a cocktail party. However, a little black dress is not appropriate for a black tie party.

What is summer formal for a party summer 2023?

There are four types of formal parties in summer; a black tie, cocktail, day time party with morning dress code and island formal.

How to dress for a black tie party in summer?

You can wear a long dress with short sleeves or a long dress with no sleeves and heels (pumps or slingbacks).

What to wear to a black tie party in summer?

A formal black tie dress and heels. Check the black tie summer formal party outfits presented in this article to see the best black tie party outfits for summer 2023.

How to dress for a white tie party in summer?

Now, this is a tricky question. White Tie attire is generally considered unsuitable for summer events. But not everyone knows that. Not everyone knows that the white tie dress code should be requested only for evening indoor events. Hence, you might (unlikely, but still) get an invitation to a white tie party in summer. Furthermore, you might get invited to a white tie garden party that starts in the afternoon. So what to wear to a “white tie garden party” then? The most appropriate outfit for a white tie garden party in summer would be a long summer gown (preferably a long tulle or silk gown that won’t weigh you down during the heatwave) and sandals. Remember, if you get an invitation for a white tie garden party that starts before nightfall, your hosts don’t know the white tie dress code and set the white tie dress code merely to make their party more extravagant. Nevertheless, make a call before the event and ask your hosts if they wish you to wear a full gown, with long gloves and closed toe pumps. If their answer is no, go for a full gown and sandals. But make sure your gown covers the sandals.

What to wear to a white tie party in summer?

A summer gown with pumps or sandals if the dress is long enough to cover your footwear. Remember, the white tie attire is generally considered unsuitable for summer events, and your host most likely doesn’t know the white tie dress code well. It is unlikely for anyone who knows the white tie dress code well, to ask the guests to wear white tie attire for an event in summer.

What to wear for daytime formal events in summer?

A morning dress or island formal attire if the event is held by the sea or island resort.

What is island formal?

Island formal is a dress code that is typically associated with events or occasions in tropical, island settings, or resorts by the sea. It strikes a balance between formality and the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere often found in island destinations. Island formal attire is meant to be comfortable for warm weather while still maintaining a sense of style and appropriateness for special occasions. A knee-length or tea-length sundress in light, breathable fabric like silk or linen; or a crop top with full skirt and sandals (can be strappy and high heel, but you might prefer precious flat sandals or embellished slides for the formal event on the beach) are the best choices for women.

What do you wear to a formal summer wedding?

A morning dress, if the wedding is in the morning or around noon, and a cocktail dress if the wedding is in the afternoon or in the evening. Check summer wedding outfits to see the best summer formal wedding outfits.

What is a morning dress for summer?

A morning dress in the summer typically consists of a more formal and traditional outfit suitable for daytime formal events like weddings, garden parties, or horse races.

How to dress for a morning dress code in summer?

Put on a short-sleeved jacket and matching skirt cinched by a belt., or alternatively, a belted midi dress; a fascinatorsummer gloves, and closed-toe shoes. Ps. Opt for flat shoes for the races and garden parties as you might need to step on the grass.

What to wear to formal dinner in summer?

A cocktail dress or a little black dress in silk. But you might want to wear something more light and breezy for a dinner party. See island formal outfits presented in this article for some outfit inspiration.


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