Brunette from Wall Street SS24 Spring Summer 2024 prints in fashion for spring summer 2024

Tame the Mob Wife: Leopard and SS24 Prints You Need to Know

Spring Summer 2024 Print Trend Report

Prints in style for spring summer 2024 – here! Because I know you wonder if floral print, gingham, and tie-dye are in style for spring summer 2024, too? Or is the leopard print the only print in fashion this season. Well, let me answer this question immediately. Artistic floral prints, and check prints are in fashion, but you will hardly find any gingham or polka dots this season – at least not on the most fashionable spring summer clothes. Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t mean that polka dot is out of style for spring summer 2024. We just prefer stripes this spring. Yes, spring summer 2024 is bringing back pinstripes. Aligned with the eclectic grandpacore you might prefer plaids and Vichy checks more. Pov if you are like me, we will see you only the most fashionable prints in fashion for spring summer 2024. Scroll down to see what to buy in spring summer 2024 prints now!

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Hello, spring, blue sky, and bye-bye pretty florals, polka dots and gingham! Yes, we are saying goodbye to some of the most popular fancy summer prints. There are other prints on trend for spring summer 2024.

As you read, there are other summer prints you should know and wear in spring summer 2024 And no, you probably don’t know half of the most fashionable prints for spring summer 2024 yet since they are somehow new and everyone talks only about leopard print and lace this season.

Point of view, lace is the most fashionable detail to look for in fashion this season. And leopard print is back in style for 2024. In fact, leopard print is so fashionable for spring summer 2024, that you can confidently claim that leopard print is the only print in fashion for spring summer 2024 when someone asks you about what print patterns are in fashion for that season.

But it’s important to know all the prints that are fashionable for spring summer 2024. All in all, it won’t be long before we feel the fatigue of leopard print. NGL, I just can’t do it anymore. I maxed out with a leopard print headband and leopard print pants.

Besides, as textured fabrics (especially lace and ruching) continue to grow more important, we see a move away from surface embellishments and a decrease in printed styles.

Worry not, there are still eight prints in fashion for spring summer 2024.

Brunette from Wall Street SS24 Spring Summer 2024 prints in fashion for spring summer 2024


The fashion industry is undergoing a shift away from surface embellishments and printed styles, with a greater emphasis on textured fabrics in 2024. This season, lace and ruching are taking center stage, as designers explore the intricate details and tactile qualities of these materials.

As a result, we’re seeing a decrease in the use of prints, as fashion takes on a more subtle and nuanced approach to creating visual interest.

Even so, there are exciting ways to incorporate the most fashionable spring summer 2024 into your summer wardrobe.


Maximum impact, minimum effort – no wonder why we love leopard print so much. Update your summer wardrobe with leopard print.

Go the extra mile with spring summer 2024 leopard print pants that elevate. From the intricacy of satin leopard pants to the spicy leopard capris (cringe as horrendous it sounds, you will love these – I love them, too – moreover, I’m obsessed with them; but you will want these for the ultimate mob-wife summer look), finding something extra special has never been easier.

Browse through the widget below to see/shop for this spring summer 2024 most fashionable print. And feel glorious under the sun with the leopard print that puts you in an exuberant mood. You will turn heads wherever you go, no cap.


Leopard print boasts a rich and fascinating history, transcending mere fabric design and becoming deeply woven into cultural narratives, social movements, and the ever-evolving world of fashion.

The earliest association with leopard print can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Greece when leopards often symbolized power, status, and divinity. Egyptian deities like Seshat, associated with wisdom, were often depicted wearing leopard skin.

But it was with the European exploration and colonization, the fascination with leopards and their patterns reached new heights. Leopard fur became a coveted symbol of wealth and prestige, worn by royalty and the elite. However, the unsustainable demand for real fur had devastating consequences for leopard populations.

The 1920s witnessed a surge in the use of leopard print, coinciding with the loosening of social norms and the rise of bold fashion statements. Designers like Christian Dior and Lanvin incorporated the print into their designs, suggesting a blend of sophistication and wildness.

Even though the transition from real leopard skin to leopard print in fashion began in the 1920s, it was Christian Dior’s New Look collection that marked the debut of leopard print on the runway and in the high-end fashion industry. Dior’s use of leopard print in 1947 helped to popularize the pattern and paved the way for its widespread use in the fashion industry.

Soon leopard print began to appear in the wardrobes of popular film stars and rich housewives. Actresses like Theda Bara and Josephine Baker embraced the print, associating it with feminine allure and liberation.

The forties and fifties saw America’s pin-up girls embrace the pattern, wearing decorated corsets, lingerie, and dresses that contributed to the print’s association with eroticism. Fur coats had become a fundamental status symbol amongst the affluent, and while there was rabbit and fox-fur, sable and mink, the skins of big cats trumped all others in rank – especially the leopard pelt.

The trend gained mainstream momentum in the sixties, with public figures like Jackie Kennedy and Jean Shrimpton. At the same time, the print adopted a more rebellious and countercultural spirit, with Edie Sedgwick and Mick Jagger, symbolizing individuality and self-expression. However, the demand for real fur led to a backlash and a shift towards faux animal prints due to animal rights activism.

By 1968, however, Rudi Gernreich dedicated a whole collection to faux animal print, after the bloody trend for real pelts catalyzed the animal rights movement to successful protest.

But the 20th century witnessed a significant shift. With the rise of ethical concerns and advancements in textile production, printed fabrics mimicking leopard fur became increasingly popular. This democratized the print, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In the 90s, leopard print was embraced by both the high fashion world and pop culture. It was seen on the runways and worn by celebrities like the Spice Girls, Lil Kim, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. The print was used in both tasteful and trashy realms, making it a versatile and bold choice. It was perceived as low-brow and overtly sexual, but also as a symbol of the rich and famous.

Nevertheless, after the 90s, the enthusiasm for animal print, including leopard print, calmed down. It wasn’t until late 2017 that it began to rise again.

Leopard print came back in fashion in 2018. And it came back stronger than ever. It was seen on outfits that could be worn to a 9-5 job without being too overpowering.

Pov, the trend span of the leopard print that happened next is quite interesting. In 2019, leopard print was incorporated into various styles, from casual wear to more formal attire. In 2020, leopard print remained popular, with designers incorporating it into their collections in fresh ways. But their designs rarely hit the street. Pov, you know why.

In 2021 the trend persisted, with leopard print appearing in various forms (we all remember Maria Grazia Chiuri featuring leopard print as a significant element for AW 2021/22), from clothing to accessories that never left the stores. But designers (Oscar de la Renta, who featured a few pieces with subtle leopard print details, Versace – Donatella presented a leopard print dress in her Spring/Summer 2022 collection, and of course, Dolce Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli) didn’t give up and kept incorporating leopard print into their collections in innovative ways in 2022.

Compared to its widespread use in previous years, leopard print’s presence became less dominant in 2023. This doesn’t mean it completely disappeared, but it wasn’t a major trend driver across all fashion lines or our lives. Until October 2023 when TikTok user Sarah Arcuri posted a video showcasing this bold and glamorous trend, aptly titled “Mob-Wife, CEO.” In her outfit, she wore animal prints. Since then, the leopard print has been gaining popularity.

In 2024, leopard print made a strong comeback, incorporating the pattern into various styles, from casual wear to more formal attire. The must have item in leopard print for spring 2024? Leopard pants!


Forever captivating, stripes give an ethereal, dream-like finish to summer fits. If you are looking for a bolder statement, then go with garments featuring red pinstripe. You will never have a dull moment with stripes on a dark red background.


Or elevate your daytime look with a fanciful pinstripe on white background. Airy designs in stripes will feel light as a feather, perfect for a day of sightseeing or dinner alfresco. This is summer dressing made easy.

Pinstripe is a great way to incorporate some business flair into your wardrobe. Thin stripes give a very banking feel, which can be a fun and playful way to show off your personality.

In fact, pinstripes (supposedly) originated in 19th-century London as part of the uniform for bankers. Different banks apparently used varying stripe widths and spacing to distinguish their employees. But they could become popular due to the striped boating blazers that were popular with the old money in the same era – the male gaze, of course.

However, the early 20th century witnessed pinstripes making a gradual transition into women’s fashion. Pinstripe trousers and suits were adopted by pioneering women who challenged traditional gender norms and embraced a more masculine aesthetic as they entered the workforce and fought for equal rights.

Throughout the mid-20th century, pinstripes gained further traction in women’s wear with Hollywood Influence (Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn).

But it wasn’t until the 1980s and the rise of the power suit, often featuring pinstripes, became a symbol of female empowerment and leadership.

Pov, pinstripes have enjoyed varying degrees of popularity in women’s fashion from the 1980s to 2024, experiencing periods of dominance, subtle presence, and resurgence. The power suit remained influential in the early 1990s, but as fashion trends shifted towards grunge and minimalism, pinstripes took a backseat.

While pinstripes were not entirely absent in mid 1990s and early 2000s, their presence became more subtle. They were sometimes seen in blouses, skirts, and even dresses, often with thinner stripes and softer colors compared to the bolder styles of the 80s.

Pinstripes experienced a moderate revival, particularly in trousers and suit separates in mid 2000s. However, they were not as dominant as during the power suit era.

Pinstripes saw a moderate revival during 2025-2007, particularly in trousers and suit separates. They were often featured in neutral tones like black and navy, but with thinner stripes compared to the bolder styles of the 80s. This revival coincided with a broader trend of professional dressing and a focus on tailored silhouettes. However, pinstripes went out of style in 2008 and didn’t return until 2016.

A subtle shift began in 2016, with some designers reintroducing pinstripes in more modern interpretations. This included: thinner stripes in unexpected colors like pastel shades or even metallics. And the incorporation of pinstripes into dresses and casual separates like shirts and skirts. While the trend was getting strong, it soon faded.

Pinstripes gained more traction again with the vest in 2021. But it wasn’t the vest (despite being the most fashionable top of the season) that brought back pinstripes in fashion for spring summer 2024. It’s the 2016 aesthetic that brought pinstripes back.


Impeccably executed, this season’s most fashionable floral prints come reimagined with all new patterns. Discover floral motifs in blurred versions, sometimes smudged, sometimes with digital and/or manual touches.

This trend is a fresh take on the perennially popular floral motif, with designers opting for less literal interpretations and more imaginative, artistic renditions of nature’s beauty.

Abstract floral prints are characterized by their non-representational and stylized depictions of flowers. Rather than aiming for botanical accuracy, the SS24 floral prints capture floral forms through bold colors, exaggerated shapes, and dynamic compositions. The result is a print that feels both familiar and novel, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

Rodarte and Simone Rocha (girlies favourite designer of the season) showcase watercolor-like florals, blurring the lines between fashion and art. Their creations resemble delicate paintings, transforming garments into canvases for artistic expression.

Gucci and Valentino embrace statement florals with vibrant colors and oversized prints, creating a bold and eye-catching aesthetic. Pov, they are not meant to mimic real flowers but rather evoke a sense of energy and artistic freedom.

Emilia Wickstead and Cecilie Bahnsen add texture and dimension to their abstract floral designs through embroidery, layering, and 3D techniques, creating a sense of depth and visual interest.

But go for the modern floral print when you don’t want to be wight down by accessories. The updated abstract floral prints uplift everyday designs and jazz up simple silhouettes.

Keep the silhouettes simple as you indulge in abstract florals. Soak up the energy of vibrant orange and punchy greens and get ready to shine. It’s time for maximum enjoyment.

Abstric floral prints are surprisingly versatile. They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for any occasion. You can wear an abstract print dress to a wedding or an abstract floral skirt to a night out with friends. You can even wear an abstract print scarf to add a pop of color to a more subdued outfit. The possibilities are endless.


By the way, abstract florals will transition into fall 2024 as two of the most fashionable prints of the season.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by spring summer print trends 2024 and deliberating what print to wear, I made a comprehensive list of delectable options for spring summer 2024. Go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure.

Are prints in style spring summer 2024?

Yes, prints are in style for spring summer 2024. However, the fashion industry is experiencing a change that involves less focus on surface embellishments and printed styles, and a greater emphasis on textured fabrics. The latest season is highlighting lace and ruching as designers explore the intricate details and tactile qualities of these materials.

What are spring summer 2024 print trends?

The biggest spring summer 2024 print trends are the leopard print, pinstripe, abstract florals, plaids, Vichy checks, playful geometric prints, multicoloured stripes, mix of ethnic and geometric prints, palm trees with jaguars and hibiscus, Moroccan-inspired tiles, simple encaustic tile pattern, intricate ornament tile print, soft edge florals.

Are tropic prints in fashion for summer 2024?

Tropic prints with palm trees, jaguars and hibiscus are in fashion for spring 2024.

Is fruit print in fashion for spring summer 2024?


Is animal print still in style spring summer 2024?

Leopard print is the most fashionable print for spring summer 2024.

Is cow print in style spring summer 2024?


Is leopard print in style spring summer 2024?

Yes. In fact, leopard print is the key fashion trend for spring summer 2024.

How to style leopard print spring summer 2024?

Leopard print can be worn as a neutral, meaning it can go well with almost any color. However, some classic combinations are black, navy blue, white, red, camel, and denim. For spring summer 2024 wear leopard print as a statement piece, such as a coat, a dress, a skirt, or a pair of shoes, or as an accessory, such as a bag, a scarf, a belt, or a headband.

How to wear leopard print in spring summer 2024?

For spring summer 2024 you can wear leopard print however you want. The rule is only one – the spicer the better. Even so, you might want to begin with smaller accessories like a headband. This allows you to incorporate the print into your existing wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed. Or opt for simpler garments in a leopard print – like leopard print pants or leopard print slip dress, especially when starting out. This minimizes the visual busyness and allows the print to be the focal point. When wearing leopard print clothing, pair it with solid-colored pieces in neutral tones like black, white, navy, or beige to create a balanced and cohesive look. Avoid pairing leopard print with other bold patterns as it can become visually overwhelming. Opt for solid colors that complement the leopard print.

Is zebra print still in style spring summer 2024?


Is cheetah print in style spring summer 2024


Is snake print in style spring summer 2024?


Is gingham in fashion for spring summer 2024?

Gingham is a classic summer print that is popular every summer, however, it’s not the most fashionable print to wear for spring summer 2024.

Are polka dots in fashion for spring summer 2024?

Not really. But, polka dots always come back in fashion. So, if you want to add a beautiful polka dot dress to your capsule summer wardrobe, buy a polka dot dress now when the price is still low. Once polka dots come back on trend, the price of a polka dot dress is likely to increase.

Are floral prints in style spring summer 2024?

Yes, abstract floral prints and soft-edge florals are in fashion for spring summer 2024.

Are stripes in fashion for spring summer 2024?

Stripes are a classic pattern that never goes out of style. They have been a popular trend for decades and continue to be a wardrobe staple. By investing in a few key stripe print pieces, you can be sure that they will remain in style for years to come. But you might want to revel in the pinstripe that is key fashion trend for spring summer 2024.

Is camo print in style spring summer 2024?

Camo print is not fashionable for spring summer 2024.

What prints to wear in March 2024?

As March typically marks the beginning of spring in many parts of the world, but plaids and Vichy checks are still popular during this time. Step forward in fashionable colorful plaid this spring. Ps. Check this article to see all the prints in fashion for spring summer 2024.

What prints to wear in April 2024?

As the days get longer and brighter, you may want to wear dark, opulent pinstripe that reflect the excitement of the season. Pinstripe is one of the most fashionable prints for spring 2024. Ps. Check this article to see all the colours in fashion for spring summer 2024.

What prints to wear in May 2024?

Do away with rainy days with playful geometry prints and soft edged florals. Abstract floral prints with bright colors and bold shapes can be a playful choice for May and can add a fun touch to any outfit. Ps. Check this article to see all the prints you can choose from to look fashionable.

What prints to wear in June 2024?

June marks the beginning of summer, and you want to wear chic and simple prints that represent the freshness and vitality of nature. Opt for pinstripes on a white background or put on 2024 tropical prints with hibiscus, palm trees and jaguars to be the most fashionable yet. Ps. Check this article to find out what other prints are in fashion for summer 2024.

What prints to wear in July 2024?

With the sunshine at its peak, you want to bring clear blue skies to your mind or blend in with the ocean views in the most fashionable summer prints that capture Mediterian. Summer tile prints will make you stand out amidst the heat. Ps. Check this article to see what kind of summer tile prints are in fashion for summer 2024.

What prints to wear in August 2024?

With the summer coming to an end, you want to wear prints that reflect the natural hues of the late summer landscape. Leopard prints are the most fashionable choice for August 2024.

When to wear prints spring summer 2024?

Whenever you don’t want to be weighed down by accessories, but you want your outfit to stand out in the crowd.

Can you wear prints for work spring summer 2024?

It depends on where you work and what you do. Keep in mind that not all prints are appropriate for all work environments, so it’s important to choose prints that are professional and polished.

What prints can you wear to work in spring summer 2024?

For a more conservative work environment, consider prints with smaller motifs, such as small polka dots, pinstripes, or plaid. Vichy checks are fashionable and business formal choice for spring summer 2024, too. They can add a touch of interest to your outfit without being too distracting.
If your workplace has a more relaxed dress code, you may have more flexibility to experiment with bolder prints, such as abstract florals, or romantic floral print. Just be sure to pair them with solid-colored pieces to balance out the look and keep it professional.
When choosing prints for work, it’s also important to consider the colors. Stick to more muted or neutral colors for a more professional look, or opt for brighter colors if your workplace allows for a more creative or casual dress code.

Can you wear a tropical print to work?


Can you wear prints for a wedding in spring summer 2024?

Yes, you can wear prints to a wedding, but be respectful to the bride and don’t wear flashy prints.

What prints can you wear to a wedding in spring summer 2024?

Soft edge floral prints, abstract floral print, summer tiles and playful geometric prints are the best fashionable prints to wear to a wedding in summer 2024.

What prints will be in fashion for spring summer 2025?

Water stain, blurred spots, artistic stains, ombré, vibrant stripes, two-color stripes, perennial chess, vichy, Portuguese tile, tapestry, tropical (palm trees, foliage and flowers, jaguars and parrots), snakeskin, delicate flower (highlighting the white background, subtle florals worked with oversized spacing), expressive floral (oversized florals on a dark background – black in contrast to white and soft shades) are some of the most fashionable SS25 fashion prints.

So these are all prints in style for spring summer 2024. To find out what print will be in style for fall winter 2024/25, check the print trend report for autumn winter 2024/25.

By the way, what prints in style for spring summer 2024 do you like the most? Ps. If you don’t like any of spring summer 2024 prints – check SS24 colour trend report next.