Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing tweed jacket, hiking boots, blue jeans for grape vines harvest in autumn

#5 Chic Grape Picking Outfits – Number 3 Will Shock You

Grape harvest outfits here! You know what September Saturdays and Sundays are for in Slovenia and central parts of Europe? Well, you probably do, if you are going to harvest grape vines or you came on Brunette from Wall Street looking for that chic outfit, you could wear for your trip to the countryside this weekend. The outfit you could wear for picking grapes in fall. Well, if came here just to find some new chic ways to style your hiking boots, then I must tell you, Saturdays here are not just for hiking in the mountains. No! Surely we are climbing, although not on the rocks, but on steep hillsides and trees while picking the ripped fruit. Anyway, scroll down to see 5 fashionable harvesting outfits for a grape harvest in the vineyard.

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Yes, Saturdays here are for the autumnal harvest. For picking grapes and apples. And yes, the autumnal harvest requires a special outfit. But don’t worry I have you covered on this.

Starting with what to wear when picking grapes. Ps. More autumn harvest outfits are coming on Brunette from Wall Street later. That is when I eat all these grapes that I have just picked. Yes, that might takes a while, so better sign up for the new blogpost alert (click the bell in the bottom right corner of your desktop) to get notified once I published new harvest outfit ideas.


I already shared some of my tips on how to dress for grape picking with you last year. Remember? Anyway, those were just some general tips for what to wear to the grape harvest I gave you.

This year I’m sharing some of my favourite autumn harvest outfits you can wear either for a grape harvest on a steep hillside or merely for a short trip to the countryside. Moreover, you can wear these outfits for the city this weekend too. You know, the riding fashion trend and so? I told you the riding jacket is a must-have jacket this autumn.

By the way, if you haven’t heard of riding fashion trend yet, then be sure check key fall winter fashion trends next.

Anyway, back to what to wear for the autumnal harvest. Luckily dressing up for the grape harvest is quite easy this year. That is if you follow the general tips I wrote about last year (check how to dress up for the grape harvest if you forgot the basic styling rules for picking grapes) and if you follow the latest fashion trends.

As you read, dressing up for harvest this season is easy if you follow the latest fashion trends. And no, I don’t mean only wearing this season’s most fashionable colours and riding clothes. No!

It turns out that the must-have accessory you should wear when going to the harvest, picking grapes, is also the must have accessory for fall winter. Yes, it’s the gloves I’m writing about.

Ps. Be sure to check what colours are in fashion for the new season, if you don’t know all fall winter colours yet. After you check these fashionable harvest outfits below, of course.


And here they are. My favourite 5 grape harvest outfits you can wear if you are going to the vineyard to pick some grapes this weekend. Or as said before, if you are merely going on a short trip to the countryside.

Either way, we all know where you will end up at the end. In the wine cellar sipping a glass of wine or sitting on the bench eating grapes.

Be sure to swipe through the widget to find similar products on a budget and from designer brands. I made sure to add them all. Hence I bet you don’t want your designer garments to get dirty in grape juice. Whatsoever, you can always wash it. And make it clean and ready for the city. Because believe me, you will want to wear this chic harvest outfits for the city too. And you can!


Starting with what I was wearing for the grape harvest last year. A chic tweed jacket, straight leg jeans and Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers. Guess what? These wedged sneakers are back in style. Thinking better, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all. I mean they do look a bit like hiking boots, don’t they? Minus the height. Even so, I can assure you they don’t slip. Well, at least not in my case. And our vineyard lies on a very steep hillside.


Cargo pants are not only still in style this season but also legit working pants. That is for hard and dirty work as is the harvesting and grape picking. Nevertheless, you need to style the cargo pants with something slightly more elegant. You know, to make sure you follow the grape harvest etiquette.


Chances you will have to pick the grapes in a sparkling or at least in the mist and mud are quite high this harvest season. Meaning you might have to dress for harvest in the rain. Style your rainboots with fashionable straight leg woven pants this season.

And don’t forget the gloves. They make this outfit fancier. And even more fashionable.



I told you this outfit would shock you. Not because of the riding boots obviously. But because of the stirrups. 80s are back! For grape picking too.

That is as long as you don’t turn up in the vineyard wearing a flashy 80s inspired jumpsuit. At least not in my vineyard! I still haven’t forgotten my grandma wearing her ultra violet jumpsuit 20 years ago. I just can’t. It was horrendous. Not to say out of place.



Lastly, practical harvest outfits. POV Wear a harvest outfit with the slip top or a crisp white tank top that is the next IT top for a grape harvest in Portugal. See below.

POV this was a tip for you if you have to pick grapes when it’s hot. Although looking at the weather forecast for this weekend over here, you better wear layers. Besides, lace-up boots with a tweed jacket look so chic, don’t they? Not to mention fashionable. Tweed is in fashion this season too.


Ps. Don’t forget to save, pin (P button is in the left bottom corner) and print these fashion cheat sheets. Especially if you are actually hosting a harvest this season. Believe me, it often turns out that most of your friends don’t even know wine comes from grapes and have no idea how to dress for picking grapes.

My advice, send them these fashion cheat sheets along with your invitation. Or share these fashion cheat sheets for harvest dressing on Facebook. You know, like there was no special reason. But for your friends to see these harvest outfits.

As said before, more outfits you could wear for autumn harvest are coming on Brunette from Wall Street shortly. Meanwhile, be sure to check other chic fall countryside outfit ideas. Especially if you are going to eat all those grapes, you picked on a picnic afterwards. Or if you are into the latest styling trend. By the way, which harvest outfit is your favourite? Up next: fall winery outfits.