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From Vines to Vogue: The Best Grape Harvest Outfits

Grape harvest outfits here! You know what early October Saturdays and Sundays are for in Slovenia and central parts of Europe? Well, you probably do, if you are going to harvest grape vines or you came on Brunette from Wall Street looking for that chic outfit you could wear for your trip to the countryside this weekend. The outfit you could wear to the vineyard in fall. Well, if you came here just to find some new chic ways to style your hiking boots, then I must tell you, Saturdays here are not just for hiking in the mountains. No! Surely, we are climbing, although not on the rocks, but on steep hillsides and trees while picking the ripped fruit. Anyway, scroll down to see three fashionable harvesting outfits for a grape harvest in the vineyard.

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As the sun-kissed vineyards come alive with the vibrant hues of ripening grapes, there’s no denying the allure of grape harvesting season. The rhythmic sound of clippers snipping through vines, the earthy aroma of grapes hanging heavy on their vines, and the promise of fine wines to come—all of these elements combine to create an enchanting experience for wine enthusiasts and the old money.

Grape harvest is by far my family’s most important event of the year. Pov, not because of the grapes but because of the event itself. We gather our friends and distant relatives to invite them to our vineyard to give us a hand and to rejoice with us after all the grapes have been picked.

But me and my sister always loved harvesting days for one particular thing (apart from the desserts and pleasant time spent with my family and friends). We loved it because of the clothes.

My sister used to have an entire section of her wardrobe just for the harvest. She called it her vineyard wardrobe.

Whether you’re a seasoned grape picker or a first-time participant, finding the ideal attire for this wine-centric ritual can be tricky.

You didn’t think you could come to the grape harvest wearing anything, did you? Well, if you did, you were not the only one. As it happens, many grape pickers come to the vineyards dressed entirely inappropriately. It’s not that there is this particular harvesting etiquette everyone should stick to, though it would be good to set one, it’s more about wearing comfortable and situation-suitable outfits. And yes, we need to write in plural as one outfit is simply not enough.

When getting ready for the grape harvest, always have in mind that you are about to become a part of the winemaking process, which is overwhelmed with culture and art. I’m not saying you should put on your best suit for the harvest, but you should wear something slightly more sophisticated than that flashy tracksuit that is trending on tiktok. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is important, as you are going to do some physical work after all. Besides, vineyards often lay on a hill or somehow on a diverse landscape, which says a big no to any heels and sandals.

But don’t worry I have you covered on this. Scroll down to see what to wear for picking grapes in fall 2024. Or if you are going on a short trip to the countryside. Pov, we all know where you will end up at the end. In the wine cellar, sipping a glass of wine or sitting on the bench eating grapes.


All the fall grape harvest outfits presented in this article are hyperlinked and available for immediate purchase via links within the content itself. Pov, we want to make sure your get all the harvest clothes and countryside shoes on time for the grape harvest this weekend.

Ps. Be sure to swipe through the products in the gallery, too. I made sure to add garments and shoes at different price points, also. Rest assured, I know you don’t want your designer garments to get dirty with grape juice.

Pov, you can always wash it. And make it clean and ready for the city. Believe me, you will want to wear these chic harvest outfits for the city, too. And you can! I sure do! Admittedly, I swap Hunter boots for ballet flats, but you don’t need to – especially not if you are the old money.


Chances you will have to pick the grapes in a sparkling or at least in the mist and mud are quite high. All in all, we normally go to the vineyard early in the morning. Meaning you might have to dress for harvest in the rain even if it’s not raining.


Imagine the moment before the sun gently rises over the vineyard. You can can’t even see the warm golden hue across the rows of vines.

Luckily, your tweed jacket keeps you warm, and your black wool skinny pants, as stretchy as leggings but far more classy, feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Paired with olive green Hunter boots (btw I sized up for one size when shopping for mine), they form the perfect harvest outfit for a day in the vineyard. While the crisp white ruffle blouse, layered over your pants, adds an air of sophistication to your fit.

With a red plastic harvest bin in one hand and a new pair of thinning shears in the other, you run downhill to the first row. The vines stretch out before you, heavy with plump, ripe clusters of grapes just waiting to be harvested. The air is fragrant with the earthy aroma of the vineyard, and the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant hum of birdsong (and that annoying sound that is supposed to scare the birds away) provide the soundtrack to this idyllic morning.

As you reach the first row, you carefully inspect the clusters, selecting the one that looks just right. You snip the stem with the thinning shears, the sound of the blades meeting the vine like a rhythmic heartbeat. You pluck a berry from the cluster and savour its sweet, sun-kissed flavor.

Btw, we shot the video below just to show you my grape harvest outfit. I normally don’t pick grapes as I’m the one hosting the high tea afterwards, and have other things to do. Luckily, the grapes weren’t rotten or dry, and I was able to snip and throw the clusters fast. It took us less than five minutes to shoot this video, leaving me enough time to prepare the table for the likof (high tea).


While the focus is undeniably on the grapes, there’s no reason you can’t add a touch of fashion flair to your grape harvest attire. After all, grape harvesting is an opportunity to look effortlessly stylish in cargo pants and fashionable boots.


You already know the trendiest boots of the season, so let us focus on the cargo pants. Still fashionable, as two harvests ago, cargo pants are the preferred outfit choice for all the boys and fashionable girlies.

Utility-inspired outfits are both on-trend and functional for grape picking. Opt for cargo pants with plenty of pockets for handkerchiefs and hair accessories. Pair them with a simple T-shirt or a lightweight button-up shirt.

Layer on with a Barbour jacket (I have Barbour Tobymory) for a streamlined look.


If you’re aiming for chic style, opt for a classic denim outfit. Pair well-fitted, high-waisted jeans with a white or striped cotton shirt. Accessorize with a silk scarf and wool jacket. This look exudes rustic charm.


While sneakers should not be your first choice for a grape harvest in the rain or on a sloping landscape. You can give them a try for a grape harvest on a sunny day.

I tested my Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers, and they proved to be just fine. Not slippery at all! And so comfortable!


Should you find yourself grappling with the choice of your harvest outfit, rest assured. A quick peek at our FAQ section is your trusted go-to for instant clarity and invaluable guidance, without a shred of uncertainty.

What to wear grape picking?

One of the grape harvest outfits showcased in this article.

How to dress for grape harvest?

Dressing for grape harvest requires a combination of practicality and comfort, given the physical nature of the task and the outdoor environment. A typical grape harvest usually starts early in the morning when there is still a high level of morning humid, and the temperatures are quite low. Pov, it’s always cold at the vineyard in the morning. After some time of harvesting, you will probably get warm and if the temperature rises during the day, you might even feel hot picking grapes under the sun. The best solution is to wear many layers. Wear a blouse or a polo shirt and warm wool blazer on top of it. Make sure your jacket is made of soft materials, enabling you to move freely. Also, make sure the jacket is not too long, as it will get wet when you crouch to get the grapes hanging close to the ground. Opt for comfortable and durable bottoms. Many grape pickers prefer cargo pants, black leggings or black wool skinny pants, which are stretchy, comfortable, and stylish. You could also choose jeans or overalls made from sturdy denim. Wear appropriate footwear, such as comfortable and waterproof boots. Hunter boots are a popular choice, but any waterproof boots with good traction will work well. The grass in the vineyard is wet in the morning, and there can also be a lot of mud. Consider wearing gloves to keep your hands dry and protected while handling the grape clusters. Grape harvesting can be very dirty, especially if the grapes are rotten or mouldy, and you need to remove the damaged grape berries before throwing the cluster into the harvest bin. The grape juice that comes out of the berries while you are cleaning the grape will most certainly ruin your nails or at least leave a stain on them. The only way to protect your hands is to wear rubber gloves. Oh and don’t forget about hair accessories, either.

What to wear when harvesting grapes?

One of the grape harvest outfits presented in this article.

What to wear to the harvest festival?

Fashionable winery outfit.

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Meanwhile, be sure to check other chic fall countryside outfit ideas. Especially if you are going to eat all those grapes, you picked on a picnic afterwards. Or if you are into the latest styling trend. By the way, which harvest outfit is your favourite? Up next: fall winery outfits.