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Take a note – this is how to be the best dressed wedding guest in 2020

New weekend new wedding? Or should I rather write – new weekend new competition to be the best-dressed wedding guest? Well, guess what? I will help you win gold this weekend. By following all of my tips for being the best-dressed wedding guest, you will undoubtedly win this title. Every wedding! So how does being the best dressed guest at every single wedding in 2020 sound for you?

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Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest dress Casadei blade pearl hairpin pink ruffled cocktail dress wedding invitation

Off to another wedding this weekend? I probably am since my friends are getting married one after another in 2020 and leaving me thinking about what to wear to stun everybody at the wedding and be the best-dressed wedding guest on repeat.

Not that this means much of thinking for me, but still. Even I have to take a minute or two to think through my wedding outfit. And moreover, take time to get ready and prepare my wedding outfit. It turns out that grooming is not just for the brides. But wedding guests too. And your clothes.

Don’t worry I’m explaining you this in a bit. Here are all my best tips on how to be the best-dressed wedding guest this season.

Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest Bottega Veneta slouch bride groom Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps pearl hairlip pearl hairpin


Now, pens in your hands or fingers on home and power button and capture these tips. Trust me; if you want to win the title of the best-dressed guest at every single wedding in 2020, you need to follow all of these tips.



Firstly, start with the bride. And ask her if she has a particular dress code on her mind for her wedding. You definitely don’t want to come underdress or overdress to the wedding, do you?

This is especially relevant now when couples like to get married outside the church and registrary. You know, garden weddings, beach weddings, mountain weddings, countryside weddings if I name only a few. And they all require a different level of dressing.

Also, be sure to follow the general wedding dress code. You know, no white and no black clothes. White is for the bride, and black is … Actually, you can wear something black for a wedding – check this.

By the way, check the list of all the things I don’t want you to wear for my wedding.

Ps. Blue (see here) and yellow (see here) are great colours to wear for your friend’s wedding for any wedding.


You can’t be the best-dressed wedding guest if you show up wearing the same dress as someone else. So ask your friends what they are wearing for the wedding. Not saying you should spy on your girlfriends and sneaking into your girlfriend’s closet room to find the dress she is wearing for the wedding you both are going to. But you might.

However, try other interrogating methods first. If nothing helps, invite your girlfriends over to your place, and pure them drinks until they speak up. Just make sure they are not the one ending up in your closet room while looking for the lavatory.

Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest pink dress cascades heels hairpin bride groom


Don’t wait for the big day before you try on your wedding outfit. You have to make sure you really feel great in the outfit and that you can wear it for so long.

Because wedding days tend to be long. And not only for the bride who has to look perfect from the minute she enters the church until the moment she gets undressed. But for wedding guests too.



Moreover, you must really like your wedding outfit. You can’t be the best-dressed wedding guest if you don’t feel so. Remember, the perfect outfit is the one that makes you feel good and divine.



Wait, did I wrote in singular all this time? Well, I actually meant wedding outfits. If you are going to a wedding in 2020 or in 2021 or in the next 3 years, you should build a wedding wardrobe. It turns out that a wedding guest should wear several different wedding guest outfits now.

Indeed, a wedding wardrobe is a thing not only for a bride but for the wedding guests, too.

Ps. Don’t worry, I can help you build the best wedding wardrobe for any wedding this season. Be sure to check my classic wedding wardrobe checklist.

Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest accessorize smart bottega veneta clouch pearl hair accessory shell headband


Don’t put on everything that shines just because you can’t wear it every day. Also, don’t wear a tiara if you are not married, and if you wear it, remember to put it on only after 6.



Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest accessorise smart pearl hairlip bottega veneta purse sheelnecklace earrings

As it goes to the hat. Wear it only until 6 o’clock. Later you must change it for a tiara (as said if married) or headband. Which is, by the way, one of the most fashionable hair accessories this season.




Surely it’s not only the clothes, shoes and purse that matter. When we talk about the wedding outfit, we mean the entire outfit. From the colour of the nail polish on your toes to your makeup and hair.

Ps. Check my Pinterest hair board (here) for some great hair updos. And downs. I have been pinning lots of different wedding appropriate hair ideas lately. You can help yourself with these hair tools. I use them too.




Few more makeup tips: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation (US shop here; EU shop here) will stay the same until the next day. And Burberry lipstick (shop here) won’t smudge, whereas Burberry eyeshadows (buy here) won’t melt. As it goes for the setting powder that will make sure your makeup looks the same from the morning till the next morning but not look cakey – I recommend this one (US click here; EU click here). I use it all the time. Yes, this powder gives me that beautiful, radiant glow and fix any spots.



Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest makeup brush invitation lipstick bride groom


Don’t forget about your skin. And by that, I don’t mean only your face. Make sure your skin is smooth and moisturise all over your body.




Also, make sure you apply Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body (get here EU, get here US) if you are showing your legs. This thing will elongate your legs and make you look like a model.

Brunette from Wall Street 10 tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest wellness slip pillowcase eye mask scrub foreo ufo


Be sure to go to bed early at least one day before the wedding. You don’t want to fall asleep before the cake, do you?


Brunette from Wall Street tips you need to remember to be the best dressed wedding guest shapewear bride groom


Skinny or fat you need shapewear under your dress. Believe me, shapewear does wonders. Tested on my mother when she wore the same lilac dress I wore for brunch at in-laws. And she is not as skinny as me. In fact, she wears 4 numbers of bigger clothes than me. I’m size US0 or XXXS.




Finally, make sure your outfit is clean, with no holes or creases. And no, I don’t forget to iron my clothes for weddings. Even though I am guilty of this fashion faux pas most of the time.

Another thing, be sure to slip a little sewing kit into your purse. You never know when someone steps onto your dress. Also alcohol wipes. Yes, the one you use on your travels to disinfect your hands. These wipes are the best to clean any spots on your dress. Red wine included.





So this is it. My tips for being the best-dressed wedding guest at every single wedding in 2020. But wait there is more! See what to wear for weddings in 2020. Yes, I made a list of 2020 best wedding outfits for guests. By the way, do you have any more tip to add? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!