Must follow fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in brown Rag and Bone baseball cap, blue feather scarf, Weekend Max Mara double breasted wool coat

2 IT Accessories that will update your winter look on a budget

Let me guess your basic everyday winter look. Skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, old grey coat and under that coat faded leather jacket or oversized cardigan. Furthermore, an enormous scarf, beanie and an old bag. While I give you a plus for the leather jacket, everything else needs an update this season. Here are 2 buys that will upgrade your everyday winter look. And yes, you will turn out looking chic and stylish. Moreover, you will look fashion forward too.

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No matter what is your style; boho, chic, business, trendy, feminine or chic feminine like mine. You need these 2 buys if you want to update your style for 2020. Without changing your entire wardrobe and breaking your bank — even smashing your poor piggy bank.

Yes, there are only 2 things you need this winter to update your already outworn everyday outfit. Wondering what these two things are?



Those two things I keep mentioning are nothing but two of 2019 IT accessories. Two things that will be fashionable all year long. Feathers and a baseball cap.



We could call 2020 a year of headwear. Because it really is a year of hats, caps, scarfs and headbands.

Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise since we are bringing back the 90s. And 90s were all about bucket hats, baseball caps and glittery butterfly hair clips.

gucci gg velvet cap

While we are saving bucket hats for summer and skipping small colourful hair clips, at least for 9-5 weekdays, we are all on for the baseball cap.

I already showed you how to wear a baseball cap casually. But with a dress, over here in case, you forgot.

And even mention how to pull off baseball cap for every day. Check here. Yes, you can substitute your winter hat for a baseball cap. And wear it for work too.


Truth to be told a baseball cap isn’t only more fashionable than a beanie. But chicer too. Moreover, with a suede baseball cap on the top of your head, you will look far more put together than with a beanie.

But wait, the emphasis is on suede. To make this accessory work for you from 9 to 5 on weekdays, as well as after work and for the weekends, your baseball cap should be made of suede or velvet this winter.


I got myself this Rag & Bone baseball cap. Shop it here. Ps. If you love the logomania trend, then pick this Gucci baseball cap.

Also be sure to swipe through the widget below to discover more chic and fashionable winter baseball caps.




As said, there are two 2020 winter accessories that can update your everyday winter outfit on a budget. Or at least less expensive than bags and shoes. Mentioning the shoes, here is the list of all 2020 fashionable winter shoes you need to know now.


Anyway, back to the feathers. Feather boa and feather scarfs to be exact. Yes, when we talk about feathers, we mean feather scarf this time. Surely it could be anything else made of feathers. Since feathers are going to mark 2019. But we are taking feather scarf now. I mean it’s about time we replace that gigantic scarf, right?

Again, feathers are very fashionable for 2020. All year long! In fact, everything made of feathers is fashionable in 2020.

winter scarf


Nevertheless, we are getting a feather scarf first. Not only feather scarf or feather boa is the least expensive feather thing you could get. It’s the easiest to style too.

Pulling off the feather fashion trend is not easy. Especially not if you want it to look somehow casual and very chic. So wearing a feather scarf is a good way to start.

Must follow fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing blue feather scarf, Weekend Max Mara double breasted wool coat

Plus a feather scarf is the scarf you were looking to replace your gigantic wool scarf. Forget about emptying your bag to find all that space to stack in your enormous scarf. With a feather scarf, you won’t have this problem. A feather ball is so stackable you can even put it away in a pocket.

But wait! This is not all. Feather scarf is warmer than a wool scarf. And nicer to your skin. In short, no more breakouts caused by bacteria on your scarf. While plastic scarfs, you know scarfs made of wool blends that are actually nothing else but acrylic and polyester, are heaven for germs and bacteria, feather scarf is nothing like that.

Anyway, let the feathers speak for themself. Check the widget below to find my favourite feather scarfs.




But also check these other feather accessories. For the third time, feathers are key accessories for 2020. And you simply must have something feathery this season.



And if wearing a feather scarf is a bit too much for now. Yes only for now because I’m sure you will fall in love with this fashion trend. Then get a feather-trimmed bag strap.



Other small feathery accessories that could instantly update your plain everyday winter outfit for winter are feather earrings. If I wore earrings, I would wear feather earrings. Just look how gorgeous these earrings below are. I call these a little feathery sophistication.






Lastly, some feathery accessories that will update your winter outfit for your night out. Since the baseball cap is off after 5, you can update your party outfit with a feather pouch. Or feather mules. But keep the feather scarf on as well. Let this be your next step in conquering the feather fashion trend. After all, in a few months, we will wear feathers from head to toe.



Oh, aren’t these pink feather Malone Souliers mules just gorgeous? Even though in rose gold, looking at these, mine Malone Souliers look so plain. Nothing else to say, these feather mules are on my shoe wishlist for summer 2020. Ps. Don’t shop size 36.5! Those are for me! And the same goes for these feather trimmed pumps. Size 36. Aren’t they just beautiful?


Now that you got yourself the 2 key winter accessories it’s time you update your boring outworn everyday look and make 2020 your most fashionable year ever. Go here to see how to style baseball cap and feathers and wear them together. From the office to street and back. Plus everywhere else.