Brunette from Wall Street wedding guest outfit short slip dress

It will be hot! Wear Slip dress for the Wedding Next Saturday

Going to a wedding next Saturday? It’s going to be hot! Oh, dear! No, I don’t envy you going to a wedding on a hot summer day. Well, only if you put on this wedding guest dress. Yes, I found you a slip dress that you can wear for a wedding on a hot summer day. And guess what? It’s a dress you wished to wear for your ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Now you can! Just make sure you wear it like this.

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Yes, a short slip dress is what to wear for a wedding on a hot summer day. Have you thought you would never see a slip dress as a wedding guest dress on Brunette from Wall Street? Sure, BWS is featuring mainly sophisticated chic looks (read not sluty), but on a hot summer day like tomorrow, you can wear a short dress if you want.

Again, yes, you can wear a short slip dress for a wedding on a hot summer day.

Trust me not even the bride will care you are wearing a short slip dress and look sexier than she. Even if she is marrying your ex. As long as her wedding guests aren’t sweating and fainting because of the heat. No one wants to deal with that at their wedding.

Besides a slip dress is one of the most fashionable dresses for summer 2021. So why not wearing it for a summer wedding when it’s hot?

Just make sure your short slip dress is made of silk. Otherwise, you will feel like you were dressed in a short plastic shack.


Here is how to style a short slip dress for a wedding on a hot summer day. Yes, styling short slip dress for a wedding can be tricky. Especially when it’s hot. But the best thing you can do is to keep everything simple. You know, even a bracelet on your wrist, rings on fingers, and hoops in your lobes can make you feel the heat more. Besides, simple wedding guest outfits are the most stylish, anyways.

Ps. Be sure to save this collage if you are going to a wedding on a sweltering summer day. Or in case you plan to pop up at your ex’s wedding this summer. Uninvited!

This collage, your wedding guest fashion cheat sheet, is hyperlinked too. To get a brown short slip dress, Stuart Weitzman sandals, clutch bag and makeup that I’m wearing, simply click on each item. The link will take you to the store where I found it. You can also look for the links in the gallery and copy below.


The short slip dress that I’m wearing here and you can wear as a wedding guest dress is from Capulet (buy similar here – or this one, under $100 but in other colour). Ps. Also, check this brown slip dress that is slightly longer.

I got my brown short slip dress a while ago and already showed you how you can wear it with a skirt. Yes, you can wear it instead of a cami. It’s short enough to tuck it into a skirt.

There are more similar slip dresses you can wear for a wedding on a hot summer day in the gallery below. In different colours too. Ps. Brown slip dress might not be the most beautiful wedding guest dress, but it is the most stylish for summer and autumn 2021. You know, brown and earthy colours are the most stylish colours to wear this and next two seasons.


I’m wearing Nudist Song Stuart Weitzman sandals (shop here). They are my favourite sandals to wear for a wedding in summer. If you own a pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals, you know why.

By the way, is there a guy who keeps dancing with you all night long, or are you left dancing on your own at 5 am? I guess the only bad side of Nudistsong sandals is that you end up alone on the dancing floor. Still dancing when everyone else can’t even stand up.


Lastly, the bag. Since matching bag with shoes is not a rule for a wedding in 2021, at least not yet, we are wearing a black clutch instead. You know, to match the dress.

Mine is from Giorgio Armani. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online. But I did find these black clutch bags instead. Swipe through the widget. Ps. Some are big enough to put in all the money you need to purchase them.


Don’t exaggerate with the makeup! Keep your makeup light, minimal, and in tan hues. We all know what happens with heavy wedding makeup in the heat, don’t we? The cushion is a great swap for heavy foundations for summer weddings.

As it goes to the hair – make it look ladylike. Put a pearl hair clip (click here to shop mine – you can get 2 for less than $5) in your hair. Or even better, go for a lovely updo.


Wondering how to style this wedding guest dress after the wedding? I have two options for you. One, wear it instead of a cami, tucked into a skirt or with the most stylish trench coat of autumn/winter 2021.

Indeed, a short slip dress can be a great wedding guest dress on a hot summer day. But it’s not the only one. See more summer wedding guest outfits. By the way, have you ever been to a wedding of your ex-boyfriend?