Brunette from Wall Street bride and groom wedding cake white roses list of things you shouldn't wear for wedding as a guest

I’m Not a Bridezilla but don’t wear this to my wedding

I’m not a bridezilla. Nor getting married any time soon. At least not that I would know. However, I already know what I wouldn’t want to see you wearing at my wedding. And guess what? Same goes to your friend who is getting married next week. In fact, I bet no bride would be happy seeing you in this outfit on her wedding day in 2020. Here is what not to wear to a wedding if you are a wedding guest.

Brunette from Wall Street bride strawberry wedding cake list of things not to wear for wedding as a guest

There are some rules when it comes to dressing up for the wedding. And you better follow them if you don’t want to piss off your friend, the bride. Sure, she might not be a bridezilla. But trust me, if you turn up wearing white at her wedding or something else from the list below (at the end of this article), she might just become one.

Yes, this list is worthy of pinning. Moreover printing and putting next to all the wedding invitations you got this season. Either way, make sure you follow these tips for wedding guests when dressing up for your friend’s wedding.



Ps. I would skip some of these wedding dressing rules if I were going to the wedding of someone I don’t actually like. Honestly, I would love seeing that b*’s face when showing up in my beautiful powder beige (sweet corn beige) tulle skirt at her wedding. Oh yes, wearing tulle for a wedding when you are not the bride can be a problem too. But more about tulle later.

Here are some general dressing rules for wedding guests you simply must follow no matter if you like the bride or not. And yes, even the rule number one.

Brunette from Wall Street white roses wedding ring bride and groom list of items not to wear as wedding guest


No white, unless written on the wedding invitation, is a number one wedding rule when it comes to the dressing for the wedding that is not yours. White is for the bride only! And if you are not the bride or explicitly asked to wear white by the bride herself, you shouldn’t wear white.




Same goes to the black. No, black is not the wedding colour either. Even though wearing black for your friend’s wedding is not as dreadful as wearing white, it is somehow not appropriate. Yet, you can still wear some black for the wedding.

Nevertheless, check the latest colour report to find the dark colours to wear instead of black. There are two shades that are dark enough to make you feel as chic as when wearing black. But they are not black. And are therefore wedding adequate.

By the way, wearing leopard print to the wedding is OK. Just mind the quality of your animal print dress. I think this animal print dress would be a great choice to wear to the wedding. Once the animal trend is back in style, of course.

Whatsoever, when in doubt wear a blue wedding guest dress or a yellow wedding guest outfit. These two colours are always in style for a wedding.




Surely I know you won’t turn up at your friend’s wedding wearing a legit white wedding dress with the veil. But guess what? Neither is the bride. The bride might not wear a legit wedding dress with the veil either.

But a beautiful pastel tulle or lace dress instead. Yes, that is why I wrote wearing a tulle for the wedding might be a problem, earlier. Especially a lace Self-Portrait dress, and Needle & Thread or Dior tulle dress or even just a tulle skirt.

And especial if that bride turns out to be me. I could get married in either of these. In fact, I know for sure I’m getting married in Dior tulle dress at the registry office.

Therefore, be sure to check with the bride first to make sure you don’t wear the same dress as she is.

Well, you can skip this rule if you don’t like the bride. I know I would. But again, if the bride is your friend and you don’t want to feel unwanted at the wedding, make sure the bride isn’t wearing the same dress for her wedding as you do.




Unless asked to dress casually you shouldn’t wear casual clothes and everyday shoes for the wedding day. Weddings are supposed to be special, not to write glamorous, ceremonies for which you are supposed to dress up.

So forget about your 9-5 outfits or even worse everyday casual clothes. You should dress up for the wedding. And yes, even for the wedding on the beach.

Nevertheless, there are more rules to follow when dressing up for the wedding at the beach. Be sure to read what not to wear for a beach wedding before going to the beach wedding next Saturday.




Sure the bride might not care if you feel comfortable in your clothes on her wedding day or not. But she sure doesn’t want to see you wearing something too short, or too tight. You are going to her wedding, not to a brothel.

Besides after eating all day you most certainly won’t feel comfortable in that tight dress. You do want to try the wedding cake, right?



Another thing a bride won’t care much until you start being annoying wedding guest simply because you don’t feel good in your wedding outfit. No bride wants cranky guests at her wedding.


Thinking better, this should be the number one rule. Grab the iron before leaving home for the wedding. Even better, take that portable steamer with you.

Ps. Don’t forget to take an extra outfit with you. Or even better, a wedding wardrobe. You know, in case someone splits wine onto your dress, or you drop a piece of cake on your dress.

Also bringing a pair of extra shoes and sewing kit is legit. Especially if you plan to fight for catching the wedding bouquet. We all know catching the wedding bouquet can be quite vigorous and before you know you find yourself sitting on the floor with no bouquet but broken heels in your hands. Or the strap of your dress.




You know, what type of wedding guests are the worst? Besides those who get drunk and turn to ruin the wedding? The ones who sit there in the corner and do nothing else but squeezing their big purse to the chest all night long.

So last but not least is the big purse. The big tote.

No bride wants to see you there sitting alone. Just you and your bag. Obviously, a big handbag is not the problem in the first place, but it does make you look weird if you socialise only with your purse all evening long.




Finally, more beautiful dress than the bride. Whatever you wear just make sure you don’t outshine the bride. Again, if you don’t like the bride, we won’t blame you. However, this is a courtesy you should show to the bride and groom. Mostly the groom since he will be the one who will have to deal with the bridezilla at the end of the night.




So this is it. The don’ts of dressing up for the wedding. The general rules you should follow when getting ready for your friend’s wedding. But this is just the start. Check what not to wear if you are going to the beach wedding also. There are more things you shouldn’t wear for a wedding on the beach. Next on – what to wear to the wedding to be the best-dressed wedding guest in 2020. And how to be the best-dressed wedding guest every single time. By the way, are you guilty of any of those wedding guest dressing up don’ts listed above? What would make you angry and turned you into a legit bridezilla?