Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing Rotate Birger Christensen voluminous little black dress Ganni black pumps for zoom party sitting on the couch

Stylish Little Black Dress that’s the best for Zoom Party

Joining a zoom Party tonight? Then put on this zoom party dress, and grab a glass! You can drink tonight. After all, you can sleep on your couch. Wearing this voluminous little black dress, you won’t even need a duvet. And no, this is not the only reason why this little black dress is currently the best zoom party dress. Scroll down to find out why you absolutely need this little black dress.

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See my voluminous little black dress? Don’t say you don’t because I will know you are lying. This voluminous little black dress is just hard to miss.

Yet, this is not the only reason why a little black dress like is the best zoom party dress this season.

There are a couple of more reasons why you need this Rotate dress if you are joining a zoom party and looking for the best zoom party dress.

For one, the voluminous dress is a key fashion trend this season. And for two, this dress is so comfortable you won’t even need to bother swapping into cozy pajamas once everyone falls asleep in front of their screens.

Furthermore, if you blackout in front of your screen, you won’t wake up feeling cold in the middle of the night. Not even if you spill some wine over the dress. The wine will simply run down the dress. Great news, right? I told you, this is the best zoom party dress you could wear for a zoom party tonight.

Now scroll down to find out where to get this fashionable zoom party dress and how to style it for a zoom party tonight.


To shop my zoom party outfit, simply click inside the pink brackets. This collage below is hyperlinked, and a click on the dress, shoes, or hairpin will take you to the store where I found it.


As briefly mentioned earlier, this little black dress comes from Rotate. Rotate Birger Christensen to be exact. And you can get this voluminous dress over here.

Ps. don’t worry about the size; I’m pretty sure your normal size will fit you just right due to the lace-up fastening at the back. The lace-up fastening at the back makes this dress wearable to everybody. No matter the bra size.

Truth be told, this dress is one of the few dresses that won’t fall off my chest no matter how much I dance and in what direction I move. It stays on as it should all night long.

By the way, this dress comes in orange, too. You can shop for an orange Rotate mini dress here. I’m thinking about getting that one, also.


I styled my zoom party dress with Ganni black pumps (buy here). Yes, the same pumps that I wore with dark jeans the other day. What can I say? I simply can’t stop wearing them. They are just so chic and easy to walk in around the house.


Last but not least, a few words about the hairpin that I’m wearing but you can’t really see. Indeed, I’m wearing a hairpin in my hair. Merely to pin my outgrown bangs. But hey, it’s there.

You can get the same bobby pins that I’m wearing over here.

Now, cheers to the zoom party.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing Rotate Birger Christensen voluminous little black dress Ganni black pumps for zoom party laying on the bed


That much about the most comfortable zoom party dress ever and chic black pumps that are as comfortable as slippers and you can wear to any zoom party this season. Be sure to sign up for the new blog post alert (click the little black bell in the right corner of your desktop) to see what I’m wearing for the next zoom party. By the way, do you know any good zoom party themes?