Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to dress for Easter brunch in 2018


But Here are #5 Chic Outfits You Can Wear Instead

And my favorite time of the year is finally here. The bright, colorful, sweet, and joyful Easter holidays. Once again is the time for family gatherings, and the most important thing, Easter brunch of course. And also the time for that annoying question, what to wear to Easter brunch to impress the family. To be the best-dressed daughter at the table. That sister everyone envies. The sweetest granddaughter. Or the perfect daughter in law.

Easter Cupcakes and Ceramics Bunny

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Well after seeing my guides on what to wear for family gatherings last Autumn (remember my #5 outfits to wear for the Thanksgiving dinner here) and Christmas, I bet you think you already know the right answer. Something loose so you could eat all that chocolate eggs yet sophisticated enough for the holidays, right? Well, guess what? Wrong! The loose, oversized silhouettes we like to wear for family dinners are out of fashion for spring 2018 (check the SS 18 Fashion Report). Meaning we will have to hide our chocolate egg belly under something else this Easter brunch.

But you also shouldn’t wear that dress everyone is wearing on the street now, neither that shoes and … wait let’s have a proper look at the list of all the outfits you shouldn’t wear for Easter brunch. Oh and don’t worry I found alternatives to all the things you shouldn’t wear for Easter brunch this year. Believe me, after seeing these 5 chic outfits you can wear for these Easter holidays you will completely forget about all the outfits you had in mind before landing onto Brunette from Wall Street.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how not to dress for Easter brunch in 2018


Finally, the list of all the things you shouldn’t wear for the Easter brunch.


As I said before, Easter brunch is more formal than any other Sunday brunch. Meaning leave your denim at home, waiting the Easter holidays to end.


Unless you are on a diet, too tight clothes are out of the option. You do want to eat that Easter cake, right?


Wait, I know I just wrote you shouldn’t wear tight clothes, and now I’m saying you shouldn’t wear loose clothes either. But hey, you really shouldn’t wear loose clothes if you want to look fashionable. I mean you do want to be the best dressed at the table, right? And loose clothes are simply out of fashion for spring 2018. Luckily there is the middle silhouette left for you. Not to tight and not too loose clothes. And there’s also the wrap dress. Check that gorgeous wrap dress in the EDIT. Keep reading to get to the EDIT.


Even though we love wearing denim jackets for a coffee date and Friday brunch with our squad (remember how I wore my new denim jacket with tulle skirt the other day over here?), Easter brunch is not the brunch to wear a denim jacket.


As much as I love wearing my silky yellow dress (by the way have you spotted how I wear it on my Instagram already?), I won’t be wearing it for Easter holidays for sure. Nor should you. You don’t want to be mistaken for the baby chick, do you?


Ugly or not, sneakers are not the best choice for Easter holidays. Think formal and don’t dress so casual. Go for kitten heels instead. And no, ballerina flats aren’t a good option either. If you can’t sit in heels for that 4 hours then go for flat mules. By the way, how long does your Easter brunch last?


Do I even need to say why a clutch bag is not the best option to carry to the Easter brunch? Especially not if you plan to steal chocolate eggs and Easter cake. I mean how on earth will you hide all the Easter eggs in this small bag? Also, the chocolates melt faster, and macarons crumble in small bags.


So what to wear to Easter brunch then? I mean what to wear to the brunch when you can’t wear that oversized sweater nor A-line midi skirt? Well, yes that skirt you wore for Thanksgiving dinner is out of fashion for spring summer 2018 too. Unless pleated of course.

Here is what you should wear to Easter brunch in 2018. No, I can’t write in short this time. Afterall Easter brunch is not like any other Sunday brunch nor, as we already figure it out, nor like a family dinner. It’s far more sophisticated than all the other Sunday brunches. It’s Pascha after all. Still, on the other hand, Easter brunch is not so sophisticated as the Thanksgiving dinner.

Easter cake

On the scale of sophisticated family gatherings, it comes somewhere close to the afternoon tea with your in-laws at the club or some fancy cafeteria. You know what I mean? No? Then check my #6 outfits you can wear for afternoon tea with his family over here. I just wrote about that the other day. Ps. that 6 outfits are in fashion for sure. Plus, as said all those 6 outfits are appropriate for Easter holidays and Easter brunch too.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to dress for Easter brunch in 2018


Anyway, there are so many options you can wear to Easter brunch this season. Ps. If you are a hostess who has to prepare the Easter brunch, here are some good news for you. A little reminder as a matter of fact. You don’t have to look for an outfit with the cooking heat and smells from the kitchen in your mind. As everything should be cooked and cooled by the time for the Easter brunch. No wonders why Easter is my mother’s favourite holiday too.

Wait, thinking better you might have to bake another loaf of Easter bread or those cute little buns just before the brunch. In case your little one sneaks into the kitchen before brunch and eats them all. I mean who can resist the Easter bread and patisseries? Still, I’m quite sure you will be able to bake bread or make new patisseries in the last minute wearing one of these outfits anyways. Just don’t forget to put on the apron to protect your dress. You don’t want the sugar crystals to sparkle instead of sequins, do you?

Whatsoever the point is, that you can wear any of these 5 outfits as long as you put on the apron when you go back to the kitchen.

Pink, yellow, blue, violet small chocolate eggs in a cup


And here they are, all the 5 outfits you can wear to the Easter Brunch. Be sure to pin, save, print and share this EDIT with your friends and family. Not saying you should slip it into the envelope together with your invitation to your Easter brunch and send it to your friends and family. Although you might do. It would be fun. Just add a little note saying: “Wear this to make sure there will be room for the Easter cake.”

Ps. You can shop all the looks straight from the EDIT. As usually, just touch/click on the pink box that shows up as you scroll/move down the page, and a link will take you to the right store. Or if you don’t get this, just look for the items you wish to have in the galleries.



To cover your chocolate belly. As you can’t wear an oversized sweater because it’s out of the fashion. Although, be sure to opt for a dress or a skirt if you are having your Easter brunch outside your home. Remember Easter brunch is slightly more formal. And Christian dressing code doesn’t favour pants for women.


Don’t like paper bag pants? Then a floral dress is what you have been looking for.

Pink, yellow, blue, violet small chocolate eggs


If you don’t like floral pattern then go for a shirt dress. Buttons do magic. Or lace dress. Also, a ruffled dress is a perfect choice.


The best choice to wear instead of the oversized sweater is a floral blouse. Do I even need to mention the floral paper is a number one print you should wear for Easter?


Even though I doubt you will be cold after eating all that food, it’s always nice to wear cashmere. Go for a lovely turtleneck in bold colours this time.


Because tweed should always be your number one option for special brunches. The best choice for this Easter brunch this year? A tweedy mini skirt with a tweed blazer.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to dress for Easter holidays


The perfect skirt for the hostess. Not only this is the most fashionable skirt of the year, but it will go perfectly with the cashmere turtleneck or logo t-shirt.

Yes, you can wear a logo t-shirt for Easter brunch. Just make sure that brand pays you for advertising it. You know what I mean. No, seriously. You can wear a logo t-shirt. Fashionistas approved. Just wear it as I showed you in the EDIT.

spring blossom


Before I finally let you share the EDIT with your friends and shop all those stunning outfits, a quick stop at Easter decoration. In case you are the host, or you are looking for some Easter gifts for the hostess.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to decorate table for Easter brunch in 2018

Knowing me, you know what I will say now. Less is more. Don’t exaggerate with that kitschy decoration. I mean plastic Easter bunnies and all that colourful decoration is fun but only on the store shelves. And has nothing to do at the table. Nor anywhere in your house really. Easter represents life, so make sure all the Easter decoration you put on your table is real or at least edible.

As it goes to the platters and glasses, you can opt for some colourful porcelain here. Even though I think the with platters are the best choice, those blue platters from Royal Albert are so adorable, one can hardly resist. By the way, do you recognize that blue teacup? Yes, it’s same as the one you see in my morning selfies in the bed on my Instagram.

Not to say anything else, be sure to scroll back up to find all of my favourite Easter decoration and those cute Easter chocolate bunnies. To get all the chocolate eggs and those fun chocolate lollies and bars you see in the EDIT, click the add at the beginning of the post.


No, my guide on what to wear to Easter brunch, and what you really shouldn’t wear this Easter holidays is not the only blog post covering the Easter topic. There’s also this blog post on what to wear for your Easter city break to European cities (check it here). And what to wear for the Egg hunt here. Also, coming up on Thursday, 5 outfits what to wear for Sunday Mass. Just in case you go to the Church only for the holidays. By the way, do you gals go out on the Easter Egg hunt?

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