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The Best Collection of Thanksgiving Day Outfits 2024

2024 Thanksgiving Day outfits you need to see if you can already smell the turkey, apple pie, and cranberry sauce. Yes, it’s time for you to start thinking about what to wear for the Thanksgiving Dinner Party. Even if you are having your plate in the bed. Here are 11 fashionable and, most of all, chic Thanksgiving Day outfits you can wear for 2024 Thanksgiving Day at home, at your in-laws or at your friends’ house. And yes, even if you are the hostess who has to cook while the rest of the family sits at the table and eats all the delicious food, there’s an outfit for you, too.

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I’m not sure about you, but I can already smell that pleasing, warm smell of an apple pie even though Thanksgiving day 2024 is not here yet. No wonder why, right? The holiday season has just arrived! And here is my holiday gift for you – a bunch of Thanksgiving Outfits you can wear for Thanksgiving Day 2024.

Yes, a bunch of Thanksgiving Day Outfits. You know, for all the ladies sitting at the Thanksgiving Dinner table. For the daughter who came back home for Thanksgiving Day, for the stay at home sister, for the chic friend who always comes by, for the girlfriend who is spending her first Thanksgiving Day with her boyfriend’s family, and for the hostess, of course.

As we embrace the warm hues of fall and the joyous spirit of gratitude, the Thanksgiving season brings not only the tantalizing aroma of a bountiful feast but also an opportunity to showcase your style with grace. This year, we’re elevating your Thanksgiving Day celebration by presenting a curated collection of outfits that seamlessly blend fashion and comfort. Whether you’re planning a cozy family gathering or a more formal affair, these Thanksgiving Day outfits are designed to not only capture the holiday spirit but also leave a lasting impression.

While your attire sets the tone for a stylish celebration, a well-prepared Thanksgiving dinner table adds the finishing touch. Be sure to check off our meticulously crafted checklist, ensuring your table is a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth. From the perfect tablecloth to the essential serving utensils, we’ve got you covered.


First, the Thanksgiving table and Thanksgiving decorations. Make sure you take care of the table first. You know, the key to a successful Thanksgiving party is a nicely decorated home. Now more than ever, people care about home decor. And yes, your family and friends would notice the table settings even if they only joined your Thanksgiving dinner virtually.


So, here they are – three Thanksgiving decor trends – three Thanksgiving color themes you need to know to set your Thanksgiving table in style for Thanksgiving Day 2024.

By the way, you can shop all Thanksgiving looks – all the decorations, plates, cutlery and everything for your table by clicking on the items.

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Immerse yourself in warm and earthy tones, evoking a sense of nature and autumnal richness. Earthy colors like deep browns, warm oranges, and muted yellows can dominate this theme, reflecting the changing colors of fall leaves. Olive green adds a touch of sophistication and complements the natural palette, while gold accents bring a touch of warmth and luxury. This theme is perfect for those who appreciate a cozy, rustic aesthetic, and it pairs well with textures like tweed, knits, and silk.


A vibrant and bold choice for Thanksgiving fashion in 2024, the Red theme is all about making a statement. Whether it’s a deep burgundy, a classic red, or even a more muted wine tone, incorporating red into your table setting adds a festive and spirited touch to the celebration. This theme is versatile, allowing you to go for a head-to-toe monochromatic look or incorporate red as an accent color. Pair it with neutral tones like black, white, or tan for a balanced and sophisticated outfit that still exudes the warmth of the season.


For those who prefer a more understated and minimalist approach, the Silver, Olive, Sand, and White theme is an elegant choice for Thanksgiving Day 2024. Silver accents bring a touch of modernity to the palette, while olive and sand add earthy and neutral tones. White serves as a clean and crisp backdrop, creating a minimalist and sophisticated look. This theme is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and want to achieve a polished and refined appearance. Fabrics like silk, satin, and high-quality cotton can enhance the overall minimalist aesthetic.

By the way, these three Thanksgiving decor trends will also be in fashion for Christmas 2024. Be sure to check Christmas 2024 decor trends – the first thing after Thanksgiving Day.


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Anyway, here is what to wear for the Thanksgiving dinner 2024 party.


For Thanksgiving Day celebrations that revolve around a dancefloor, wear something exceptionally fashionable this year.


Step forward in punchy print that injects energy into the holiday season. Punchy prints look equally fabulous paired with fashionable Miu Miu kitten heel slingback pumps or bold pink heels when you step on the dance floor.

I prefer the second option for now. It feels more autumnal. Plus, I need more height, as my skirt hasn’t been taken in yet. It stays too low on my hips – point of view, I get extra points for that – low waisted and full – it doesn’t go more fashionable for fall 2024.

*Fingers crossed, low-waisted, long, and full skirts will be fashionable again 40 years from now. I’m saving this fit for when I’m 60.


Wear red if you want to be at the centre of attention all night long.

Imagine the air infused with the rich scent of seasonal spices, and the flickering glow of carefully placed candles casting a soft, amber hue on the Thanksgiving decorations that adorn every corner of your home.

Your dwelling is a canvas of gratitude, with rustic centerpieces featuring earthy tones and organic elements. Pumpkins in various shapes and sizes grace the tabletop, and the play of warm candlelight against the intricate textures of woven placemats and burlap runners creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

In the living room, plush throw blankets in deep, warm tones are casually draped over the backs of chairs, inviting guests to wrap themselves in comfort. Embroidered throw pillows featuring fall foliage motifs add a touch of nature indoors, seamlessly blending with the seasonal theme.

Now, as you consider your outfit for Thanksgiving, make this &OtherStories red ruffled silk blouse an integral part of the visual narrative.

Pair it with a short red skirt to bring some fun into the mix. The one I’m wearing is pleated, but we all prefer this one with bows.


For an extra touch, don’t play it save and explore new colour options for the dress. Try orange that dazzles when matched with pink/orange shoes.

Step into the warmth of the Thanksgiving dinner party with an outfit that resonates with both elegance and a vibrant autumnal spirit. As you prepare for the celebration, put on a long sheer orange lace dress that gracefully cascades around you, creating an ethereal silhouette.

The delicate lace will embrace your skin, casting a mesmerizing pattern of florals and intricate details that will dance with the flicker of candlelight. The sheer sleeves will gently kiss your wrists, adding a touch of modesty and sophistication. An orange dress will mirror the golden tones of harvest and the crisp autumn air.

Complete your fit with precious Gianvito Rossi pumps, perfectly matched to the dress. They will add a subtle elevation to your stature, enhancing your poise and confidence. As you slip into the shoes, you can almost feel the anticipation building. Do it for the plot!

Picture yourself making your entrance, the sheer lace of your dress catching the ambient glow, creating an aura of elegance. You will look exceptional!


When events call for a dress code, yet no one tells you what you should wear, it’s smart to go all out but keep it low and effortless at the same time.

I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.


Chic camel sweater with black shorts with stunning pumps rise to the occasion when you want to stay comfortable but look suitably glam.

For the epitome of comfort and refinement, imagine pairing your freshly acquired Sandro Paris shorts with the snug embrace of a mohair camel sweater. 

Ps. Sandro Paris shorts are true to the size – I bought them in the smallest size and had to have them taken in. Pov, a pair in your size should fit you perfectly if you are not as skinny as me. Sandro XS hip measurement is 35.4 in, I’m 30 in.

Regarding the sweater, my cozy knit is from H&M premium selection, though I must note a word of caution. They may have altered its quality since my purchase. My personal piece isn’t the least bit itchy, but I can’t guarantee that yours will be as irresistibly soft as mine. Fingers crossed for the same plushness.

Should you wish to explore alternatives, consider the Brunello Cucinelli mohair-blend sweater. Meticulously crafted from a luxuriously fuzzy blend of mohair and wool, enriched with hints of cashmere and silk, it promises a tactile experience like no other. The plush texture introduces an extra layer of warmth and indulgence, creating a delightful contrast to the sleek lines of your shorts.


As you prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner party at your friend’s cozy Manhattan apartment, step out in a boujee Thanksgiving outfit that seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort. Slip into the luxurious embrace of a Max Mara cable-knit sweater—a tactile delight that promises both warmth and timeless style.

The softness of the sweater, a neutral yet inviting shade, envelops you as you pair it with sleek black slacks. The combination is effortlessly elegant, a thoughtful choice that allows you to look in between casual and refined.

For the finishing touch, step into Malone Souliers’ high heel mules. They will elevate the entire outfit, adding a touch of modernity and feminine allure.

Ps. Don’t forget to grab a cookie camel coat before you step out on the street. With the bustle of the streets taking on a festive vibe, and shop windows adorned in seasonal displays, I know you want to leave your home immediately.


Knits don’t have to be embellished to be suitable for Thanksgiving dinner. They can be pretty casual, but you will want to wear a red cardigan sweater for this Thanksgiving day. POV No trendy Thanksgiving day makeup is needed with this boujee outfit.


As you curate your ensemble for Thanksgiving day with friends, aiming for nothing less than brilliance, the anticipation heightens. Dress to impress, but don’t make it look too much if the dress code is not set.


Extra details like Monili chain at the neckline and black silk give additional possibilities to make the transition from casual daytime to a formal evening. Treat yourself to little luxurious touches that will lift the spirits and make cargo pants suitable for a Thanksgiving dinner party. It’s giving American chic.


Whether it’s casual at your home, or dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner with friends, a cardigan is the easiest item to throw on. Wear it with a matching knit top to make your outfit even more fashionable for Thanksgiving day 2024.


For a formal Thanksgiving dinner, wear a proper, preferably fashionable dress. A great dress takes the guesswork out of dressing up. Confidently face the family and relatives with a stunning dress that I found for you (see below). Just step into a pair of iconic shoes, and you will be at the Thanksgiving dinner table in no time.


When the night goes dark, and the first Christmas lights come up. It’s time to bring out the shimmer and sparkle. Seize the opportunity to showcase your new black dress.


If you are saving the previous look for a Christmas party and prefer to keep it more casual for a Thanksgiving dinner party, wear something more fluffy and soft – like a knit dress that makes the best Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade outfit.


A fashionable rib knit dress will take you from Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade straight to the dinner table effortlessly.


Yes, you can wear sneakers and jeans for Thanksgiving day. In fact, you can even wear trendy Adidas Samba or Gazelle sneakers and jeans for Thanksgiving dinner with boyfriend’s parents, and they will love what you wear.

You just need to pick something red (mothers-in-law love red) to style with black jeans and Samba/Gazelle sneakers and wear them like this!


Navigating the sea of options for your Thanksgiving Day 2024 outfits can be overwhelming. If you find yourself deliberating, fear not—I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of delectable choices for Thanksgiving Weekend 2024. Take a stroll through the FAQ; it’s bound to provide the guidance you seek.

What to wear for Thanksgiving Day 2024?

For Thanksgiving Day 2024, consider embracing the warmth and coziness of the season with a stylish yet comfortable outfit. If your plans lean towards formality, think of midi or maxi options; for a casual Thanksgiving at home, opt for something cosy. Whatever your choice, let your personal style shine through. Thanksgiving is the ideal occasion to express yourself with comfort and confidence.

What to wear for the Thanksgiving dinner party?

Well, it depends on what role you play at the Thanksgiving Dinner Party. A host who has to bake the turkey, make the sauce and serve the apple pie can’t wear the same outfit as the guests who come merely to enjoy the company and eat.
Whatsoever, avoid tight clothes and wear stretchy knitwear instead. You can even wear a velvet suit. Although, the velvet suit might be too much for Thanksgiving dinner. On the other hand, you can wear a velvet suit to the Thanksgiving Party that has more punch than turkey; you know what I mean.

What to wear if you host a Thanksgiving dinner party and cook all the food?

If you are the host who cooks the entire Thanksgiving dinner on her own and takes time to entertain her guests all evening long, you need to choose your Thanksgiving dinner party outfit smart. You can’t wear a sweater as you will feel hot in it. Also, wool and cashmere have no place in the kitchen; you know the food safety standards. Neither can you wear beautiful Chantilly lace as you might ruin it.
Undoubtedly, you have the hardest work to do on Thanksgiving Day. Not only do you have to make sure you don’t overbake the turkey, but you also have to look splendid regardless of the smells and heat from the kitchen. While you can easily cover the scents of the turkey in your hair and skin with the best hairspray, hair perfume and eau the parfum, you will need to be very clever with your Thanksgiving dinner outfit – once you start cooking, you will have little time to get dressed, do your makeup and hair.
Luckily, you can be smart and dress up before you even start cooking. 
Choose from a nice embellished t-shirt, preferably made of cotton, a short-sleeved blousetailored straight-leg wool pants, or a pleated midi skirt. A little black dress can be a good choice for the hostess who cooks Thanksgiving dinner, too. Whatever you decide to wear, pair your host’s Thanksgiving day clothes with fashionable kitten heel slingbacks that feel like slippers.

What to wear if you host a Thanksgiving dinner party and pretend you cooked all the food?

Did you secretly get all the food delivered and try to impress your guests, saying you made everything from scratch in her kitchen? If you got all the food from the restaurant and are now trying to make everyone believe you made it yourself, you need to dress so.
Surely, you don’t have to follow the same style tips as if you were actually cooking all the food. Yet you do need to give that impression. So same as with the hostess who cooks while entertaining her guests, you should wear short sleeves.
After all, you will still be swiping around the kitchen. But you can wear more jewellery. And higher heels as you won’t be on your feet all day long. In short, you get to be Mrs Bree Van de Kamp.
short sleeve printed dress with stunning pumps, a short-sleeve cardigan with a fancy mini skirt, a cute short sleeve knitted top with tweed shorts, or short sleeve sequin top with chic jeans are some perfect outfits for a hostess who doesn’t need to cook all the dinner by herself. Yet likes to check on the turkey and taste the sauce before serving the guests. Yes, that is why there is so much red and print. No one will notice a red stain on this red dress for sure.

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner if you are the lady hostess who lets others do the cooking?

Lucky you if you can sit with your guest the entire night and play the role of the perfect hostess while someone takes care of the food and drinks.
It turns out that you don’t have to worry much about your outfit, either. As long as it’s fashionable and slightly more elegant than on a casual Thursday, you will look splendid.
You can wear anything that allows you to breathe and move after the last bite you take. Ps. You might prefer something with bows – like this cute cardigan or with buttons – like this pretty cardigan, though. POV Buttons are perfect for hiding the turkey tummy. Or this stunning burgundy wrap dress.

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner?

You should wear something stylish yet comfortable, fit for your role at the Thanksgiving dinner. You can’t expect to feel the same comfort if you sit still with your family and friends at the table the entire evening or if you have to keep leaving the dinner table to check on the turkey in the oven while the rest of the guests are eating their starter and chatting. So dress for your role.

How to dress for the Thanksgiving Dinner Party if you are not the hostess but that chic daughter who just came back home for the holidays?

Wear a chic fall outfit. You are a cosmopolitan girl, after all.

How to dress for Thanksgiving day if you are the black sheep of the family?

Well, it depends on why your family sees you this way. If they think you dress too tacky, wear something simple this year. On the other hand, if they think you dress too casual, wear something more elegant.

What to wear if you want to be noticed this Thanksgiving day?

Obviously not the same outfit you wore last year! This year, try something new and wear the most fashionable outfit of the season.

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with friends?

Anything that is fashionable and isn’t too tight. You know, to make sure you can have that last bite.

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with boyfriend’s family?

Wear something elegant yet chic and approachable. Ps. You can find some of the best outfits for Thanksgiving dinner with your boyfriend’s family in this article.

What to wear for a casual Thanksgiving dinner?

casual Thanksgiving dinner outfit, of course! A knit dress with satin ballet flats, a cardigan with black jeans and chunky loafers with a headband, a turtleneck sweater with midi skirt and cowboy bootsknitted cut out dress with platform boots, or sneakers with a midi pleated skirt and shearling denim jacket are some great casual Thanksgiving dinner outfits you can wear in 2024 if you want to feel comfortable and look fashionable.

What to wear for the Thanksgiving dinner party?

It depends on the dress code. If it is a formal Thanksgiving dinner party, then wear a formal Thanksgiving dinner party outfit. If it’s a casual Thanksgiving dinner party, then wear a casual Thanksgiving dinner party. If there is no dress code, wear the third Thanksgiving dinner party outfit presented in this article.


Yes, more Thanksgiving Dinner Party outfits are waiting for you. Now check casual Thanksgiving outfits and Formal Thanksgiving Day outfits, too. Up next Thanksgiving Day decor trends you should know for Thanksgiving Day in 2024 and comfy outfits to wear at home for Thanksgiving holidays.