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Patterns and Prints in Fashion for Autumn Winter 2021

The list of all prints and patterns that are in Style Now and Then

Autumn winter 2021 prints and patterns here! As promised in my recently published Autumn Winter Colour Report, new week brought new Trend Report. This time the Print and Pattern report for fall winter 2021. Yes, you will learn about prints in fashion for autumn winter 2021, today. All in all, it’s time you finally find out all about the mix of prints and patterns we are wearing this fall and winter.

And yes, I’m sharing the entire list of all, but seriously all, patterns and prints in fashion for autumn winter 2021. Moreover, I’m also sharing answering some of your questions about what patterns and prints are in fashion. I’m also telling you what to buy in specific print. Because you know, not every print looks great on everything. You wouldn’t wear a head on toes, would you? Just kidding. But honestly, the head print is a somewhat tricky print to wear.


What prints are in fashion for autumn/winter 2021?

Prints in fashion for autumn/winter 2021 are leopard print, plaid (tartan), polka dot, zebra print, mock croc-effect, nordic patterns, checks, fall florals – florals on a natural background, dark red roses, houndstooth, chevron, stripes, argyle print, gradient, logo prints, and artsy prints.

Is animal print in style for autumn winter 2021?


What animal print will be the most fashionable for fall winter 2021?

Leopard print is the most fashionable animal print right now. But zebra print is coming back big, also.

Is floral print still in style?

Yes! The floral print is in fashion for autumn winter 2021. And what is more, the same floral print that is fashionable right now will be fashionable in spring summer 2022, also.

What floral print is fashionable right now?

The most fashionable floral print for autumn winter 2021 and spring summer 2022 are dark floral prints on a dark background, dark red roses.

Is houndstooth still in style?

Yes, houndstooth is still fashionable for fall winter 2021.

Will gingham stay in style?

Gingham will come back in style. But for now, wear checkboard print.

Is pinstripe in style right now?

It is! However, chevron is in fashion for fall winter 2021.

What is the new print for fall winter 2021?

The latest print trend for autumn winter 2021 is dark red rose print.

Is mock-croc still in style?

Yes, mock croc is still fashionable for fall winter 2021.


I know, knowing merely what prints are in fashion for autumn winter 2021 doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what prints are worthy of buy; what prints will stay in style for a little more than just a while. Worry not! I’m telling you what prints to buy for autumn winter 2021. Check the extended autumn winter 2021 print trend report, and you will find out!