Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing blue Diesel comfortable jeans and white t-shirt holding popcorn box and sitting on the bed

The most Comfortable Jeans for Netflix & Chill in Quarantine

What do you wear when Netflix and chill these days? I Netflix and chill in my jeans. Yes, Netflix and chill in jeans is possible. If you are wearing comfortable jeans, of course. And yes, comfortable jeans do exist. You only need to know these 3 brands that make the best jeans in the world. And get a pair of jeans from these brands. Well, more than just one pair, since we are Netflixing and chilling for the next few weeks. Anyway, here is a list of jeans that are comfortable, plus make every girl envy your body and you feel great. Moreover looking chic and stylish!

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I know, you are probably sipping cold matcha latte or eating ice cream while reading this. Or some other comfort food since we are all under a lot of stress right now. Wearing nothing but a pyjama and a scrunchie. Not even remembering when was the last time you were trying to put on your favourite jeans. And even less where you threw them after liberating your legs and hips from that stiff denim. Because denim can be quite uncomfortable, too.

Unless you know these 3 brands that make the most comfortable denim jeans. Yes, today I’m sharing where to buy the best jeans that not only look chic, make your legs and bottom look amazing but are comfortable too.

So better bring back jeans to your mind even though you are in your bed right now. Now is the time to learn where to get the best jeans and shop them too. You know, when everyone is shopping for antiseptics, smart girls are buying antiseptics and jeans.



I’m not sure if I ever told you, but I love jeans. I wear jeans most of the time and have so many jeans that I could actually wear a different pair every day for the next two months. And yes, even when Netflix and chill. Because I can actually chill in my jeans.

After testing more than 70 jeans from 30 different brands; brands that do only jeans, brands that do all the clothes, unknown brands, high street brands and even 5 designer brands; I found these 3 brands that truly make the best jeans.


Obviously, I can’t say these 3 brands are the only brands that make comfortable and stylish jeans in the world since I haven’t tried on all the jeans in the world ever made. But, after finding these 3 denim brands, I stopped searching.

And I’m pretty sure you will too. After trying any type of jeans made by these 3 brands you won’t even care for the rest, for sure.


What denim brands make the best jeans? The most comfortable and fashionable jeans?

A.P.C. Paris, Levi’s and Diesel.

By now you should actually have known all the 3 of them since you keep see me wearing their jeans. You probably just didn’t know they were so comfortable. But we will change that, won’t we?

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing blue Diesel jeans and white t-shirt holding popcorn box and sitting on the bed


Here is where to shop the most comfortable jeans now and wear them during the quarantine and after when we all feel better. Well truth to be told, you might want to swap your pyjama pants for these cosy denim jeans, too. They are just so comfortable. I could sleep in them.

Ps. I listed the brands alphabetically since I can’t decide which brand is my number one. All of 3 made equally stylish and comfortable jeans in general.

#1 A.P.C.

Thank you, Eva, for introducing me to A.P.C. Paris. This chic Parisian brands truly knows best when it comes to denim and classic chic jeans. I love A.P.C. standard denim (shop here). And the 90s jeans that I just got recently.




Here in Europe, everyone knows Italians make the best shoes and the best jeans. So say no more but Diesel JoggJeans (buy here). These are undoubtedly the most comfortable jeans ever. Wearing Joggjeans feels like wearing velour track pants. Only knowing you look stylish. I always wear Diesel Joggjeans on long flights.



By the way, you see me wearing Diesel Aryel in the photos here.


I bet Levi’s is the first brand you think of when thinking about jeans. And if you don’t think about the word comfortable at the same time too, that is all on you and shopping assistant that didn’t introduce you to Levi’s Wedgie Fit. Well, meet and shop Levi’s Wedgie here. Also, check all these Levi’s jeans in the widget below.



Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in blue Diesel jeans and white t-shirt while Netflix and chill


Now that you know where to shop the most comfortable jeans, it’s time to see how to wear them too. Check how to style blue jeans during the quarantine. By the way, what brand you think makes the best jeans? Do you agree Diesel, A.PC. and Levi’s make the most comfortable and stylish jeans?