2 pumps that go with every party outfit

#2 Pumps That Go With Any Party Dress

Even though it’s not New Year’s Eve yet, it’s time you start thinking about what you will wear on the last day of the year. From the dress, hair, accessories and the most important thing, that is if you want to dance all night without pain, the shoes. Ha, at the end of the party is all about the shoes. And today I’m showing you the best New Year’s Eve shoes that go with any party dress and that will make your New Year’s outfit pop out. Putting you in the spotlight. And no, not only because you will be the last girl left on the dancing floor while all of your friends will be taking off their shoes somewhere in the corner of the room. But because these pumps are just stunning.

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Well thinking better, your party outfit is something you should be thinking about every day since the December party season is already in full swing. After work parties with gals on Mondays and Tuesdays, corporate parties during the week, crazy Friday parties with friends, and family dinner parties on the weekends. Name it, I know you are there on every single party in the town.

But are you enjoying all December parties? Dancing all night, mingling around with a smile on your face? Or do you camp yourself by the bar, or even worse in some dark corner with your shoes off?

I sure hope it’s not the second one. Well if it is, it won’t be much longer. At least not if you take my advice and get one of these 2 pumps. As said, we are talking about the pumps that go with every party dress and are comfortable this time.

Ps. Just one thing before we start. Apart from the commission, I get for purchases or clicks made through links in this post, this post is not sponsored by Gianvito Rossi. I genuinely find these fashionable high heels as the most comfortable in my closet.



So what shoes to wear with New Year’s Eve party dress then? To be the most fashionable girl at the party, you actually have 3 options.


First, the sandals. I wore them last year on repeat. Remember I showed you how in this article? They are still in fashion this season. However, many chic fashionistas are swapping sandals for the mules.



Yes, high heel mules, like these here. Mules are your second option. I just got my festive mules a few days ago. I know, it’s the pumps we should be talking right now. But hey, I must brag about this purchase first. I got Malone Souliers mules for 60 % off. Ps. Be sure to check where to get the best Christmas savings over here once you finish reading this post.




Anyway, back to the shoes you can wear with the New Year’s Eve party. Your third option is the pumps. I probably don’t need to say pumps are my favourites, but saying it anyway. For one, pumps are always in style. For two, pumps are the most practical party shoes. Especially if you are clubbing and going from one party to another. And for three, pumps go with any party dress. That is if, they look like these 2 pumps.



Yes, there is a reason why I keep mentioning the number 2. There are really only 2 pumps that go with any type of party outfit you could wear this December. 2 pumps that are comfortable and moreover fashionable this winter.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you know these pumps already. Well, you do see both party pumps in these photos.



Perhaps you might have forgotten the second pair of pumps because I tend to walk around in my cowboy boots and hiking boots a lot these days. But you know them already as well. I mean how wouldn’t you when plexi pumps were, are and will be the most fashionable pumps in the new year.



Yes, the plexi pumps and the satin pumps are those 2 festive pumps everyone chic wears for parties this December. No matter what outfit we wear, it’s either plexi pumps or the satin pumps that we dance in.

Ps. For more about shoe style go here and read the winter shoe trend report. The shape and the hight of the heel doesn’t matter this time. As long as your pumps are either plexi or satin, you can call them your party shoes and wear them with any party outfit you want.

The bad thing? Choosing between them is hard. They both go well with simply everything. Just look at the photos. It’s really impossible to decide which pair of heels go better with this sequin dress. I guess it’s all about the colour of the pumps in the end.



Now that you know what pumps you should look for, it’s time we take a look at the colours as well. You still remember the autumn winter 2018 2019 colour palette I showed you here, right?



I got myself Gianvito Rossi pumps in blue (you saw me wearing these heels with cargo pants here and long dress here a few days ago), pardon in Nebulas blue. And it was the best choice I could make. Nevertheless, red satin pumps would be a great option as well. Or the pink, or green as well. Any gem colour as a matter of fact.


Be sure to browse through the widget to find more satin pumps. Ps. I can’t guarantee you for the comfort of all of these satin party pumps in the widget since I stick to my Gianvito Rossi pumps. But the price ratio is legit for comfortable shoes. So looking at the price and taking a close look at the product photos, they should be comfortable. In case you didn’t know, comfort starts at 300 EUR for the pumps in 2019. Yes, it was lower last year. The price keeps going up. Luckily it’s the sale season now.


Anyway, my Gianvito Rossi pumps are 100 % comfortable miles and hours to go. Tested! So far I walked up to 14 km in these pumps in one day and danced through the night and morning.

Here is how I styled my Gianvito Rossi satin pumps with a purple sequin dress.






Although not a festive colour, my Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps are in powder pink (shop here). Hence the plexi, your plexi pumps can be in any colour you wish, and they will still make your party outfit stand out.


Check the widget to find my favourite plexi pumps. This time all coming from Gianvito Rossi. Since plexi pumps are slightly riskier when it comes to the comfort. The price point doesn’t help you much here. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean the cheap plexi shoes can be as comfortable as the expensive plexi shoes. Because they are not.


Not sure if there were some plexi pumps among all those shoes in the Payless scam, but I’m sure anyone would claim those plexi pumps uncomfortable if they walk around wearing them for a while.

Ps. In case you don’t Payless opened a fake luxury store to trick influencers they were selling luxury stores when they were really selling $20 shoes for $600. And those influencers got tricked. I still think they were just trying to be nice and support the store. Or perhaps the floor was covered with the softest rug.


Anyway, you won’t have to worry about the comfort of these Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps. I swear they are comfortable. As it goes to the price. You can get these luxury pumps for less now. Again, it’s a sale season. And the deals during the cyber week in December are far better than those in November. Just check this list.

But before, make sure you save, pin and share the two fashion cheat sheets. That from above and this one below. Ps. Both are shoppable too. So go ahead, and click inside the brackets to go straight to the product page.






Now that you know what party shoes to wear this festive season, it’s time to find you a new party dress too. I already found mine. It’s the one you see me wearing all over my Instagram and LIKEtoKNOW.it. And also in this article. By the way which pair of these 2 party pumps do you like the most. The satin pumps or plexi pumps? Oh, dear, I almost forgot! Here is my Christmas gift for you – the 2019 winter shoe report with all, but seriously, all shoe trends of the season.