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Summer Church Outfits for a Pilgrim, Tourist or Wedding Guest

Summer church outfits for the pilgrims, tourists, and wedding guests here! Are you nosing around European churches this summer? Me too! By the way, have you seen that Dress Code sign on the church doors? Yes, there is a sign. And yes, there is a dress code that applies to tourists visiting churches, too! Here is what to wear for the church in summer if you are just browsing around chapel benches, admiring beautiful ornaments, sculptures, and paintings, or actually going to a Sunday mass on Sunday in summer.

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You know do not share whether I am a religious person or not. However, I publicly admit I can’t help myself nosing around churches wherever I go. Especially when in Rome. If you are an architectural lover, then be sure to head to the Vatican museum after pizza, pasta, and gelato, too. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to see Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

But wait! Before you book your guided tour to the Vatican, scroll down to see what to wear for the church in summer. Also, be sure to scroll down if you are going to Sunday Mass in the summer. Or a wedding.

Point of view, the notion of modesty remains paramount in summer church attire. Sandals and shorter hemlines may be acceptable in some congregations, while others may prefer more conservative choices to maintain the sanctity of the occasion. Scarves or lightweight cardigans can be used to cover the shoulders when necessary, offering a practical and graceful solution to dress codes. But they are not as cute as a pretty summer church dress with lace and short sleeves. With layered lace, of course – see below.


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If the dress code calls for a proper morning dress, particularly for occasions like a wedding or christening, an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and reverence is essential.


This blue Self Portrait dress will resonate with the joy of weddings and bask in the purity of christenings. This enchanting dress is designed to embrace the gentleness of the hours before noon. Its playful yet modest asymmetry captures the spirit of dawn’s first light. And this particular blue hue will be the most fashionable color for spring summer 2024, also.

Style the dress with Gianvito Rossi satin pumps in a soft nude hue, to make sure you complete the outfit with a touch of understated glamour. The pumps mirror the grace of your dress, allowing you to walk effortlessly over the church’s cool stone floors or the lush greenery at a serene wedding garden. They are so comfortable! Btw, I have these pumps in all the colours I was able to get.

But there’s one more exquisite element that will beckon your attire – a fascinator, perched delicately upon your head. It’s adorned with delicate ribbons, that will frame your face with grace and femininity.

The final touches are essential. Make sure you don’t forget to put on gloves and tights. The white Cornelia James Isla cotton day gloves, and the Falke 6DEN are my preferred choice.


Or step into the realm of daytime elegance with the knee-length and short-sleeved RED Valentino pink dress, meticulously crafted for your comfort during your cherished moments at church.

With graceful ease, embrace summer while effortlessly embodying modest formal attire with the captivating RED Valentino pink short-sleeved dress and matching pumps. This summer church outfit seamlessly blends sophistication, enabling you to maintain a composed and poised demeanor every Sunday.

In contrast to the longer, cinched-waist silhouettes, this summer, embrace the dropped waist, infusing each church-appropriate look with a lively touch.

The dress’s knee-length and short sleeves radiate refined daytime elegance, making it an impeccable choice for the church. The loose fit not only enhances comfort but also ensures you remain at ease while conversing with family and friends outside the church after mass. Striking the perfect balance between style and practicality, this delightful fit allows you to look effortlessly graceful and cute.

P.S. While my RED Valentino dress is currently sold out (Maison Valentino actually deiced to retire RED Valentino), I’ve found similar dresses for you – explore the product gallery below.


If your family doesn’t have a bench in the church, and the church might be full, swap heels for flats. There is nothing worse than standing still in heels – no matter how comfortable your shoes are.

Put on Malone Souliers flat mules and enter the short sleeve navy blue dress with delicate ruffles. This summer church outfit is as sophisticated as simple.

As you gracefully make your way through the church’s aisles, the navy blue dress with its charming ruffles will lend an air of modest elegance. The short sleeves provide coverage while keeping you cool in the summer warmth. It’s a dress that whispers sophistication without being ostentatious, allowing you to pay your respects or offer your prayers in comfort and style.

Now, let’s talk about those Malone Souliers flat mules. They are the best choice when the church is full or where you may need to stand for a while – funerals. With their delicate design and comfortable fit, these mules not only elevate your outfit but also your comfort level.

The beauty of this formal summer church outfit extends beyond Sunday gatherings. Its subtle and respectful aesthetic makes it suitable for other somber occasions, such as funerals. The navy blue color conveys a sense of solemnity and respect, while the dress’s ruffles add a touch of gentleness to your attire, mirroring the compassion in your heart.


Meet the cute summer church outfits that always get it right. Whether you are headed to a Sunday mass, or looking to stun at the christening, here are the winning looks for every Sunday.


If your reason for going to the church is not rooted in devout faith but rather in the cherished traditions and the duty to represent your family (that would be me), put on this cute Sunday summer outfit.

And yes, it’s with sandals. Simple high heel sandals are ok for church in the summer if there is no specific dress code set for the occasion. Or if the church wedding is happening outside the church or a private chapel with no dress code.

Picture this: a radiant Sunday morning, the sunlight streaming through the arched windows, casting a soft, warm glow over the wooden pews. You enter the chapel, your steps cushioned by the plush carpet, and you feel the hallowed embrace of tradition and community as you take your seat.

As you look around, you notice the ornate details of the church’s architecture – the graceful arches, the intricate stained glass, the sculptures and paintings on the ceiling (fresco), and the aged wooden beams that seem to touch the heavens. It’s a place where the echoes of countless prayers and hymns linger in the air, creating a sense of sacred continuity.

Now, let’s talk about your attire. The short sleeve blue lace Self Portrait dress is a vision of summer elegance. The delicate lace, with its intricate patterns, mirrors the beauty of the stained glass, creating a harmonious connection between your presence and the church’s surroundings. The metallic Stuart Weitzman Nudist Song sandals add a touch of modernity to your outfit. Pov, tradition and style can coexist effortlessly.


In the radiant embrace of a summer morning, as the sun casts its golden hues upon the world, you step into the the church in a cute summer church outfit that speaks of grace and devotion.

This attire is a vision of ethereal charm. A satin short sleeve blouse, adorned with a bow neck, will touch your skin gently. Its subtle sheen reflects the soft sunlight, giving you an aura of timeless beauty. The bow, like a ribbon of reverence, adds a touch of sweet sophistication.

At the same time, a midi pleated pink skirt evokes the delicate petals of summer blooms. And its pleats dance with every step, celebrating the joy of the season.

Pair the skirt with slingbacks, or Stuart Weitzman Nudist Song sandals. Their minimalist design and delicate straps will make you feel as if floating on air.


As the temperature rises, the focus shifts towards casual summer church outfits that ensure comfort amidst the warmth of the season. But some level of elegance remains paramount.


If you’re seeking the ideal fusion of casual and chic for your summer church attire, we’re here to unveil the resurgence of a beloved ’90s classic – the polo top but knitted. These versatile piece effortlessly blends casual comfort with a touch of elegance. You can mix and match it with a charming dotted midi skirt or pair it with comfortable flats or espadrilles.

The possibilities are boundless, allowing you to create the perfect casual summer church outfit that strikes the ideal balance between relaxed and chic.


Now let’s be practical. If you are on your summer vacation in Rome, you don’t want to be weighed down with longer lengths. Take the guesswork out of dressing and opt for tailored shorts. Preferably bermuda, but these tailored shorts are ok, too. Point of view, I wore even shorter shorts to the Sistine Chapel once and got approval from the cardinal. It was bizarre (pov they all watch my social media for doctors to cardinals), but anyway, the trick is to style your short with precious knitwear and fairly modest shoes.


Be sure to take a look at the FAQ section; it’s a valuable resource that can provide some clarity, too. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. Ps. If you’re seeking further insights on mastering the Church Dress Code, I’ve created a booklet just for you – find it on Brunette from Wall Street substack.

What do you wear to church in the summer?

It depends on the church’s dress code, and local customs. However, there are some general guidelines for summer church attire. A classic and modest look is the most appropriate. It can be achieved effortlessly with knee-length or midi-length dresses in pastel colours or floral print (avoid flashy prints, low-cut or overly revealing styles), blouses with short sleeves paired with modest skirts or bermuda shorts are suitable for summer. If your church has a conservative dress code, consider wearing outfits with sleeves. If sleeveless attire is more acceptable, ensure that the shoulder straps are at least a couple of inches wide. Comfortable and modest footwear is essential. Closed-toe shoes or sandals with heels are often appropriate. Avoid flip-flops or overly casual sandals. Hats, scarves, or shawls can add a touch of elegance to your outfit and provide protection from the sun. Choose accessories that complement your attire. But remember that you are attending a place of worship. Dressing respectfully shows your reverence for the church and its traditions.

What to wear to church in summer?

It depends on the dress code and event. For a formal occasion like a church wedding or christening, wear a morning dress, or a short sleeve dress with pumps if there is no dress code. For Sunday mass, you can wear a classy summer outfit like a short sleeve midi dress with slingbacks, or a short sleeve blouse with midi pleated skirt and sandals. If you are going to the church as a tourist, merely to look around, opt for espadrilles as they make no sound. You can pair them with tailored shorts and a knitted top. Ps. Check the article to see the best summer church outfits immediately.

How to dress for church in summer?

It depends on the occasion. While you need to dress formal for the wedding, christening and funeral, you can dress cute (smart casual) for a Sunday mass.

What to wear to a summer church wedding?

It depends on the dress code. If there is no dress code, you can wear a short sleeve short dress with sandals (check this article to see the best summer church wedding outfit for a wedding guest). If there is a dress code – morning dress, put on a short sleeve midi dress, closed toe pumps, a fascinator and short gloves that match the dress or the fascinator. 

What are some modest summer church outfits for women?

A midi short sleeve dress with closed toe shoes and a top handle bag.

What are the best fabrics to wear to church in the summer?

Cotton, virgin wool, silk and linen.

What shoes to wear to church in the summer?

The same summer shoes you wear to work! Satin closed toe pumps in nude hues, ballet flats, and slingbacks are the most appropriate summer church shoes. However, kitten heel sandals, simple stiletto sandals, and espadrilles can be an option, too. Avoid flip-flops or overly casual sandals.


So this is it – the best summer church outfits you can wear for Sunday mass, for a summer church wedding or when merely visiting the church as a tourist. Ps. Be sure to check what to wear to the church if you only go to the church for holidays. Up next – what you are not supposed to wear at the church.