Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to grow your hair really fast



How to make your hair grow faster? How to grow more hair? How to make your hair look full without shampoo for volume, a ton of hairspray or pinning your hair in a way that would make your hairstyle look fuller? I know how. I have been there – I had thin hair and experienced a pretty bad hair loss. But I made my hair grow back and what is more, I made my hair grow thicker and more beautiful. How? Scroll down and find out. Long thick hair is the top hair trend this season, and I bet you want to follow it blindly.


So many of you ladies and my close friends asked me to write an update on my hair situation. If you have been following from the beginning, you know, or at least have noticed, my hair was a way different when I started Brunette from Wall Street. My hair is fuller and thicker now, and my hair is under control – my hair doesn’t fall out anymore.

But how? How did I grow my hair thick and long? Did I trim my hair to make it grow faster? I sure visit my hairstylist every two to three months – but no, this is not the answer.

Did I get PRP? I did – once to stop my hair from falling out after a sudden relapse. But my hair mainly grows fast for biotin and a few other vitamins that need to be taken together with biotin.

Does biotin help hair grow?

Yes, biotin helps hair grow. Biotin is the secret pill all girls with great, long hair eat. Will it help you too? Most likely! But you should see a dermatologist first. Only a dermatologist can tell you exactly how much biotin you need to take for your hair to grow back. Besides, you will probably need to add some other vitamins to your diet, too – mostly because biotin doesn’t work so well on its own. You might also need to take vitamin C and B complex with biotin. A dermatologist will prescribe the right amount of each vitamin to you.

Do hair vitamins work?

If they don’t, you can always try with PRP.

How to make your hair grow faster?

When a healthy diet doesn’t do much for your hair to grow, the easiest way to make your hair grow faster is to see a dermatologist and start taking biotin, vitamin C, and B complex. Your dermatologist might suggest you get PRP also.

Can you make hair grow faster?

Yes, you can make your hair grow quickly.

What makes hair grow faster?

PRP and biotin (together with vitamin C and B complexed) helped me. But check your blood and consult with your dermatologist about your hair, before you try to grow your hair back on your own. There’s always a legit reason why your hair isn’t growing as fast as it should. And yes, you should visit your dermatologist and doctor even if your hair is growing at the normal speed and you just want to grow it faster.

Do hair growth products work?

Many hair growth products like Viviscal nor Fitoval, or Vichy contain way too little biotin to make a change – especially if you want your hair to grow fast and healthy.

Does trimming make hair grow faster?

Trimming doesn’t make hair grow any faster.

What is the best shampoo to help hair grow?

POV I don’t believe merely using a shampoo that promotes hair growth would make your hair actually grow faster. But using the best shampoo or just stopping using bad shampoos definitely makes a difference in how your hair looks.

What to do with your hair until it grows back?

Wear a fashionable hat.

How to manage baby hair once your hair starts growing back?

You can wear a stylish hat or fashionable hair accessories.