Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing white Escada track pants off-white Weekend Max Mara double breasted coat black top handle bag blue gloves Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong sandals in winter

How To Style Track Pants Now That They Are Out of Style?

It’s true; track pants are not in style anymore. The athleisure fashion trend is more or less forgotten. And track pants are no longer the number one selling pants. But what to do, if you have this chic pair of track pants in your closet that you like so much? Should you wear your outdated track pants or toss it? Ha, why even ask? The answer is obvious! Wear them! Wear your old track pants. But not for the tracks. Wear your track pants to work and drinks. Don’t worry; I know how to style track pants to make them look fashionable again. And I’m about to show you how! Now scroll down to see.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street dressed in white Escada track pants off-white Weekend Max Mara double-breasted coat black top handle bag blue gloves Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong sandals in winter

As you know, I’m not that kind of lady who would toss her quality clothes just because they are not in style anymore. So don’t expect me to toss the white Escada track pants either. Sure, cargo pants seem much more chic pants to wear this season. But hey, my old white Escada track pants are still good, and they still look super chic when I wear them with Stuart Weitzman sandals and something white.

Indeed the way to revive your old track pants and make them look fashionable for winter 2019/20 is in the clothes and shoes you wear with track pants.

But what to wear with track pants to make them fashionable again? I told you – scroll down if you want to know.


So here is what to wear with track pants in winter 2019/20 to make the track pants fashionable again – something simple. Yes, the answer is in simple pieces. As you already know, simple and monochrome looks are trendy this season. And they will be even more fashionable in a few months for now.

But what are those simple pieces? Well, in my case it’s a matching off-white coat with a pair of strappy sandals and a black bag that matches the side stripe of the track pants. – Shop everything below.


It’s all in the colour actually. In short, if your track pants are white and black like mine – then style track pants with something white and black. Take advantage of the clean-cut of your track pants and nail the minimal fashion trend that is in style for spring summer 2020.

Furthermore, wear your old track pants as they were part of the pantsuit. Ps. This is how I also wear my yellow track pants from Adidas – see here.


Well, knowing you, I guess you already have a pair of track pants, and I don’t need to tell you where to find a pair of chic track pants. After all, you are reading this article to see how to style your old track pants now that they are out of style, right?

But just in case, if you are looking for a new pair of track pants in white colour that looks just like mine – I hyperlinked the collage below.

To shop all the clothes that I wear with track pants, plus the white track pants, simply click the items in the collage or the gallery below. After you click the item, a store window will open for you in a new tab.



Ps. Don’t forget to save this collage. And share it with your friend, or two, who still love the athleisure fashion trend.


Again, even though track pants went out of style, you don’t need to toss them or put it into a box. And not wear them until they come back in style. In 20 years or so. You can still wear track pants. If you style track pants as I just showed you, no one, but seriously no one will think you look unstylish. All the contrary, I bet you too will get compliments for this look. I get plenty of compliments every time I wear track pants with sandals and matching white clothes! So I see no reason why you wouldn’t be applauded for this look too.