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2023 Christmas Decor Trends to Know When Decorating Home

Christmas color trends 2023 and Christmas decor trends for 2023, here! For all of you who can’t wait for Christmas 2023 and think it would be fun to decorate the Christmas tree today. But which Christmas tree ornament should we put on our Christmas tree to make it look fashionable this year? Pink bow or wooden Nutcracker? Perhaps, a unicorn, a soft-boiled egg or Grandma’s glass bauble? None of these! Except for the Grandma’s precious Christmas ornaments, of course. Christmas 2023 is going to be either old money or quiet luxury. Worry not, if minimalist Christmas is not for you, there are two Christmas themes you will love, for sure. Scroll down to see how to decorate our home for 2023 holidays to be in style.

Yes, Brunette from Wall Street is sizing down all 2023 Christmas decor trends too! As you read, today I’m letting you know how to decorate your 2023 Christmas tree and home to make it look stylish and fashionable in your Christmas photos. You certainly don’t want to pose next to an unstylish Christmas tree this year, do you? After all, a Christmas tree is the most important accessory of the season. And we don’t want to be out of style just because we put on outdated Christmas ornaments on our Christmas tree, do we?

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Seriously! I go through all home decor magazines and home decor blogs each year, months before Christmas. Furthermore, I search for Christmas decor on Pinterest and google one and a million different Christmas decor keywords to find all the Christmas decor trends out there every single year. And so did this year.

Hence, I know all 2023 Christmas decor trends. And I can answer all Christmas decorating questions you might have. From the type of Christmas tree to the baubles and Christmas lights. I even know what the Nutcracker should wear to be in style this Christmas.

Don’t worry; I won’t keep 2023 Christmas decor trends a secret for you much longer. No! Christmas is all about sharing, and I’m going to share 2023 Christmas decorating trends with all of you. All Christmas trends at once.

Plus, share the answer to the most trending question – how the hell to decorate a Christmas tree in 2023 to make it look fashionable?

Well, here is how! Scroll down to see all 2023 Christmas decor trends and find a bunch of Christmas tree decor ideas for 2023. Plus some Christmas decorating ideas for your table and the rest of your home.

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Anyway, as said, today we are sizing down all 2023 Christmas decor trends. I’m answering all 2023 Christmas related decor questions you might have. From what kind of colour should your Christmas tree be this year? What Christmas ornaments and baubles are in style? How to give character to your Christmas tree and how to make your 2023 Christmas home decor personal but fashionable.

Now turn on your favourite Christmas song and scroll down to find all the Christmas decor trends for 2023.

Apparently, Christmas trends follow fashion trends when it comes to decoration. So there is no surprise to see Christmas trees in red, silver, green, brown, navy, and in the colours from the Fall Winter 2023/24 Colour Pallete this year. I guess our Christmas tree could enter the new year dressed even more fashionable than we do.

As said, along with the classic red and gold, 2023 Christmas decorating trends follow fashion trends. So, the most fashionable colours of the Holiday Season 2023 are actually the same ones we wear this season. We just pair them differently. The Christmas trendsetters have pushed the boundaries of Christmas decorating high this year.

See below!

Brunette from Wall Street Christmas decor themes 2023

Given all the colours in fashion this Christmas and holiday season, we can combine all the 2023 Christmas decorations in 4 different Christmas decor themes, plus the traditional red and gold, of course.

Ps. I’m answering all the other Christmas decor related questions at the end of the post. Including what type of Christmas tree (plastic or real) you should buy this year and what Christmas lights are in style for 2023.

But first, for all of you who are bringing Christmas to every single corner of your home – 2023 Christmas decor themes.


Perfectly balanced between the intimacy of your home and the warmth of hosting, this Christmas theme will remind you of your scouting days.

Mountain camp features heavily in the decorations, from the popular mushrooms and pinecones to hiking bootstentfish, and campfire, to the whimsy of brass ornaments and embellished berry wreath. And who can resist a moose?

The palette of this theme is warm and welcoming. Green shades are lifted by shots of the bright accents of brass and touches of nutshell that is one of the SS24 fashion colours.

Hang a berry wreath on your front door to welcome guests with a touch of Scout Christmas spirit. You can even make your own wreath using natural materials like pine branches and berries.

Adorn the exterior with garlands and wreaths that reflect the Scout Christmas theme. Use pine, holly, and other natural elements to maintain the outdoor feel.

Set up an Advent calendar that counts down the days to Christmas. Consider an Advent calendar that features scenes from a Scout camp. It could include illustrations of tents, campfires, hiking trails, and various outdoor activities. Each day, you can open a flap or door to reveal a small surprise related to camping or scouting, like miniature camping equipment or nature-themed stickers. A woodland or forest-themed Advent calendar can be perfect for a Scout theme, too. It may include illustrations of animals, trees, and outdoor gear. Each day, you can uncover a woodland creature or a small outdoor accessory, such as a mini compass, binoculars, or a toy campfire.

Or opt for an Advent calendar designed in the shape of a compass or map. Each day, you can “navigate” to a new location on the map or open a compass-like door to reveal a Scout-related treat or activity. This choice can tie into the idea of scouting as an adventure and exploration.

Ps. Don’t forget to personalize grey stockings for each family member and hang them by the fireplace. This tradition is a heartfelt way to represent togetherness.

Finally, find the perfect Christmas tree.

Decorate your Christmas tree with little forest animal ornamentsfishmoosepineconeshiking boots, and mushrooms, but also marshmallows invite us inside to create the magical feel of Christmas. POV Don’t forget about the tent ornament – the most wanted Christmas ornament 2023.


Upon approaching your home, your gaze is immediately drawn to the welcoming sight of a berry wreath adorning the front door. Its deep red hues and lush greenery signal the arrival of the holiday season. You reach out to run your fingers over the textured leaves and berries, feeling the crispness of the foliage under your touch. The wreath’s scent, subtly sweet and earthy, hints at the festive wonders that lie within.

Before you even step through the door, the festive scent of pine welcomes you, enticing your senses. The source of this inviting aroma is none other than the Fresh Balsam & Cedarwood candle that graces your entryway, its flame flickering softly within a glass jar.

You follow the inviting scent as it leads you further into your home, eventually guiding you to the centerpiece of your holiday decor—the Christmas tree.

Arriving at the tree, you reach out to touch the glass ornaments that dangle gracefully from the branches. They’re cool to the touch, each one a miniature work of art.

Fingertips trace over the little forest animal ornaments, their delicate forms bringing a sense of enchantment to your heart.

Tiny hiking boots evoke memories of adventurous journeys and trailblazing spirits, while the mushrooms spark a sense of whimsy and curiosity. The miniature tent in your grasp transports you back to cozy campsite evenings, while marshmallow and campfire ornaments stir up the warmth of shared stories and laughter. And the fishermen’s vest? Well, it reminds me of sardines in a tin.



Christmas and holidays should be all about fun and laughter, about play and adventures, imagination and dreams coming true. If you have a kid or two whose eyes sparkle every time someone mentions solar system and Santa – then this Christmas decor idea is for you.

Twinkling silver lights woven through the branches create a starry night sky, and there is an astronaut dangling as if floating through the cosmos before landing on Mars. And is that an alien watching him from the branch behind?

Prepare to party with aliens this Christmas. These new Christmas ornaments will bring so much fun to your home and make your Christmas Insta-worthy.

Brunette from Wall Street Christmas tree decor checklist

Transform your home into a cosmic wonderland with decorations inspired by the cosmos. Hang sparkling stars, planets, and even a giant moon as ornaments. Use twinkling fairy lights to simulate a starry night in your living room.

Decorate your Christmas tree with cosmic ornaments such as miniature planets, rockets, astronauts, and shimmering galaxy-themed baubles. Use LED lights that change colors to mimic the Northern Lights.

Select a Christmas tree that fits your space and complements the theme. A full, green tree is a great canvas for cosmic decorations, but you can also opt for a white or silver tree to enhance the celestial vibe.

Start by stringing the LED or color-changing lights on the tree. You can use blue, white, or multi-colored lights to mimic a starry night or the colors of the cosmos. Weave the lights evenly throughout the branches, making sure they’re well-distributed. For an extra touch of magic, consider adding twinkle lights on the tree. These can create the illusion of distant stars and add an enchanting glow to your cosmic Christmas tree. Ps. You will love these LEDs in the shape of mini stars.

Lay a cosmic-themed tree skirt or a solid-colored one in metallic shades (silver, gold, or black) at the base of the tree. This will complete the overall cosmic look.

Begin hanging your cosmic-themed ornaments. Place them evenly around the tree, mixing different types of ornaments to create an interesting cosmic landscape. You can use stars, planets, rockets, astronauts, and galaxies. Larger celestial objects like planets and stubbed glass ball ornaments can serve as focal points.

Wrap tinsel or garlands around the tree to create a cosmic backdrop. Metallic or shimmering garlands in silver, gold, or blue can represent the cosmic background.

You can also add ribbons with celestial prints or patterns, such as nebulae, constellations, or planets. These can be intertwined with the garlands or cascading down the tree to enhance the cosmic atmosphere.

Choose a tree topper that matches the theme. A star, a planet, or even a rocket-themed topper can be placed at the tree’s summit to signify the centerpiece of the cosmic universe. Ps. Don’t forget to place a cosmo-Nutcracker under the tree.


Now, my favourite Christmas 2023 theme with a nod to the silver and grey-beige – Cleangirl Christmas. A theme that blurs quiet luxury and modern city life. This minimal Christmas aesthetic is a sophisticated theme in a modern neutral palette, with a nod to the minimal ornaments, and finishes of urban apartment living to celebrate the accessories of urban life. But with an unexpected Philodendron and Pilea ornaments.

This 2023 Christmas decorating idea is perfect for all who want to excape the Christmas kitsch and create a calming look. Calming yet Christmasy.

You can incorporate natural elements like fresh pine, eucalyptus, and pampas grass for a clean and minimalist look. These elements can be used for wreaths, garlands, and table centerpieces.

Choose simple, elegant ornaments in glass, porcelain, or matte finishes. Opt for shapes like geometric designs, snowflakes, or delicate baubles in your chosen color scheme.

Use soft, warm LED lights to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. String lights, candles, and fairy lights can be draped around the room for a gentle, twinkling effect.

Select a small, potted tree that can be replanted and returned to the forest after the holidays. Decorate it sparingly with ornaments and keep the focus on the overall aesthetic.


Bring snow indoors with the twinkling scheme of white and beige and silver as an accent. Add to that quiet luxury feeling with blankets, woollens and faux furs to build comfort and team with silver finishes for some fashionable charm.

Wrap gifts in matching, monochromatic paper with delicate ribbons. Add a sprig of greenery or a small ornament as a chic and understated finishing touch.

Choose a color scheme that aligns with the quiet luxury theme. Soft and muted colors such as whites, pastels, light grays, and pale gold or silver work well.

Opt for premium, unpatterned wrapping paper in your chosen colors. Matte finishes or subtle textures add a touch of sophistication.

But make sure to stick to a single color or color family for a unified look. For example, use pale gray paper, silver ribbon, and silver gift tags for a monochromatic scheme.

Lay the wrapping paper flat on a clean surface, with the pattern side down. Place your gift in the center, ensuring you have enough paper to completely cover it. Cut the paper, leaving an extra 2-3 inches on each side.

Now, place your gift face-down in the center of the paper. If your paper has a distinct pattern, make sure it’s oriented the way you want it. Take one side of the paper and fold it over the gift. Make sure it covers the gift entirely and secure it with a small piece of tape in the center to hold it in place.

Now, fold the other side of the paper over the gift, ensuring it overlaps the first piece of paper. Tape it down securely in the center.

Fold the top and bottom edges of the paper down to meet the gift. This creates neat triangular flaps at each end. Secure these flaps with tape.

To make the edges crisp, fold the excess paper on each side towards the center and crease it. Then, secure it with tape. This creates two clean, folded edges.

If you’d like to add ribbons or gift tags, now is the time. Attach them neatly to your gift with tape or tie the ribbon in a bow.

Choose luxurious satin ribbons in a complementary color. Tie simple, tidy bows on each package, avoiding excessive fluff or bulk.

Use small, minimalist gift tags with elegant typography. Consider handwritten notes or calligraphy for a personal touch.

Ps. If your gift has an oddly shape (like a teddy bear), fold the wrapping paper in thirds, overlap and tape. Then fold up the bottom. Separate the pieces, fold to create a diamond. Fold the top of the bag back over to the back and tape. You can punch two holes for ribbon and tie a bow.


Let your Christmas tree bring you to the Barbieland through rich shades of purple, pink and red. Invite your Christmas tree to a rave party and adorn it with a shimmering tinsel. Look beyond traditional decorating ideas – get unique tree decorations.

Decorate your tree with a disco ball baubleroller skates, or champagne bottle bauble, or put a cherry on the top of your tree. Look beyond traditional decorating ideas – get unique tree decorations like a microphone or a glitter bow.


Now, onto the rest of the room. Start with cute cushions.

Brunette from Wall Street Christmas room decor checklist

Choose cushions in Barbie’s signature colors: pink and Blue Atoll. Opt for ones that are extra soft and fluffy.

For candles, embrace the holiday spirit with pink, red, or purple options. Arrange them in decorative holders around the room. The flickering candlelight will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Drape plush blankets in shades of pink and purple over your furniture. They will make your room feel like a winter wonderland. You can even find blankets featuring Barbie patterns to tie in with the theme.

To add a touch of Barbie magic to your walls, hang framed Barbie artwork. Look for vintage Barbie posters or artwork featuring Barbie in holiday scenes. If you’re feeling creative, you can even craft your own Barbie-themed artwork or frame Barbie holiday cards.

Now, for your window decor. Choose sheer, glittery curtains or ones in shades of pink to let the light shine through. Hang Barbie-themed ornaments or figurines from the curtain rods for an extra festive touch.

For lighting, cute color changing balls are your best friend. Use strings of pink, blue, or purple bulbs to create a whimsical and magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to place pink table lamps or nightlights around the room for extra charm.

Pillows and throws are perfect for adding coziness and style. Scatter Barbie-themed throw pillows with her iconic silhouettes on your seating area. Mix and match different textures like sequins, faux fur, and satin for added visual interest. Lay pink throws on your furniture.

Lastly, garlands are a must. String garlands with Barbie-themed ornaments or decorations across shelves, mantels, or along the walls. Use tinsel garlands in pink or red for that classic Christmas touch.


If you want this Christmas to be a bit more formal, dress up for Christmas and set the Christmas table properly.

Brunette from Wall Street Christmas dinner table checklist

Set the foundation with fine china or high-quality dinnerware. A set of porcelain or bone china with a subtle holiday design can add a touch of elegance. Ensure everything is spotlessly clean.

Start with a crisp, clean tablecloth that complements your color scheme. For formal occasions, consider using a white or cream tablecloth, or one with a subtle pattern or metallic accents.

Place charger plates (decorative underplates – service plates) at each setting. These can be in metallic tones like gold to match the Classic Christmas theme. Position the dinner plates (dinner plate for the main dish, flatter plate, fish platter, soup bowl) at the center of each place setting. Make sure they are evenly spaced and aligned.

Arrange the flatware in the order it will be used, working from the outside in. Include forks on the left and knives and spoons on the right. Dessert utensils should be placed horizontally above the dinner plate.

Fold cloth napkins neatly or use napkin rings for an extra touch of elegance. Place them either to the left of the forks or on the dinner plate.

Place a small bread plate to the left of the dinner plate, just above the forks. Include a butter knife on the bread plate, positioned horizontally with the blade facing left. This is where guests can place their bread or rolls and use the butter knife to spread butter or other spreads.

Set wine and water glasses above the knives and spoons. If you’re serving multiple types of wine, arrange the glasses in the order they will be used, from left to right. A champagne flute can be added for toasts.

Create a stunning centerpiece that doesn’t obstruct the view or conversation among guests. You can use a floral arrangement, candelabra, or a combination of both. Make sure it’s not too tall to interfere with conversation.

Enhance the table with small, tasteful decorations like holiday-themed place card holders, elegant name cards, or small ornaments scattered along the table.

Candlelight adds warmth and sophistication. Place taper candles in candleholders or use small votive or pillar candles. Ensure they’re safely positioned and won’t be knocked over.

Consider using place cards with your guests’ names to designate seating arrangements. Place them above or next to the dinner plate.

Add any final touches that enhance the overall aesthetic. This could include holiday-themed table runners, fresh greenery, or metallic accents.

Pov, including Christmas crackers in your formal table setting is a wonderful idea to add a touch of fun and tradition to the meal. Place a Christmas cracker at each guest’s setting. Position the crackers either above the dinner plate, between the bread plate and dinner plate, or on the side plate, depending on your table layout and available space. Make sure they are positioned so that each guest can easily access them.

Ps. Make sure to inform your guests when it’s time to pull the Christmas crackers. This is often done before or after the main course, but you can choose a time that suits your meal and tradition. Guests pull the crackers, and inside, they’ll find small trinkets, paper crowns, and jokes. It’s a fun and festive tradition that can bring laughter to the table.

In the spirit of timeless traditions and the warmth of cherished memories, the classic Christmas decor theme for 2023 transports you to a scene straight out of a holiday storybook. The classic Christmas color palette reigns supreme, with deep reds, rich greens, and elegant golds. Glass bulbs in shades of red and gold, and delicate candles bring a sense of authenticity to the tree.

Now, as promised, here are answers to all Christmas decorating questions you have this year. Including whether you should get a real or fake Christmas tree.

What colors are trending for Christmas 2023?

Red, silver, pink, navy, and earthy hues. Check the Christmas 2023 color chart published in this article to see how to match trendy Christmas 2023 colors together.

What Christmas decorations are trending?

Brass ornaments are becoming increasingly popular for Christmas 2023 as they align with the Scout Christmas theme. On the other side, glass ornaments are elegant and reflect light beautifully, making them perfect for catching the glow of Christmas lights. A little tent and mushrooms are a key trend for Christmas 2023. They are a unique and whimsical addition to any Christmas decor. Vintage decorations are making a comeback for Christmas 2023. People are rediscovering old ornaments and decorations from their family lofts and incorporating them into their decor for a touch of nostalgia. Kitchen and Barbie kitsch is a fun and playful trend for Christmas 2023. It involves incorporating food-themed decorations like icecream and roller skates into your decor. But quiet luxury, cleangirl minimalistic Christmas decor is very popular for Christmas 2023, also. This style is sleek and modern, often incorporating silver and grey.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2023?

To decorate a Christmas tree in 2023, consider the 2023 Christmas trend. Choose a color theme for your tree to create a cohesive and stylish look. Some popular color themes for 2023 include: navy, dark blue and silver – Cosmic Christmas theme (mimic a starry night with deep blues and silver); green and earthy hues – Scout Christmas theme; red and gold – Classic Christmas theme; purple and pink-to-wine-red hues (deck your tree in the color of the year, inspired by Viva Magenta) – Barbie Christmas theme; silver and grey-to-beige hues – Quiet Luxury Cleangirl Christmas theme. Whatever theme you choose, invest in a real tree. Start decorating the tree with the lights. Then, decorate the tree with ornaments. Start with larger or more eye-catching ornaments: Place them liberally throughout the tree for a balanced look. Layer and decorate as you wish: Add depth and interest to your tree by layering different ornaments and decorations.

What is new about 2023 Christmas decorating?

Pretty much everything! There are new Christmas themes and new Christmas decorations.

What is the biggest Christmas 2023 decor trend?

The biggest 2023 Christmas trend is the muted Christmas aesthetic – quiet luxury minimal Christmas aesthetic. Fewer lights but at the same time more precious Christmas ornaments! Make your home elegant for Christmas 2023.

Are DIY Christmas ornaments fashionable in 2023?

DIY Christmas ornaments made of velvet are fashionable for 2023. You can make velvet Christmas ornaments for every winter Christmas aesthetic 2023.

What should 2023 Christmas tree be like for Christmas 2023?

There’s no doubt about what type of Christmas tree you should get if you want your home to look chic and elegant this year. If you want a fashionable Christmas tree, go to the greenhouse and get a natural Christmas tree. POV, Don’t worry about chopping the trees out of the woods. You can get a tree, borrow actually, that was planted in a pot and return it back after the holiday season. Moreover, even if you can’t borrow a tree or buy a tree that was planted and grown just to become a Christmas tree one day, you should get a real, natural, real pine anyway. Chopping a pine does less harm to the planet than an artificial, fake Christmas tree made of PVC, steel and polyurethane foam by children in developing countries.

What colour should the Christmas tree be in 2023?

Your 2023 Christmas tree should be green. White Christmas trees are out of fashion for 2023 and blue Christmas trees are outdated.

What to put on the Christmas tree in 2023?

Precious Christmas ornaments and embellished tassel garland. You might be tiktok influenced and add tinsel, but you should know tinsel is downmarket. It is fashionable but tacky.

What decoration should you use for your Christmas tree to make it look fashionable?

It depends on the Christmas theme you decide to go for.

Should you decorate your Christmas tree with baubles, different ornaments, garlands or just lights?

You can decorate your Christmas tree with baubles and different ornaments. Just make sure you stick to one Christmas theme.

Is it fashionable to decorate a Christmas tree with glass baubles, vintage decorations or plastic Christmas decor?

It’s time to finally toss all that old plastic baubles and tinsel, and go to your Grandma’s attic and look for her old wooden and glass Christmas ornaments. Glass Christmas ornaments are far more fashionable than plastic ones for Christmas 2023.
Well, if the Nutcracker turned into the prince already, or if you found all your family Christmas ornaments in pieces, you can always purchase the Christmas decor linked in this article.
Ps. If you don’t want to splurge on new Christmas ornaments, simply wrap your old ornaments in velvet. DIY velvet Christmas ornaments are on-trend for Christmas 2023.

What are the most popular Christmas decorations 2023?

Brass ornaments.

Are food tree ornaments still in fashion for Christmas 2023?

Yes, food Christmas tree ornaments are still on trend. Food Christmas ornaments like  Cream Puff OrnamentIce Cream Sundae Bauble, and Blueberry Waffle Bauble, are in style with the Barbie Christmas theme 2023.

What to put on the top of the Christmas tree in 2023?

A star, an angel, an astronaut or cherries. But you can also leave the top empty.

How to decorate Christmas table 2023?

There’s only one rule when it comes to table decoration this year: less decor, more food. Don’t overload your table with candles, flowers, wreaths or any other kitschy decorations and colourful tablecloths. If you must, then decorate with one central piece that is low enough so everyone at the table can see across the table. Ps. Make sure you put a natural centrepiece on your table. Also, don’t forget about the Christmas crackers to brighten the dinner table with a traditional joke.

How to decorate the front yard for Christmas 2023?

Even though more is really more for Christmas 2023, plastic kitschy, plastic Santas climbing onto your balcony and lights shaped in the shape of reindeer in front of your house will downgrade your home.
Instead, go for elegant and acceptable outdoor Christmas decorations like simple and small white, copper or rose gold lights. Note, they should look celestial.

What Christmas wreath to put on the door 2023?

The Christmas wreath should always be real and follow the theme from inside of the house. Check the article to see what Christmas themes are trending in 2023.

And this is all that you need to know about decorating your home for Christmas 2023. Now, scroll back up, pick your favourite 2023 Christmas decor idea and get the Christmas decoration. Ps. Read also about other Christmas trends – Christmas gifts, Christmas outfits to wear when decorating the treeholiday party outfits and Christmas cookies. By the way, which 2023 Christmas theme is your favourite? How will you decorate your Christmas tree this year?