Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to shop online without breaking the piggy bank

Will Piggy Survive My Next Online Shopping Spree?

The question of the day is whether my piggy will survive my next online shopping spree or not. Can my tips on how to shop smart online save him? Moreover, can I throw away the hammer because I found the way we won’t need to break our piggy bank every time we desperately need something new? Go through my online shopping tips and let me know!

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing #15 tips how to shop online without breaking the piggy bank

Although one of the main purposes of Brunette from Wall Street is to show you how you can always be fashionable and stylish while having only a few different pairs of shoes and clothes in your closet, as there are so many ways to style them, BWS is here to give you the best shopping tips too. We all need to get something new once in a while (Ps. have you checked all the things you should have in your wardrobe this year over here?). And believe me, there is nothing better than that feeling you won the jackpot when trying on the new buys. Knowing you got quality and moreover that you saved so much.
So today I’m sharing some of my tips on how to shop smart and how to save your money when shopping online. Yes, I’m sharing the best online shopping tips. Surely, you know some of the hacks on how to save money when buying online. But also keep forgetting them.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing #15 tips and hack to save money when shopping online


Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how fashion bloggers shop online


#1 Shop from the tablet or smartphone

Search and browse on your big screen, but always make the purchase on the mini screen. Actually, we could say the smaller the screen, the smaller the price. Be sure to check price from both the iPad and iPhone. Especially if you are buying a plane ticket. Sometimes the price will be lower on the tablet and other times on the smartphone. I guess it depends on your searching history and the date the retailer can get from you.

#2 Download the app

If the retailer has an app, then download the app before you make any purchase. And make the purchase in the app. Believe me, it’s worth of space on your phone. The other day I was buying some teas from Paris on my iPhone, and I was shocked to see how much lower the final price was on the app compared to the one in Safari. I guess my browsing history had some things to do.


#3 Delete your browsing history or use another web browser

If you really must shop from your computer, then at least do this. You must have heard that the longer you look, the higher the price. Honestly, I’m not sure this one goes for clothes and shoes, too. But it certainly is true for the plane tickets. So be sure you head on to another web browser, or simply delete your browsing history. A little note on this one. Don’t delete your entire browsing history. Especially not, if you saw the same item in some other shop. Make sure you delete only your browsing in the online shop you are making your next purchase.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to shop online without breaking the piggy bank


#4 Register and sign up for the newsletter

This is what you should do as soon as you spot the item you wish to have. Even if you have no plan to buy it right away. Or it’s way beyond your means anyway. There is one obvious reason why you should register or at least sign up for the newsletter. And no, I don’t mean the one, about giving a favour to the retailer. By registering or at least signing up for the newsletter, you will know when that retailer has a sale or a special discount. Moreover, you will most probably get a welcome gift. A discount on your first order.

The hack here is that you can keep registering and signing up for the newsletter, and keep getting a new code for a discount on your first order. All you need to do is to sign up / register with a different email. Just be sure you unsubscribe from the newsletters you signed up for with all the other emails, other ways your mailbox will be full of them.


Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to shop luxury on budget

#5 Wait a day or two for your first discount code

Sometimes you won’t get your first discount code straight away. It can take a day, two or three.

#6 Give your date of birth and change it several times

Surely sharing all your personal information is scary in a way. But hey, if I can get my new shoes for less, plus a special gift on my birthday, then I want to have a birthday every single day. Ps. Read between lines. You don’t need to give your real birth date to the retailer. No one will know you are lying. Also, log into your shopping account and change the birth date you gave once in a while. I can’t say this hack will always work, but it’s worth of a try. Surely, you could register again with a different email, but sometimes you just won’t want to lose your award points.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to get discount when shopping online

#7 Fill a survey

Retailers love to make surveys. And often give a special discount for anyone who fills in the survey. For example THE OUTNET, (in case you have been living on the wifi-free lonely island, and you don’t know it, this is an online sister shop of Net-a-porter, in short, the designer online outlet store), gives a survey every month or even perhaps even often. Anyway, I feel I keep getting emails promising a 10 % or 20 % discount reward if I fill in.


#8 Follow the retailer on social media

You can get a discount or a reward point by following the retailer on different social media, too. Sometimes a discount code will be there somewhere in it’s newsfeed, waiting for you to use it. Ps. Don’t forget to check the Snapchat and Instagram Story. You would be surprised how many retailers hide the promo code over there.

#9 Refer to your friends and followers

Sharing is caring. Only this time you will be the one getting the biggest reward. Online retailers love to see you spreading a good word about them and sharing your latest finds with your friends. And they are happy, or perhaps not that much, to give you a small reward. A small discount or a few reward points. Whatever we are happy to accept anything that will take us one step closer to owning that shoes we can’t live without anymore.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to shop online like a fashion blogger


#10 Rethink about the shade

Surely you can’t always get exactly the same shoes in all of your favourite online stores. You know what I mean? Sometimes the shade of the shoes you have been watching in one store will be only slightly different from the shoes in the other store. But the price, the price will be notably different. So think twice about the colour. If the colour is not an issue, then you know what to do. Do more research and compare prices.

#11 Compare prices

There are many sites that compare prices and similar products while letting you have fun playing with clothes and shoes in their virtual wardrobe. So it’s worth to check them first before heading on to your favourite online store and buy whatever you want to buy over there. Still, be sure you don’t end up buying in shady online stores.

#12 Google the discount codes

Sometimes you can find a discount code that you can use in the online store simply by typing in “discount code” and the name of the retailer in Google. Make several inquiries, and try different terms, like a promo code, flash sale, etc. Be creative. Believe me, it’s worth of try.

#13 Look for the collaborations

Online retailers love to collaborate with fashion influencers and bloggers. Looking up for a fashion blogger or influencer is worth of try. Not only you will find a special promo code, but a tip on what to buy there, too. Simply google term fashion blogger or influencer (try both) and the name of the retailer. Also, add terms #ad, #sponsored.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing #15 tips and hack to save money when shopping online


#14 Build a wishlist

This way you will know when the item you fall in love is on the sale. A little, but important note. Sometimes it’s better to make your wishlist in a shopping app or with the help of a virtual shopping assistant. This way you will get an email when your favourite items go on sale in your preferred size and colour without letting the retailer know of your latest crush. You know, some loves are meant to stay in secret for a while.

#15 Let the retailer know you left him

On the other hand, it’s good to let the retailer know you found something you love in his online store, but then you left his store and head on to the other one. Let me explain exactly what I think. First browse through the products, register or sign up for the newsletter as I mentioned before, click the product you like and pretend you will buy it. Add it to the basket, go even to the checkout. But the just before you make the payment, go to the search/address line (wf*, I can’t remember what the word is, you know that bar in which you enter a website address) enter the name of other online shop that sells this product, or at least the name of the product and go to other online store. Then let the window open for a while.

The point is to show the retailer from whom you actually want to buy you find the same product in some other store and you are about to buy it over there. It won’t be long before you get an email of the first retailer asking you what happened and where did your love go. And sometimes, after a while though, you will get a special “please come back” discount.


Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing #15 tips how to shop online without breaking the piggy bank


I know, this one was long. But knowing all these hacks will certainly pay you off. By the way, tips on how to save your time while shopping online are coming up next. Meanwhile, check my blog post on how much you should actually pay for your first business clothes. Yes, I’m revealing the bottom price for the quality. Because you know the secret is that quality doesn’t cost that much. The thing is that it’s hard to find, but hell yes, I found it.

Also, let me know if your piggy survived your shopping spree with a little help of my tips? Or do you know any other tips on how to save money when shopping online that work better? I will appreciate if you share them in the comments below. By the way, there is a secret sale (you need to know a secret code) going on at Net-a-porter. Find out more here.